Honor 10: 2 Minute Review

Honor 10

Budget cell phones are often a minor type of gamble. Sure, you are spending little money, but that does not mean you do not wish for the best smartphone you have? When it concerns the Huawei Honor 10, you bring quite a lot for little than $400: this cell phone has a superior glass pattern, double camera setup, speedy C.P.U., Adorable display, and mythical battery life. Even though the Huawei Honor 10 Is not our big top pick for the most beneficial dual sim phone or the most beneficial Chinese smartphone, it is a bargain of a deal for users that require a phone that appears and experiences premium without the special price.

General Performance:

As anticipated with Honor cell phones, the Honor 10 executes speedily and smoothly thanks to the Kirin 970 C.P.U… Readers unanimously praise this cell phone’s functioning. Here, the operating system has crotchets users have come to anticipate EMUI, like barging in apps and neglected notifications. Still, a lot of users find out the troubles to be minor adequate to accept the imperfect system.

Battery Life:

It should add up as no shock to anybody acquainted with Honor cell phones that the battery life on the Honor 10 is perfectly fantastic. Even with average to heavy usage–marking social media, taking pics, and streaming videos across wi-fi– this cell phone can more than bear a charge into the 2nd day. Because it is a lower-cost cell phone, the Honor 10 does not abide by wireless charging, but it does have quick charging that skillfully takes the cell phone from 0 – 100 in less than 2 hrs.


The Honor 10’s screen display is rather sensational at this cost point. The cell phone sports a glossy, energetic, and crisp IPS LCD screen with Full HD+ resolution.


The Honor 10 appears like a lot of other advanced smartphones: it has aluminium border–accessible in Phantom dark-blue, Phantom light-green, Midnight Black, Zane Grey, and white– sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass.


It is zero surprises that the Honor 10 is, all the same, another fantabulous value from the Chinese brand. In spite of its low price, the Honor 10 is quick and authentic. It bears ai camera phone and it can said that fantastic image capturing phone. This phone’s memory cannot be expanded with microSD or personal sim card size nano memory. Simply its 128GB internal storage is more than likely adequate for most users.

Honor 10 Wrap Up:

The Honor 10 is a first-class phone. Although not the best by hook or by crook, the fact that this cell phone works and experiences as superior as it does for below $400 is pretty extraordinary. Although the camera is the best accessible at this price, and I.P. authentication might be a deal-breaker for a few, overall, this cell phone executes fantastically. It is fast and authentic, with an attractive display and starring battery life. If you are able to get your hands on extraordinary, the Honor 10 is one good deal.

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