Which One is better Honda Passport vs Jeep Grand Cherokee?

SUVs are like ordinary SUV yet can just convey five travelers, including the driver. This is on the grounds that they just have two columns of seats and not three which is ordinary of a customary SUV. Honda Passport and Jeep Grand Cherokee are two moderate-sized SUVs that are by all accounts comparative in different viewpoints. We should set them against one and another and see which one is genuinely better compared to the next.


While both the vehicles seem to have a comparative style, their genuine measurements are unique. Honda Passport’s stature and most extreme width are two inches more than the Jeep Grand Cherokee, bringing about Honda Passport having the option to give around an inch more in legroom and two inches more in the back and front shoulder room. In any case, the genuine champ is load volume. Honda Passport gives a freight volume of 41.2 cubic feet while Jeep Grand Cherokee gives a load volume of 36.3 cubic feet as it were. That implies Honda Passport can think of five cubic feet of more payload, in addition to more legroom and should room, while the distinction in outside estimation isn’t excessively a lot.

Victor: Honda Passport is the unmistakable champ as it has more payload room, legroom, and shoulder room.

The Engine Specs

Despite the fact that both the vehicles have comparative measurements, their motor details are somewhat unique in relation to each other. Honda Passport is a front-wheel-drive while Jeep Grand Cherokee runs on back tires. Moreover, Honda Passport’s motor has a 3.5 Liter and a nine-speed transmission while Jeep Grand Cherokee’s motor has a 3.6 Liter and has an eight-speed transmission. While these distinctions are not major, the greatest contrast is in the gas tank limit. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s gas tank limit is in excess of five gallons not as much as its partner.

Champ: Jeep Grand Cherokee is the victor as it has a greater gas tank and a superior motor.

Inside Specs

Both the vehicles have the standard expected highlights that we anticipate that they should have, for example, Aux Input, Bluetooth association, Smart Device Integration, alongside sound control on directing wheels. They additionally have environment control – an element where the vehicle naturally changes the temperature to keep up the interior environment physically set. Both the vehicles additionally have a keyless passage and keyless beginning, so you don’t need to burrow for the keys from your pocket or your tote to get in the vehicle or to begin the vehicle. Be that as it may, the Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t have versatile journey control. Capacity to naturally keep up a separation from the vehicle in front when on voyage control, nor far off motor turn over or back a/c. These highlights, in any case, are accessible in the Honda Passport. Be that as it may, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has the satellite radio, a Wi-Fi area of interest, and a route framework. Which are absent in the Honda Passport.

Victor: This round is a draw, as both the vehicles have the standard highlights. Keeping in mind that a few highlights are in Honda Passport. Yet can’t be found in Jeep Grand Cherokee, the other way around is likewise evident. A few highlights are in Jeep Grand Cherokee yet not in Honda Passport.

Wellbeing Feature

Both the SUVs are furnished with fundamental security highlights. These remember a back-up camera to help for turning around. An electronically monitored slowing mechanism prevents the tires from going to a total end while slowing down brutally and dodging the vehicle from slipping. The two of them likewise have the standard security and footing control, brake help, and a tire-pressure screen. They likewise have different airbags including driver’s and traveler’s head and side airbags. To guarantee both the driver and front traveler are protected if there should arise an occurrence of a mishap. Be that as it may, the path takeoff cautioning. And the path-keeping help is found in the base trim of the Honda Passport. They are just Available in the higher trims of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Champ: Honda Passport is the victor of this round. As it has a greater number of highlights than the ones in Jeep_Grand_Cherokee.


Thus, as Honda Passport wins two rounds and Jeep Grand Cherokee wins just one and one round is drawn. It is protected to say Honda Passport is a preferred decision over the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In any case, prior to settling on one. Make a point to look at Jeep and Honda and take everyone for a test drive.

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