5 Best Holidays in the Fall From Around The World

Holidays in the Fall

It’s not just Thanksgiving or Halloween that are all the holidays observed during this time of year. Every culture has its distinct rituals. Here are five holidays that fall in the autumn that are celebrated all over the globe “Holidays in the Fall“.

1. Dia de Muertos

Dia de Muertos

Contrary to what many believe it isn’t exclusively an exclusively Mexican holiday. Other countries with Spanish-speaking populations including El Salvador, celebrate this holiday too. Every nation which observes Dia de Muertos is a country with its particular traditions, however they all celebrate the holiday to commemorate the people they’ve lost. The meaning of the holiday means Day of the Dead. Mexican customs include sugar skulls and pan de muerto and face-paint. The celebration is held on the first two days of November.

2. Chuseok


Chuseok is an annual harvest festival that lasts for three days in Korea. The dates on which the festival is observed change each year, as set by lunar calendar. It starts at the fourteenth day of the lunar 8th month, and is usually celebrated towards the end of summer or at the start of the autumn. The celebration of Chuseok is a time when Chuseok many Koreans return to their home towns for a time of relaxation with their families and friends, while offering thanks to their ancestors, and enjoying delicious food. It is a tradition to visit graves of ancestral relatives and pay respect to the deceased.

3. Diwali


This holiday is that is celebrate in the religions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains as well as Newar Buddhists. The festival is celebrated throughout India, Nepal, and several other nations. Diwali can be described as a 5 day celebration of light that culminates in the main celebration day occurring on the day of the new moon in this month called Kartika in the Hindu calendar. Every culture has its own unique history about this festival like Lord Krishna’s victory over the evil demon Narakasura in Hindu faith in the Hindu religion, and also returning of Guru Hargobind Ji in Sikh customs. In spite of the different traditions, all cultures celebrate this day as a chance to celebrate the victory of the good over evil.

4. Moon Festival

moon festival

Chuseok is a harvest celebration that is celebrate at the end of August, in the month of lunar calendar. The festival is observed in China and other Asian nations, like Singapore as well as Vietnam. The celebration is celebrated by gathering with family members and celebration of the moon. Moons are closely associated with agriculture which is why they pay tribute to the moon at the harvest season. One of the most traditional dishes is the mooncake, which is a round cake that is shared between families to celebrate reunions.

5. Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong

This festival is celebrate in many Southeast Asian cultures, is in Thailand and Laos. The festival is observed at the time of the full moon, the 12th month on the Thai lunar calendar, typically occurring in November. This celebration involves floating a decorated and decorated basket with a candle along the river. People who attend the festival make wishes when they release their basket, which symbolizes the beginning of a new year.

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