Have Double Fun By Playing Double Rummy. Learn All The Rules Here

Have you ever heard of the game of rummy? If not, then why are you missing amazing opportunities to play fun games? Once you are introduced to the game, there is no turning back. What if someone says that you can win money while playing? Sounds too much fun. Are you ready to know about it?

Rummy is a game of cards, each card carrying a different power. Double rummy is different as it is played with two decks of cards and among six players. We will discuss the rules but do follow us till the end of the article.

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A brief about the game of double rummy?

There are rules of jacks and kings in Rummy. Face cards carry more power, which is 10 points, and are used on priority by players. You try to make a pattern as soon as cards are distributed. Of course, this may not be possible every time. So, you try to lose them first as, without a sequence, they are of no use. As soon as you realize that cards can’t be melded, just discard them; otherwise, you may lose the game.

After Rummy, you may be thinking of Double Rummy. Double rummy can usually be played with more than 6 players. Two decks of cards are thrown upon. The rules are modified when compared to Rummy, the reason being the number of cards and players are more. Get ready to have double fun by playing Double Rummy. In the next section, we will tell you the rules of Double Rummy, which are important for you to know and learn.

Rules of playing Double Rummy-

  1. Flexible rules-

The game can be played and paused anytime. Means you can suspend the game if all players agree. Your points will not be lost at all. Also, you can resume from the same point where you ended. Sounds refreshing! Isn’t it?

  1. Stockpile deletion- 

Usually, the top card of the stock is turned such that it faces upwards next to the stockpile and it forms the discard pile. In the Double rummy game, the chances of stockpile deletions are very high. So, the players are allowed to turn up the stockpile once only but that too without shuffling. Hope this doesn’t seem confusing to you!

  1. What happens with Discarded cards

Suppose during the game, a card is discarded by the player without drawing, then the card will be placed face-up on the stockpile and other players can choose to pick it from the pile. There is no compulsion and they can choose other cards also.

  1. What are Runs in Rummy- 

Runs or sequences are terms often used in Rummy. They are just packed with three or more cards in the same suit. The sequence should be of face cards like Jack-Queen-King-Ace or the Ace can be at the beginning also. But some sequences, for example, King-Ace-2 are invalid. Keep this thing in mind.

  1. Run Rules in Rummy

Sometimes, wild cards come into play. Wild cards can be used as a substitute for the desired card to form a run. The game in which no wild card is used is known as a straight run. Keep in mind that to win you have to have two runs and one of them should be a straight run. Once you have both runs, you are called “rummy”. Sounds fascinating.

  1. Complex yet easy rules-

Rummy is one the most popular games played online in India and international platforms alike rules may seem complicated but you can learn in the process and in no time you can also become a pro-player. Believe in our advice, you can easily manage the tactics of the game if you play regularly.


Rummy is a game of tactics. Have Double Fun By Playing Double Rummy. You have seen the rules above. They are not as simple as they sound. You have to play brain games and depend on a bit of luck. Play on platforms like Getmega or any other online platform that suits you. Form peer groups and not just for mutual engagement but other advantages also.

Online card games are becoming popular. Do you know the reason? Perhaps you would say that the game is interesting and attracts the public. The other reason is that these card games provide real cash to players on winning online. So jump on your favorite platform now and start playing this amazing game with your friends and family members!


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