German Startup Links Blockchain with Cannabis and CBD

Blockchain with Cannabis

The German company CeBioLabs is the first in the world who will link the blockchain technology with the CBD and cannabis market. For this purpose, an experienced team of experts from the CBD and Cannabis market and for crypto and blockchain technology has developed a unique complete solution. This is the CeBioLabs supply chain management system. In the future, the system will make the entire value chain for CBD and Cannabis products transparent and traceable for all market participants.

CeBioLabs SCM as a Solution for the Lack of Transparency and Trust Problems

Currently, the huge and fast-growing market is characterized by in transparency and trust issues. More and more suppliers with more and more products are entering the market, supply chains are often incompletely documented and not traceable. The CeBioLabs SCM system offers all market participants, from producers to end consumers, a platform on which all relevant data is documented in detail and can be accessed permanently. This includes production steps, transport, quality controls and laboratory analyses, as well as distribution.

Information on the companies involved in the production process, such as organic or GMP certification, is also recorded and can be viewed. As a result, there will no longer be any gaps in information as well as the associated trust issues. The SCM will be primarily in English and available to companies and consumers around the world. After the launch for CBD products, the system can be expanded for other cannabis products as well. The CeBioLabs SCM system can also play a key role in the legalization of cannabis and THC-containing products.

Integration of Blockchain Technology into CeBioLab’s SCM

The entire SCM system is built on blockchain technology. Here, data is managed in distributed infrastructures, without a central instance, in a way that is traceable and safe from manipulation. Individual data records are combined into data blocks, linked together, and strung together to form a blockchain. Cryptographic mechanisms ensure that the data incorporated in the blockchain cannot be changed or manipulated. The major advantages of blockchain technology are the immutability of data once stored and its traceable, transparent insight into all transactions. Missing, incorrectly transmitted, or manipulated data within supply chains will no longer exist with the CeBioLabs SCM system. All of this makes blockchain technology so interesting and unique. Not only for the CBD and Cannabis market, for all industries.

More International E-Commerce Projects

CeBioLabs is already planning other novel e-commerce projects that incorporate blockchain technology, in addition to the SCM tool. These include a CBD Marketplace, where all raw materials and end-products can be freely traded worldwide, and a blockchain-based portal for certificates of analysis, where the labs’ results are stored in the blockchain in the form of certificates of analysis, directly and by first-hand.

The CBSL Token as an Important Link in the Enterprise Ecosystem

A key role in the CeBioLabs enterprise ecosystem will play the CBSL token. Which will be used to pay fees for the use of CeBiolabs products. The more the solutions are used, the greater the need for the CBSL token will be. CeBioLabs’ vision is: Reshaping the global market for CBD and Cannabis. As a primary means of payment, the token will play an important role in the company and, over time. Will also play a major role in the crypto world. The token was already reviewed in advance during a legal. Self-assessment and submitted to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The latter classified the CBSL token as a utility token. Which is why this represents an optimal legal basis for the project.

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