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Sine Wave Inverters

When searching for an inverter, you will often come across pure sine wave inverter. These inverters are twice as expensive as the other ones. However, for an average consumer, it is difficult to understand why they are so expensive.

Today, we will highlight every detail of the pure sine wave inverter and help you understand its working and why it is so expensive.

Let us first start by explaining what is pure sine wave inverter?

What is Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Pure sine inverter will turn the direct current into alternating current to deliver electrical current precisely as required. The frequency of the current can be 50 Hz or 60 Hz depending on the configuration of the pure sine wave inverter.

The advantage of this inverter is that it supplies constant current. That is why, even if the most sensitive appliances are connected to such an inverter, they will be powered appropriately, and there will be no damage to the electric circuitry of these appliances.

It’s wise to get a high-quality brand for safety of your appliances. Pure Sine Wave Inverters sold by are from reputed brands. You can also consult them for technical advice and more.

How Does it Work?

There are three stages in this inverter. We will detail the working of each of these stages to help you understand how this inverter transforms direct current into an alternating current.

  • Oscillator stage:

This stage aims to generate positive and negative peaks at a particular frequency. However, the signal’s amplitude at this stage is pretty low, and therefore it cannot be used to power any devices.

  • Amplifier stage:

As highlighted above, the oscillator stage produces a signal with very limited amplitude. That is why the oscillator stage’s output is given to the amplifier stage. The job of the amplifier stage is to boost the amplitude without boosting the noise.

  • Output transformer stage:

The output stage can step down the voltage to the required level. It does so with the help of 2 different bindings.

The output of the transformer stage can be directly given to any gadget to power it.

These three stages help you in converting DC signal to AC signal.

Now that you know how this inverter works, it is time to look at its advantages.

What Are The Advantages Of Pure Wave Inverter?

A pure wave inverter offers you quite a few advantages. We will cover some of them below.

  1. No humming noise:

The signal-to-noise ratio of this inverter is pretty high. It means that the signal amplitude is high and the low noise amplitude. Because of the same, there will be no humming noise when powering any device.

  1. High efficiency:

The conversion efficiency of the pure variant is pretty high. To provide the required amount of power to the devices, it needs less electricity than other inverters. The higher efficiency certainly works in favor of pure variant.

  1. Consistent current flow:

The current amplitude that pure sine wave delivers to the device is constant. While the voltage might move up and down but the current level is constant. Because of the same, powering sensitive devices is going to be easy. You will not have to worry about the device malfunctioning because of the change in the current levels.

  1. No device risk:

When a device is powered through pure variant inverter, it will last for years. Due to the constant current, there will be no damage to the power circuitry of the device. The maintenance needed by these devices is also minimal.

  1. Less heat generation:

When a constant current is supplied to the devices, the amount of heat generated is on the lower side. While this might not matter much when you just have a single device running but when you have multiple devices, reduction in heat generation certainly works to your advantage.

These are some of the primary advantages of pure sine wave inverter.

Difference Between Pure And Modified Sine Wave Inverter:

Now is the time to look at the differences between modified and pure sine-wave inverters.Interference:

The output you get from pure variant has very little to no distortion. That is why, even if you’re powering motors or other such sensitive devices with that, there will be no noise. On the other hand, a modified inverter has comparatively higher harmonic distortion.


A pure variant inverter can produce AC power with higher amplitude. Because of the same, it becomes easy for you to power audio devices and motors and other heavy-duty appliances.

Not only that, it generates little heat. That is why you won’t have to worry about heat dissipation either. The higher efficiency of pure sine wave inverter also means that the wear and tear of electrical components is pretty limited.

A modified sine wave inverter is not that efficient. That is why the amount of power it needs to provide the same amplitude is much higher.


A pure wave inverter is certainly more expensive. That is because it needs to generate voltage at higher power.

Its counterpart that is the modified sine wave inverter, is more affordable. If you’re on a smaller budget, you will have no other option but to go with a modified sine wave inverter.

It is now time to understand which devices need pure sine wave inverter.

Which Devices Require Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Some of the devices which need a pure sine wave inverter include:

  • Microwave devices
  • TVs
  • Audio devices
  • CPAP machines
  • Medical equipment
  • AC motors
  • Laser printers
  • And so on

Now, we will answer another important question related to such an inverter.

Does the Inverter Draw Power When Not in Use?

Yes, it does draw power from the batteries when not in use. However, it does so only when turned on.

If there is no device at the output, but the inverter is on, it will draw power.

The next time around, you’re looking for an inverter, instead of buying any, it is a good idea to go with a pure sine wave inverter. The constant current output ensures that you can power the most sensitive devices using such an inverter.

Therefore, instead of just focusing on the cost of such an inverter, look at the advantages and go with such an inverter.


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