Five Jackpot Casino Apps To Earn Real Money


Jackpot casino apps are usually online platforms for adult entertainment where you can enjoy real-life games and increase your playtime level. Still, you can not withdraw cash prizes or any other equivalent.

By initial convention, the use of Jackpot casinos was merely for free gaming and no real form of cash bonus or cashing out from wagers put into the game.

But with current technology, innovators have curated real money jackpots apps to enable you to enjoy playing your favourite game while still earning real cash prizes.

By current estimates, about one too many apps where you enjoy the utmost benefit of online jackpot casinos with exclusive offers and perks.

We have taken time to find the best, and with this article, you get to learn our top five (5) picks. Most of them contain popular and exciting games like Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, and Video Poker that you must have been used to in jackpot casinos.

Our Top 5 Picks

Bit Starz

Though this Casino app, by guidelines, contains limitations in withdrawal bonuses and deposit requirements, it includes incredible benefits of a variety of games from 19 providers that have put up to 3,500 games on the app.

It also imbibes the use of Crypto as a deposit and withdrawal. Popular Crypto coins like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin, but these options are only available after your first deposit.

It is so cool that its features look surreal for a game available on mobile. It offers a great option if you are looking to get in to get welcome bonuses and up to 180 free spins.

Spin for Cash

Spin for cash, as developed by Shape keeper Ltd is a casual gaming app that grants you free access to online casinos to win big in real money. You should try playing spin for cash if you need a game that has a mixture of the old-school arcade while still giving you modern gaming effects.

Spin for cash is available for everyday users on mobile and personal computers. It ensures you win real money at nearly 100% risk-free. Another exciting thing about a spin for cash is that it does not have any form of in-app purchase or recharge entry since it is entirely free.

Red Dog Casino

Red dog casino, as developed by, was available for android users in 2019. It is designed mainly for beginners because of the easy-to-use features and navigation menu compared to other jackpot casino apps.

You can get plenty of bonuses from Red Dog casino, including a generous bonus. You can download the red dog app (available in the latest Android and iOS versions) to find the exact amount of bonus that will apply to you.

Mega Regals Slots

Mega Regals Slots is a jackpot app available for users across several countries to enjoy the luxury of playing different games while earning real money no matter the choice of device.

Developed by Shape keeper Ltd, or is designed and famous for slot games just like it has it in its name, and just like the other highlighted apps, you can keep growing in levels while earning real money, so you are never bored. Some actions you can find in the Megal Regals Slots are Free spin, Quick Hit, Free Hit, and Lucky Guess, which you can use to earn gift cards to be redeemed later.

With these top picks, you are more likely to have a better chance at a jackpot in online casinos with real money as an added advantage as long as you play to win.

However, if you’re consistently unsatisfied with the five, you can also try Wheel of Fortune. It’s noteworthy because it offers a special feature of earning while spinning the wheel; you can earn a jackpot by placing as little as $1 and earn up to $1 million, which is one reason it draws jackpot seekers.

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