Find Out the Highest and Best Use of OKRs in Business


OKR is an acronym that stands, basically, for objectives and key results. Managers use objectives and key results to break down goal oriented tasks that they give a time period for completion. They resource specific tasks to employees so they can accomplish more challenging goals and activities.

So, how do you make the best use of OKRs? What does the use of OKRs mean for your business – exactly?

OKR Full Form

OKR full form entails using objectives and key results in their “full form” or using them in a format that supports what you wish to have happen operationally in alignment with your vision. For example, using OKRs allows you to use key results (KRs) for smaller goals to support long-term objectives.

For example, maybe you’re a chief executive officer. You have a clear idea of the goals you want your team to achieve. However, you also oversee a company that has several departments. Everything is not easily deciphered without outlining each department’s and employee’s responsibilities.

However, by using OKR software, you can keep everyone in every department apprised of your company’s vision and what you want each department–and each departmental employee–to achieve. That way, all of you can work towards a common and primary goal – one that boosts employee engagement and supports a sense of community.

Establishing OKRs for Teams

To establish OKRs for your company, let’s look at another example.

Perhaps you’re aiming to  produce 10 new and high-quality clients by year’s end. However, you currently oversee 30 different departments, each with people trying to achieve this main goal. Things can get pretty confusing if you establish OKRs but don’t have a software program in place.

Using a Dashboard to Track OKRs

Indeed, OKRs make it easy to track your business’ progress – provided you use the right software. By installing OKR software, you can inspire  employees to work towards one main goal while making them feel like they’re truly contributing to your company’s success.

Track the Progress of OKRs Over Your Organization

By using an OKR dashboard, you can easily track the progress of OKRs over your organization. This allows you to create an OKR company culture – one that offers worthwhile and actionable insights so you can make more informed and better business decisions.

Ensure that Some Goals Become More Defined

Because you’re using an OKR software program, you may find, as your company scales, that some goals become more blurred. However, as you make adjustments, you’ll also find that certain goals become clearer overtime.

OKRs, therefore, provide a great way to define complicated tasks and break them down into smaller goal-oriented activities that you can set for completion by a specific date. Using the software provides a basic and simple way for everyone to get things dones to support your management’s strategy.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, OKRs and OKR software, in full form, must be combined. Use this business model to realize successes – milestones that inspire you to even greater heights. That’s the key takeaway from using OKR software – what you receive is both measurable and realizable over time.



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