Everything You Need to Know About Hand Tremors

Hand Tremors

A tremor is a spontaneous muscle spasm it can occur in the body. Twitching muscles can affect vocal cards as well as eyes. However, most tremors are linked to the hands. The shakiness of the hands or hand tremors are not life-threatening conditions but they can significantly affect the quality of daily activities.

Even, it can become really difficult to eat because of excessive shakiness. Throughout the world, people are experiencing hand tremors, and in the USA, this disease is affecting almost ten million people.

There are various hand tremor types and they occur due to a number of reasons. Some tremors come only for a short time and go on their own. If these tremors don’t go away easily it means that they are linked with severe health problems. To get more details about these problems, a neurologist can recommend a CT scan.

You can get a CT scan done from any hospital anywhere. In addition, you can also check more details about it from ct scan price.

What causes Hand Tremors?

Neurologists believe that many things such as unhealthy diets, changes in medication use, and several other health conditions can cause hand tremors. However, fatigue for quite some time and the consumption of too much caffeine can also cause shaky hands.

In addition, hand tremors or shakiness can also occur in elders due to deficiency of many nutrients and side effects of many medicines. Shakiness can also be a sign of blood pressure problems, stress, and several other health problems.

What are the Types of Hand Tremors?

Effective treatment for hand tremors always varies due to their types. In this regard, a healthcare professional will decide what type of hand shakiness you are experiencing. Additionally, here are some types of hand tremors:

Physiological Tremors

Usually, in many people, a physiological tremor is a result of medicine’s side effects. Anti-inflammatory, some drugs that speed up the brain process, and some asthma medicines can cause temporary hand tremors. 

It is also possible that medicines that are treating psychiatric conditions can cause physiological tremors. Physiological tremors can be a sign or symptom in a person who is withdrawing from alcohol, has low blood sugars, as well as an overactive thyroid.

Psychogenic Tremors

Different psychological conditions such as stress and psychiatric disorder for quite some time can cause psychogenic tremors. Uncontrolled body movements or spasms can be developed because of increase increased blood pressure, etc. linked with stress.

Essential Tremors

When you experience hand shakiness rhythmically it is associated with essential tremors. They are also linked with neurological problems but not linked with the brain as tremors are linked with Parkinson’s disease.

It is very difficult, and even impossible, to cure essential tremors but they can be avoided in an effective way. Smoking cigarettes, increased caffeine consumption extreme temperatures, as well as stress can worsen the symptoms of essential tremors.

Parkinson’s Disease

A lot of people who experience shaky hands have a link with a neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease. Almost 80% of patients with this disease experience tremors. Most of the time these tremors occur in the resting state.

If these patients don’t get effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease then they experience continuous and severe tremors. According to the best neurologist in Islamabad, when these tremors become severe they make the patients unable to perform their daily tasks as they can face real trouble while eating and wearing shoes.

Effective Treatments for Hand Tremors

Hand tremors can cause a lot of embarrassment or make a person annoyed. Therefore, it becomes to control and treat these tremors at the initial levels.

Diet Changes

If you make changes in your diet it will help you to improve overall health. A Mediterranean diet also helps in this regard. This diet is full of vegetables and fruits that leave positive effects on overall health. In addition, the effects of the Mediterranean diet have also been studied for many mental health problems such as essential tremors.

Unsaturated fatty a, as well as legumes, are included in this diet; sometimes, fish can also be included in it. However, it is really difficult to check whether fish are contaminated with water or not. If fish are contaminated with mercury and you a patient with tremors use them then this use can worsen the symptoms.

Vitamin B12

It is difficult to maintain a healthy nervous system if you are not consuming an amount of vitamin B. the deficiency of this vitamin can lead to the shakiness of hands. To prevent hand shakiness, it is important to consume six micrograms of vitamin B12 for adults. In addition, the daily need for vitamin B12 increases if you are using any other medicines.


Tremors can get worsen if you experience anxiety or stress every day. Therefore, relaxation, for relieving tremors, is an essential thing to do.


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