Elden Ring Game Guide: How to Level Up Character And Farm More Elden Ring Runes

Elden Ring Game Guide

If players are going to experience more high levels of bosses or dungeons in Elden Ring, they need to level up their characters quickly in order to reach the requirement of levels for these hard quests in the game. So, it is essential for players to earn more Elden Ring Runes for upgrading. The most effective way to level up characters is consuming Elden Ring Runes in the game. So, players are eager to know how to farm more Runes and level up their character in Elden Ring. Moreover, players can try to upgrade Elden Ring Weapons in time in order to complete more hard quests in Elden Ring.

How to Level Up Character in Elden Ring

In order to level up in Elden Ring, you have to visit three Sites of Grace in the open world of Elden Ring. As you reach the third Site of Grace, you will meet a NPC called Melina, who will help you level up your character. As you have unlock the dialogue with Melina, you have access to level up whenever you visit any Site of Grace in the game.

However, some players say that they can’t see the Melina until they have unlocked the Gatefront Site of Grace. Others say that they meet the Melina at Sites of Grace near Agheel Lake. If players can not meet her at the third Site of Grace at first, you can go to the Gatefront Site of Grace to active the NPC. These two Sites of Grace are the safe spot to find the Melina in the game.

Players should spend Runes at the Site of Grace to level up their character in Elden Ring. The more stats you want to have, the more runes you will spend in one time. You should also know that the expense of leveling one specific stat is associated with other different stats. For example, if you want to raise your wisdom at the first few times, you will pay more runes on raising other stats in the next time. So, players need to know the rules of leveling specific stats in advance.

How to Farm More Elden Ring Runes in Elden Ring

The Castle Troll

Before you are going to battle with Godrick in Stormveil Castle, you can find a Site of Grace that located in a secluded cell. And in the same area, there is a Troll guarded by two soliders. In the beginning of Elden Ring, it is one of the best areas for players to collect more Runes.

Players can obtain about 1000 Runes each times when you beat the Troll. And because the Troll is close to the Site of Grace, players can repeat beating the Troll for times through resetting it. Players can gather a large amount of Runes in this way.

The Troll Carriage Near Gatefront

When players are going down the path from the Gatefront Site of Grace, you will meet two trolls pulling a carriage guarded by several soldiers. As the trolls are tided by the carriage, you can come close to them and attack quickly. Because they can’t move fast to avoid attack, you will easily get 1000 Runes as rewards from each troll around the carriage and other enemies will also offer some runes for you.

As players are going to farm Runes in the world of Elden Runes, you will find more good spots to earn more Runes as rewards. Then you can use these Runes to Buy Elden Ring Items for your characters. For example, good weapons may help your character make high damage towards bosses in the battles.

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