Easy and Quick Ironing Tips That You Need to Know

Ironing tips

We all have clothes that need to be ironed, especially work clothing. It’s essential to keep them in good shape. During the ironing process, a lot of things can go wrong. You never know whether you are damaging your garments, whether it is due to the wrong temperature of the clothes iron or bad technique. Fortunately, we have some expert advice on how to iron clothes effectively.

Effective Ironing Tips:

  • Make Sure Your Ironing Board is In Good Shape

You first must ensure that your ironing board is flat and even before you start ironing. A clean, tightly wrapped cover is required. Even a minor bump in your board can cause wrinkles.

  • Check the Base Plate of Your Clothes Iron

Before using our clothes iron, we often forget to check the soleplate for any stains. It is an easy way to colour your favourite stuff. It’s a good idea to develop on a rag first. If the plate is dirty, remnants will appear soon. The base plate can be cleaned using everyday household items. Using a clean, wet cloth, apply it directly to the plate.

  • Use the Correct Temperature

For different types of fabric, you can’t use the same temperature setting. You’ve probably witnessed silk clothing getting burned by scorching irons. To avoid this, remember to arrange your clothes according to the temperatures they must take.

According to Wash and Iron service, lace, silk, nylon, and polyester are examples of delicate materials and synthetics that should be grouped and ironed at a moderate temperature. On synthetics, a pressing cloth can stop the plastic from melting and exposing a shiny surface. On the other hand, cotton can handle high temperatures. Others take the safe way and use the automatic temperature setting.

  • Deal with Stubborn Wrinkles

Have you ever ironed clothing only to find that it keeps getting creased as you turn it? Don’t worry; there are easy answers to this issue. Take a clean towel and roll it up inside your shirt. It will work as a mould, keeping the shirt’s shape so you can iron it all the way around without accidentally creating it. You can use a clothes anti-crease spray. Deep wrinkles can be removed using a simple solution of starch and water.

  • Turn Out Pockets

It is a pretty basic trick that is usually ignored. Before ironing the area, turn it inside out to avoid a pocket outline. If you do not know the correct trick, you can hire a Hello Laundry for better ironing service in London.

  • Inside Out Iron Cuffs, Collars, and Hems

Puckering is also common in collars, cuffs, and hems. Iron these areas from the inside out to avoid this situation. Apply a little starch to your collar and cover it with a pressing cloth to keep it standing. Use an upon across of heat and pressure. After that, keep the shape of the shirt by buttoning the top button before hanging it.

  • Do Not Ignore the Middle Seam

Do you need your pants to be formal or professional? The best way to achieve a professional-looking middle line down your pants leg is to press it around. Put the leg flat on the ironing board and iron the creases with less pressure.

  • Hand Dry Your Clothes

Gravity will pull those creases down if you hang your damp laundry to dry. If you’re using a dryer, use a setting that will leave your garments slightly damp. Before they dry completely, iron them right away. Using an anti-crease spray for clothes and ironing will help you save money and time.

  • Secure Your Pleats With Bobby Pins

It is a great idea! When working with a pleated item, such as a pleated skirt, use bobby pins to keep the pleats in place. It helps you to focus on your ironing technique instead of worrying about wrinkles moving.

  • Don’t Forget to Iron Around Decorative Area

Most of us are aware of the dangers of zips and buttons. The same goes for any detailing, whether that’s diamonds, glitter, or excellent lace. Often, these areas do not even require ironing. If they do need a quick freshening up, iron them inside out on a low setting.


So there you have it: our top tips for ironing garments with a professional finish! Drop off your laundry with Hello Laundry if you’re short on time or still don’t feel ready to take on the challenge. Hello Laundry provides top quality wash and iron service as a trusted Ironing service company in Essex and London.


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