Dumpor Top Instagram Story Viewer and Exactly is Dumpor


Want to secretly see Instagram stories? The Dumpor Instagram Video viewer is your best option!

Some people prefer anonymity and don’t have to log into other accounts to see their content.

Dumpor The Secret Instagram Stories Viewer

Instagram Stories Viewer


Dumper allows you to view deleted stories from your Insta Story account.

Dumper can be found in two places: on the web and in an app store.

Dumpor work process

Dumper lets you summarise your Instagram stories with a simple program.

This makes it easy for you to read long Instagram Stories.

  • Dumper scans and collects all the photos. The machine-learning algorithm then analyzes these photos.
  • This tool will retrieve information like location, hashtags, and the number of users who shared or liked this story.
  • Dumper gathers information, and then creates an overview.

This summary includes a description of the scene as well as key quotes from the story. This summary also contains important information about the people featured in the photos.

  • Dumper is also available as an Firefox Extension Add-on.
  • Dumpor is a tool that allows you to read stories on iOS or Android.

Dumpor app log in process

  1. Dumpor will require you to download the app through Google Play, the App Shop or Google Play.
  2. After the app has been installed, you can open it. Next, tap on “view anonymous Stories” then click “View anonymous Stories span>

3. All private Instagram Stories will be visible.

4. All information is available, including the name, profile photo, and story.

5 Clicking the title of a story takes you to its story page

6. This is an easy-to-use tool that provides all the information you need to know about each story.

These are the most important characteristics for Dumpor

Let’s look at the main features and functions of the Dumpor.

Dumper’s first, and most beloved service is an anonymous Instagram story view.

  • Dumpor lets you download videos from Instagram. These videos have not yet been made available for download by Instagram.
  • View the Instagram accounts of other people secretly and see their Dumpor winds.
  • Dumpor’s interface is simple. Dumpor’s interface is more complex.
  • Dumpor will analyze your Instagram account quickly.
  • Use hashtags to search for what you’re looking for.
  • Free and Easy to use.

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Alternatives for the dumpor app

An anonymous Instagram Stories viewer offers many options. While not perfect, they are still better than the existing options.


InstaDump allows users to view anonymous Instagram stories without signing in or using any other app.


The Dumper installer might be the best option. This app lets users view other Instagram stories without revealing their identities. This app can be used to view stories and posts right away.


InstaStories lets you anonymously view and review Instagram posts. After you have visited the tool click on “Search” to choose the icon.

Izoom you

izoomYou allows users to enlarge their Instagram accounts. You can view, download, and view Instagram stories and posts on your mobile device.

4k Stogram

4k Stogram lets you download Instagram photos, stories and videos. Copy the username from any Instagram account to get the images and videos that you desire.


Picxwox might be an alternative to dump. You can view and download photos as well as stories from Instagram anonymously.


Dumpor Instagram lets you search public accounts’ stories using any web browser. View their blogs and follow them on Twitter.

You can still view stories and articles even after they have been deleted. Other details, such as posts and stories, will not be visible.

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