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You don’t have to follow fashion to be fashionable. You can create magic with your choices. It’s just that you need to have confidence in them. If you need inspiration, look for accessories that have become an integral part of almost every wardrobe with their simplicity. A case in point is a straw hat. You know these hats are timeless staples made of natural straw or other materials. Their broader brim designs offer excellent protection from the sun’s rays—women like them for their lightweight and stylish features.

When you need respite on hot summer days, you don’t have to go beyond them. However, make sure you choose something with a tighter weave. It will block the flow of too much sunlight, keeping your head cool. Some varieties can be expensive due to this trait. But you don’t add straw hats only for their practical use. These have aesthetic value, too, as subtly hinted. As a fashion-aware person, you may be interested in different styles of these pieces of headwear. So, let’s peer into some designs quickly.

Types of a straw hat


Panama headwear can be a tourist’s or vacationer’s true friend because of its breathable and easy-to-wear design. These straw-style hats can be available in light colors. Like others, they contain a tighter weave. Whether you want protection from the sun or an indulgence in classic charm, you can trust them to fulfill your wish. Earlier, these hats were typical with men. However, women have also started enjoying this style. You can take a cue from celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Amal Clooney for inspiration.


You can mistake a fedora for Panama for their visible similarities. But these two are pretty distinct, and shape can be the actual qualifier in this sense. For instance, a straw fedora hat also follows the same design as a typical felt or leather choice. More precisely, you can identify a straw-styled fedora based on its pinched front, low crown, medium-sized brim, etc. All these features make it both practical and aesthetic addition to any wardrobe.  Women love them for their lightweight and ability to block harmful sun rays while playing a perfect partner to their ensemble without any complaints.

Floppy hats

Women on beach vacations regularly sport the famous floppy straw hat with wide brims for maximum sun protection. Since it goes well with a bikini look, there is no reason to avoid this straw hat style. You can buy them in a different price range. Please make sure you check its UPF factor and weaves before deciding on anything. After all, both save you from sunburns and heat, especially your scalp. You cannot rely on an inexpensive material for this.


Earlier, you saw men in these hats on formal occasions during warm weather. However, this has changed now. A boater hat can be a stiff straw material with a flat crown and brim. You come across them everywhere on Instagram pages. Today, women also wear them for their unique unisex and timeless appeal. When days are still getting warmer, you can trust these to give you a Venice-like feel while serving your essential requirement.

How to wear a straw hat?

You can sport a straw hat on any occasion to give everyone a glimpse of your superior fashion taste and style. Most ladies worry about their hairstyles with hats. But when it is a straw design, you don’t need to do much. Let it do the magic. If you are on a beach, you can keep your hair open and loose. A roughed-up hair look can look excellent during the nighttime. If you wish, you can use hair mousse to add texture to your mane. Make sure your hair is dry to create a sense of volume.

From Panama to wide brims to boaters, every hat has its significance in accessorizing your outfit. For an effortless classic vibe, you can pair your Panama hat with a floral tee. Generally, neutral hat shades work with a wide range of colors. So, you can keep this in mind. Anyway, the floppy hats can meet your need, whether you relax in a hammock or sip on your favorite drink in a beautiful bikini. The good thing about most wide-brimmed hats is you can mix and match them with any attire hesitation-free to get the desired look. If you wish to test it, wear them with a maxi skirt, dress shirt, and a long earring for an experience.

You don’t have to limit your imagination with sun hats or straw materials because these breathable items offer an ideal combination of elegance, comfort, and ease of wearing. However, if you need quality, trust only the experienced stores. They can provide trendy styles and sturdy materials for long-lasting use. It can be a fantastic investment too. So, you must not miss this step.

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