Difference Between Invisalign and Other Forms of Clear Aligners


What is the difference between Invisalign and other clear Aligners? Many people considering these options ask themselves this question. Dental care is a crucial aspect of self-care. Therefore, it is critical to conduct adequate research before settling for a specific option. Thanks to the many technological advancements, orthodontic treatments have evolved.

Orthodontic treatment is gaining popularity among people of all ages. Today, there are many options for dental treatment. The aim is to give your teeth the best outcome. Here is a compiled list of the differences between Invisalign and clear aligners.

Price Differences

There is a big difference between the price of clear and Invisalign aligners. In most cases, the prices of Invisalign range from $5000. The price range between Invisalign varies between the full and unlimited options. It is worthwhile to remember that the Clear Correct Limited treatment is cheaper. Today, there have been significant advancements in Invisalign options. The upgrades include Lite, Express 10, Express 5, and more. So, patients can now access various Invisalign options at the same price.

On the other hand, clear aligners are cheaper because they are approximately $2000. The $ 2000 price covers the cheapest clear correct limited 6. But, as the name suggests, it features six align. But, if you settle on precise, correct unlimited treatment, the price ranges from $4000 to $5000. Thus, the charges are almost similar to Invisalign. The cost of clear aligners is more affordable to many, but it is wise to look into the pros and cons of both options.

Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the prices as long as you have reliable dental insurance. Insurance partially covers dental procedures, which simplifies the payment. In addition, most individuals can now access services by contacting the Invisalign dentist near me.

Aligner Thickness

Apart from price, the thickness between clear correct and Invisalign differs. Clear Correct features thin aligners because producers use lighter material. That is why clear correct is less visible as compared to the latter. The downside of this feature is that its aligners are not as durable or firm as Invisalign. For example, suppose you fall; there is a probability that the aligners may break. Their breaking may interfere with your treatment option and cause inconveniences. So, if you want a long-lasting solution, the dentist may recommend Invisalign.

Comfort in the Mouth

There is a difference between the materials that produce Invisalign and Clear Aligners. In this digital era, manufacturers use plastic to make Clear Aligners. Further, patented thermoplastic materials such as SmartTrack are common. The material is more efficient because it is more comfortable.

It is also easier to wear and remove the aligners with this material. Also, experts advocate for using this material because it produces better results. But, producers can make Invisalign trays from polyurethane resins or plastic.

Company Experience and Expertise

Align technology has been operational for many years. The founders of the Invisalign company launched it in 1997. But, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) had to approve the aligners. The company began installing its aligners in 1998 after approval. Researches estimate that by 2001 the company had produced over a million aligners.

It has existed longer, meaning that it has undergone many advancements. So, it has the edge over its competitors, especially in expertise. On the other hand, the founders established Clear Correct Aligners in 2006. But, its approval by the FDA took three years.

Aligner Build

Invisalign trays are more accurate thanks to the incorporation of modern technology. It means that they produce aligners by computerizing a model of the patient’s teeth. After this, they then use 3D printing to create aligner trays that suit the patient’s teeth. Further, they make clear aligners that are highly dependable because of their thickness. On top of this, they customize Invisalign, making it more preferable.

Meanwhile, in Clear Correct, they scan the patient’s teeth. Like Invisalign, the procedure also uses 3D printing to create aligners. In the past, they first used molds to represent a patient’s teeth and cut the aligners to fit teeth. Aligners in Clear Correct differ because they do not rely on a complex algorithm like Invisalign. They are therefore less accurate when you compare them to Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatment has improved immensely over the years. Traditional braces are not the only option to adjust teeth. Today, options like Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners are available worldwide.

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