What is deja vu? and the Meaning of deja vu

deja vu

The word “deja vu” refers to the feeling of deja vu. It is French and literally means, “already seen.” The people who have experienced this sensation feel it’s an overwhelming feeling of familiarity with something that should not be or even remotely familiar. Let’s say, for instance, you’re visiting England to visit for the very first time. You’re visiting an old cathedral, and it feels like you’ve been in the exact spot previously. Perhaps you’re having dinner with a group of people talking about a current political issue and you get the impression that you’ve had this exact experience the same group of people the same meal, the same subject.

Phenomenon of deja vu

The phenomenon is incredibly complicated, and there are a variety of theories on what causes deja vu. Swiss researcher Arthur Funkhouser suggests that there are a variety of “deja experience” and says that to better analyze this phenomenon, subtleties between these experiences must be analyzed. In the cases mentioned above, Funkhouser would describe the first experience being the first as deja visit (“already been to”) as well as the subsequent one one as déjà vucu (“already had or experienced”).

70% of people report having had some sort of déjà vu. The most frequent incidence occur in those between 15 and 25 years old than any other age category.

Deja vu has been found to be linked to the temporal-lobe epilepsy. It is believed that deja_vu can occur prior to an epileptic seizure in the temporal lobe. Patients who suffer from a seizure of similar nature may experience déjà vu throughout the seizures or during the time between seizures.

deja vu Without Medical

Since deja vu is experienced by those with and without medical condition. There’s many theories about the reason why this phenomenon occurs. Psychoanalysts often attribute deja_vu to a simple dream or wish fulfillment, whereas some psychiatrists believe it is due to a mismatch within the brain, which can cause the brain to confuse the present with the past. A lot of parapsychologists believe it’s due to a previous life memory. There is obviously further research to be done.

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