Create a Hassle-Free Workplace with an Integrated HR and Payroll Platform

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Managing human resources and payroll on your own takes a lot of time and work. This makes it especially hard to keep track of employee details, which could cause compliance issues later on down the line. It’s important to have an integrated HR and payroll platform so you can hire, manage, and pay employees efficiently. In fact, switching to an integrated HR and payroll software will save you time and money in the long run so you can concentrate on running your business smoothly. Here are reasons why this is important for any business owner to know about.

Managing employees manually is time-consuming

To determine how much to pay your employees, you must first record each employee’s hours worked. This requires you to log onto time tracking software, punch in each employee’s timesheet, calculate their hourly wage, then generate checks for them to cash or deposit into their bank accounts.

If you have even just five employees it can be difficult to remember which employees work which shifts and when they’re working them. Even if you can keep track of all your employees’ schedules and availability (which isn’t likely), filling out timesheets is time-consuming — especially if one of your employees consistently works overtime.

Benefits of switching to an integrated platform

Once your company scales, it’s natural to want to keep up with all your team members, including those who work remotely. An integrated platform can help you deliver automated solutions for tracking hours worked from anywhere. It also helps if you have team members in different locations or even time zones by making sure that everyone’s on the same page as far as time is concerned. In short, automating things like clock-ins and checkouts lets you focus on what really matters: getting real work done without worrying about manual processes holding you back.

Features you should look for when buying a platform

The key features you should look for in any type of payroll or human resources platform are those that allow you to automate as much of your day-to-day HR activities as possible. These could include employee self-service, mobile apps, time clock integration, regulatory compliance features (like FMLA tracking), electronic onboarding, integrations with other systems like cloud storage providers or timekeeping software (like UZIO), and more.

The more automated processes that are included in your system’s feature set, the less time you’ll spend on mundane tasks like processing payroll or managing vacation requests. Your employees will appreciate less red tape when it comes to making simple requests; they’ll also enjoy greater efficiency when it comes to their work.

How intergrated HR and Payroll system streamlines Operations

A manual payroll system is an old way of operating human resources processes. HR teams are required to collect information about their employees from multiple sources, before creating time cards for each employee. The time cards are then manually entered into various systems, such as payroll software, to track hours worked by each employee every week. This process creates room for human error and confusion.

When using an integrated platform, all data is automatically imported from various sources, including third-party benefits providers and payroll providers so you can see all pay and benefits in one location. Creating payroll is also easier when you’re working with one platform since many times only one portal needs to be accessed in order to manage both your human resources and payroll functions.

The world of human resources is more exciting than ever. Technology provides plenty of new ways to handle HR and payroll tasks, improve efficiency, save time, and make your life easier. Save yourself time by letting technology take over some of these processes. Read on for tips on what works best for various areas of your business—you might just find one that makes your workday easier!

You’ll also want to check out our list of best payroll software to see if any providers fit into your business’s needs better than others. What’s important is that you’re comfortable with each option before you move forward.


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