Charizard Coloring Pages, Knight Coloring Pages and Predator Coloring Pages: Everything of a fairy land is waiting for your children

Charizard Coloring Pages

With children, stories about fairy lands are always attractive because they can meet knights, witches, dragons, princesses, princes or any strange creatures. However, these things are products of the imaginations of writers so most children desire to see this world in reality. Of course, this dream can’t come true but as parents, we should do something to satisfy our children’s expectations. And that is the reason why we have created Charizard Coloring Pages, Knight Coloring Pages and Predator Coloring Pages. These pages mention three of main productions such as charizard, knights and predators. They are popular characters of fairy stories and they can remind children of their favorite movies or comics. Moreover, they can color these things with their colors to create unique characters. If you have children and they are big fans of animated movies or any cartoon series, please read this article and you can give your kids a big gift.

What is Charizard of Charizard Coloring Pages?

Charizard is a pokemon species in the anime series Pokemon. It is similar to a dragon with two wings behind its back. It looks beautiful and powerful, therefore, it is one of the most wanted pokemons in this series. Everybody wants to own a Charizard but only strong people can control its strength.

Charizard can spit fire, burning enemies and prevent them from attacking. This fire is too big to burn a forest out. Hence, no one wants to encounter a Charizard if they don’t have stronger Pokemons. Charizard is one of the strongest Pokemons which belong to the Flame category and it is pretty famous. If you watch this Pokemon series, you can see any fights with Charizard, its owners can defeat enemies quickly thanks to the big fire of the pokemon. However, after a fight, a Charizard will be weaker and they need time to take a rest.

Besides great power, a Charizard still has some weak points. If enemies can take advantage of this weakness, they can win easily. Because a Charizard is in the Flame category, its enemies can use some pokemons using water to face it. There are many strong pokemons in the Water Category, so in fact, a Charizard was defeated by some Water pokemons. This feature is very important if someone wants to conquer this powerful pokemon. In conclusion, a Charizard is still a desire of everybody in the Pokemon series and if your children love pokemons, they will be willing to color a Charizard as they imagine.

Knight Coloring Pages inspire children to be good people

The image of knights in fairy tales is admired by children of many generations. Knights are brave, loyal, generous and handsome, of course. Therefore, any boy wants to become a knight in reality for one time. If you have a boy, just ask him whether he wants to be a knight. The answer is surely yes. Understanding this dream of children, we have created Knight Coloring Pages with many pictures about knights in fairy tales, which will satisfy the dream of boys.


All knights of our coloring pages are designed as original versions in fairy tales with horse, swords, shields and other weapons. Children can freely color them as their imagination to create a different version of knights. Maybe they are colorful and funny instead of popular images in stories.

Moreover, we add some pictures about knights and princesses, the perfect couple in fairy tales. It is a happy ending of most stories so children will be more excited to color these pictures. Particularly, all of our pictures are free and you can download it any time you want to have the best coloring experience with your kids.

Legendary predator in Predator Coloring Pages

If you have watched the series about predators, you will understand why they are trendy. Predators are an alien species. They have a greater civilization than human race’s and of course, they have some superpowers. Until now, Predator is still the most favorite series about aliens in the US. Director John McTieman has made a masterpiece about aliens and has made ít become a symbol of this genre. Particularly, this film had the participation of two mayors: Jesse Ventura và Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The appearance of a predator is not beautiful, they look ugly with angry faces. This feature has contributed to the horror of this movie. Besides, the movie has some jumpscare and thrilling fights which made the audiences excited. Many audiences claimed that the Predator deserves the best aliens movie of all time with an interesting plot and talented cast. Although many films about aliens have been released recently, the Predator is still a symbol.

With its popularity, the Predator has become an inspiration for many products, including our coloring pages. If your children love coloring this thrilling character, we would like to bring them the best images.


Hopefully, our Charizard Coloring Pages, Knight Coloring Pages and Predator Coloring Pages have convinced you that coloring is a good hobby for both adults and children. If you like a picture, you can download and print it for free, we don’t charge any fee for this. Also, we update our pictures daily so you can find new ones easily. Finally, wishing you and your children a great time with our coloring pages


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