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At this time, Tian Yunxiao finally remembered that he had not yet written a word.Today s 4,000 word full attendance hadn t even written a single word.So he turned on the computer.Then he opened the Melon Codeword software.As a result, he discovered one thing, that is, the 4D room he opened in the morning was actually broken.This made him feel a little weird and thought to himself Isn t it right I have already kicked all the famous scumbags in the group this morning, and the rest are basically procrastinators like me.It s not even three o clock in the afternoon, and the 4D hair is gone Grass is a plant.Forget it, I don t have a room, and I don t want to code at all.At this time, I d better Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies koi cbd gummies delta 9 play a few games first.After all, four thousand words is a very fast thing.So Tian Yunxiao opened the League of Legends.

Even the Berry family has launched the current three voltage charge pump 2.0 technology and the three cell composite lithium battery, there are still some netizens who are worried that the full blooded version will cause safety problems.Netizens are worried about the things that the Berry family naturally considers.For this reason, the Berry family has brought a third technology for high power mobile phone charging this time.The second generation of GaN chargers In order to ensure the stability of mobile phone charging, we brought a second gallium nitride charger It can ensure the stability of the charging current and voltage of the mobile phone during the charging of the mobile phone, and also reduce the heating of the mobile phone charging head.Level, and has very good safety At the same time, with the blessing of the second generation gallium nitride technology, the volume of the charger is reduced by 45 compared with the ordinary charger, and on this basis, the charging The temperature is 8 to 10 degrees lower than that of ordinary chargers In order to prove the power of the second generation GaN charger, Huang Da specially prepared a video.

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Green factory self developed chips, green factory Find X6 will be the first to be equipped with the flagship machine independently developed by green factory in the past year, the processor chip Yana has 1000 chips The latest announcement released by green factory also made the entire mobile phone industry feel the vibration.Many technology enthusiasts and consumers were also very surprised by the news released by the green factory.After all, many users did not expect that the green factory would launch a new processor chip at this time.As Huawei and Berry Group gradually have chips representing their own brands, various mobile phone manufacturers have also joined the research and development of chips within the past two years In addition to some very common small chips, each Manufacturers all have plans and teams to independently develop processor chips.

The 3300mAh battery is simply not enough for the daily battery life of the current Mi 9.Coupled with the emergence of the current similar competing products and the appearance of the Hongmi K20pro series, the son of the rice phone 9, the current pluscbd oil gummies status of the rice phone 9 is very embarrassing.So much so that the current official website has begun to prepare to remove the current rice phone 9.After all, after July and August, with the emergence of the Raspberry Blue S7pro, the sales of the rice phone 9 and the Hongmi k20pro plummeted.This also has to make the rice phone 9 directly choose to continue production, and instead choose to rely on other products to maintain the current mobile phone sales.The rice company also launched the rice mobile phone how long for CBD gummies to start working Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies CC series in August, which is CBD gummies with pure hemp extract Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies mainly aimed at the offline and female user markets.

At the same time, the company hopes to use such a project to widen the gap with the current ecosystem and system of mainstream manufacturers.Due to the current 6G network era, the arrival of the new system will cooperate with the brand new 6G network, adding many functions related to communication.At the same time, there will be a very big breakthrough in the optimization and development of hardware, and this new breakthrough will make 4.Version 0 became the biggest system change in the history of the Berry family.As far as the animation is concerned, the system animation of the mobile phone this time is fully smoking hemp vs cbd oil adopted the animation software CBD gummies without hemp Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies technology of 3D rendering.Whether it 500mg CBD gummy review Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies is the setting interface of the mobile phone or the desktop of the mobile phone, 3D rendering animation will be used to give users a 3D visual impact.

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As the big cup version of the p60pro, the basic version has also been upgraded to 12 256g, and the starting price of this product is 6499 yuan.As for the storage of the oversized cup version in the entire series, it is basically the same as the storage of the large cup charlotte web cbd gummies review version, and the final price of the oversized cup version is 7699 yuan.This time, Huawei feels that it is a little bit worse than the Berry family in terms of product competitiveness.After stabilizing the corresponding high end price range, a series of adjustments have been made in the Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies pricing of previous products.Make the product really look worth buying.Of course, Huawei has developed for so many years and has accumulated many loyal users.At the hemp fusion CBD gummies Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies same time, the business attribute of Huawei also makes some middle aged people choose to buy the Huawei P60 series.

The Xuanwu processor chip is really terrifying The CPU upgrade of the Xuanwu 965 is so large, how does this make other mobile phone manufacturers play Huateng Semiconductor is currently The strongest existence in the industry Obviously, netizens were extremely shocked by the CPU performance of the Xuanwu boulder highlands cbd gummies scam 965 this time.After all, the improvement of the CPU performance of this processor chip is really too great, and it can even be said that the current mainstream chip manufacturers are Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity completely behind.At the same time, the GPU module of this processor is a graphics processor with the new architecture of Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies tg1000.6fps level.Compared with the previous generation of the Xuanwu 960 s GPU graphics cannaleafz CBD gummies review Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies processor chip, the GPU performance has been improved by nearly 75.The improvement of the CPU and GPU of the Xuanwu 965 processor chip is really too great.

Uncle Tian next door Fang Fang, Fang Fang, why don t you code a single word Co authoring with you, this is a true atmosphere group Anecdotal Tian Shen, I am at work, and there is no empty code now Tian Yunxiao asked curiously when he saw the rumors said so.Uncle Tian next door In the market, what kind of work do you do There is a legend I am engaged in the most combative occupation of the flower family Tian Yunxiao understood this in seconds after seeing the legend, so he asked road.Uncle Tian next door Give me three are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies thousand city officials, and let me plant flowers Legend has it Ah, yes, yes, as expected of you, Tian Shen, you will understand as soon as I say it Tian Yunxiao felt helpless when he saw this., thought to himself, Oh, this profession is really not very good for fishing, but it s okay, I will open another room and let him go home at night and code the same So Tian Yunxiao continued to open the melon code, A new house was built again.

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promotion of new products.At the same time, our own software team has also completely equipped the new system with Gaotonghuolong and various platforms of Lianhuake.It s just that these two platforms are not as good as the current Xuanwu exhale cbd gummies 700 in terms of CPU and how to make gummy bears with cbd GPU.Naturally, some castrations have been made in some aspects to ensure the smoothness of cbd gummies make you high the mobile phone system.Even if the current product has undergone some castration, it will cbd hemp oil near me definitely surpass the previous generation system in terms of overall user experience, and it will also become a system that can satisfy users.In addition, according to Huang Da s intention, the current company has also recruited some good looking young ladies.Of course, Huang Da did this not for himself, but for the future development of the company.As a young man, Huang Da naturally understands what the current young people like most.

Our full blood charging function can make the phone charge to 50 in 20 minutes and 100 in cbd gummies that were on shark tank 43 minutes.With such a charging speed, I don t know if you are how to make cbd gummies with tincture satisfied or not Huang Da stood on the stage He looked at the audience below excitedly, and said to the crowd with excitement.Obviously, the Berry family has basically won the 27W premium hemp gummies 3000mg charging of Biaoyou.The Berry family has a more practical smart charging mode and a more powerful super full blood board fast charge.27W charging models are very common on the market, such as two models from friends One model only has a 3300 mAh battery, and it only takes half an hour to charge 57, and it needs to be fully charged.71 minutes, we don t need to compare our full blood charging function, green mountain cbd gummies 300mg and the smart charging Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies is better than the other party As for another model from a friend, let alone, after all, to be honest, before the Raspberry Blue S7pro, No matter how you look at it, it doesn t look like a flagship Huang Da s words shocked the users at the scene, and even made the users in the live broadcast room laugh miserably.

Tian Yunxiao seemed like a devil at this time.So he opened the penguin he had not opened for two days, Thinking of the water group to rest.At this moment, the computer uploaded the sound of cough, cough, cough.He opened it and found that someone had added his book group.So he passed by, and then heard himself The group of book friends started beeping.He opened it unhurriedly.He found that it was the reader he had just put in, called Ming Occupied., dog author, you underworld update, I want to send you a song, orphan.The name is occupied Voice Works that are broken all day long, and can t see the lovers in my heart.It s even more so that people are desperate and refuse to cry.All the recommended monthly passes were given to him, but the author was cut off CBD gummies hemp bombs Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies to the point of madness.I love the way you look, everyone is the same.

price of cbd gummies near me Among them, the Berry family specially found several most mainstream processor chip models for testing.Perform the Genshin High Quality Test at room temperature of 20 degrees for 30 minutes.The first model is the 13proax equipped with Guozi a15.The average frame Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies rate in the game is about 56 frames, the heat of the fuselage reaches 49.8 degrees, and the average unit power is about 6.5w.The second model is a model of a friend who is equipped with 8gen1.The average frame rate in the game can be stably maintained at the level of 54 frames, the heat level of the fuselage reaches 53.2 degrees, and the average unit power is 9.5w s level.The Berry 20 equipped with the Xuanwu 820 processor chip can maintain a stable average frame rate of about 56 frames in the game, the heat of the fuselage is up to 44.

He has already copied two chapters ah, finished writing.Then he went to the kitchen to see what dishes were available.When he opened the refrigerator door, he found that the refrigerator was full of beef, sheep, pork, ribs, white strips, chicken, and so on.Yunxiao stretched out his trembling hands, wanting to get a mutton roll, and then eat a mutton soup at home.Because this is the easiest, just pour the induction cooker and pot with water and hot pot base.I ate it.He just took out the mutton when the security door of the house suddenly opened.It turned out that his father and his mother came to his side.As soon as his mother entered the door, he saw him trying to get out from the refrigerator.Take charlotte s web cbd gummy review the meat.He ran get eagle hemp CBD gummies Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies over quickly, took the meat from Tian Yunxiao s hand, and said, Yunxiao, what are you trying to do Who told you to get the meat yourself Did you forget about getting burned yourself trying to cook just a few months ago Seeing this, Tian Yunxiao s father also stepped forward and said, Little bastard, why are you so disobedient Just want to do something that worries me and your mom After hearing his father and his mother s reprimands, Tian Yunxiao said helplessly I m lying flat at home every Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies royal blend CBD gummies side effects day now, I can t do anything, I don t have a penny of income, and I m still relying on the two of you to support me.

At the same time, the mobile phone also has a lot of black technologies that are ahead of the current industry Tong Hao looked at the serious faces of everyone in front of him, and explained to everyone the difference in this phone in does cbd gummies have any side effects a calm tone.Although the current who owns eagle hemp cbd gummies Berry x30 model is a little bit different in terms of overall industrial design and appearance The group of digital bloggers shines.It can be said that if this mobile phone is really listed, it will inevitably cause some netizens to rush to grab a bloody way in the industry.After 2020, one of the current mobile phone camps The technology in the mobile phone is basically the same as the old ones, and there are not many substantial breakthroughs at all.Most of the current mobile phones always make most netizens feel aesthetic fatigue.

After seeing the reply from the loach at this time, Pu Jie shouted excitedly Choke to death Then I uploaded two chapters with more than 4,000 words.After waiting for a long review, I opened the chat dialog with Loach.Binghuo Loach Ju, I have already published the book, and the review has passed.Please give me a message.Sign it After seeing Binghuo s words, Loach immediately sent out the signing station short in the background.After seeing the station short sent by Loach, Pu Jie hurriedly sent a message to Loach.Bing Huo Thank you, Loach Ju, the signing station short has already been signed.received Loach Write well, I am very optimistic about your book Loach I heard Laotian say that your book was written by him under his guidance Where did he guide you At this time, Pu Jie, a young man in northern Hebei, saw the problem of the loach and immediately tapped the keyboard excitedly.

Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies Chapter 111 Xinyou soon AnTuTu broke the news about the running scores of a group of products.The most striking of these is a model with a running score of 890,000.Judging from the code name of the product, this phone is obviously from the hands of the Berry family.And netizens who know the berry family have almost guessed some things.For example, this unreleased model is likely to use the latest flagship level processor, which is the latest Xuanwu 9 series processor chip.890,000 running points This result directly cbd gummies good for blinded the eyes of most netizens at present It should be known that the running score of the current paste fire dragon 865 processor chip is just close to 600,000 points.This new 9 series processor chip of Xuanwu has obviously stepped on all the processor chips of the current Android camp.

These games cbd gummies for rls are expected to meet you next year At the same time, Berry Technology will also release game consoles that are more suitable for more civilian consumers Huang Da s Weibo was like a sharp blade that once again pierced into the chests of various manufacturers.I originally thought that this game conference was just the highlight of the Berry family, but I didn t expect that this was just the beginning of the Berry family s development into the game industry.Chapter 213 Planning the new headquarters is a game console more suitable for civilian players Huang Da s Weibo also confused various game phone marijuana derived cbd vs hemp derived cbd manufacturers.This berry family has plunged into the game console industry all at once.If a cheaper civilian version of the game console is launched, it will have a huge impact on various game phone manufacturers.

Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies cbd hemp gummies ohio These two new machines are equipped with MEC119 and MEC219 processor chips respectively, and the summer valley cbd gummies scam running scores are very eye catching.The model equipped with MEC119 achieved a score of 528,658 in terms of performance running points.The model equipped with the latest MEC219 has reached the level of 672501 points in terms of performance running points.It is directly stuck in the middle of the latest Gaotong Fire Dragon 865 processor chip released by Gaotong Company.At the same time, the new phone s access to the Internet, the exposure of the running score, and the Easter eggs after the original Berry Pro10 conference have also made many netizens realize that the time for the independence of the Berry family and the launch of the new phone should come soon.Huang Da sat in his place and silently watched the exposure on the Internet.

It s gone When Tian medigreen cbd gummies cost Yunxiao saw Sister Bao being forced by Sister Bao, he felt that he couldn t bear it any longer, so he quickly said to the four people in the room Okay, okay, don t stick here, it s all It s almost noon, the big goose finally came to the Magic City, let s go, I ll invite you guys to eat hot cbd gummies los angeles pot.At this time, Sister Bao said Old Tian, how can you hemp vs CBD gummies Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies invite me I ve come to the Magic City several times.I Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies asked you to invite you, no matter what this time, I have to ask your brother Bao and me to invite you.Tian Yunxiao just wanted to say something, but was denned by Pei, and then whispered Friends need to have contacts Tian Yunxiao thought to himself, so he didn t object Sister in law Bao soon led a few people to a hot pot restaurant.After ordering the meat dishes, Sister in law Bao said to the waiter again Ten more big kidneys Tian Yunxiao heard the words of Sister in law Bao and said quickly, Sister in law, we can t eat so much We eat this thing alone One is enough After listening to Tian Yunxiao s words, Sister in Law Bao chuckled Haha, Lao Tian, sister in law knows that you single people don t need to take such supplements Let s share one of these things with the five of us, and then take the rest.

At this time, Loach, who was standing by the side, heard Boss Pei say this and said quickly Boss Pei doesn t blame you, It can only be said that if the forest is big, there will be any kind of bird, so let me just say, Mr.Tengda Pei has cbd gummies to help quit drinking a good reputation in the industry, how can he teach a bully son After Mr.Pei heard Loach say this, he quickly Approvingly, he said Yes, yes, I almost ruined my father s reputation with this shit In this way, I will double the original bid, 20 million, just to buy the game copyright of Zhu Xian., how is it Do you agree, Lao Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies Tian At this time, Tian Yunxiao pondered for a while after hearing what Mr.Pei said, and said to Mr.Pei Mr.Pei, thanks for your love, since you look at me like this, then I will also I can t be stingy anymore, I don t want a penny for the game copyright Chapter 105 I would have liked to illuminate the moon, but the bright moon illuminates the ditch please subscribe Mr.

I want to take cbd gummies fail drug test it back After he finished speaking, he held up Pei Pai s face with both hands, Pei Pai closed his eyes in time, and Tian Yunxiao immediately ran away with the tinkling of the bells.He live well cbd gummies cost shouted loudly Haha, you think beautiful Seeing Tian Yunxiao s straight steel man s actions, Pei Pai stomped his feet in anger and said, I m so angry, this old Tian I really can t move I m so active I even ran away But Pei Pai thought about it and said, But that s fine, at least I won t be seduced by other goblins So the mood changed from cloudy to sunny Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies in an instant.In fact, Tian Yunxiao was also hard to say at this time, if it wasn t for the fear of the divine beast coming.The two of them are not black households.Both of them are people with ID cards.They can go to get a marriage certificate.

Even within the current price of 2,000 yuan, there is are cbd gummies fsa eligible no model that can compare with the current Raspberry S7s in terms of overall configuration and performance.At the same time, the current netizens are also looking forward to the performance of the top version of the Raspberry Blue S7sPro After all, before the press conference started, users knew the processor chip used in the new mobile phone, but currently the only one in the Android camp that can match the A series Xuanwu 900 platform of the same year.Users of the Raspberry MX10 series have a very high evaluation of this processor, and there is no situation of overturning, which also makes many users agree with this processor.The Raspberry Blue S7s series is now going to release a processor with the Xuanwu 900 platform, which is what most performance parties look forward to.

Now Rongyao and Berry Blue, two mobile phone manufacturers that once competed with Hongmi, suddenly came out, which really gave Hongmi a headache.Especially the berry blue, the berry clan that has risen from the dead is stronger than its previous competitors in terms of overall strength performance.Headache Thinking of Berry Blue, even Lu Weibing, who has been a product for so many years, couldn t help but sigh.To be honest, the expressive power of berry blue makes Hongmi feel a sense of powerlessness now.Now it looks like it s all up to you.It s the end of April Hongmi officially released the Hongmi K50 game enhanced version.This Hongmi K50 magnolia hemp cbd flower review game enhanced version can be said to have made great efforts in the overall parameters.Although this phone is known as a gaming phone, with the support of the glass back cover and metal middle frame, the weight of the phone is still maintained at 202 can you take CBD gummies on an empty stomach Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies grams.

Even cannabis gummy bears Huang Da made a fuck when he saw such a hardware configuration However, although the product eagle hemp CBD gummies price Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies hardware is flawed, who wants this phone to be produced by the rice company Cream Tonghuolong 888 Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies iui12.5, who knows who uses this feeling Although the current iui12.5 is still in the development and beta test, but the stable version will be launched on a large scale in May.At that time, users who have purchased this mobile phone will really understand that the stable version is really stable , and that when it is stable, bugs can be encountered all the time.Coupled exhale wellness gummies with the super comfortable experience of Fire Dragon 888, netizens simply ruined the Android King and Android Light.With Gaotong Fire Dragon 888, it is destined Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity that various mobile phone manufacturers cannot stand firmly in the high end market.

This kind of speed is simply jaw dropping.It is fully charged within 36 minutes.This should be the fastest charging model in the entire mobile phone industry.Compared with the wireless charging of the Berry MX10pro, since the battery capacity is lower than 250 mAh compared to the Berry MX10, the Berry MX10pro is only about two minutes faster than the Berry MX10 in terms of smart charging and full blood charging.Judging from Shark Tank Episode With CBD Gummies the data released so far, the charging level of these two flagship delta 8 thc gummies healthsmart cbd models can basically meet the requirements of most netizens for charging and battery life.Even under the blessing of the fast charging mode, the charging speed can basically belong to the forefront of the industry.With the current development of the mobile phone industry, in addition to the performance screen, image photography has become the most important way to compare high end flagships in terms of flagship standards in the current mobile phone industry.

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