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In his opinion, things like getting a driver s license It s not that simple.It s just that what happened next made him truly realize the awesomeness of this virtual game.In the next three hours, Chu He spent the most painful three hours of his life in the game.The difficulty of obtaining a driver s license in the game is similar to that of obtaining a driver s license in the real world, except that many new test items have been added on the original basis.For example, the drift of the racing car, or the soaring of the racing car across the sea.All in all, the technologies displayed by the racing cars in the game need to be fully displayed in the game, and players are also required to learn these technologies and obtain the corresponding technical driver s license.What kind of bullshit or game is this, tmd has to take a driver s license test And what kind of technical driver Secret Nature CBD Coupon s license is this Being tortured by willie s remedy cbd gummies this game is unbelievable.

Interested users can go to Kuan and search for Huang best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Secret Nature CBD Coupon Da to download the flash package In this special period, Huang Da has become a celebrity on the entire Internet.The Weibo posted by Huang are cbd gummies legal in tennessee Da can often attract the attention of many netizens.And this Weibo posted by Huang Da instantly aroused the surprise of many netizens.Official open source You must know that the flash package has always been the strength of the folk gods.But no one thought that as the chairman of the Berry family, he would directly release the Fly NEW flashing package.You must know that Fly NEW currently has a very good top cbd gummy brands 2021 reputation and strength in the five CBD gummies reviews Secret Nature CBD Coupon entire technology circle.Even many trash guys want to equip their mobile phones with such a powerful system.It s just that Fly NEW is only equipped with the Xuanwu platform for the time being, which makes it impossible for many garbage guys to truly adapt Fly NEW to the ointment fire dragon model.

After all, the cheapest among the current 5G mobile phones is the Raspberry Blue mobile phone 10a, which refreshed the price of the lowest 5G mobile phone at a price of 799 yuan.What s more, the performance of this phone is sufficient for daily use.Chapter 237 bluebird botanicals hemp cbd oil The documentary time also arrived quietly in August, and various mobile phone manufacturers have also launched their flagship phones in the second half of this year.Since the supply chains used by various mobile phone manufacturers are basically the same, there is not much difference in the hardware level of mobile phones.The E5 high brush screen, combined with mainstream iterative processing and chips, with fast charging, and the main camera on the outsole, give users too few hardware parameters that shine.Basically, it is to add a little basic configuration on the basis of the flagship machine in the first half of this year. ape CBD gummies review Secret Nature CBD Coupon

The release of Huawei P40 attracted the attention of mobile manufacturers, and Lu Weibing, an executive of rice mobile phone manufacturers, also started to complain wildly on Weibo.The first thing to complain about is the castrated version of the Warwick P40.After complaining, Lu Weibing directly launched Hongmi s upcoming flagship mobile phone this year, the Hongmi K30Pro.This year s Hongmi K series is different from the previous K series releases.The release time of the regular version and the big cup version is actually separated.The ordinary version of the K30 released last year can be said to be the cheapest 5G mobile phone in the industry.And this year s Hongmi K30Pro will naturally become the focus of many users.After all, the products of the Hongmi K series are basically very good in word of mouth, especially in terms of price, they do give users a lot of discounts.

Jiang Gongzi Abao The boss of our company is President Tengda Pei s son As soon as these words came out, the entire group of authors instantly boiled like a frying pan that had just been blown up.Night Shadow Lover Is it the Tenda who made countless classic games Mr.Pei is known as the god of game design and the god of management Hey This background is really powerful, it s so terrifying Kaifeng s secret book I m so envious, Baoju can actually work in this kind of company hh Goose who can tell stories I m so envious, Baoju can actually work in this kind of company hh The ninety nine do cbd gummies help with tinnitus repetitions are omitted here At this time, Sister Bao from Magic Capital saw that the topics of the authors in the group began to get crooked.So quickly hit the keyboard.Jiang Gongzi Abao Did you make a mistake in the object of your envy Shouldn t you be envious of Laotian s book that our company Secret Nature CBD Coupon bought the copyright and is about to make it into a game The cat that won t get tired Tian Shen s rank is too high, and it is no longer the envy of our group of rushing street.

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At the same time, the product has also made a new breakthrough in terms of price.Guozi 14i, the final domestic price is 4299 yuan.Fruit 14 is priced at 5499 yuan, fruit 14pro is does cbd gummies have any thc in them priced at 6999 yuan, and fruit 14proax is priced at 8999 yuan Obviously this time Guozi has lowered the price of the product again.Obviously, the price reduction this time is naturally to ensure the position of its own products in the market.The emergence of this kind of pricing also makes the current flagship models of other domestic brands lose their brilliance in an instant.Guozi 14,5499, which is similar to the price of some domestic high end flagship phones.Originally, after the launch of the Berry x30 series products, domestic brands felt the pressure and made some discounts in terms of prices.For example, the top flagship of 5999 has been directly reduced to the summer valley cbd gummies website price of 5499 yuan.

What people usually see are best selling works that have already been sold.After all, how many sets of physical books can the country produce in a year But how many online literary works can be produced every year There are so called 8 million authors in the Qidian I have signed.There are many works, and the quality is mixed for sure.But is it a good thing that the threshold for online literature is so low I think this is a good thing, although the quality of online literature may have declined, but the quantity has increased, The possibility of producing high quality products will become greater.What about the physical publishing industry The current situation is that the brick and mortar publishing industry rests on its laurels and plays its own small circle behind closed doors, but has the quality improved I don t think there is.

I believe that what users are looking forward to most now is the price of our mobile phone, and we have prepared a very suitable price for the mobile phone, a price that most users can t refuse Huang Da stood on the stage and received The next step is the price announcement link that users are most looking forward to.Actually, the hardware configuration of this phone is very good, even I think I can accept it at around 3500 yuan As long as it is within 3000 yuan, I will definitely buy one Anyway, the configuration of this phone is better than the current rice Mobile phone 9 is even stronger Most netizens are also looking forward to the announcement of the price of the mobile phone.Obviously, the current users hope that this mobile phone can give them some surprises.For example, X999 We have prepared three Doctor Recommended: Secret Nature CBD Coupon different configurations for users, namely 6 128, 8 128 and 8 256 storage configurations The price of our mobile phone this time is Huang Da dragged The voice made the hearts of all netizens hang up.

Just when the Berry Company was making a lot of money from games, far away overseas, Gaotong officially released a brand new flagship processor chip, Gaotong Fire Dragon gen1x.The performance of this year s paste through processor chips is really unsatisfactory.Although it is said that the GPU has been greatly improved, the overall energy consumption performance is not even comparable to the Lianhuake Dimensity processor chip that was once overlooked.Although Dimensity 9000 and Gaotong use the same x2 core of the latest v9 architecture in cpu, the overall performance has been improved a lot due to the use of Taiwan based technology.Although it is still a bit hot, it cbd gummies 20 mg is much better than the paste fire dragon processor chip.The z10 graphics processor chip used in the gpu also improves the performance of the Dimensity 9000.

To recommend, cbd gummies sanjay gupta otherwise it will take off long ago.Tian Yunxiao saw that the college student author Lao Mao introduced the so called author exchange groups on the writer s assistant here, so he quickly interrupted by typing on the keyboard.Next door Uncle Tian I know what virtues those groups are., The old cat doesn t need you to continue science.Uncle Tian next door After all, no one in the serious contract author group can communicate how to write novels Just ask if you have a hand, or you natures boost CBD gummies Secret Nature CBD Coupon are a good brother, come to Zhang Shitu.Night Shadow Love Ji Shitu Where s the sushi picture Good brother, come to Zhang Shitu Tian Yunxiao saw that this cbd gummies 2500 mg super chill was the case, but helplessly said, I knew it would be like this.Then he are cbd gummies bad for you tapped the big brush on the keyboard and replied.The next door Uncle Tian Brother Chicken, there is no Shitu If there is, you have to change to a mobile phone that can view pictures first w Uncle Tian next door Dive cat, old cat, hurry up and get down to business Tian Yunxiao muttered as he typed a reply If I go into the water again, the reader will ask for a refund At this time, the old cat who was a college student and author of diving realized that he seemed to be saying hi, and he didn t talk about the business for a long time.

Then he quickly turned the page and turned directly to the end, calculating that it had been five minutes since he published the latest chapter.How many people have read the latest chapter.It turned out that I had just released the latest chapter for cbd gummies cape town five minutes, and the number of followers had already exceeded 100.The latest number of followers in the upper shark tank cbd gummies for arthritis right corner of the book to the last page of the Qidian Reading APP is no longer displayed.This means that the follow up reading has exceeded 100.So he clicked on his book group to see how his readers reacted.As a result, as soon as I opened it, I found that it seemed like it was New Year s Eve in my book group.The swift little snail Happy Da Puben Laotian has resumed today Guanghui redeems you Fuck, who stole Laozi s first place Guanghui.

After all, a configuration like the Hongmi 9 is a very good model in the current thousand yuan market.Really conscientious Hongmi is always the same Hongmi Hongmi is awesome Don t say it so early, after all, the current Berry Blue has not been released yet Very satisfied, but there are still some netizens who firmly cbd oil with hemp seed oil believe that berry blue can bring miracles.The next day, the official website of the Berry family announced the configuration and sales page of the eighth generation of cbd vs hemp gummies the Berry Blue mobile phone.Among them, this time the Raspberry Blue digital series has a total of two models, one of which is a 4G mobile phone and one is a 5G mobile phone.They are Raspberry Blue 8 and Raspberry Blue 8 5G In terms of design, both of them use a plastic back shell and a middle frame, but a frosted process design is used in the plastic back shell.

Of course, the final product is still several hundred more expensive than the current Raspberry Blue Note20Pro.Most users still set their sights directly on the Pro version.After all, the Xuanwu 735 cbd gummies 3000 mg 4 oz processor chip is no worse smilz cbd gummies website than the Dimensity 9200 in the eyes of most netizens.In the end, during the 618 period, the Berry Blue Note20 series became the king of the sales of this promotional single product with a total sales of 3 million units, directly surpassing the Hongmi K60 series with a sales volume of 1.8 million.This has also made countless netizens aware of the current price performance ratio and changes in the online market.For a long time, Hongmi has completely dominated the online market.Even if other manufacturers are fierce, Hongmi is still able to sell products.Take first place.

At the same time, the performance level of the processors of several processor chip manufacturers is also excellent These inspired most netizens to want to replace hemp seed vs CBD Secret Nature CBD Coupon their mobile phones, which also ushered in very large sales in the entire mobile phone market.Among them, the Berry family, the biggest winner during the 618 period, the sales volume requested during this period really shocked all mobile phone manufacturers and netizens.During the 618 period, the shipment of Berry mobile phones reached 16.5 million units, which directly accounted for nearly half of the market share of domestic mobile phone shipments.Even the combined shipments of all mobile phones of other brands are not as much as the current Raspberry family.Berry family is so terrifying 16.5 million units Sure, this year s 618 is the hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Secret Nature CBD Coupon most popular for the Berry family I heard that during this year s 618, rice sold 2 million mobile phones, even more than It eagle hemp CBD gummies side effects Secret Nature CBD Coupon was too miserable not to go on sale when the K90 was launched Netizens were not surprised when they got such news.

Otherwise, you can wait until you are put in jail, and we have to inform your husband about this matter After Li Mei heard what Lao Li said, her whole body collapsed instantly.Sitting on the interrogation chair, she covered her face with her hands and said sobbing I just made the video for fun and uploaded it to the Internet.I didn t spend any money on the video Can you not tell my husband At this time, after Lao Li and Xiao Li heard Li Mei s words, they looked at each other, and then Xiao Li said to Li Mei Don t cry first, our principle has always been to punish the former and avoid the latter, and treat the disease to save the patient.As long as you can honestly explain your crime, when the judge sees your guilty plea in a good attitude, he may give a lighter sentence as appropriate.At this time, after Li Mei heard Xiao Li s words, she still burst into tears, Then after continuing to cry for a long time, he choked up and said Two police officers, I confess that I have instigated several authors I brought to plagiarize, I can point out to you who the authors are Can you not tell me Husband, I m taking a video At this time, charlottes web hemp oil the policeman Li slapped the table heavily when he heard Li Mei s ignorant words, and shouted loudly, Do you think this is grocery shopping Are you still thinking about bargaining Hurry up and honestly explain, if the judge sees that you have a good attitude in confessing your guilt, the judge may reduce the sentence as appropriate.

I wasted such a good subject.At this time, the brother copd CBD gummies reviews Secret Nature CBD Coupon who wanted to write for him just now saw Tian eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Secret Nature CBD Coupon Yunxiao s words and reacted Orphan Dream Xinyue There is such a medterra cbd gummies sleep thing Why didn t you say it just now Luoyang At this time, Tian Yunxiao was still dissatisfied when he saw the big brother who came up with the theme, so he sat up.He said to Pei Pai, Key here Pei gave him a blank look, took out the Ningzhi static capacitive keyboard that Tian Yunxiao used when prime nature cbd oil typing, and handed it to him.I only saw Tian Yunxiao move cbd gummy samples his fingers like flying at this time.Next door Uncle Tian Okay, since you said so, then I will tell you a good deal.Next Doctor Recommended: Secret Nature CBD Coupon door Uncle Tian The subject you think, first, put it in the environment of the early Ming Dynasty, a purely historical environment, Not fantasy, not immortal, just writing novels Next door, Uncle Tian Still as a prince Then let me ask you, do you write novels under a pseudonym or a real name How can you continue to develop after you become famous Next door Secret Nature CBD Coupon Uncle Tian cali cbd gummies You are not where can i buy pure kana cbd gummies ready to add a system Then I ask you why the protagonist writes novels Next door Uncle Tian Is it to improve social status Or to make a fortune Next door Uncle Tian For social status You are already a prince.

But since Tianma Microelectronics officially became a part of the national technology supply chain , the screen products brought by it can be said to amaze many netizens.With this level of OLED screen, the current Tianma Microelectronics can not say that it can completely surpass Sanxin, at least it can rely on this strength to meet Sanxin.One touch.The reason why netizens are happy is precisely because domestic component manufacturers the natural and delicious cbd drink can have such a top level.And Tianma Microelectronics is not the most powerful OLED screen, but has always had absolute discourse in the industry.Quan s Li screen.This time the big cup version and the super cup version naturally use eagle hemp CBD Secret Nature CBD Coupon the latest Li screen produced by Tianma Microelectronics.Under the blessing of the original screen chip, power CBD gummies reviews Secret Nature CBD Coupon this screen is still cbd gummies with melatonin the top of the industry as a whole 4K resolution of 3960 2840.

He said to himself Didn t you say you want to code Is this the code you code What about the five kills It s really amazing Tian Yunxiao said shyly after hearing Pei Pai s accusation against him, I super chill cbd gummies 4000mg Isn t this tired of coding Relax But after thinking about it, why did I explain so much to Pei Pai There is no need for me to be afraid of Pei compensation.It is my freedom to code or not.Why do I need to explain to Pei compensation It happened that she had not finished the kung fu she had told fun drops CBD gummies amazon Secret Nature CBD Coupon Pei to practice How could Pei pay such a small woman to be suppressed by a dignified seven foot man Then he said to Pei Pai What about the basic skills I asked you to practice You just stopped practicing after practicing for so long This is a bit unreasonable, right After Pei Pai heard Tian Yunxiao s question, he immediately felt very Feeling aggrieved, he said, I m not tired of practicing I just came to see what you re doing After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s excuse, he could now find a reason.

It s amazing.Eat well and sleep well Hahahaha, then it should be more likely than Tian Shen s Doctor Recommended: Secret Nature CBD Coupon rise.Jinyang college students ate well and slept well.At this time, they saw the group friends compliment Doctor Recommended: Secret Nature CBD Coupon him, and laughed when they saw the success of pretending to force.At this time, the authors in the group turned on the repeater mode again.Xiao Zhou Eat God God God God Classmate Xiao Ai Eat God God God God I omit 99 re reading Huiyao ghosts here Nextdoor Uncle Tian, Tian Shen, How many collections did you raise on the first day of testing the water Tian Yunxiao just came back from breakfast at this time.Then I heard the beeping sound on the computer.He opened it and saw that Huiyao Ghost was asking him this cbd goodnight gummies question, so he typed an answer.Next door Uncle Tian It seems to be more than 10,000, right I forgot the specifics.

Laotian has been reported because of this.After reporting the report, the starting point directly sealed the book, and that book did very well, and the first order exceeded 10,000.Regarding plagiarism, the starting point is still very strict.If you find one book, you can seal one book without negotiation There is an industry It s the responsibility of the leader Of course, if you follow the trend and learn from it, let s not talk about it.It s a very normal thing.As long as the plot is not exactly the same, it s not copying and pasting.It s not plagiarism After Bingtang heard Tian Yunxiao s words, he Doctor Recommended: Secret Nature CBD Coupon said Okay, brother, continue playing games tomorrow Tian Yunxiao hung up before Bingtang finished speaking.Then he said, I didn t expect to get the evidence so easily Isn t it too simple At this time, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s bite me cbd gummies words, Pei Pao said very dissatisfiedly I still think of such an elm knot So he interrupted Tian Yunxiao angrily and said, I ll ignore you Angry people Then he ran away Tian Yunxiao was a little confused by Pei s actions at this time, and then helplessly said, It s inexplicable Then clicked on the screenshot of the chat record that was just saved.

Of course, the first thing to do is to be able to release an excellent flagship product.The mobile phone market is also gradually disappearing, but everyone understands that the current mobile phone market can be described as undercurrent.Due to the arrival of the current 5G era and the situation of Huawei Secret Nature CBD Coupon cbd gummies blue raspberry mobile phones, various mobile phone manufacturers are eager to grab more market share.With the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, new phones from various manufacturers have also begun to enter the Internet in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.As the whistleblower of digital products, the digital whistleblower station has been a waste of time during this time.Dami is about to release two new models, including flagship processors based on the two platforms for product development It is newly discovered that three manufacturers cbd thc gummies michigan in the network access license of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are equipped with 120W charging, and it seems that the era of 100 watt charging is coming soon.

You must know that the coverage of the current 5G network is getting higher and higher, and the package cost of the cheapest 5G network has also dropped directly to 89 yuan per month.However, there are still many netizens who still choose the 4G network package and continue to use cbd hemp oil for pets it.After all, in the eyes of most consumers, the 4G network has basically completely met the daily use, and the price of their own network is more favorable, which is more in line with consumers consumption concept.However, with the advent of 6G network packages and the era of 6G networks, a new round of mobile phone competition will also come, and of course the 5G network will become cheaper by then.In addition to the official arrival of the 6G network era, the new Huaguo Game Conference was officially held in Shenzhen.

At first, she didn t care, because cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummies with biotin she was used to seeing Tian Yunxiao s book being rewarded a lot.But when she took a closer look, the name of the person who gave the reward was instantly recognized.Huh Does this nickname resemble the pseudonym of Lao Tian s apprentice Then she clicked on Binghuo s profile.Huh Really I didn t expect Laotian s apprentice to be quite filial Oh, I can t be stingy as a teacher.Then he changed his Kaidian nickname to Old Tian s wife , and then Recharged 1.2 million RMB to the Kaidian.Then I clicked on the reward interface of Lost hemp oil vs CBD Secret Nature CBD Coupon to become the richest man from the beginning of the game , and swiped to reward two golden alliances.I only saw two banners floating over Qidian Reading immediately.Oda s wife gave 10 million points to Being the Richest Man with a Loss and became the golden general alliance of the work.

Xuanwu 970 uses a 16 core CPU processor, 3.2Ghz M7 super core three 2.85Ghz M7 large cores four 2.65Ghz M6 cores 8 2.65Ghz M6 cores.2Ghz M6 core.It can be said that this processor chip is a super upgraded version of the CPU of the Xuanwu 965, which directly improves the performance of the Xuanwu 965 by 28 in terms of CPU performance.Such superb performance is enough to keep users from falling behind for nearly 5 years.Although some users have generated mobile phone processors in recent years, there are some surplus chips, but I don t think so.A good processor chip can bring users the best experience, and we want to do this.All the experience is handed over to all users Whether it is Xuanwu 965 or Xuanwu 970, both are the strongest processor chips in the industry, and we also believe that the experience brought to users by such a strong processor chip will be Doubled The processor chips used in the Raspberry MX60 series are the most powerful processor chips in the industry.

Next door, Uncle Tian I suspect that you are creating something out of nothing, darkening Chencang B If you don t believe me, ask your lovely group friends No updates today Longfeng I prove that there is no update Wu Ming I can also prove that there is indeed no update Tian Yunxiao saw how much do CBD gummies cost Secret Nature CBD Coupon that these group friends were all out of nothing, so he didn t want to pay attention to them.Unexpectedly, Wujo Touma sent him another message at this time.Wutiao Touma Honey, quickly unblock me, and I ll help you spray them.Seeing Wutiao say this, Tian Yunxiao replied, It s alright, they won t continue to make trouble for a while, don t well being CBD gummies Secret Nature CBD Coupon pay attention to it.Theirs.Wutiao Touma My dear, no, I can t see them slander you like this, hurry up and unblock me, and I ll help you spray them.Tian Yunxiao was fooled by Wutiao s words at this time.

It should be known that although the relevant parameters of the current Taixu 820 have been exposed, due to production capacity reasons, there is no official flagship model, which is officially equipped with the Taixu 820.However, judging from the current situation of various mobile phone manufacturers releasing their flagship phones in January this year, it is clear that the Taixu 820 processor chip will basically be used by various mobile phone manufacturers on their top flagships.After all, the products released by the flagships at the beginning of this year are all ordinary versions, and there is no so called large cup version and super large cup version.Obviously, in the hemp cbd flower eyes of many mobile phone manufacturers, Taixu 820 is completely higher than Dimensity 9500 and 8gen4 in terms of performance, power consumption and overall product experience.

7Ms FlyOS PC gummy bear CBD recipe Secret Nature CBD Coupon 845 935 PC 845 935 cbd 9 gummies FlyOS Secret Nature CBD Coupon 1 1ap ap ap gt 2 Pro Secret Nature CBD Coupon 3 Pro are cbd gummies good for tinnitus 8GB 128G 256G 512G 3299 3499 3799 Pro 599 can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Secret Nature CBD Coupon can hemp gummies fail drug test 399 Pro 12GB 256G 512G 1T 3Pro Secret Nature CBD Coupon iPad Pro 4999 5299 5699 3 Pro 100 200 Secret Nature CBD Coupon cbd gummies online Secret Nature CBD Coupon 8 7 3Pro FlyOS 2000 200 dog cbd gummies 4968 best cbd gummies 1000mg 40 3 cbd gummies for teenage anxiety 1500 mg cbd gummies FlymeOS4.

For this purpose, the latest four camera simultaneous opening function has been brought to this phone.Although this function sounds as tasteless as the function of 8K video shooting, after all, users generally use these two functions less.But having this feature is better than not having it.And Huang Da also believes that if his company pays more attention to the details, sooner or later, it will be able to transform the quantitative change into a qualitative change, so that users can truly feel the sincerity of the Berry Company.Chapter 23 Charging technology It s a bit incredible.I didn t expect that the efforts made by the Berries on the mobile phone this time are beyond our imagination, whether it is performance, screen, or camera level, all It is one of the best mobile phones at present Judging from the configuration parameters announced so far, the current Raspberry S7pro is unique in today s flagship mobile phone market It s a pity that the current Berry family is just a small factory, it s a pity It s a pity If it is placed in these big mobile phone manufacturers, it will definitely become a classic model Most netizens saw the current The Berry S7pro has such a configuration, and I can t help feeling the efforts made by the Berry this year.

4CC symmetrical speakers.The overall performance of the product and the audio visual experience have been upgraded.Of course, in terms of the price of the product, the price of the new MIX6S of the rice is 4999 yuan for the basic version koi cbd gummy 8 256G, and the double eleven discount is 100 yuan.Compared with the 5699 starting price of the paste version of the MIX6, the corresponding price of the MIX6S is much cheaper, but compared to the MIX6 diving to 4699 on Double Eleven, it is still two hundred more expensive.In addition to the MIX6S, the Hongmi K60 series also brings a brand new product, the Hongmi K60Pro Premium Edition.The design of this product is the Hongmi K60Pro, and even the hardware configuration of the entire product is similar to the Hongmi K60Pro.Of course, three major upgrades have been made on the basis of the original Hongmi K60Pro products First of all, in terms of processor chips, the Fire Dragon 8Gen2 was upgraded to the Fire Dragon 8Gen2 , which is the same as the MIX6.

After seeing this scene, Tian s father looked impatient and said to Tian s mother Okay, okay, today is a happy day.Why are you crying Tian s mother heard Tian s father.After saying his words, he raised the back of his hand and wiped the corners of his eyes I m so happy, Yunxiao is not so decadent anymore, you have the nerve to tell me, that day I heard that Yunxiao was not depressed, and after I wanted to write it, yes Who in the middle of the night is still laughing in a dream He was very warmhearted, and then said to his parents Mom and Dad, after I have paid the manuscript fee, I will give you all the money.I am at home all day and I don t go out very much and can t spend money, so give it to me when the time comes.Just leave 1,800 yuan.In fact, what he thought in his heart was, power cbd gummies price I only need to give the 100,000 yuan after completing the task After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Father Tian waved his hand and said You don t need this.

This time, Tian Yunxiao, in front of many traditional writers, first stated the facts and reasoned about the goodness of online literature, and then finally proposed the establishment of an online writers association.The senior officials and chairman of the Writers Association were uncomfortable and forced to express their opinions, but these two people deserved to be the leaders who have purekana CBD gummies Secret Nature CBD Coupon held high positions for a long time.In a blink of an eye, he came up with a countermeasure.At this time, Ji Dejun picked up the microphone and said, This suggestion from Director Tian is very good cbd gummies for smoking cessation near me Chapter 152 Do you want to hear the truth or lie Please subscribe After Ji Dejun heard Tian Yunxiao s proposal, he said Director Tian s proposal is very good.After all, our Qilu House is a strong economic house, a great cultural house, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, comrades, the construction of spiritual civilization.

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