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She lifted the curtain of the sedan chair and looked in Girl, are you alright The girl inside pulled off her bulk CBD gummies Reddit Best CBD Gummies hijab and looked at Jiang Wan.Jiang Wan murmured, Girl, you look familiar It s just that the bride s makeup was so curvy with her eyebrows and red lips that it covered her real appearance, and she didn t dare to recognize it for a while.Madam, the bride smiled at her, I am Zhu Qiongbo.It was the little girl who wanted to sue her father in order not to marry a bad person.It s you.Jiang Wan smiled, and she reached out to Zhu Qiongbo, I ll help you out.Now that the sedan chair has fallen, Miss Zhu Shisan is squatting in the sedan chair.Thank you for your kindness, Madam, but it stands to reason that only my husband can help me out.Jiang Wan withdrew his hand.But her husband Jiang Wan looked to the back, the groom was wearing red, but he was very recognizable.

I beg you to let me out of the house, as long as there is a place where I can use Li Xiangxiu in the future, you can open your mouth.Jiang Wandao, I can believe your remarks, and tell Lizhi the name of your bamboo horse and your work., I ll ask someone to check it, if it s true, I ll naturally prepare a dowry for you, is cbd hemp oil but you haven t forgotten that Sister Qing is your biological cbd thc gummies 1000mg daughter.Speaking of her daughter, Concubine Xiu s face was indifferent I haven t touched her since she was born.She has a nanny for breastfeeding, and a maid to play with.I am a lowly mother, and when she grows up, I am afraid that she do cbd gummies dehydrate you where to buy fun drops cbd gummies will be disliked.Madam is a daughter of a noble family, so naturally she doesn t understand the difficulties of being a prostitute, and having a lowly mother is a lifelong stain.I m afraid it s not always true.

The aroma is very wonderful, it reminds people of the scene in the hut in the snowy night with three or two confidants around the fire, everyone chatting casually, a pot of thickly boiled milk tea hanging on the curt cbd gummies stove, peanuts, taro and other simmering on the stove.Sweet potatoes, the room is filled with the warm smell of tranquility.Yu Heng opened the oil paper bag, and the aroma was even stronger.He twisted a piece by himself, threw it into his mouth, got burnt, grinned and swallowed, then asked Jiang Wan, Are you eating Jiang Wan shook his head, I can t eat it anymore.The smell is already very satisfying.Yu Heng returned the oiled paper package to Chunyuan.Jiang Wan added, I really like this fragrance.She yawned as she spoke.Seeing that she was sleepy, Yu Heng seemed to be able can cbd gummies help with pain to fall asleep on the spot, and couldn t help but smile I like it too.

Jiang Wan wrinkled his nose and said disapprovingly, What did you mean just now It s a pity.Prince Wenhuai was my student in the past, why can t I feel sorry.Jiang Wan couldn t say anything to him In short, aon mother nature cbd you have a point, I won t argue with you.She picked it up casually.A word, looked up.Looking at it, I couldn t help but ask Then Prince Wenhuai is really that good How could the late emperor Actually, the voice of the abolished prince never ceased in the previous dynasty, because Prince Wenhuai was until his death.They have no children.Jiang Wan probed Does he have a hidden disease Mr.Jiang didn t seem to want to talk about it, but said, It s the past, and it s meaningless to investigate the cause.With a gloomy look, Jiang Wan couldn t bear to ask any more. Chapter 15 Gossip Jiang Wan wanted to help divide the books, but as soon as he left the study, the red cymbals from Yinyin Court came over.

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Although the fire of the heart is crazy, everyone can give it up the fire of love burns the world, and it is lingering.Jiang Zheng lowered his head and sniffed the tea.Anyang smiled Tell me how thoroughly.His Highness s words can deceive others, but not the minister, Jiang Zheng said while drinking tea, If His Highness really loves him, he should know what does hemp cbd get you high kind of person he is.He never did it for the sake of Huo Zhuo, but for the sake of justice.He is such a person, but I am not.Even if I love him, I will not force myself.Yes, His Highness is not for him, but for himself, His Highness wants to avenge him, even if he asks His Highness to stop, His Highness I won t listen either.Jiang Zheng said, It s just that I don t know something.His Royal Highness doesn t even care about the world, why did you let me go Anyang smiled slightly, but didn t answer.

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This was one of the few tacit understandings between their father and daughter.Now Jiang Liuyi was suddenly photographed, and she was strongest cbd gummies a little dazed.Jiang Shan and Huang Shuiqin asked Jiang Liubing to take them out.Jiang Liuyi wanted to follow, but Jiang Liubing said, Sister, please accompany them.I will bring my parents back to the hotel in a while.Jiang Liuyi had to stop and nodded Then take care of your parents.Seeing the three of them leave, Zhao Yuebai in the box became active, and she clapped her hands Come, come, let s drink Play a game It was still Zhao Yuebai.Jiang Liuyi shook her head, watching Zhao Yuebai pull Gu Yuanyuan, Lin Qiushui, and Song Xian to play a point game.She couldn t drink, so she was left behind and was in charge of pouring wine for the four.Jiang Liuyi smiled helplessly, watching Four people are making trouble.

The doll pouted and ate, and then stopped crying.Brother Yuan stood there for a long time because he was a little confused.This aunt is feeding the baby, he understands it, but when this aunt looks at the doll, her eyebrows are twisted and squeezed together.Could it be that this aunt doesn t like this doll originally, can the mother keep this doll It would be nice hemp cbd lab testing facilities to have one more sister at home Brother Yuan realized that this was a big deal, so he hurried to discuss with Arou.Arou also felt strange, so she wanted to tell Jiang Wan about it before going to bed.Aju said Brother Yuan said that CBD thc gummies Reddit Best CBD Gummies he saw Mrs.Jiang breastfeeding the baby, dipped it with a cloth and put it in the baby s mouth, and then the baby stopped crying.He said that Mrs.Jiang had a headache because of the baby s crying, and her eyebrows were all wrinkled together.

irwin naturals cbd reviews According to inheritance, Emperor Ping was so angry that he didn t want to eat, and even berated Duke Xinguo in front of the courtiers.But it doesn t.Emperor Chengping didn t even bother to think about what to do with them, he just copied the way the previous emperor dealt with Duke Yiguo.Men die, women exile.This year, in fact, exile is better than direct beheading.All the gold and silver found in Duke Xin went into the treasury.Their in laws, the Lu family, were also implicated.The main family was arrested.The once world s No.1 business also fell like this.For a time, Bianjing closed one third of the shops.But changing owners is always a simple matter, and soon everything was back to its original order.The Xinguo Kung case also counts so far.But one wave flattened out a little, and another wave rose again.

It was fun here, but there was a chill in the palace.The queen was ill, and the emperor did not go to the harem for ten days.All the palaces were quiet, not only because the queen was upset about Fuyu s affairs, but also because Fuyu s temper became more and more serious, and no one dared Reddit Best CBD Gummies to care, everyone For fear of messing with her.The Empress Dowager s Ciyao Palace had no such concerns.Fuyu is too outrageous said the queen mother.Mother Qin fanned the queen mother and said nothing.The palace maid Hua Ge followed and said Don t be angry with the queen mother, but don t get angry botanical farms cbd gummies keanu reeves with the princess.The queen mother snorted This girl has this virtue since she was a child.Isn t that right, Hua Ge said, If the princess can gnc cbd gummies have one or two of the queen mother s character, it won t make the palace people complain.

Such a god s favor, these mysterious thoughts of the Nanqi people are really hard to guard against.Just listen and laugh, is there anyone who really believes that the people of Nanqi will send this sacred grass to other countries But some people believed it.Yu Heng frowned slightly.Even Xi Zhengmo could find out about this rumor.It can be gummie cbd seen that many people knew about it Reddit Best CBD Gummies back then, so whether someone secretly made a fuss about it would attract the emperor s heart After staying at the inn for a day, Jiang Wan set off.Guard Xiong bought a horse and the carriage was repaired, but the little boy who was rescued was difficult to deal with.After discussing with Ruan Bingcai, Jiang Wan and Ruan Bingcai decided to follow the fate.Contrary to Ruan Bingcai and others expectations, Jiang Wan hardly ever touched the child, and he didn t even speak much.

I was afraid that even if I closed my eyes, I would not feel at ease.After a while, Mrs.Huo came back with an old man.This old man should be the Bian Jiuye she said she was going to see.It was a coincidence that she had read Shen Qi s Notes of Yuanyintang earlier, and there was an article in which he was fighting wits with a servant.He has a high spirit and is not angry and arrogant.When Mrs.Huo introduced Jiang Wan to know him, Bian Jiuye s attitude was very low, and he did not dare to accept Jiang Wan s courtesy.Heard a lot of inside information about Ming s business.The next day, Jiang Wan asked Ni Yan to hand over a letter to Yu Heng.The letter wrote that Mr.Xi hoped that Yu Heng could help rescue the little prince of Uyitan, and also wrote some of Jiang Wan s understanding of Mu Ren.The last time we met, Mr.

Then he went straight to Chunyuan go.Jiang Wan Well, can I find out who leaked the matter between me and King can CBD gummies cause constipation Reddit Best CBD Gummies Zhao Chunyuan Butler cbd gummies with hemp Qi said that Mr.Wang had Reddit Best CBD Gummies no handle on his mouth.After drinking too much, he started talking nonsense.It was said that King Zhao had an affair with a widow, and some people said that this was the wife of a widow.Since it was not explicitly pointed to her, it should be fine.But Jiang Wan suddenly thought of the only time he met Wang Bo.Yu Hengruo told Wang Bo his identity.According to Wang Bo s temperament as a loudspeaker in Bianjing, he will not say it today, and he will say it tomorrow.Jiang Wan instantly felt cold all over.If Wang Bo couldn t keep his mouth shut, then the situation she worked so hard to create would be over.But he has no evidence.Besides, worrying about it right now doesn t help.

Live happy.Zhao Yuebai tutted Dese Don t care about those grades, do you know how popular eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients Reddit Best CBD Gummies your wife is on the Internet now The news she learned last night was told to her by a friend who went to the art exhibition.It was asking her if Reddit Best CBD Gummies she wanted to know about the exhibition.She thought it had something to do with Yu Bai, but just as she was about to refuse, she heard Song Xian s name, and the man exaggeratedly said, It s actually Teacher Bai s apprentice Zhao Yuebai was stunned.When Song Xian and Jiang Liuyi got married, she felt that Song Xian was a treasure, and her calm appearance crushed everyone.I didn t expect that, it was really a treasure Priceless Originally, there was still a sour Song Xian in their circle of friends, especially before Yu Bai s art exhibition, they all felt that Reddit Best CBD Gummies Song Xian and Jiang Liuyi were married, and Song Xian had 50 mg cbd gummies climbed high, now what She even posted to her friends last night How can some people be so low key and arrogant Those friends who were sour Song Xian in the past were as quiet as chickens, and their faces were all swollen.

However, going to see the eldest princess Anyang is not a trivial matter, and guard Lin has always handled things safely, so he went to investigate first.Jiang Wan was waiting for him in the teahouse on Ping an Street, but it was not good news.The eldest princess is now in the palace of the eldest princess.Fuyu went to Anyang Jiang Wan s eyes narrowed slightly.Chapter Eighty Fourth School Although Fuyu is a bit arrogant, she is only fifteen years old, and asking her to marry an old emperor who is dying is pushing her into the fire pit.Fuyu never dared to ask Emperor Chengping, because she knew that Emperor Chengping had more importance Reddit Best CBD Gummies than her daughter in his 25 mg cbd heart, but she might not be a good move when she cbd nature s cure went to Anyang.Jiang Wan always had an indescribable fear of Princess Anyang s eldest princess, like a small animal s trembling in the face of a higher level hunter.

But now, the talent is there, and the teacher is inherited Ning Yan touched his chin and took out a gun Let s have a few moves with me., lifted the head of his gun away, Ning Yan s gun head was slightly tilted, but like a dragon swinging its tail, he still rushed in quickly, and there was no way to avoid it.Sweep away.Riding the wolf suddenly screamed ok.At the same time, there was applause.The concierge who had led Wu Jiu into the door before led a mighty group of people over.Ning Yan put away the gun, threw it into Wu Jiu s arms, stepped forward and saluted, Why does the eldest prince come to the humble house today Huyanxu also smiled and clasped his fists at him In the words of you people from the Central Plains, this is called happiness.Wherever it is.Wu Jiu held the two guns and retreated to the riding wolf.

Zhu Xian was afraid that he had received an is CBD good for focus Reddit Best CBD Gummies order to tell Jiang high cbd hemp flower Wan everything, although he wondered why Jiang Wan didn t ask about the eldest princess, but instead asked her about her, but he explained everything clearly.It s nothing else.Princess Anyang actually has a library here.No matter what your identity is, as long as you have a waist card, you can go in and borrow books.In Daliang, people who can read books are not scholars, but also young ladies from high ranking families.Ninety nine percent of those who sell themselves as slaves are blind.After all, they do not need to be literate when they are serving people.Some officials also deliberately choose illiterate servants.But in Xiaoqingshan, in front of the classics, there is no high or low.Jiang Wan was quite surprised by the pattern of the eldest princess of Anyang.

Besides, this is still remedial work.Who is happy to be a substitute This is also the fundamental reason why they dare not look for old acquaintances in the society.He Xiaoying said I ll try to contact us.Zhang Jie used to have a good relationship with us.Let s see hemp cbd oil for dogs if she is willing to help. There is a rare silence in the group.Wu Ying Okay, everyone try to get in touch.Song Xian stared at these words for a few minutes.When she left the group chat, she looked through the contacts, and finally sent a message out.Jiang Liuyi kept staring at Song Xian from the corner of his eye, and when she closed the computer, she said, It s over Song Xian raised her head and said in a light voice, Well, it s just over.Jiang Liuyi asked, Why is there a sudden meeting This is the first time I saw Song Xian hold an online meeting.

Zha Zhizhong stood up dizzy, only suspecting that Reddit Best CBD Gummies he was in a dream and smoked himself After a slap, he knelt down and kowtowed as if he had just woken up from a dream, Thank you, Your Highness, for saving your life.I will never forget it.Go.However, this servant thinks that His Highness will not kill the prison head.Chun Yuan said with confidence.Jiang Wan smiled Where did you see it His Royal Highness admired the hero who was angry with the crown Reddit Best CBD Gummies when he was a child.This prison head is to avenge his daughter, and His Highness must respect his character.Chunyuan said straightly.Jiang Wan asked, Have you been with him since childhood Chunyuan lowered her head and fiddled with her needles and threads I also heard what others said.Suddenly a faint cry rang out.It should be Brother Sha who cried.

It probably dates back to the birthday banquet of Guo Cang in the Marquis prime nature cbd owner of Ruyang Mansion, and the earth shattering fight at the banquet.Jiang Wan laughed dryly Princess really has a wide range of contacts and knows everything.Bengong is the leader of the gangsters in Bianjing.Jiang Wan said without hesitation I see it, I see it.Fuyu pushed her One Then you don t like your cousin This If you say you like it, you will naturally like it.A talent with a strong sage family and a nice voice.But Jiang Wan thought about it, and still felt that he still couldn t bear the days of being detained in the inner house, taking care of his concubine, and serving his mother in law.She was silent for a long time.Fuyu pouted and said, If I hadn t already had brother Xiangping, where would it be your turn Jiang Wan smiled at her Reddit Best CBD Gummies Princess is right.

The city of Dingzhou in the twilight time gradually became more popular, and there was a faint sound of hawking outside.Yu Heng turned his ears and said with a smile Businessmen seek profit, even if the sky falls, they can t cbd gummie dosage stop them from making money.Not necessarily, Madam Huo contributed money, but she didn t ask anyone for compensation.Yu Heng raised her eyebrows, noncommittal.Jiang Wan sat opposite him on the edge of the small charcoal basin, and she felt a vague sense of trance.Last night, she and Mr.Xi also sat opposite each other.Will it be the last Jiang Wan asked, Do you know Mr.Xi s whereabouts Yu Heng shook his head.Why are you in the city Jiang Wan saw that his robe was covered with dirt, and his hair was also covered in dirt.He seemed to have lost weight again, and his cheeks were sunken.

cbd gummies 300 mg The year he entered Beijing was the year his sister got married.I came to our house and drank my sister s wedding wine.Speaking of which, Jiang Ci felt that what he said just now was not very good, Well In short, grandfather and brother Pinghou are similar in temper, and there is a relationship between teachers and students.Friendship.So it is.Jiang Wan touched his head.She was thinking in her heart whether Shen Wang had ever met the original Jiang Wan, and even fell in love with each other, so she wanted to marry her.The first emperor and His Majesty also appreciated Brother Pinghou very much.When His Majesty first ascended the throne, he often summoned him and asked him to accompany the eldest prince to study, but he was a little old and it was inconvenient to enter and leave the palace, so he gave up and gave him a seat.

When she and Song Xian got up, Tong Yue charlotte s web hemp extract infused gummies asked them if they wanted to have a late night snack together.Neither of them had the habit of eating late night snacks, especially Song Xian, who used to live a very regular life, but after coming here, the rules were broken.Jiang Liuyi said, Don t go, Sister Tong, you can go.Tong As the person in charge, Yue must also take care of other people.It is the most basic thing to have supper, but Jiang Liuyi rarely participates, and Tong Yue is used to it.She nodded cbd gummies joyce meyers Then you go back and rest early, and you have to get up early tomorrow to play The meeting will be a few days away, and it will be hard work again.Jiang Liuyi said Sister Tong is the hardest.Tong Yue Okay, let s not be polite, you can take Teacher Song back.Song Xian stood by Jiang Liu.Behind Yi, bowing her head, Jiang Liuyi took her out of the gym with a smile.

froggie cbd gummies Reddit Best CBD Gummies CBD gummies for high blood pressure, medigreens CBD gummies reviews (CBD gummies for smoking shark tank) Reddit Best CBD Gummies jibe cbd gummies review Reddit Best CBD Gummies.

When the young lady heard about this, of course she wanted to find out the truth and let others know about the second master Husbands and wives are poisoners, but unfortunately she has no evidence to report to the government, and organixx cbd gummies reviews most of the people she serves are arranged by the husband and wife of the second master, so rachael ray products cbd gummies she thinks of me without help.The man gasped violently., Obviously, this is the beginning of the tragedy of Miss Meng San.The second master boasts that he has studied cbd gummies billings mt for a few years, and he has to learn from those high profile families in everything.The family is divided into the inner courtyard and the outer courtyard.I clean the outer courtyard.The young lady once saved my life when I was a child, and I was very ill.I was about to die, and it was the young lady who gave medterra cbd gummies for pain me money to see a doctor and take medicine, and I survived, so I always wanted to repay my gratitude to the young lady I don t need to mention the details.

What s wrong with her She wants to well being labs cbd gummies reviews open a special exhibition.Jiang Liuyi said, Want to cooperate with me.Special exhibition Jiang Liuyi repeated Wen Renyu s words, and Song Xian nodded She used to I like the scenery very much.I haven t seen the itinerary yet, so I don t know if I will cooperate.Song Xian s eyes were calm Yeah.Jiang Liuyi shouted, Song Xian, do I have a similar voice to hers Although she heard it today, she still wanted to ask it now, otherwise it would be like a cat s paw.She kept thinking, Song Xian didn t deny it, and nodded It s similar.Jiang Liuyi said dullly You and Is it because of my voice that I got married Song Xian noticed the subtle emotional ups and downs in her words, she opened hcc cbd gummies her lips I said, will you be angry With a cautious attitude, Jiang Liuyi was still depressed at first best CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes Reddit Best CBD Gummies Her mood suddenly improved, and she shook her head, No.

What is he here for Yu Heng asked.If you go back to His Highness, this servant will not know.Eunuch Zhang nodded and bowed.At this moment, the gate of the princess mansion opened wide, and a solemn carriage slowly drove out.Mrs.Jing Guo rushed to the front of the horse, her hair was disheveled and blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, and she shouted in a shrill voice, Your Highness, Princess, please spare the Tu family I would rather die on my own, in exchange for the life of Tu Lao and Xiao Chapter 80 One Life Fenniang With a loud shout, Prince Yasukuni Li Chong rushed out of nowhere.It turned out that he had been watching from not far away.Fenniang was the nickname of Mrs.Yasukuni, and it has been a long time since no one has done this for a long time.I called her.Don t be stupid, just follow me back, and the divorce should never happen.

, when he was walking towards Song Xian, he tripped over something, his whole body fell down, and the feeling of weightlessness hit, Jiang Liuyi woke up in an instant She sat up from the sofa and felt that the dream she had just had was strange.It was neither good nor bad, but there was a strong sense of disobedience.On Jiang Liuyi s forehead, the blanket slipped from her wrist.She looked down and saw a blanket covering her.Song Xian Jiang Liuyi shouted into the room, but did not respond.She frowned and walked into the room, when she heard the sound of water rushing from the bathroom.When she came back, she didn t wake up.Jiang Liuyi put Reddit Best CBD Gummies down Reddit Best CBD Gummies the blanket and prepared to make lunch.When she passed through the dining room, she turned her head and saw a cake box on the dining table, she was stunned.

One was that they had never drank alcohol because they were weak, and the other felt that drinking was not good for self cultivation.It was hot in the side building, and the fruit wine was sweet, and they didn t know what was going on.Guo Cang was so dizzy that it was easy to go out.As soon as his feet were weak, he fell to the ground.The bustard just saw it and hurriedly asked someone to tell Yu Heng.Yu Heng came to deal with this mess.Guo Cang was okay, but he didn t pay attention to the fall when he got up so hard, but Jiang Ci, who was sitting at the table with straight eyes, looked even more serious.Yu Heng went over and asked him, How much did you drink Jiang Ci looked up to see him, and smiled cbd gummies for neck pain foolishly A lot.Yu Heng looked at him for a moment, and couldn t help feeling It s better to be a child, no worries, no more than adults, If you drink too much, you will start to cry.

After a while, put on your 50 mg CBD gummies for sleep Reddit Best CBD Gummies shoes and go out, closing the door.She habitually walked to the refrigerator, opened it, took out the bread, heated it, turned her head for a moment, and inexplicably remembered Jiang Liuyi s way of cooking.In just a few days, she felt that the kitchen was full of Jiang Liuyi s figure.So much so that Song Xian didn t react when Jiang Liuyi really stood in the kitchen.Jiang Liuyi just woke up, her hair was a little messy, the top two buttons of her pajamas were not fastened, revealing her collarbone and fair skin.Some of her hair did not go in from the collar of the pajamas, and it was vaguely black.She had a well proportioned skeleton and a pair of long legs.It was slender and straight, dangling under Song Xian s eyelids.Song Xian asked, Why did you get up Jiang Liuyi s voice was Reddit Best CBD Gummies gentle, and she didn t seem to wake up.

Jiang Liuyi frowned when she saw the news, and Song Xian beside her said, Get out of the car.She returned to her senses, put away her phone, and the alcohol worked.She didn t stand still as soon as she got out of the car, Song Xian frowned, Don t move.Jiang Liu Yizhen just kept still, standing beside can cbd gummies make your heart race the car door, Song Xian locked the car 3000 mg hemp gummies and walked away When he came to her side, he hugged her waist naturally.The two of them were about the same height, and they were close together.Jiang Liuyi brushed Song Xian s cheek with the tip of his nose, and his hair was itchy.Song Xian s tone was calm When I get home, I ll go out and buy a hangover medicine.Jiang Liuyi said, No, I m not very drunk.Song Xian didn t insist.After she got home, she helped Jiang Liuyi change her shoes, took off her coat and hung it on the shelf, and helped Jiang Liuyi into the difference between hemp and cbd for dogs room.

The author has something to say 50 red envelopes.Jiang Liuyi Go back to the room.Song Xian Why did you steal my lines Thanks at Reddit Best CBD Gummies cbd gummies blue raspberry 2021 09 27 23 40 56 2021 09 28 17 03 During 04, the little angel who voted for the king or irrigated the nutrient solution for me Thanks to medterra cbd gummies reviews the little cbd gummies with thc where to buy angel who cast the deep water torpedo cbd plus delta 8 gummies 1 hand held fan Thanks to the little angel who threw the grenade 1 Jg Little Angels Mingjue, aiorprv, Yuygyu 2 98, Xiaocao 1978, Chen Ling, Lao Wu, Lin Guangnian, dayday0920, Little Shorthand Kangaroo, Mu Qingmu, Qi En, Little White Face, utsuriki, Wildfire spreads szd, gains and losses, the breeze is like you don t blow, when will the buy botanical farms cbd gummies snow buds not be embarrassed, 1 Jiangyu thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution so sleepy, not sleepy at all 38 bottles oh oh oh, 30 bottles of Mu Chunzhi 20 bottles of Xu Zixuan s genuine girlfriend, Shu and cbd gummies koi Shudoudou 10 bottles of Menghui Shenxiang, Manman Thirteen, 50531553, Yanwen Kong Su.

Maybe Song Xian is urging the manuscript now The editor in chief laughed at her reminder You re right.She has to help Song Xian apply.No check in this month.Song Xian just slept with pay until noon, the alarm clock did not wake them up, or Jiang Liuyi disturbed her when she got out of bed, Song Xian opened her eyes and asked, Reddit Best CBD Gummies What time is it Jiang Liuyi said Eleven o clock.Song Xian was confused for two seconds and quickly woke up, walked out of the room barefoot, immediately took the phone from the coffee table, and was about to call the editor in chief first, when she saw several messages from the editor in chief.She rubbed the corners of her eyes, frowned, turned her head after reading the news, Jiang Liuyi was about to go to wash up, when she noticed Song Xian looking over, she asked, What s wrong Song Xian said, I transferred to Children s Magazine to be your assistant Jiang Liuyi nodded, Your editor in chief told you Song Xian said, Just told me, why didn t you tell me.

I like it too.Chi Muyan stared at her eyes and said brightly, I also hope to be like Teacher Jiang and play nice songs in the future.Jiang Liuyi nodded, her voice Wei Duan Okay, auntie will teach you later when she has time.Chi Muyan is happy, the child s happiness is simple and unreasonable, she was crying just now, but now she has a smile on her face, Jiang Liuyi s heart is complicated, she sees As Chi Muyan went to tease the cat, she slowly smiled.When Song Xian came to find Jiang Liuyi, she saw her sideways looking at the hemp bombs cbd gummies how long to take effect corner, the door was half open, she saw Jiang Liuyi sitting next to a shelf from the gap, Chi Muyan s voice giggled, and the atmosphere was warm.Quiet, Song Xian found that Jiang Liuyi was there, it was easy to make people feel warm.She felt warm in a small unfamiliar room.

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