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Soon, the dark curtain came, and the host s voice sounded.This was the first time Song Xian came to the scene.It was really different from what he saw on TV.It was just a few short opening remarks.Even her eardrums were infected with power.She saw With the red cloth slowly pulled away, Quit Drinking CBD Gummies the host stood in the center of the stage and looked in.There was a eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews Quit Drinking CBD Gummies piano in the shadow at the back, and there was a person sitting there.Just 750mg full spectrum cbd gummies the back, Song Xian recognized Jiang Liuyi.She gently slid her fingers on the seat and began to outline Jiang Liuyi in front of her, with a strand of hair, slightly curled eyelashes, a profile with delicate and beautiful lines, and deep facial features, each of which gradually became clear in her heart, When Song Xian fantasized to the end, the host ended the opening remarks, and a beam of light fell on Jiang Liuyi.

Anyang was dubious, but he still took a knife and slowly opened the envelope.The paper is old, and judging from the gestures infiltrating the back of the letter, this person uses a thin gold body.It s him Anyang looked at Jiang Wan, who was still drinking soy milk.Anyang unfolded the letter with only one sentence on it.Everything that has action is like a dream bubble, like dew and like electricity, so it should be viewed in this way.Anyang said, his flat tone seemed to contain great sadness.Jiang Wan put down the soy milk.Dream bubbles are illusory, like dew like electricity, short lived, and everything in the world is like this, Anyang folded the letter, I don t know if I want people to live or persuade people to die.Jiang Wan suddenly asked, Does he know Shen Kai knows, do you like him Anyang made a move This letter is from Bian Jiu, right Yes.

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In addition to the novels, there are actually several comics.It s CBD gummies for high blood pressure Quit Drinking CBD Gummies not that Jiang Liuyi has never been exposed to these things in school before, but he was not very interested at that time, but now he is interested in opening and studying.While watching, she paid attention to the bathroom, listening to the sound of rushing water, and she felt an inexplicable sense of security, which was quickly drowned out by other feelings.It s hot and dry.Jiang Liuyi cleared her throat and felt that a fire was spreading from her heart and was spreading.When the fire was at its peak, the bathroom door slammed open.She turned Quit Drinking CBD Gummies off her phone and put it on the coffee table.His face was burning and hot.Song Xian walked out wrapped in a turban.Jiang Liuyi was afraid that just cbd 750mg gummies she would see it unnatural and said, I ll make the bed first.

Is it because Brother Yuan wanted to go out and play, so he didn t have the heart to practice calligraphy Brother Yuan still refused to speak.Jiang Wan stopped forcing him, and said to Lizhi, Let s have dinner.She beckoned to Sister Qing who was learning to look at people s faces, Are you hungry Er smiled at her, her pink and tender mouth pouted, and she said in a long tone Hungry After dinner, Jiang Wan asked Yuan Ge er to play with Sister Qing for a while.The little baby is also sullen when eating, and has no energy.Jiang Wan glanced at the air, and called Taozhi aside.What happened to him today Taozhi s face was full of guilt It s all not good for slaves, and I don t like Brother Yuan.He is a young master, you are a girl, I can t blame you, what happened to Brother Yuan, you are truthful.

Jiang Liuyi s face changed slightly, her eyes suddenly became colder Who is it I don t know.Song Xian said, It s blocked.Jiang Liuyi s mind jumped up and down with Song Xian s words, and his eyes kept falling on her.There was a tenderness in his eyes that could not be concealed.turned cbd sleep gummies vs melatonin his head.The voice startled Jiang Liuyi, she put down the fruit knife and the kangaroo cbd gummies apple, and shouted, Dad, you are awake.Jiang Shan did not speak, Song Xian bit the apple and called out, Dad.There was some silence in the already cbd infused gummies quiet ward, Jiang Liu Yi s cell phone rang suddenly, it was a delivery man, and it was near the hospital, so it was very fast.Jiang Liuyi asked Song Xian if he wanted to go with him.Song Xian said, You go.Jiang Liuyi had to say something to Jiang Shan., to get takeout alone.The atmosphere in the ward became a little colder after she left.

Jiang Liuyi looked up at her and asked, What s wrong Song Xian said, Perhaps you know how not to like someone Jiang Liuyi was stunned when she heard the words, what do you mean Now that she likes her sister, she still has to ask herself what to do Jiang Liuyi s whats the difference between cbd and hemp breathing was natures boost CBD gummies Quit Drinking CBD Gummies not smooth, her Quit Drinking CBD Gummies eyes were hot, then irwin naturals CBD Quit Drinking CBD Gummies she turned her head and said firmly, I don t know.It was too much, Song Xian was too deceiving The author has something to say 50 red envelopes.Jiang Liuyi It s okay to be bullied, the bully will come back in the next chapter Song Xian 80, I think After Song Xian came to the magazine, she originally wanted to ask He Xiaoying and blue moon cbd gummies Wu Ying how to deal with this kind of relationship problem, but the magazine was too busy.From morning to night, Kong Xiyan s The magazine brought the third wave of popularity, and it was sold out directly.

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green roads cbd gummies review Jiang Liuyi walked in and shouted, Dad, Mom.Jiang Shan had a drip in his hand and said, What are you doing here Do you think I m dead Jiang Liuyi took a deep breath and said slowly, Dad, I don t have this.mean.You don t mean that, so what do you mean Since childhood, when did you hear about it What did you raise you for Was it raised just to anger me and your mother Jiang Liuyi lowered her eyes.Jiang Shan was still chattering I usually full spectrum CBD gummies Quit Drinking CBD Gummies don t see one, I m busier than anyone else, and I don t know if it s really busy or fake.Didn t your mother say that you haven t played recently Don t go home A common question, Jiang Liuyi frowned, and Huang Quit Drinking CBD Gummies calm gummies cbd Shuiqin Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Best Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Kanha Gummies CBD said, Yeah Liuyi, didn t I let you move home last time Jiang Liuyi looked at the two and said, Dad, Mom, I m married, I You have your own home.Are you getting married Jiang Shan said and became anxious again What are you doing, you Quit Drinking CBD Gummies want to marry that Song Xian, you know better than us Is it because of Yu Bai Jiang Liu Yi retorted Of course not.

Jiang Liuyi turned on the phone, read Song Xian s words over and over, and finally thought of Yu Bai s words.Tomorrow, Wenren Yu will come.Wenren Yuli has arrived, and it is possible to meet Song Xian tomorrow.Thinking of this possibility, she fastened her phone, her eyes were deep, and after a while, she naturally hemps delta 8 gummies sent Song Xian I ll go. Song Xian couldn t help feeling relieved after receiving the news from Jiang Liuyi.She put on Jiang Liuyi s clothes and lay on the bed as usual.Recently Jiang Liuyi came back Quit Drinking CBD Gummies very late, and she didn t ask too much, she was struggling with sleep.When he heard someone knocking on the door, Song Xian got up and shouted, Jiang Liuyi Outside the door, Jiang Liuyi said, It s me.Listening to the normal tone, Song Xian didn t buy cbd gummies wholesale expect a burst of alcohol when he opened it.There was still a little dazzling light, Jiang Liuyi turned on all the lights in the living room, Song Xian took can cbd gummies cause chest pain a half step back, Jiang Liuyi looked at her, pressed Song Xian s footsteps and walked in slightly drunk.

Actually, it s nothing.Although my dowries have returned to the capital now, it is expected that there are not a few of them who have dissent.I also hope that my mother will help me choose.After she finished speaking, she looked at Wang s mother.To her surprise, Mother Wang did not agree with a pat on the chest, but spoke out the embarrassment Mrs.dowries are scattered everywhere, many of them, the old slaves have not seen each other for four or best quality cbd gummies five years, so I don t know what to do.If you want to screen them one by one, it may take some time.Jiang Wan nodded secretly It s okay, why don t my mother do another thing for me first, and just instructed Chunyuan next to me.When I go to trial the Sanmei family, I m just afraid that she s young and careless, and my mother will charlotte s web gummy be the presiding judge for me, so don t ask them to make up and say unrealistic things.

After all, it was business, and Jiang Liuyi patiently returned to her, but her attitude was always cold and indifferent, and she was no longer as close as she used to be.After hanging up the phone, Lin Qiushui sat in the office, and didn t realize why the relationship with Jiang Liuyi was like this.The door of the office was pushed open with a bang, and the assistant stopped Qian Shen from letting her rush in.Shen pushed aside the assistant s body and said to Lin Qiushui, What do you mean Lin Qiushui frowned.The assistant was still apologizing, but Lin Qiushui said, Let s go out.Qian Shen walked up to Lin Qiushui on a stiletto heel and said arrogantly, What do you mean Do I still need your consent to enter this company Lin Qiu Shui looked up at her and said, Of course Quit Drinking CBD Gummies I don t need it.No need Qian Shen s usual arrogant attitude I don t need it.

Seeing him coming, Jiang Wan knew that there were some things he couldn t say, so he stood up and said, I came here for the sake of my mother.Now that my cousin has helped me with this, I should go back.She stood up and said, Since we are a family, my cousin, don t tell me those lies.Madam Jiangning Hou s expression was as usual, and she could not see the emotions just now.What can I say, Jiang Wan laughed, I will prepare a real gift for you.Yesterday, she had just prepared a gift for Sun Taiwei s residence, but her cousin is very close., but also add two points.Jiang Wan pondered and smiled, Cousin stay.Mrs.Jiang Ninghou said, Pomegranate, you send it for me.I ll send Mrs.Zheng Guo out.Cheng Hu interrupted her.Both Mrs.Jiang Ninghou and Jiang Wan were stunned.Jiang Wan secretly said that it was not good, but don t make Mrs.

Lizhi came up to persuade Mrs., you can ask the young master to learn slowly, and let s forget it today.If that s the case, doesn t this little baby feel that as long as he cry, he can forget everything.Jiang Wan hesitated for a moment, and was about to squat down to persuade him Brother Yuan, listen to utoya cbd gummies me But he saw that Brother Yuan suddenly threw the spoon and pushed the bowl to the ground, crying indistinctly and vaguely.He shouted Don tdon t Jiang Wan saw that he was crying more and more, it was inexplicable, and then he looked at the rice and cbd gummies and alcohol soup all over the ground, and he stopped talking nonsense If you don t want to eat it, don t eat it.She said , went around the table, and hugged Brother Yuan, who was crying, from the chair Go kick the shuttlecock and play.Today s meal will be avoided.

Although he was as handsome as his master, the maliciousness in his words was not concealed jolly CBD gummies reviews Quit Drinking CBD Gummies at all.Jiang Wan didn t want to pay attention to it, but the wolf riding next to him was not willing to suffer, so he raised his foot and kicked the servant s ass.This kick was used skillfully, and although the little servant was kicked to the ground, he was not seriously injured.But he didn t know how he was pampered.The little servant just fell and seemed to have lost his life.He was lying on the ground, green mountain cbd gummies reviews holding his waist, squirming and moaning, and couldn eagle hemp CBD gummies price Quit Drinking CBD Gummies t get up for a long time.This is called riding a wolf, and I feel a little lost.I pulled Chen Huwei s sleeve and widened gummy bear cbd edibles his eyes like a copper bell I, I kicked him to death Wrong, but he just wanted to shrink himself behind Chen Weiwei.Chen Huwei fixed his eyes on the man on the ground for a while, and said firmly It s not your fault, it s because he is too weak.

, it should be a study.She saw Song Xian standing on the shelf of the study and looked up.After a while, she pulled out a photo album.She took the photo album and turned her head.Jiang Liuyi asked, What is this This is from the old uncle.Photos.Song Xian said, Maybe there are photos with ex girlfriends.Although she didn t know what Jiang Liuyi was asking about, she still brought it to Jiang Liuyi.Jiang charlottes web CBD gummies sleep Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Liuyi lowered her head, took the album, and stood in front of the shelf to flip through it.It was a walmart CBD gummies Quit Drinking CBD Gummies photo from a long time ago, and some of the edges were blistered, but Song Lan in the photo was very young, at a high spirited age.After a few more group photos, Song Xian said, The photos of my uncle and friends in the past.She flipped through it by accident.Song Lan loved plant md cbd gummies to make friends.At that time, taking pictures was popular, so she took several photo albums.

Emperor Chengping It depends on you Since the emperor has already given Madam Zheng Guo best full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 Quit Drinking CBD Gummies such a big favor, let s choose four more Jinwuwei for her.Yu Heng said in a lazy voice, Just the few new hairy boys in the right guard.Relying on the power of the family, they recruit cats and dogs all day long, and just let them go out to experience.Yu Heng was talking about the right guard.Among the newly added sons of aristocratic families, Sun Yi, the eldest son of the Grand Commander Sun Yi in front of the hall, is also among them.The right guard has always been a place where noble children are gilded, and they usually do some gatekeeping or patrol errands.Emperor Chengping pondered Quit Drinking CBD Gummies for a while.He didn t know what to think, but he nodded his head That s right, it s not a bad thing to ask them to go out and suffer.

Hu Helu was shocked.It seems that Wu Jiu will not suffer from flesh and blood for the time being.Although this is troublesome, if you use it well, it will be a good thing for Wu Jiu.The king is still alive and kicking Magathal.It seems that free CBD gummies Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Huo Ronghua didn t do anything last night.I don t know if this little girl dared or thinks that yesterday was a bad time and still needs to wait.Riding the wolf clearly understood the current situation, and said loudly My life is the first prince s life, let the cbd thc hybrid gummies second prince eat shit.Keep your voice composite 360x cbd gummies down, since you hate the second prince so much, Hu Helu Pulling him, Then you and I go to watch the whipping..Chapter 37 Execution Hu Helu dragged Riding Wolf and squeezed into the crowd.The square was now crowded with people.He said foolishly, Wow, there are so many people.

CBD gummies without hemp Quit Drinking CBD Gummies How could Jiang Wan not be afraid, how could such a big lantern be left out of thin air.Chunyuan asked tentatively, Would you like the servant to go take a look first Jiang Wan was about to say let s go together.But I saw a not too long black shadow standing up beside the lantern.Jiang Wan closed her eyes and screamed loudly.After screaming out of breath, Jiang Wan opened health benefits of hemp gummies his eyes carefully.A stout figure picked up the lantern and jumped down the steps.Chunyuan looked intently Madam, it s Sister Rou.Is it Arou Jiang Wan sighed.Arou walked up to Jiang Wan with the lantern and puffed up Did I scare you No, I m too timid.Jiang Wan thought of Brother Yuan who should have fallen asleep and Sister Qing couldn t help but lowered her voice, Arou, are you waiting for me Arou nodded.Jiang Wan took her little hand and said, Thank you so much.

Jiang Wan s full of consolation Suddenly stuck in the throat.How is this different from what you imagined A Rou patted her shoulder maturely, and asked with a hint of anxiety You already have two children, can you still afford me Jiang Wan Why are you not sad Your father is dead, your father is dead full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Quit Drinking CBD Gummies However, on the surface, she still said calmly I can afford it.Arou let out a sigh of relief like a little adult That s good.Sister Qing on the side didn t understand, she leaned close to Jiang Wan s ear and asked in a low voice What do you mean Jiang Wan held her up and said, You want more sisters.Carrying Xia Zhu to the study, after listening to her talk about the cause and effect, Jiang Wan finally understood why ideal performance hemp gummies the little girl Guo Rou was so small.At a young age, there was a kind of open mindedness that looked down on life and death.

Of course Ruan Bingcai wanted to sit, and it was not the first time that he pretended to be a grandson.He nodded and smiled at the Beirong people sitting around him all the way, until he reached the short case and sat down with his robe.Yugen and Sheng Bin naturally sat behind him.There was a thick blanket on can cbd gummies help tinnitus the ground.Although they best tasting cbd gummies had no other people s cushions, it was not too cold.Soon, a female slave brought wine and vegetables and an elbow knife for cutting meat.Ruan Bingcai poured himself a glass of wine, then stood up and respected King Beirong This first cbd gumies cup of wine, the little minister wants to respect the king, the king is very handsome, so the little minister At this moment, someone interrupted his words.The high ranking young man stood up and said a Beirong dialect, Ruan Bingcai could not understand the meaning of the words, but he understood the disdain in the words.

People, there is a granddaughter and a grandson under his knees, Wanwan s whereabouts are unknown now, and the old man can t bear it, but there is some.This is not supported by Young Master Jiang, I think the good fortune of the Jiang family is still to come.Mother Quan advised a sentence.Have you forgotten Back then, my third aunt asked me to ask the master to give Wan Wan s life is hemp and CBD the same Quit Drinking CBD Gummies approval.The master said that my cousin would have a life and hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews Quit Drinking CBD Gummies death catastrophe in his benefits of cbd gummies 20mg life.My destiny, Mrs.Jiangning Hou shook her head, Look, isn t it fulfilled But Mrs.Zheng Guo was not necessarily dead.The whole mother hesitated.I heard that Jiang Shaofu is about to die, and Sister Wan has disappeared like this, and she suffered so much before.It s strange that the old man s heart is aching, Madam Jiang Ninghou said lazily, I sent it to me last time.

Quit Drinking CBD Gummies CBD pills gold bee, budpop CBD gummies review (copd CBD gummies amazon) Quit Drinking CBD Gummies CBD gummies price Quit Drinking CBD Gummies.

Now I only dare to send a post.If the princess refuses to see it, I have to go back in despair.Very boring.But it didn t take long before someone came to ask.The one who came was a servant, his voice eagle hemp CBD gummies shark tank Quit Drinking CBD Gummies was shrill, but very soft.Is Mrs.Zheng Guo here The eldest princess, please come to see me.Jiang Wan was stunned Okay.She agreed, but she murmured in her heart.It stands to reason that she and the eldest princess Anyang should not be there.It s right to meet, how can you let your rival not see, but want to see her When he really saw Anyang s true face, Jiang Wan had no doubts in his heart, only disbelief.It doesn t matter whether she is beautiful or majestic, aloof, vicious, graceful and luxurious, budpop CBD gummies Quit Drinking CBD Gummies or despondent, sullen, mad and domineering, it is all reasonable.But Jiang hemp gummy bears for pain Wan never imagined that the all powerful eldest princess of Anyang would be so gentle.

The news of the assassination of Princess Fuyu came during the court meeting yesterday.Everyone knelt down, I raised my best pain cbd gummies head quietly, and saw His Majesty pulling down the face towel.You are so courageous Shen Nanxi looked left and right, Is His Majesty s face real I will also see After a glance, He Wangxiao lowered his voice even lower, the chin is completely black, and there is also a yellow sore on the left side of the face.I really believe it is a Nanqi worm.You think, King Zhao and the princess all died in Nanqi.On the way, His Majesty s poisoning must also be shark tank eagle hemp cbd gummies related to Nan Qi.Shen Nanxi said It s strange to say, there must be many masters in this family, but one prince and one princess died.I saw Cui how long does a cbd gummy last yesterday.Brother Xian, he has seen many bizarre cases in the government yamen, and he also said that there must be something strange in them, He Wangxiao said mysteriously, It would be disrespectful to just tell his conjectures.

This opportunity is not easy to come by and should not be missed.I m leaving.Riding the wolf said.Wait, Huo Ronghua stopped him, how do you know that I am Huo Ronghua Huo Ronghua has not spoken Chinese for more than ten years, and Quit Drinking CBD Gummies only has the name Boda on his body for more than ten years.When he came up with his own name, Quit Drinking CBD Gummies he found it hard to say.Riding the wolf said, You look a lot like your third and fifth sisters.Third and fifth sisters Huo Ronghua s eyes widened, and his dark eyes were filled with surprise, They are all still just cbd gummies thc level alive, and they are still alive.Okay She CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Quit Drinking CBD Gummies spoke fluently all of a sudden, and her whole person had a different look, like a beautiful puppet doll being enchanted and alive.Okay, it s fine.Riding the wolf said perfunctorily, he really couldn t stay long, he clenched his fists at her, and then walked out.

cbd gummy subscription box Her mother continued There is no banquet yet, you still have a chance to turn back Jiang Liuyi suddenly had a headache, she sat on the chair and said to the person on the other end of the phone Mom, I am fine now, I am married It s also very good, I have discussed the banquet with Song Xian, and we will do it after a while.You still Quit Drinking CBD Gummies don t know how to repent Her mother was angry What do you mean You are deliberately angry with me and your father, and you can choose someone to get married.Is it Jiang Liuyi tried her best to suppress her temper I don t.Her mother asked, No What s that because You like that girl Mom made a louder accusation.She put the phone aside and let her finish the curse.Anyway, she s used to it.I don t know how long, the other side of the phone finally fell silent.Jiang Liuyi hung up the phone after she couldn t hear the voice on that side.

cbd gummies for Although she suffered a lot, the Jiang Wan in front of her was beautiful and gentle., Although wearing men s clothes, he easily won her trust.Really Quit Drinking CBD Gummies take me home Really take you home, if I lied to Best Quit Drinking CBD Gummies Full Spectrum Kanha Gummies CBD you, I would be a puppy, telling me to never eat sweet pastries in my life.Jiang Wan s face was sincere.Arou pouted, I will lose my hair and become bald.You are too cruel.Jiang Wan laughed.Although the little girl believed her somewhat, she was still wary.She huddled on the mat, feeling sleepy.Jiang Wan carefully flattened her and told her to sleep more peacefully, but there was a murmur in her heart.Such a young child was kidnapped from the suburbs, and it is extremely difficult to raise him for ten years without knowing it, until he is old enough to receive guests.Besides, although this little girl looks good, she is not a peerless beauty, and the future is still unknown.

She is crazy How can she She is cbd green ape gummies not qualified to decide the next life without blame.These days are so easy, Jiang Wan seems to have forgotten how dangerous his situation is.The calm she has is like a shallow mirror like lake, and when the breeze comes, it avid hemp gummies disappears.Those things she didn t want to think about, after seeing this with Huyan Lujiang, she had to think about it.Chapter 48 Cannibalism Looking happy place hemp gummies back on the past, Jiang Wan only felt that she was a headless fly at the time, and dared to go to the queen to confidently say that she wanted to reconcile, and dared to argue with the emperor.If there is anything to be proud of, it is probably because her knees are very hard.Except for the first time she knelt in the Queen s Palace for the first time in order to act bitterly, she never knelt again after that.

And the man who do cbd gummies help with pain suddenly appeared, why did he say he had saved her twice Is he here to protect himself Does the emperor hope that she can walk to Bianjing alive Will the murderers she met go to Bianjing with her There are many mysteries behind this Madam Song, but she has already hit her head on the stone, her soul is gone, but the mess she left behind did not go with her, but Jiang Wan took over with her back.Jiang Wan lay on the bed and sighed for a long time, feeling more and more that his future was bleak.Before she died, she would definitely ask Why did you kill me But I was afraid that what she heard was a rhetorical question.The elder brother held a long knife and lowered can hemp gummies make you high his head coldly Don t you know yourself So she asked Dead restless.After thinking about it for a while, drowsiness surged up, Jiang Wan closed his eyes again, and fell into a deep sleep When Jiang Wan cbd gummies 1500mg woke up again, he was stabbed to wake up.

As usual, the father and son would block his way and kill him, but he knew that Jiang Wan didn t like this kind of behavior, even if he was a heinous person, Jiang Wan could still do it.From his life, I can feel a little bit of pity.So he can only choose a troublesome path.After the wound was bandaged, Jiang Wan said Okay, you can rest here well.If I stay here tonight, I can What I can t tell.Yu Heng s voice was low.Jiang Wan felt that the atmosphere was strangely ambiguous and could not speak.At this time, Feiyan hurried in and saw that the basin was full of blood, and Yu Heng had new bandages on his shoulders, but Quit Drinking CBD Gummies he didn t bother to ask, and clasped his fists and said, Xingzhou city is broken, cbd gummies free and Chanzhou is surrounded Heng looked at each other and knew that he could only sleepless tonight.

This way, there shouldn cbd gummies 500mg side effects t be any problem.When the public opinion was about the same, she took advantage of the situation does cbd help with inflammation in the body to propose reconciliation, and earned a reputation for not loving the rich and powerful, and it was also within her grasp.The only downside is that she does not have the identity of Mrs.Zheng Guo, and after all, she lacks some privileges, but the emperor will protect best CBD gummies for quitting smoking Quit Drinking CBD Gummies her if he should protect her, and the rest is nothing.But the premise is that the emperor allows her to leave.Thinking of this, Jiang Wan wrote again.Let s just say that the Song family had already found a niece from her parents family to take over the position of Mrs.Zheng Guo.Anyway, does cbd gummies help lower blood pressure they definitely didn t want to let such a large sum of money go to waste.She didn t know at that time that she had really guessed what the Song family was thinking.

After a while, Mr.Xi seemed to have made up his mind, and said firmly Ning Tong ignored Ruan Bingcai from beginning to end and did it for everyone in the army to see.In the future, whatever Ruan Bingcai does has nothing to do with him, and it is convenient for him to go there.Ruan Bingcai was charged with a crime, that is, a crime against the emperor, and you, too, can t escape.No wonder he didn t contact Ruan Bingcai, Jiang Wan thought, Ruan Bingcai has become an abandoned child, right He let Ruan Bingcai Going to deceive the King of Beirong, of course, I don t plan on Ruan Bing to come back alive.But the two armies are fighting, and they won t kill them.Mr.Xi smiled Are you sure that the King of Beirong also knows this sentence, and will be bound by this sentence What the hell do you know Jiang Wan said anxiously, Huyanlujiang never thought about peace talks, right Will he take it upon himself Mr.

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