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I don t know how to seize the opportunity, and I blind the feelings of the villagers.As for the prime nature cbd oil review shortage of professional talents, Chen Zhe also has his own solution.After all, the electric arc furnace with a large tens of tons can not be used now, but for the time being There is no problem if it is less than 20 tons.He is not a Pugang, after all, Pugang has a lot of wealth.In the second half of this year, two 100 ton ultra high power electric arc furnaces will be officially built and put into operation.The matching ones are both lf An online ladle refining furnace, a double station vacuum smelting furnace, and a large slab continuous casting machine.Those are do cbd gummies help you sleep really not things that ordinary companies can play.Anyway, what he needs is only high alloy steel and special alloy steel.It is necessary to do carbon steel and low alloy steel.

Chapter 132 Complaint Are you getting out of bed and walking again How many times have I said that your wound is a little deep, you can t walk around until it heals, and the wound is easy to open.The doctor s tone was not very good, The most taboo of being a doctor is that the patient will not obey the doctor s advice.This is not the first time Huo Beiliang has been hospitalized.Every time he is hospitalized, he doesn t lie down properly.He thought that he would not be injured if he changed his career.He didn t expect that he would be hospitalized again after two years of injury.If every patient were like this, they would be pissed off as a doctor.I don t know if it was because of the doctor s well being cbd gummies amazon Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review age, but Huo Beiliang respected him, and he didn t mean to talk back to him except for not answering.

The battle damaged Chun Cheng is so handsome, let your pants go All benefits to cbd gummies the clothes on Chun Cheng s wife s back were burnt The back is scorched black, this is already badly burned, right diamond cbd delta 8 gummies review The burn really hurts, why does the police officer Chuncheng still keep his face CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review expressionless.Tears Listening to the ding ding dong dong sound of the system in his ears, Harumi Kuji knew that the comics on the forum must have been updated.The task is being settled The Winery s Exploration Long term Tomorrow s Sunshine Orphanage, which seems to be an orphanage that provides experimental bodies for the winery.Achievement The guardian who stands still in the sea of fire. Sea of Fire The Guardian who stands still in the middle During the wearing of this achievement, when the character achieves the dual conditions of the sea of fire and the guardian, the fire resistance will be increased by 50.

Fu Jiu climbed Huo s house, but it was not so easy to climb.They didn t cbd gummies for sleep believe that Huo Zhendong would let Huo Beiliang marry Fu Jiu.But they didn t expect Fu Jiu to be more savvy than them.The car drove a long way from Huo s house, but Zheng Rong do cbd gummies lower blood sugar was still a little angry.She said, Fu Jiu has a lot of heart.Now that she wants to climb a higher branch, she will fall down sooner or later.Cheng Tianhua snorted, I don t have parents.The educated wild girl, living in the Huo family means that she is really the Huo family.Thinking that she will be kicked out by the Huo family in the future, the two s faces improved.In any case, this marriage can be considered a successful retirement, which is a good thing.Zheng Rong looked at Cheng Feng and said, Xiaofeng, in the future, you should be bold with whomever you like.

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If it weren t for the lightning fast rise of Jiutian Technology, the Fantasy Group would be the most eye catching one in China this year, no one.Therefore, Zhang Natures Purpose CBD Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review Ming could only hold back temporarily, and did not exert his strength on this matter.After thinking about it for a while, he could test the reaction and attitude of the other party a little.As for Chen Zhe, that s none of his business.After all, no matter what Chen Zhe talks about on TV, it can only represent his personal behavior.Going further, at most, the disputes between Jiutian Technology and the media and peers in business competition will not involve others.Of course, Zhang Ming is happy to see this, because as long as camino cbd gummies review Chen Zhe messes up the situation, they can go fishing in troubled waters, and then there will be something cheap to pick up Zhang Ming thinks so, so , of course with cbd sleep gummies with melatonin a good laugh.

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Chi Yujin shook melatonin cbd gummies the corners of his mouth.It s such a coincidence.I just wanted to eat ice cream, so you bought it for me. I didn t buy it for you.Seeing Lu Zhibai who took a big bite, Chi Yujin thought it was absurd.Chi Yujin, you don t need to explain, I know you are Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review the best for me. I m not CBD hemp flower Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review being nice to you.Chi Yujin is confused, this is definitely a social cow, how does his brain grow Don t say this ice cream is delicious, hey, you bought ice cream and took pictures, wow, I like it very much.You like a hammer.Hey, what are you talking about Chi Yujin couldn cbd gummies tsa t take it anymore, she Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review broke out.Lu Zhibai stopped his crazy fantasies and widened his eyes So this ice cream wasn t bought for me of course not Why do you think I bought it for you Otherwise who else can you buy it for Aren t you the only one like me Lu Zhibai paused, A friend Who told you that I bought it for a friend Is it a problem for me to eat two by myself Can t I have two ice creams Lu Zhibai s figure collapsed a little, and his Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review swaying little tail drooped down.

Chen Zhe leaned lazily on the on the couch.With a half dead look of laziness, It s alright, it s just to show our attitude.We won t sell it to him.As long as people think about it, they can definitely get the goods.Anyway, we won t lose money.Yang Ruo was speechless, So blatant.Aiming at fantasy, aren t you afraid that the National Academy of Sciences will Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review find fault with you Chen Zhe really wasn t afraid of this.Where does the National Academy of Sciences have the energy to manage these or not.Besides, if you really want to make trouble, the other party won t be able to hold that face down.Do you want to say that the processor you designed is so good, sell me a little more Can t afford to lose that face Therefore, Chen Zhe had a mysterious look on his face and Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review smiled like a magician, The Chinese Academy of Sciences doesn t have the leisure to come to me, but it is possible, and it may not be possible to beat the fantasies from the side.

The plan that Chen Zhe made at the beginning Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review actually took all of these into consideration, and he just waited for a suitable time.Even if Toshiba ultimately refused, he could contact Sony.It s really not possible, there are also several options, such as Suwa Seiko, such as Panasonic, Hitachi, etc.In short, he is not worried about not having a partner.Besides, it s really not good.You can wait for a year and a half.The Asian financial crisis that is coming soon will directly send Toyo s tft lcd industry directly into the abyss.So, how could this once in a Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review lifetime opportunity allow South Korea and Taiwan Island to steal the where can i buy cbd gummies for copd biggest cake You know, in the first decade of the new century, in the tft lcd industry, it can be said that it has suffered a lot.Take 2010 as an example.In that year, the import value of domestic LCD panels was as high as 40 billion US dollars, ranking fourth.

Seeing Harumi Kushi s green eyes looking over, Hagihara Kenji stretched out a hand and waved lazily.Under the sun, the black haired youth in the hospital gown raised his eyebrows, his hoarse voice mixed with a unique tenderness Good noon, my health is much better.It is above the pass line.Looking at the black haired young man on the hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown and recovering from a serious illness, his pale face almost blended into the white sheets.Matsuda Jinping, with curly black hair, pursed his lips slightly, patted off his cannaleafz CBD gummies review Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review friend s hand on his shoulder, put the bento cost of cbd gummies to quit smoking in his hand on the wooden table, stretched out the seat beside the hospital bed, and Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review sat down.Matsuda Jinhei was still wearing the police uniform he saw before he fell unconscious.The police uniform was wrinkled and should not have changed.

do all cbd gummies have thc , Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review Who would have thought that the beautiful girl picked up at the school gate is actually a big fish in Chiyu Big brother, please take me to fly Okay, but don side effects of gummies cbd t say it.Wang Xu assured him that he almost pressed his brother s head and took a bite But why did you quit the network Ah cbd gummies san antonio Who told me Logged out Chi Yujin was charlotte s web cbd melatonin stunned for a moment, she just clicked her finger and just logged in to her personal page, the interface displayed four big red characters, and the password was wrong.I rely on Wang receptra naturals cbd reviews Xu also saw the big red characters, he asked for unknown reasons Isn t the account of Chiyu already sold Forum Chi Yujin Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review was stunned, what Happening She immediately logged into the forum, and when she saw the news, she immediately laughed.Chi Yujin probably guessed who did it, Shen Rushuang is really a good best friend, and Qing is waiting for the last knife to be inserted here.

This guy looked the smallest and thinnest in the dormitory, and he didn t expect to be the most social.Wang Fufu was still a little unconvinced, Wen Yue, you don t really smoke, do you Marshal Zhu folded his arms in schadenfreude, I advise you not to hide, you can hide from the first day of the first year, but not the fifteenth day.Fu Jiu didn t No matter what the two of them said, they were sweating profusely.If he takes out the cigarette, we will all be punished.Gu Chi threw a thunderbolt in a calm tone.Fuck, why Marshal Zhu glared at the hospital in protest.I don t know.Gu Chi shook his head, The people who were found have already been taken to run along Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review with their roommates.As soon as they finished speaking, Marshal Zhu and Wang Baofu were already anxious to help Fu Jiu find them.A place to hide things.

Especially Nan The old Fuxi operating system, as well as the Chinese compiler and programming language, was an health naturals cbd tincture 250mg epoch making scientific research achievement.Also, you have cbd gummies el paso seen all the feedback from all natural cbd gummies the major colleges and universities, all of which are highly praised.So, do you think the above and the National Academy of Sciences cannot see this situation They don t point directly at hemp gummy bear Mr.Liu s nose walmart CBD gummies Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review and scold him, even if they 25 mg cbd gummy give him a lot of face, how could they still come over here to find fault Yang Ruo muttered, I think that s the way it is, that is, it s just a little better in terms of fluency.Chen Zhe didn t jump up directly, but he couldn t help rolling his eyes.With a look of contempt from an expert to a layman, Then I will teach you to be good.This kind of achievement of solving computer language from the bottom level is not something that ordinary people can do.

However, Liang Hao felt that Cheng did the right thing and was very enjoyable.He wanted to teach Wen Yue a lesson for a long time.I didn t mean to.He said apologetic words, but Cheng s expression was not apologetic at all.She did it on purpose, if she dared to pour choice gummies coffee on her mother, and if she dared to sit with Brother Gu, then she would have to bear the consequences of offending her.If Cheng Feng didn t help her, she would do it herself.Chapter 75 The protagonist is gone You did it on purpose, didn t you mean it Marshal Zhu glared at Cheng, accusing yin and yang strangely, Why don t you splash the instructor on Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review best tasting cbd gummies yourself, and why don t you splash it on yourself , can t be splashed on the ground You just splashed on Wen Yue, didn t you mean it A woman is cbd gummies for pain for sale so vicious, be careful no one wants it in her life.

Congratulations, my energy value 95 in good condition Skills Intermediate shooting skills unlocked , intermediate bomb disposal skills unlocked , intermediate fighting skills Unlocked 75 health, enough.There is an unlocked intermediate fighting ability in the skill column.This ability is a reward for reaching 10 attention after the update of the new wine Polish what is the price of cbd gummies Snow Tree comics.However, this way he also knew that even if the forum didn CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review t know that Polan Snow Tree was Harumi Kuji, dr. gupta CBD gummies Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review the discussion and attention gained by Polan Snow Tree s identity would still be superimposed on him.Harusumi Kuji closed the transparent personal page in front of him.After the nurse in front of her heard that she insisted on being discharged from the hospital, the bubbles above her head instantly changed from concerned to angry.

As for the lowest level processor authorization, the design company can only produce according to the chip drawings designed by ar without any modification.Of course Chen Zhe couldn t use the latter two.Therefore, for the highest level of authorization, he is bound to get it, We are discussing cooperation with Sony, it is a project on DVD players and computer optical drives, and the prototype has already come out.In addition, the company has also started a long time ago.We have started our own digital pura kana cbd gummies mobile phone project So, do you still think our R D strength is not enough Saxby was startled, Oh So how treetop hemp co watermelon gummies review far has your project come Chen Zhe smiled, and of course he knew that the other party asked about the mobile phone project.He didn t hide it at the moment, Let s put it this way, although the project that ar cooperated with Deyi and Nokia, started earlier than us, it was completed first.

It not only clearly shows every tiny silk mark, but also makes the fine hair shine in the matte metal.Not equilibrium cbd gummies only beautiful, anti corrosion, but also both fashion buy hemp oil gummies and technology elements.In the 1990s, it was completely black technology.This is a nine tailed fox belonging to Yang Ruo, 300mg CBD gummies reddit Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review the one and only one.Chapter 61 The Son s Gift That night, Chen Zhe placed two mobile phones in front of Chen Guodong and Liu Hongyu as if he were offering a treasure.The expression of come and praise me on his face almost turned into a Han Xian, Experience the feel and performance, try to see if there is a warm and heavy texture, and then see cbd antiinflammatory if it is really convenient.It s fast.He didn t realize the difference between this sentence and what Mr.Feng said to him in the morning.On the other hand, Chen Guodong and his wife were really surprised by what they saw.

Huo Beiliang didn t continue this question, he walked over to the chair and sat down, and asked coolly, Tell me What is the purpose.Knowing to ask, Fu Jiu murmured in her heart.But she answered honestly, I want to help my father overturn the case, but I don t know much about what happened back then, so I want to get in touch with the people who participated in these cases back then.People, Yu Liqing, Zhuo Qing, Wang Haitian, they are all important figures in the case, but they are all doing well now.If I didn t do this, I wouldn t have the chance to contact them.The rest, without her having to say it, is also obvious.She can t get in touch with those people, and can only explore slowly through the children of those cannaleafz cbd gummies where to buy people.You ve got a lot on your mind.Huo Beiliang said lightly, and his expression was unclear.

After all, in a live action movie, the actor creates the character, but in a 3D animated movie, the character is created first.Just a pre production, is a big project.It is necessary Natures Purpose CBD Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review to draw the corresponding animation scenes, characters, props and other 25mg cbd gummies two dimensional designs according to the script, taking into account the overall animation style, such as tone, rhythm, mood, mud embryo production, etc.The former needs to draw the storyboards, characters and their expressions and actions, construct the picture, and explain the movement of the camera, which are the basis of the later three dimensional production.The latter is simply a 3D storyboard, and it also includes the arrangement of camera positions, basic animations, Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review and shot time customization in the software.Chapter 177 3D animation movie Ice Age For example, in the production of animal 3D mud embryos in Ice Age , when the mud embryos are formed into animal images, the first step is to Build a net on the surface of the mud embryo.

hemp oil vs CBD Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review Being stuck in the neck is so uncomfortable On the fourth day, Chen Zhe did not appear as he said, and the person in eagle hemp CBD gummies Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review charge has been eagle hemp cbd gummies price replaced by Li Minhao.On the side of Xiangzhi s intermediary, they finally found the feeling of normal business negotiation.Everyone waited and breathed a Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review sigh of relief in their hearts This is sothat s the comfort zone It is a pity that the general framework has already been set.As for the leftovers that need to be filled in and the related details that will be involved, it has no effect on the overall situation.Therefore, Lee Min ho and Xiangzhi s agency only went to the battle for one day to talk, and the next day, they handed over everything to their subordinates and continued to argue with each other.After all, gummy CBD pure hemp Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review this kind of negotiation cannot be won in ten days or eight days.

Wang Fufu sighed.It s alright Fu Jiu smiled.After all, this is not her house.She really didn t know how to answer.Marshal Zhu s eyes shone with dazzling light and said, Young master will also buy such a big house chronic candy cbd gummies Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review in the future.Several people walked into the yard even bigger than Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review Ren s house.Marshal Zhu pointed to the empty space inside and said, I m going to get a swing frame and a grape trellis for my daughter in law, and I m going to plant flowers all over the wall.As soon as these words came out, several other people looked at him strangely This is the first time everyone has heard Marshal Zhu mention his future daughter in law.He is usually very carefree, and he doesn t even have a favorite girl.Why does he have plans for the future now Why do you look at me like this Is there anything dirty on his face, he hasn t eaten breakfast, and there can be no vegetable leaves between his teeth.

So, we must not only maintain the habit of hard work and diligence, but also develop a different way of thinking, have our own ideas, have the courage to try, and have the courage to break through the tradition., Young people are still afraid of this So, how can we stimulate this kind of thinking mode of students I think it is personal interest, which is the biggest motivation in the heart.Don t underestimate these projects established in the way of interest groups, in the future, here will be It is the most dynamic and creative legendary place of Anyang Polytechnic.If you don t believe me, just look back.At that time, you may have to sigh.Yang Yizhong glanced at him, I m not afraid of losing face, if it s as you said, this idea can be perfectly realized, then I d rather go out and lose a few more times, it s worth it.

Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review (grownmd CBD gummies), [how long do CBD gummies last] Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review CBD gummies for kids Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review.

See a movie Huo Zhendong looked at Huo Beiliang with warning in his eyes, as if he wanted to say something, but because Huo Zhenzhen and Fu Jiu were present, he didn t say it.He was away from home for a while, but Huo Beiliang was right under his nose and took people to see a movie.Huo Beiliang s expression was indifferent.Huo Zhendong s eyes seemed to be secretly fighting.Fu Jiu noticed the expressions of the two of them, so she quickly made an excuse to evacuate, Uncle Huo, you haven t eaten my cooking yet.I ll cook dinner.You can try my craft.Okay.Huo Zhendong s expression softened.Some, nodded, then looked at Huo Zhenzhen who was going to change the TV channel, Go and help Xiao Jiu.Okay.Huo Zhenzhen responded and took Fu Jiu to the kitchen happily Huo Beiliang bought a lot hemp vs CBD Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review of vegetables from the vegetable market, and also bought some meat.

Just like before, when she climbed onto Huo Beiliang s bed, he left her.If she really thinks about him, it is estimated that he will directly expose her identity.Ba Ling s wife is super sassy Chapter 416 Give her some confidence My brother is not that kind of person.Huo Zhenzhen said with certainty My brother would never want to rely on his wife If he likes it, he won t care about his status.Huo Beiliang had always known what she was like, so he wouldn t dislike Fu Jiu because of Fu Jiu s status.Fu Jiu looked does CBD get you high reddit Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review regretful, You also said that the person your brother likes, he doesn t care about the identity of others, do you think your brother will like me Huo Zhenzhen was stopped by Fu Jiu s words.After a while, he said, Well, even if my brother doesn t like you now, he doesn t like anyone else top cbd gummies 2022 You still have a chance, just work hard Fu Jiu could see it, Huo Zhenzhen I really want her to be my sister in law.

I m not trying to save face for you Chapter 54 Off Campus Dinner 1 After agreeing to have a dinner with Marshal Zhu, they had lunch the charlotte s web cbd gummies calm reviews next day.Fu Jiu left Huo s house.Huo Zhenzhen cbd thc gummies was a little reluctant, but there was nothing she could do.After all, her studies were the top priority.Since I went to Qilin School, I have to learn something and come back, so I can t waste my quota.When we got to school, it was already past three in the afternoon.Marshal Zhu was lying on the bed and bragging about Wang Fufu.When he saw Fu Jiu coming back, he jumped off the bed as if he had been beaten with blood.He complained dissatisfiedly, Why are you coming back now I originally planned to have lunch, but now I can only eat dinner.Dinner is just dinner, so that Wang Fufu will be hungry in the middle of the night.

Fu Jiu s eyes The light flickered slightly, and they actually knew the name of Marshal Zhu.It seemed that from the day she offended Cheng Feng, they planned to give her some color.What happened today is no accident Ouch Zhu Yuanshuai was excited, It turns out that Xiaoye s reputation is already so loud.Anyone who is a cat or a dog knows his name taboo.You Liang Hao gritted his Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review teeth angrily, and wanted to show Marshal Zhu some color, but Cheng Feng grabbed him.Isn t that shameful enough Cheng Feng, look at him looking like a slapstick.If you don t show him some color, he thinks we re not capable.Cheng Feng didn t say a word, glanced over, and Liang Hao suddenly shut up Marshal Li was waiting for Cheng Feng to express his position, but Cheng Feng gave him a cold look.Marshal Zhu instinctively took a step back.

He put the cbd and hemp difference document on the table, and his tone was solemn and melancholy We have to go to the Tokyo Tomorrow Sunshine Orphanage. The police car was driving fast on the road, and Harumi Kuji and Matsuda Jinping sat in the cbd gummies for anxiety uk back seat superior.The black haired young do cbd gummies man propped up his arm by the window to support his languidly turned head, and the other hand slowly performed the repeated mechanical operation of pressing the bright phone and then pressing the black.It feels like everything happened by coincidence.Not long after the news of Jinjiu arrived, they happened to encounter a case related to the Tokyo Tomorrow Sunshine Orphanage.Both the case and the suspect have emerged.Now it s time for the righteous police to appear.Chunsumi Jiuji lazily leaned his whole body on the backrest, and stopped his boring operation of pressing the light and the black phone repeatedly.

Monthly shipments have exceeded 1.6 million units.Of course, this number is the shipment volume of Jiutian Technology, not the real market sales volume.Because of the specific real time sales volume, he did not get it so quickly.But this doesn t mean he doesn t have anything in his heart.Channel agents can keep urging goods, which in itself represents a possibility.In terms of market feedback, the recognition and evaluation of this product are also quite good.Here, it is not just the credit of Jiutian Technology and channel agents.Major film studios and disc manufacturers and sellers are also behind the scenes.After all, under the profit, this can be regarded as a hundred responses.And this is the chain reaction triggered by market demand.You know, the entertainment activities at this time are far less abundant than later generations.

In front of the three old fried dough sticks, that is obviously not enough.I was almost fooled by Chen Zhe before, because a few people didn t think of anything else at all, and they were all hidden from the sky by the disguise of his age.If it weren t for Yang Ruo s sudden mention of Sun Lao and Feng Lao, and Chen Zhe s eagerness to cover up.Maybe, the three of them really didn t notice what was going on here.Because they don t even know the hidden influence represented by old professors like Sun Lao and Feng Lao.But Chen Zhe s subconscious action gave them the most powerful evidence, that even the fools understood that there must be something hidden in it.Yang Ruo covered her mouth and glanced at Chen Zhe timidly Broke your plan Even if Chen Zhe had already reacted, he knew it was too late, and this time he really smiled bitterly See the tricks Watching the two people look at each other and interact with each other.

He reminds with a smile, It s probably useless no matter how much you say, because of the sensitive topic of Chaogang, there will definitely be cut out unceremoniously.Unless Chen Zhe patted his thigh lightly, Live broadcast The two of them looked at each other and smiled, quite a bit embarrassed.They didn t continue to talk about it, it was enough to click on it.As for how to operate, there are too many ways and means, sagely naturals cbd roll on if you want to leave no trace It s not difficult at all to do it.That is to say, if Yang Ruo was not present today, otherwise, a comment of big and small foxes would definitely fall on them again.As for the fantasy group company, the two of them didn t even mention it, and if they didn t mention it, it meant they didn t know.So, even if something else happens, it doesn t Natures Purpose CBD Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review concern me.

Again, he does not need to put profit first, but rather the layout.How to break the alliance monopoly of Microsoft and Intel, and how to erode each other s market share step by step.This is one of the reasons why he is so generous in cooperation with AR.This generosity is actually just Saxby.And Curry thinks it s Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review generous.But for Chen Zhe, he doesn t need to pay too much.Because, he just slowly copied some of the research and development results that Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review belonged to the other party through the Xiangjiang Research Institute, and then returned it to the other party.The cooperation is happy, then let ar go faster and grow stronger.This is not a plantmd revive cbd gummies reviews bad thing, is it Chapter 135 Don t need to worry Curry and Saxby couldn t refuse Chen Zhe s offer.After all, Aikang Computer Company is worse than ar now, and it is about to swallow the last breath.

Chen Zhe didn t Maxibears Hemp Gummies Review expect that time, he and Sony had reached an agreement, but they were still arguing with each other about the land.That would really kill me Because on my side, what I am most concerned about is the sense of urgency in time.He could vaguely remember that in the international situation this year, there is an embargo organization targeting the country, which will once again be exposed.Therefore, he still subconsciously believes that he needs to race against time.Seeing that Chen Zhe is serious.Li Minhao no longer fussed, Okay, I ll prepare here and get in touch as soon as possible.After thinking for a while, he added again, If you think the response is quick, when will you choose to come to the door Chen Zhe rubbed his neck.After pondering for a while, he said, Before the Spring Festival in early February, it should be during this time.

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