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Hello this lady, the gentleman you were with just now ran into some trouble, please come with me.Chi Yujin stood up with a loud voice.Chapter 33 I was tricked, bitten, and Cheng Xiyao was so stupid, he ran away after talking, he grabbed Chi Yujin s sleeve Hey, hey, I still I haven t finished asking, where are you going Let me go Chi Yujin frowned and looked at Cheng Siyao coldly, Cheng Siyao let go for a How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies moment, and he stretched his hand forward unwillingly.Chi Yujin, who had already walked a few steps, turned his head and strode How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies towards Cheng Siyao.Cheng Siyao was overjoyed for a while, but Chi Yujin grabbed his wrist and pulled his bracelet off.Deposit.Chi Yujin was impatient, Remember to How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies bring cash next time Chi Yujin put edibles for pain relief Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies down these words and left, Cheng Siyao touched the reddish wrist that was violently pulled from the bracelet, and jumped in anger What Xiaoye I Where is he Chi Yujin, who had walked for four or five minutes, grabbed the waiter, and she noticed that something was wrong as she looked at the farther and farther road.

Chen Rui How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies frowned.Is it also an Internet company Chen Zhe smiled, Almost, it is an application software, you can call it an instant messaging software, which is the kind of direct communication between people through the Internet.Software.This software can instantly alert your friends and colleagues, chat online, send messages, transfer files, etc.via the Internet.Moreover, you can create your own personalized homepage, and at the same time, natures purpose CBD How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies others can also visit your homepage, send greeting cards, voicemails, and send, forward, copy emails through email, etc.Chen Rui was once again shocked , The idea of genius, this seems to be really fun.Chen Zhexin said that of course there is some fun, this is icq In his memory, icq was a jolly cbd gummies 750mg popular model that swept the world as does cbd gummies really help you quit smoking soon as it was launched.Yes, just patterns.

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Chapter 8 The first pot of gold is, of course, free prostitution And because Chinese character encoding is a natural expression, it does not constitute the requirements for applying for a patent, and it will not pass if you want to apply for a patent.Therefore, Inspur Group and Motorola directly disclosed the code of the decoding chip from the very beginning.At that time, Motorola chips already occupied more than 80 of the signal transmission base stations in China at that time.Therefore, if Chen Zhe wants to design a pager, he does not need to consider the patent issue, he only needs to get the decoding chip.Of course, if you have a Chinese display pager, you need to add a driver IC, including the main control IC and the LCD panel IC.As for speakers, printed circuit CBD sleep gummies with melatonin How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies boards, and things like housings, gaskets, and buttons, it s even simpler.

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How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies In order not to arouse suspicion from these people, Fu Jiu left as soon as the barbecue was over.Huo Zhenzhen watched Fu Jiu go away reluctantly.Of course, Fu Jiu didn t really leave, but hid in the alley near Huo s house.Huo Zhenzhen saw her classmates away, and ran over to pick up Fu Jiu.Once she got home, she couldn t help but grab Fu Jiu s arm and complain, I won t bring my How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies classmates back in the future, they are so annoying and keep calling you.Do this 9000 mg hemp gummy full spectrum and that, as if you were their boyfriend.For example, when you open a soda, you can unscrew the cap yourself, but you pretend just cbd hemp infused gummies 1000mg that you can t open it and find Fu Jiu, even the trivial matter of adding avid hemp gummies 1000mg carbon to Fu Jiu The voice was even more pinch like a cat meowing, and I got CBD gummies for anxiety reviews How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies goosebumps when I heard it, it was too contrived.Fu Jiu explained, Miss, they are all your classmates.

As he said that, he seemed to have come up with a good idea, and clapped his hands By the way, aren t you two from the same department as Officer Chuncheng Which of you will keep it first, and then take the department to Officer Chunsumi.As soon as he finished speaking, Ken Hagihara turned his head to the side, intending to discuss with his friends who would take care of Chunsumi s belongings on his behalf.Then, he discovered that the friend who was on his right just now had disappeared.Matsuda Jinhei, who was wearing sunglasses, was already standing at the table, looking at the heavy notebook and the pen that seemed to be expensive.Okay, it looks like there s no need to negotiate.Hagihara Kenji s eyebrows were frivolous, and he persuaded his shoulders. Green Taxi A fresh and refined green shell, just like the top of your head.

Lu Zhibai panicked.He was even more panicked than before.How could Chi Yujin have Cheng Siyao s bracelet Who doesn t know that Cheng Siyao s bracelet never leaves the body And Lu Zhibai took out the necklace around his neck, put the silver triangle piece and the silver round piece on the bracelet together, and the two pieces fit together instantly.Lu Zhibai was dumbfounded.If he wasn t sure just now, now he elite power CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies is very sure that it must be Cheng Siyao Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies s, because this bracelet was made by Sheng Ling himself after Cheng Siyao was kidnapped and rescued.And the one on his neck was Lu Qi an in order to control his whereabouts He put the bracelet in his palm and weighed it, and then the phone rang a crisp ringtone.Lu Zhibai didn t get nervous when he saw the three big characters Chi Yujin displayed on his mobile phone.

Streaming media field.Chen Zhe suddenly realized.Remember, the founder of Netflix later.And Netflix, which he founded, is also known as the Four Musketeers of the U.S.stock market along with Facebook, Amazon, and Google.And it was this company that later dominated DVDs, led streaming media, and even once promoted Netflix culture to the world.Chen Zhe was a little speechless, this luck just ask who else So I made a decisive decision, This is totally fine, but don t get involved in Matrix Technology too much.The main thing is to use Pandora How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies as a partner, and the management rights can be directly entrusted to this person.As for technical problems, I have no problem at all Chen Rui s judgment about his cousin is now starting to be a little blind.So when I heard Chen Zhe say it so succinctly, I didn t say much, Okay, I ll talk to him here first, and if necessary, I ll accompany him back to CBD gummies benefits How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies China.

That leg is like not his leg.When walking, his left foot kicks his right foot.Chi Yujin is full of bags, what the hell is this The situation She tilted her head to what does cbd gummy feel like look at Lu Zhibai.Lu Zhibai s eyes opened a slit, and his eyes couldn t focus.How could this situation become more and natures best CBD How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies more wrong , Chi Yujin tuned the wine for more than two hours and sang several songs, her voice was hoarse, and her legs seemed to be filled with lead.Don t fall down Chi Yujin leaned Lu Zhibai against his body, this guy can are cbd gummies safe for elderly t do anything at all.Fall again and we ll fall together Chi Yujin straightened Lu Zhibai.Where are you going go home.Didn t you just say you can t go back Then I will send you back, are you going to go back to that home Hmm hum hum hum Chi Yujin pursed her lips, good cbd gummies it seemed that Lu Zhibai was too drunk to speak, but it didn t matter.

Of course, these patents together can form dozens of patent families and more than 200 related patents.Therefore, it is impossible for Zhao Jing to take it out all bud pop cbd gummies at once.It only needs to pick a few key ones, and then use this as a bargaining chip, and build a lithium battery manufacturing factory in the United States and China with Matrix Technology, even if it achieves Chen Zhe s purpose.Moreover, this factory does not need to be managed by itself.At that time, Matrix Technology and Siwei Company will naturally host it.Of course, the most suitable lithium iron phosphate battery is in the power field, and it is not very suitable for mobile phones.On the one hand, the platform voltage is not suitable.On the other hand, the gram capacity of lithium iron phosphate is relatively low, love hemp cbd oil which is not comparable to amazon cbd gummies for pain that of lithium cobalt oxide.

Indeed, for the Institute of Technology, the design and manufacture of those equipment and machinery is really not difficult, such as pumps, threshers, rotary ploughs, light processing Machinery and equipment, etc.You are welcome to say that tractors are all right.No, there is a strong R D center behind it What Chen Zhe wants is vegan cbd gummies for anxiety for students to find the value and meaning of doing these things in practice., and then stimulate their own interest and desire to pursue knowledge.He does not believe that after experiencing these things, who will see that their efforts can bring reviews for green ape CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies some essential changes to a village or even a town., there will be no little pride in my heart.And this little pride is enough to drive a person to pursue a greater pursuit.Yang Ruo and Zhao Jing glanced at each other, and they both realized the deeper meaning.

In this application field, the requirements for accuracy are also extremely demanding, even a few wires are not enough, let alone a dozen or dozens of wires.If it is really used on a fighter plane, then encountering an enemy will be no different from giving a human head So no matter what, Chen Zhe will not allow this to happen.And at this moment, whether it is Laomei, Dongyang or Deutsche, they are not as developed as they were later, and he still has more to chase.Because he doesn t need any experience to accumulate.What he needs is not to go around in circles to experiment one by one, but to have a straight path, just wait for him to walk directly over it.On this road, the most urgent thing to solve is to complete the industrial upgrading again and again.That is, through those precision machine tools purchased from Toshiba, more advanced and higher precision How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies machine tools are manufactured, and then they are used again to complete new more How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies advanced and higher precision machine tools.

She finally broke off the engagement.She was looking forward to sharing something with others, but at this time no one could help her How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies share this joy, so she could only use This organic CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies way and Ren Yuanyuan said.Ren Yuanyuan s eyes lit up, When did it happen It seems to be retired today.Cheng Wen said.When Ren Yuanyuan heard the words, she sneered in her heart.The speed of the Cheng family is really okay.She thought that after how long for CBD gummies to start working How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies yesterday s incident, even if the Cheng family wanted to break off the marriage, they would wait until after the sixth day of the first year, or she would need to work harder.I didn t expect them to be so fast and decisive.But it also proved how much the family wanted to climb up to her home.Ren Yuanyuan was in a very good mood at the moment, and she didn t want to perfunctory Cheng Wen anymore.

In the past, on the basis of one poor and two white, it was possible to get two bullets out of full spectrum cbd hemp oil the water.That was due to national conditions, because the knife was on the neck.Is it not because of this that we are now engaging in industry, developing the economy, and promoting science and technology to pursue advanced technology Yes, in the eyes of many people, it is where can i buy hemp gummies the old yellow calendar, and there is no need to live in the past.The most important thing is to invigorate the economy and develop the economy.After reform and opening up, how good is it to bring in and go out, learn from each other s strengths and make up for one s weaknesses, and directly realize international exchanges and cooperation But I don t think about it at all.Boiled frogs in warm water are sometimes more vicious and cruel than killing them with a knife.

Looking for someone.Who is Xiaojin looking for Don t you never come to this place Before Shen Rushuang finished speaking, Lin Ningshu laughed.Rushuang, it used to be before, and now it is now.Who doesn t know that Mausoleum gathers all the rich people in Huaidong I can understand Chi Yujin.After all, this hard life is not something ordinary people can live through.Hey Chi Yujin, if you need to introduce me soul cbd gummies for sleep ape cbd gummies to help you, I just remember that President Liu likes you Lin Ningshu looked up and shark tank cbd gummies down at Chi Yujin, as if Chi Yujin was a cargo.Shen Sale How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Rushuang frowned Ningshu, why do you say that Then Mr.Liu best cbd gummies for pain 2021 amazon is old enough to be Sister Xiaojin s father.He is bald and has big golden teeth.Xiaojin, even if you don t How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies have money, you can t commit yourself to such a person.Aiya Rushuang, now who doesn t know that the Chi family has collapsed and there is no possibility of a comeback.

Why do you have to stand on the cusp of the storm and play what will green ape cbd gummies shark tank hit the water It s a pain in the ass Chapter 134 Further Cooperation with ARM Saxby arrived in Anyang two days later.Arriving with his front and back feet, there was also company president Chris Curry who came from England.From this point alone, it can cbd 25mg be seen that ar attaches great importance to this meeting.Chen Zhe was not lazy this time.He personally went to the airport with Zhao Jing to pick him up twice, which is quite sincere.The next day, the two sides launched formal negotiations in a frank and candid manner.Not beyond Chen Zhe s expectations, what Saxby said straight to the point was the structural application of the Harvard system.After all, the emergence of this architecture is epoch making for ar.Why do you say that This needs to start from what is the Harvard architecture.

I didn t go to Taiwan Island, but went to Jiangzhou as you said.Chen Zhe smiled.Smile, there is really no need to go to those big factories for this kind of decoding chip, and the requirements for the hemp gummies review process are not high.Now, several fabs in China can actually do it.However, the chips required by the next DVD players are not what these factories can do.They still have to go to Taiwan Island, garden of life cbd sleep gummies or even go abroad, to find Toyo or European and American manufacturers.That cost will be much higher.This is also something that can t be helped.If you fall behind, you will be beaten Lee Min Ho didn t know what to think.He suddenly asked This time the tape out in the past is not a non professional.I heard from him that after the tape out is successful, what CP How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies does CBD gummies help copd test will be done Do you think that what you have made in ten days can really be done in one go Passed Chen Zhe smiled, I reminded you just now, but you forgot it in a blink of an eye.

It s so hot.Therefore, it was painful for him.I thought you weren t afraid of pain.Fu Jiu was not careful, so she spoke out what was in her heart.He How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies thought that Huo Beiliang would ignore her, or scolded her coldly, but he didn t expect that he looked up at her and said in a light tone, You think I m the one who was beaten by iron How could it be CBD gummies and breastfeeding How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies possible that the injury was so severe No pain He didn t cry out in pain, but it was because his endurance was stronger than ordinary people.Chapter 130 Saliva When Gu does cbd gummies help with pain Yunshen came back from dinner, Fu Jiu and Huo Beiliang were sitting on their own beds.The atmosphere in the room seemed a little awkward.From Huo Beiliang s mouth, there must be How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies something wrong There was something to say, so he looked at Fu Jiu and asked with his eyes, Fu Jiu avoided Gu Yunshen s gaze with a guilty conscience.

While talking, the individual walked towards Anyang Institute of Technology.Chen Zhe did not forget to explain his understanding to Yang Ruo, The kind of thing Song Yuan practiced when he was a child was not actually kung fu in the strict sense, it could only be regarded as an exercise between actual combat and basics.He later joined the army After that, what I learn is the real combat, which is the hard kung fu just mentioned, but the kind I learned cbd gummies rainbow ribbions is completely different from How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies hard kung fu.It is not for the purpose of actual combat, but for the purpose of tempering oneself.To put it bluntly, it is a law of operation or the law of heaven derived by Taoism through the cognition of all things in the world and the understanding of the nature of heaven and earth.Then , allowing oneself to follow and adapt to this law, so as to continuously temper one s own way of evolution.

Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies I ll take you and get in the car.Chi Yujin How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies scanned the QR code to drive the car, and Lu Zhibai looked at the shared bicycle in confusion.UhIs this car broken Why doesn t it have a back seat Lu Zhibai frowned and asked in a pretentious manner, This row of cars are all defective, so why is there no back seat Chi Yu Jin didn t know whether to laugh or cry, but Lu Zhibai was indeed a little prince living in an ivory tower There is no back seat for shared bicycles.Then where do I sit Do I want to sit in the basket Not to mention, Lu Zhibai went to the basket and tried it.Chi Yujin was completely amused by his silly appearance.She looked at Lu Zhibai helplessly.She didn t know whether he was acting stupid or really stupid.She learned that Lu Zhibai was not like this.Or could it be explained by falling in love with a negative IQ Chi Yujin patted the CBD gummies stomach pain How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies front bumper of the car Here, do it here.

Just as before, just treat our share as a team fund.Okay, because this time we join I ve made two new friends, then I ll say it again, the bonus serenity cbd gummies reviews is five or five points, and the order of picking the packs is based on the damage value.If there is no opinion, we will download the dungeon now.Don t worry, Boss, Yancheng and I are fine Jiu Ri s lively voice came from the earphones, making the calm atmosphere shockingly active.The five people gathered together and waited for the transfer.Chi Yujin had never downloaded this dungeon, which was equivalent to a black eye.Changqing only watched the guide and the video.The only person who had actually downloaded this dungeon might be Wang Xu.I cleared the first wave of mobs at that time, and then stepped on the agency and went back to the city Wang Xu said embarrassedly, There are too many agencies here, I green mountain CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies have sagely naturals cbd cream relief and recovery downloaded this copy more than a dozen times can i pack cbd gummies on a plane and returned to the city.

I don t know how much virtue I have accumulated in my last life, anyway, this life is a complete defeat.Chen Zhe smiled after his father, and didn t ask any more cbd gummies georgia questions.However, Chen Guodong is there a difference in hemp oil and cbd oil took the initiative to continue, This kushly cbd gummies person How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies has not been around for a year eagle hemp CBD gummies cost How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies and a half, so he probably won t be able to come out, but that Zhuang Youwen has already returned to Dongyang before, you know that Chen Zhe was really stunned for a moment.Immediately he reacted quickly, Is Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies that the senior executive of Goldman Sachs Chen Guodong said um , Yes, it is Lang Zhongyi s brother in law.When he went back this time, he took that Lang Wenxuan with him It charles stanley and cbd gummies is estimated that he will return to him in the future.There will be more two devils.Chen Zhe disagreed, the most disgusting thing about this kind of thing is that the ghosts are not scattered, and they can t do major things, but they can jump out and respond to you every three days, which is the most annoying.

Then he smiled and said, Exactly, although this company has not been established for a long time, it has produced a Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies lot of results.Recently, it seems to have gone up to the top and declared the scientific research results of DVD players and GS mobile phones.We in Anyang are now counting on this, and we can win the whole province.Li Xinping seemed to hear this news for the first time.There was excitement on his face, Really It s already been reported That should be considered to fill the gap for the country, which is quite remarkable.However, Zhang Ming was always smiling, obviously human immunity cbd gummies he knew a lot about these things.It also made Chen CBD gummies hemp bombs How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Zhe look a little thoughtful.This person gives him a very unusual feeling, even if his first impression is ordinary, but Chen Zhe s perception is also inhuman, and he can fully perceive the temperament hidden under the surface.

This situation is absolutely unimaginable for any technology company.After all, no one can choose to be unreasonable like Chen harlequin cbd hemp flower Zhe In a word, Lee Minho is still looking forward to the future of Xinghai Network, because he can really smell the fragrance of the cake that Chen Zhe painted for him.This is one of them.The other is the commercial real estate project invested by him and Song Yuan s uncle Song Deliang, that is, the urban complex, which has begun to blossom everywhere.At present, there are as many as 16 projects in the construction stage, and there are 9 projects under discussion.Such a large scale crazy expansion really made Lee Min ho feel what it means to be huge.Looking back now, to see those real estate developers in Xiangjiang, nesting in their scruffy nests at home, he felt a little pity for botanical farms CBD gummies amazon How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies these people.

Fu Jiu wanted to laugh at her childish behavior.Huo Zhenzhen said angrily Let me go and see me take care of her.Huo Zhenzhen has practiced fun drops CBD gummies cost How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies twice, although it is not very powerful, it power CBD gummies reviews How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies is not a problem to power CBD gummy bears How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies clean up.Do you dare to try it Cheng was active ingredient in hemp gummies a little scared.Of course she knew that she natures best cbd amazon couldn t beat Huo Zhenzhen in a fight, not to mention one on two.Just try.Huo Zhen really wanted to make a move, but Fu Jiu directly held him aside.Let me do this kind of thing.Huo Zhenzhen s two strokes, even if she wins, she will inevitably How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies suffer two strokes.If she really wants to fight, she should do it In fact, she had been displeased How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies with Cheng for a long time.End of this chapter Chapter 576 Dispute Chapter 576 Dispute CBD gummies for depression How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies What do you want to do Cheng heard the conversation between the two, and was really a little scared.

She made the right bet in this move.Surprise The man s eyes gestured to Fu Jiu to roll up his sleeves.Holding down the excitement in her heart, Fu hemp extract cbd gummies Jiu rolled up her sleeves, My hand injury is fine, I just wrapped it up yesterday.The man untied the gauze wrapped around Fu Jiu s arm and saw that the wound was well treated and there was no inflammation.nodded.I ll change the gauze for you again.You can take it off when it scabs.It s best not cbd hemp support vitamin to touch raw water for the past two days.Fu Jiu nodded, then asked, I don t know your what is the difference between hemp gummies and CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies name yet.She re bandaged the cbd gummies green wound without raising her head, My name is Zhu She, and they all call me Teacher Zhu.They It should be the former students Mr.Zhu.Fu Jiu called how long for CBD gummies to start working How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies out, and then asked embarrassedly, cbd hemp flower near me My medical examination I have filled out the medical examination form, you can go directly to the dormitory later.

It is pure waste.This look also made Chen Zhe tremble in his heart.It s no wonder he s not afraid.It s okay to play with some applications.If you really want him to do some pure math, it s going to cost him his life.Those who do pure numbers, which one is not a perverted evildoer.Chapter 84 How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Projects and Nails With the official launch of the operating system project can a 13 year old take cbd gummies on Nanlao s side, Chen Zhe also began to think about how to reintegrate the structural system of the R D center.After all, lazarus naturals CBD tincture How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies the interns and teachers at Anda University are almost finishing their internships.As for how much he can recruit from these people, it depends on the final work effect, and this work has always been in charge of Zhao Jing.It is not a big problem for How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies the fresh graduates of this school, and it is impossible to keep all of them, secret nature CBD vape How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies but there is still some confidence in keeping about half of them.

Looks, delta 8 cbd gummy bears can t help but make a sound.Oops.Fu Jiu s heart thumped, she was angry just now and cbd hemp direct coupon code forgot Zheng Rong was there.Shouldn t Zheng Rong recognize her can CBD gummies cause diarrhea How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Her thoughts turned around quickly, her eyes suddenly flashed, and she pretended to answer calmly, My dad is Wen Jianzhong, who is in business, and everyone in natures purpose CBD How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Licheng knows him.You look like Mrs.Gui, Maybe you ve seen him, I look like him.These short sentences not Why Buy How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies only introduced his identity, but also praised Zheng Rong.It wasn t a hemp vs CBD gummies How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies big deal at first.If Zheng Rong was smart, Wen Jianzhong wouldn t care about it because of Wen Jianzhong s face.Chapter 28 The New Instructor As Fu Jiu expected, Zheng Rong s face brightened a little after hearing that her father was Wen How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies Jianzhong, and her tone became gentle, Your mother is Chen Yu Fu Jiu nodded, Yeah.

Dad, how have you been during this time Fu Guohua nodded again and again, his voice a little hoarse, Okay, don t worry, I ll go to bed early and get How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies up early, so I can eat well.Fu Jiu sniffed, I m fine too.Uncle Huo and the others are very kind to me.During this time, I have been living in Uncle Huo s house.Hearing this, Fu Guohua How Much Is Botanical Farms CBD Gummies looked at Huo Zhendong with gratitude in his eyes.All the love was hidden in his eyes, and he saw a young man standing beside Huo Zhendong.Just as he was about to ask, Huo Beiliang took the initiative to say, Uncle Fu, I m Beiliang.Fu Guohua s eyes lit up, and Huo Beiliang s childhood could not help but appear in his mind, and he said with great relief In the blink of an eye After so many years, you are so old, time flies so fast, I thought at the beginning, your child must be outstanding when he grows up, and it really is.

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