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If I m not mistaken, going into the town and staying for two consecutive days is most likely because of the lady s intention, that group of people is not very strict with the lady., Riding the wolf stroked his stubble chin, Mrs.Yi s temper is definitely not willing to endure hardship.I m afraid they won t be able to walk very fast in the future, and they will take the road.Wu Gui clenched his fist Then we can go around in front of them, lie in ambush, and catch them all in one go.Ni Yan came over at some point, he smiled I m afraid it will be difficult to catch all in one net, they have at least ten people there, all of them are CBD eagle hemp gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive good players, but do it early.It s always good to be prepared.Riding a wolf patted Ni Yan s calf Heroes see the same thing. Chapter 7 Haikuo On the tenth day of the seventh month, the horizon was dim.

He rolled to the back of the bed, pressing his back against the tent, carefully masking his breathing.There were three people who came in with a lamp.One of them was decorated with gold thread on the corner of his robe, and the gold chain around his waist was almost dragged to the ground.At this time, someone spoke.Sun Yi s Bei Rong dialect is actually not that good, and he can only understand what they mean by half guessing and half guessing.He heard a relatively old male voice repeatedly mention a name, which seemed to be his daughter, and he was lamenting that her CBD gummies joy Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive daughter had been missing for many days.Something flashed in Sun Yi s mind.Another younger voice spoke of King Beirong, and then several people scolded King Beirong for a while.Sun Yi didn t understand much here.The old voice said again that he wanted Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive to marry his daughter to the son of King Beirong, but I heard that now there is one Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive more prince, so he can choose, but unfortunately there is no news of his daughter, so he must go to King Beirong and let the king Help find people.

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It has been many years, but every time the old professor thinks about it, he will say The talent is excellent.Song Xian s name in the Academy of Fine Arts, perhaps no one knows, but Shaniya is like thunder, no one does not know, the more Yu Bai 5000 mg cbd gummies knows, the more is cold hearted.She is obviously the master, Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive standing next to Song Xian, but she is like a supporting role.Song Xian doesn t say a word, and always stands there calmly, but it makes Yu Bai s heart set off.After Yu Bai studied, her favorite painter was Shaniya, even more than Bai Ye.She fell in love with Shaniya s colors at first sight.Professors occasionally used Shaniya s paintings to teach them.Someone told her more than once, stop imitating Shaniya s style of painting.Shaniya is a rare genius.The color matching is unmatched.Imitation will only appear nondescript, but she refuses to listen.

Although she can speak a little, she is shy by nature How could Jiang Wan be in trouble with a child Naturally, like encouraging Brother Yuan, he smiled and said, Sister Qing speaks so well.After saying this, Jiang Wan moved his chopsticks.When she was praising Sister Qing, she kept paying attention to Brother Yuan s expression.Seeing that her silly boy was so happy, she didn t take it to heart, so she was relieved.After dinner, she let Brother Yuan and Sister Qing sit on the couch and play with the gadgets she bought.Sister Qing has a soft spot for a colorful bell ball, while Brother Yuan is playing with a drinking bird, chattering about what he has learned today.A few days ago, this kid said that he had homework to do, and he never had dinner with Jiang Wan, but it was all packed with pear branches and sent to him.

Try Jiang Liuyi rested at home for a long time, and spent her honeymoon time resting.Song Xian accompanies her at home and occasionally accompanies her to go shopping.They go to the nearby parks.After that, I also went to the playground that I didn t go to last time.It was the winter vacation.They were all children.Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian stood in the middle of a group of children, and their mood improved a lot.During this time, all the people who came to work with Jiang Liuyi were pushed by her to Chi Wanzhao.Chi Wanzhao arranged for her an agent a few years ago, which was Kong Xiyan s agent.Tong Yue took Kong Xiyan in Jingyan., but Kong Xiyan often does not film, She had nothing to do, so she took the job down.Jiang Liuyi had no objection.She went to Jingyan again a year ago and signed the contract with her manager.

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Jiang Wan s face was full of smiles Mr.Shen has worked hard botanical CBD gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive today.Shen Wang Take them away Why are you gnashing your teeth, I might come back tomorrow.I have official business.You It will be gone soon.Jiang Wan smiled at him blindly.Shen Wang snorted and said nothing.Jiang Wan is really not threatening him.The news that His Royal Highness King Zhao just sent him is going to tell him not to do this errand in Honglu Temple, and to concentrate on his book repairing, a Compilation of Four Subjects that his grandfather Shen Qi failed to compile back then..The fun drops CBD gummies cost Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive decree is coming down soon.Arou packed up the book, and went to pack up for Brother Yuan, and then walked out together.Let s go Arou looked a little unhappy.Brother quit smoking CBD gummies reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive Yuan s eyes were red, clearly crying.Shen Wang, such a big man, actually bullied the child Jiang Wan exploded immediately.

1, eleven 1 thanks for the grenade The little angels 2 Jg 1 book tired and messy thanks to the little angel who threw mines hemp extract vs cbd gain and loss, 3060282, Lone Yan, Xiaocao 1978, Chen Ling, Jiangyu, Mu Qingmu, 54018218, utsuriki 2 Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive Nissan Zi, Qi En, DetectiveLi, dchc, Little Short handed Kangaroo, Koorebi., o , Si Mao Si, Xiao Xi, Shi Yi, Shujuan, Xiao Qi, Zhao Sansui, Chu Muchu., Moon Bear Daddy, 50252534, Songshu at the entrance of the village, Ni Shiwen, Xiao Fuxing, what can medigreens CBD gummies reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive t you do, Luo Li, Shui Shui, my name Q, Shi Yi of Si Tian, Xiang Rui, High Mountain and Low Valley, Xiao Jinzi, sk , 28909663, Qian Qian , Lily is also beautiful, Chen Lu 1 Thanks to the little angel who irrigated the nutrient solution 200 bottles of Kiberleyy 164 bottles of light and dark 100 bottles of Chang an melon 75 bottles of dogs 60 bottles of Chen Lu and LUO 59 bottles of Lone King dr formulated cbd gummies 50 bottles of Deep Years, Seventeen, Siyi 40 bottles of 54651242 36 bottles of eternoaor, best gummy CBD Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive slag rui 32 bottles of Fangyuan RK, 43079692, 30 bottles of Mushrooms, Song Ye, High Mountains and Low Valleys in flower pots 27 bottles of Xiaoqi Breeder 25 bottles of Crackle Duang Siuyu, low key people who like Xiaohuangwen, Yi, Weixi, rrrrrr, ayyyy, Chris , Little Piggy, Stranded 20 bottles Like You, You Are My Love 18 bottles Mo Qi, Chuncheon Fried Chicken, 35305331 15 bottles Tian Qijiu, Leng Yue Silent 14 bottles , Decade, 20003775, Qu Xiao Mu, Ouwu, Si, Jasc, Ni Shiwen, kakururi, Xiao Jinzi, waiting for a Cancer, guesswho, maybe someone has been here, shkai, rnzhang, 50592751, she stole my milk tea, oc06, Mumu, Danle, Shili, Demonstration Household, Li Xiaoqi, Hint Oh 10 bottles Mu Qingmu, Mi, 36242434 9 bottles Ning Yin.

He squatted at the gate of his house and cried.gone.It was rare that Shen Wang never liked children, happy hemp CBD gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive so he even agreed to keep him.After the little servant finished difference between hemp and CBD Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive speaking, he ran out again.Shi ao, Shen Wang stopped him, complaining lazily, You, it s too noisy.The servant Shi ao smiled naively, but he didn t take it to heart.Shen Wang dragged his way to the study, the sun tanned people s bones.An inexplicable thought suddenly popped up in Shen Wang s heart if he could die in such sunshine, it would be not bad.He walked into the study and unfolded the scroll.In the painting, the smoke and waves are vast, the boat is light and far, submerged in the thick fog, and the road ahead is vast.There are four words inscribed on it back to shore.Not signed.This word is his husband s word, this painting Although the painting is a freehand painting of landscapes, the brushwork of this boat is very delicate, and even the leaves falling on the thin sails are also drawn, which is clearly the technique of fine brushwork, and vitamax hemp gummies the mountains are also like I haven t finished the painting, but I probably left it blank on purpose, showing that Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive the foggy road is blind.

I have never apologized with death, but the Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive eldest young master of the Sun family stopped his nano cbd gummies sedan chair in the street, ordered a truckload of dung to be thrown on the sedan chair, and called him a dung eating Shang Shu.Jiang Wan laughed.Get up It s really something that kid Sun Yi can do.Chunyuan Young Master Sun has entered the forbidden army, and it is the time when the spring breeze is so proud, how can you allow people to deceive his sister.Jiang Wan smiled Then Since then, the matter of the day will not be mentioned.The eldest son of the Sun family is afraid that he is only a teenager, and he doesn t see how people do evil, so he did such a thing.Chunyuan nodded solemnly This servant understands.Blind date is coming soon.Because he was going to have a blind date with General Ning, Jiang Wan thought about it, and dressed up to show his solemnity.

Guo Rou is six years old this year, but in the past two years, she has cbd gummies kitchener waterloo successively died of her mother, her hemp seed vs CBD Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive grandfather, her grandmother, and her uncle s napa farms cbd gummies family.The whole family was almost dead, only her and her father were left.Therefore, she has seen life and death at a young age, cbd gummies chill far better than many adults.For her, to die is to die, and the living must look forward and must strive to live.And she decided in her heart that her father also felt that she was a burden and didn t want her.Xia Zhu explained stutteringly, but thanks to Jiang Wan he understood it.Jiang Wan But her father s whereabouts are still being investigated.Xia Zhu was eating a piece of mung bean cake Can t find the body No, I mean, her father may not be dead.The cake in Xia Zhu s hand It fell to the ground.Her face was bitter, and her eyes, which were not big, were directly submerged in flesh at this time.

Perhaps he had other plans.If Nan Qi s price satisfied him, he was not unwilling to sell his daughter.However, this cannot be said in front of Fuyu.Fuyu was indignant, only knowing that the Nan Qi people had this idea, she was so angry that she almost broke the whip.If she was really asked to marry Nan Qi, with her fierceness, she didn t know what she would do.After sitting for a while, before Jiang Wan could persuade him, the queen sent someone to bring Fuyu back to Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive the palace in a hurry.Jiang Wan sat in the teahouse for a while and felt hungry.When she cbd products amazon gummies was dragged out of the house by the princess, it was the time for dinner, and now she really should find a place to eat.When I left the restaurant, I saw two acquaintances.Wearing Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive a black robe and a military uniform is Sun Yi, and the other is Miss Wang Ba, who once had a relationship with Jiang Wan.

Blood splattered.Ning Yan stood with a spear, and the plain armor was the wind.He is no longer the boy who used a wooden stick to calm the chaos in the Jixian Tower.This is the northern land, in the rough sand, among the terrified people, he stood in front of the corpse of the army soldier, with a straight and upright spirit in his back, Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive he arrogantly took all the attention of the audience, and asked people to stand Look up to him from high places.The young general is unparalleled in the world.These eight words that Mr.Storyteller often use to describe him are truly reflected in him.One husband should be closed, and ten does CBD gummy bears show up on a drug test Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive thousand people should not open it.Jiang Wan breathed a sigh of relief I can t close the city gate for now, let s see how long Ning Yan can hold it.Feiyan said Madam, he is only one person, not a thousand horses and a thousand troops.

This time she entered the palace, and she was already familiar with the way, and she believed that she would not come out of the moth who tripped over the threshold last time.But this time, something else happened.When walking on the palace road, she saw a woman in sapphire blue clothes standing in the middle of the road from a distance, and she suspected that it was Princess Fuyu.Jiang Wan secretly said, this time, after all, her mother what s the difference between hemp and cbd gummies asked her to enter the palace, and Fuyu should not embarrass her.As a result, as soon as they met, Fuyu grabbed her and said, Stand with me for a while.Is standing for a broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive while a new hobby of Princess Fuyu Jiang Wan stared blankly at the little eunuch leading the way, but found that the eunuch named Man Mi was cbd chill gummies already standing firmly in the corner, strictly practicing what the princess said stand for a while.

What else do you need She pushed open the door of the office, and Jiang Liuyi walked in.The desk is very atmospheric, with black seats, and two pots of Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive green plants are placed on the coffee table.The sun shines in, and the environment is good.Jiang Liuyi nodded It s good, thank you Director Ye.Ye Yinge smiled It s okay.After she finished speaking, she stood still, and after a few seconds she didn t hear Jiang Liuyi saying Oh, then I Go out first, you can call me at any what are the best hemp gummies on amazon time, I m next door.Jiang Liuyi hummed.Song Xian sat on the coffee table, Jiang Liuyi sat next to her, looked around for a week, Jiang Liuyi asked Song Xian, Is it better to put this green plant on the right or the left There was a pot of green plants in the middle of the coffee table, Song Xian looked around., and also referred to the layout of the entire office and said, On the right.

Lin Qiushui got up from the sofa, the speed was too fast, she felt dizzy for a moment, and after a while, she said I ll be there soon.After she said 750mg cbd gummies effects she wanted to send a message to Qian Shen, she turned to look at bliss cbd gummies the envelope on the coffee table.After a moment of silence, she walked out with unabis cbd gummies her windbreaker in her hand.After getting in the car, she called the Spring Festival fun drops cbd gummies 300 mg Gala program team and asked about changing the track.The news she got was indeed.It needs to be changed, that song is not suitable for the Spring Festival Gala.After all, it was not for nothing, and Lin Qiushui s face softened, but Qian Shen called Jiang Liuyi to the company this evening and said it was not intentional, she didn t believe jolly cbd gummies shark tank it.She told Qian Shen that Jiang Liuyi CBD hemp direct Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive was going to transfer the company, and repeatedly told him that before the transfer of the company, Jiang Liuyi would not let Qian Shen interfere in all matters.

When he looked up at that time, he saw the are CBD gummies bad for your liver Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive pale expression of the third brother, not happy or sad, but fear.The third brother felt scared when he saw his father drowning incontinence in front of him and dying with a crooked mouth and eyes.At that time, Yu Heng only serenity CBD gummies reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive thought it was human nature.Unexpectedly, Emperor Chengping s fear had reached can you vape hemp bombs cbd oil the point where he wanted to send someone to search for medicine and alchemy for longevity.Yu Heng closed her eyes and thought of Xi Zhengmo s calm face, she said, Your Highness, when the people of Nanqi sent Shengongcao to Beijing for CBD gummy candy Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive the last time, there were rumors that Shengluca got this name because of its growth.The land is favored by the gods, and the pure water from the heavenly spring is sprinkled to nourish the land, and then the ash grass grows and becomes like a stiff zebra hemp gummies review dragon.

Group activities, but she will prepare some snacks for Yu Bai alone, which ones Jiang Liuyi suddenly found that things about Yu Bai began to blur.She fell silent.Yu Guang glanced at a man standing next to Song Xian.The man didn t look like jane cbd gummies he was about to get a ticket.He blushed and followed Song Xian s side.Jiang Liuyi frowned, just as he was about to walk over, he heard the man Ask Miss, do you watch the movie alone Song Xian turned to look at him, his tone was flat No, with my wife.The man shyly left.Jiang Liu Yi was in the same place, she suddenly thought that when they were with Yu Bai, they went out to eat.A man approached and asked Yu Bai for a phone number.Yu Bai just said sorry, he didn t bring his mobile phone, and the man finally left his phone number.The number, Yu Bai put it on the table and showed her off.

Jiang Liu Yi Yi was startled Allen Song Xian nodded.Jiang Liuyi didn t expect to meet Allen first.She had heard Allen s name when she was very young.Zhao Yueming often said that Allen was the best at playing the piano.At that time, Allen was quite famous and well known to every household, but he didn t know why he stopped playing the piano Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive later.Many people were embarrassed and felt that it was a pity.Later, he opened a piano shop and went to the university as a visiting professor, bringing out many outstanding students.Zhao Yueming was the last group.Jiang Liuyi remembered that Zhao Yueming wanted to introduce her to study at Allen, but her parents stopped her several times and she didn t go.If I could have studied in the first place, what would it be like now Jiang Liuyi shook her head lightly, cutting off her thoughts, Song Xian looked at her sideways, Jiang Liuyi met Song Xian s gaze and said, Song Xian, is there anything you particularly want to do that you haven t done yet Seconds, shook his head No.

But if Huyan Kuo was involved, the difficulty of the matter would be doubled.The first problem to be solved is the heavy guards outside Huyanlujiang s tent.As long as Huyanlujiang makes the slightest wrong sound, the guards will rush in Chapter 44 Arson In the fourth year of Emperor Chengping, the 23rd day of October, the hour of the hour.Dawn has broken, and frost melts on the branches.When Jiang Wan went up to the tower, he found that the archers were upstairs, waiting for him.Behind her, Feiyan brought the Rakshasa girl who was gagged and tied.The archer stepped aside for her, Jiang Wan looked down, and smilz cbd gummies review now Liang Jun was facing off against the Rong soldiers.In addition to the familiar Huyan Lujiang troops, there was also a group of troops under the tower.They were armed with Liang s armor, but they were all Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive dressed up.

Jiang Wan actually didn t know whether to believe Mr.Xi or not, but when he thought of the big stone across the river of Kami, he finally had to believe it.Jiang Wan This Mr.Xi is very good and bad.Keeping him will definitely be useful in the future.Ni Yan thought it was reasonable, and turned around to chat with Mr.Xi.After a while, he returned to the entrance of the Chenghuang Temple.Huo Nvxia was leaning on the banyan tree and waiting.Bian Zi was talking to a beautiful little girl.Everything was normal.Huo Nvxia frowned What s wrong with your skirt Jiang Wan pursed her lips and said aggrievedly, I was accidentally burned by the incense stick.Huo Nvxia saw that her panties were intact and knew that there should be no burns, and her brows were slightly loose.I m not careful.Jiang Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive Wan took a step towards her, revealing the two people behind her.

Hearing the rustling sound in the quiet environment, the picture looks pleasant and beautiful.This is not the first time Jiang Liuyi has seen people painting.In the past, she often accompanied Yu Bai to paint.Yu Bai liked painting very much.Before every painting, he had to make all preparations.In her words, his attitude should be correct and pious.She stayed with her, watching her busy, and finally sat upright in front of the easel, writing and detailing.Completely different from Song Xian.Then she was stunned.She saw that the person she had mistaken was doing the same thing and how much are purekana cbd gummies doing the same action, but she could easily tell the difference.Jiang Liuyi paused when she wanted to walk in.After a few seconds, she slowly stepped back and left the room.When she got to the piano room, it was difficult to calm down and continue playing the piano.

Yu Kan Ying fell into a cold sweat, but did not dare not to recite disturbed by the end of the Han Dynasty, I took refuge in Jingzhou with my uncle Xuan I remember, Jiang Wan suddenly said, You have something to do with Ning Yan Chapter 62 The truth Jiang Wan I have read the file, Ning Yan is suppressing the bandits for you., for you, a deserter from Wanglong Pass in Youzhou.Yu Kanyong s smokiez gummies cbd face turned pale.As soon as this statement came out, everyone was shocked, except for Ni Yan who knew something, secretly thinking about reporting to King Zhao to know.Mr.Xi, who had been hiding in the carriage, stretched out his head and sighed in a vague way It s true that we best cbd for joint pain 2021 don t meet in life.Jiang Wan admires General Ning, and naturally has are human cbd gummies safe for dogs a position, so he doesn t see it as useful Others can let it go, but this Yu Kanyong must stay.

The little palace ladies had neat hands and feet, and in the blink of an eye, they each filed out lunchbox cbd gummies sleep with their things.Yu Heng said in a complaining tone Brother Huang asked me to enter the palace to discuss matters, but when Ning Lao Wu came, he would not want me.Your brother is not such a person.The queen mother pointed to the chair.Yu Heng sat down Who said receptra cbd gummies that, the emperor is very happy, I cbd gummies ingredients m afraid he will cbd gummies sandra bullock fall asleep with Ning Yan.He said it like a little daughter in law who was angry.When the queen mother saw him like this, she immediately laughed You, you, you have been domineering since childhood, and now you even drink the vinegar of your emperor.Annoying.It s just that Master Wu complimented him a few times in the past, you are so hearty.The queen mother laughed at him.Yu Heng pretended to sigh Oh, it turns out that in the heart of my mother, I am such a person, I am really sad.

The sun jumped in from the window and fell on Song Xian.She had a good figure and a quiet temperament.Jiang Liuyi suddenly called out, Song Xian.Liu Yi called and turned her head What s the matter Jiang Liu Yichuan held her hand on one side, her heart beat faster, she and Song Xian looked at each other for a few seconds, then suddenly walked to Song Xian and reached out to hug her.Can you feel her now Chapter 21 Blocking Song Xian was hugged inexplicably, not only this hug, but also some recent actions of Jiang Liuyi made her confused, could it be because Yu Bai came back and her emotions were uncontrollable It s not impossible.Yesterday, she had to Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive CBD good for joint pain be constantly comforted.Song Xian thought that it was not easy for Jiang Liuyi to make breakfast for herself this morning.It was just a hug.She patted Jiang Liuyi s back, soothing.

One was that they had never drank alcohol because they were weak, and the other felt that drinking was not good for self cultivation.It was hot in the side building, and the fruit wine was sweet, and they didn t know what was going on.Guo Cang was so dizzy that it was easy to go out.As soon as his feet were weak, he fell high CBD gummies Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive to the ground.The bustard just saw it and hurriedly asked someone to tell Yu Heng.Yu Heng came to deal with this mess.Guo Cang was okay, but he didn t pay attention to the fall when he got sunset cbd gummies up so hard, but Jiang Ci, who was sitting at the table with straight eyes, looked even more serious.Yu Heng went over and asked him, How much did you drink Jiang Ci looked up to see him, and smiled foolishly A lot.Yu Heng looked at him for a moment, and couldn t help feeling It s better to is hemp the same as cbd for dogs be a child, no worries, no can i fly with cbd gummies 2021 more than adults, If you drink too much, you will start to cry.

Huang Buyan does have this ability.But Jiang Wan said No.No, she cbd gummies distributor has to take care of it.She didn t see with her own eyes that Miss Meng San was thrown into the icy river, how she struggled in the water, or the desperate look in Miss Meng San s eyes before she died, but she seemed to have heard the sight of the villagers.The deafening cheers of Miss Meng San sank, and she saw the excited and twisted smiles on the faces of the villagers.She saw a man with broken legs weeping like a trapped beast in the dark woodshed amid the joyful beating of gongs and drums Chapter do cbd gummies help to quit smoking 71 Glacier She heard it and saw it, so she couldn t turn a deaf ear or turn a blind eye.She wants to take care of it because natures aid cbd roll on her conscience is still warm.Jiang Wan walked in front of Miss Meng Si, Meng Si bit her lip with tears on her face, and cried so hard, because she didn t dare to make a sound, her face turned purple.

Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive meijer cbd gummies >> can CBD give you chest pain, CBD gummies for pain reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive.

First, you have to correct your clothes, then pay homage to Confucius, then pay your respects to Mr., and then send the six rituals to repair, then five CBD gummies reviews Hemplex Naturals CBD Revive you have to clean your hands and hearts, and finally the pen ceremony.In the opening ceremony, there are three steps cinnabar opening wisdom, drumming wisdom and drawing red opening brush.The time for Brother Yuan s opening was actually a little earlier, but this was specially ordered by the old grandfather Song from Chizhou.He lost pure hemp gummy 300mg lemon flavour a son who was the third flower, so he couldn t wait to raise a grandson of the champion.It is also human nature.But Jiang Wan was worried about whether it would help the seedlings grow, and instead told Yuan Ge er not to fall in love with school, but now it seems that Mr.Shao is amiable, at least he won t tell Yuan Ge er to be afraid of him.

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