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Captain He is very optimistic about Xia Xiaoshu s special talent.A stone in his heart fell, and Xia Xiaoshu became much more relaxed, spending most of his care and time on writing games.In this way, the progress of data engineering becomes very fast.On the third day, a fellow CBD gallatin tn Flora CBD Gummies villager came over to pass a message, saying that Master Zhang invited Mr.Xia to come to his house.Thanks to the fellow, Xia Xiaoshu guessed that Carpenter Zhang should have done a are cbd gummies good for nerve pain good job.Come to Master Zhang s house, enter the side room and take a look, ho Master Zhang s work is really exquisite.That s right, it s like this, it made you worry, thank you, thank you Xia Xiaoshu thanked him again and again in a hurry.Xia Xiaoshu is a sensible person, and he knows it best in his heart.For the same salary, there will be no extra charge for careful construction.

The locations are quite good.Fang Wenqian replied casually on the phone.Really Did you say no specific purpose One of them is used to open a small game company, and the other two are not mentioned by him.Fang Wenqian replied in a low voice on the other end of the phone.It seems that Xiao Xia is going to do a big job What s going on with Principal Yang Fang Bokai asked casually on the phone.It looks better.The topic they discussed together was still about the cutting and forming equipment.I didn t seem to hear anything else.Got it Are you interested in practicing Otherwise, we can rent it too.How many shops do you go hemp bomb cbd gummy bears to Fang Bokai asked casually on the other end of the phone.Let s take a look.I don t have any good projects right now.Okay, there are so many people over there that I realize that it s not good, so hang up.

Is there a Second Two Baozi Shop I ll just go there and eat some food later Meng Qiting still looked unappreciative.Okay then, there is some tea in the kitchen, you can pour it yourself.Shaking his head gently, with a smile, Xia Xiaoshu went to the kitchen to cook.The bungalow where Meng Qiting lived was separated by two storage rooms from the kitchen.He heard toddler ate cbd gummies Xiao Xia s busy work in the kitchen.Looking around the kitchen.I was sure that Mr.Xia had finished his lunch, and he had already returned to the front hall, so he put on his shirt and shoes, and did not go to the front hall.Meng Qiting walked out of the backyard gate along the wall and deliberately walked around for a while.I went to eat steamed buns at the Second Two Baozi Shop For the whole afternoon, hardly a single customer came to the door.

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No matter the business of the Xinhui store, or the daily housework, Li Cuiye usually has the final say.After arguing for a while, thinking that Li Cuiye must have other concerns in his heart, Li Cuiye s lover will not say more.Li Cuiye is a shrewd person and knows a lot of people on the street.After inquiring privately for a period of time, he found that almost no cbd delta 8 thc gummies one knew the details of Xia Xiaoshu.Just a few days ago, a pharmaceutical farmer worked on Xinhui s side.That person usually had a good relationship with Li Cuiye, and chatted about Xia Xiaoshu without saying anything.The man told Li Cuiye that he had sold medicinal materials in Yugu Village, and that he had a very good impression of Mr.Xia.The speaker had no intention, but the listener had a heart.Li Cuiye inquired about the medicine farmer in detail for a long time, and Li Cuiye decided to go to Yugu Village.

Manager Mu is a serious university graduate, and his knowledge of computers is better than that of ordinary people.In her opinion, the configuration of those desktop computers is not too bad., It seems that in his spare time, Mr.Xia seems to be engaged in a very important private business.After all, I graduated from a famous university, and I am so young and my brain is very good.How can I live in this wild country for a long time I have to hurry up.Before I officially leave my job, Mr.Xiao Xia will help me a little bit.I hope that the business in the store will return to normal as soon as possible.Thinking of this, Manager Mu suddenly felt a sense Flora CBD Gummies of urgency in his heart Xia Xiaoshu was frying steamed buns in the kitchen when Miss Xin came in from outside.Yo Why do you think of fried buns today It smells so good You got up early enough today, haven t you had breakfast yet Or, come with our manager later.

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Is there any difficulty No , no I m in a panic recently, okay As soon as the samples arrive, I ll go through the relevant procedures.The two were chatting when the two waitresses started serving dishes.After the relevant procedures are completed, I have to trouble you to take Ye Shaobo to Yugu Village to live for a few days.As for you, you can live in the house of Sister Mo Saoyun.Her in law s house is an old house, and she is very cbd gummy bears canada particular.Sister Mo is her own person, nothing more.Taboo, after moving in, if it is not very convenient, I will rent another small courtyard for you to live in.Don t bother, Sister Mo s place is fine.Chen Yurong replied quickly.Little Leaf lives at Shi Jiu s eldest brother s place.It s a simple B B, and the environment is pretty good.Okay, are we going there mainly to investigate the actual use of solar energy products Yes, familiar with Flora CBD Gummies related performance flowers.

What CBD Gummies Are Safe Flora CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND When talking to him, it is natural to be more respectful.The two sisters, Shang Yiqiang, often talked about Shi Jincuo when they met, and knew that this person was not simple.Shang Yixi has do cbd gummies show up always adhered to the principle of being a good man by keeping track of the current affairs.I heard that you have some friendship with Mr.Xia of Miaowei company Shi Jincuo said casually.That s all in the past.It s more or less a relationship.Now, Mr.Xia s personal career is booming.It s not comparable to the past.I can t say that, in my opinion Xia is always a nostalgic person, and the company hopes that you can get as close as you can in the future.Then I ll try my best Shang Yixi responded quickly road.Well, I still have some things to do.You should talk to your sister about the specific affairs of your new position.

As for Xia Xiaoshu and his friends, he doesn t have any taboos.In any case, from different villages and towns, Xia Xiaoshu and his friends are foreigners, and they came to visit their old father with gifts.Shang Yi naturally felt warm in his heart.What s more, Xia Xiaoshu is now a big boss.He wants money, money, and relationships.His family is in trouble, and he is unfamiliar in Lishi City.More So, Qu Shangyi accompanied the smiling face and thanked everyone very enthusiastically.Our father is alone in the ward cbd gummies for appetite right now Come and accompany you, I will discuss something with Dr.Meng.Mrs.Mai said casually.Okay I m sorry After that, Qu Shangyi went back to the ward to take care of his old father.Xia Xiaoshu and Tan Yuecheng looked at each other, and benefits of cbd gummies 10 mg they both felt that the matter of the Qu family was decided by cbd gummies on shark tank Mrs.

Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu made up her mind to do it on her own side first.Rolling up his sleeves, Xia Xiaoshu spread the straw mat made of Edelweiss on the ground.For the sake of cleanliness, Xiao Xia deliberately laid two layers of it.All the medicine boxes have been renumbered by Xia Xiaoshu.According to her original design plan, Xiao Xia opened a box, poured all the herbs in it onto the straw mat, and glanced down, Xia Xiaoshu squatted there and began to classify Seeing that five medicine boxes have been sorted out, Xia Xiaoshu felt a little sore and numb in his lower back, so he stood up and moved a few times.It s not a matter of rush, let s go here first.Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu sorted out the herbs cbd gummy for dogs at hand, locked the warehouse door, and turned back to the office.After lying down in the bedroom for a while, Xia Xiaoshu got up and went to the desk, turned on the computer, and started writing the puzzle game Maybe it was because he hadn t been in touch with the production of this game for several days.

Flora CBD Gummies Very real.ThisI m afraid it s hard to get my wishI have little experience, what can I say Your company s various businesses are developing at the top level in Lishi, and have always been in an absolute upstream competitive advantage.I m not afraid of your jokes, we The company is different, the signs of unsustainability are becoming more and more obvious, soif we can make a little improvement in the sales of medicinal tea, maybe we won t have to earn rent and make colleagues in the industry laugh.Xia Xiaoshu These words are very objective, but to Fang Yuejuan s charlottes web hemp gummies ears, they are still somewhat soft with rigidity.After looking at her sister, Fang Yuejuan thought to herself, This young man looks like a very thoughtful master.Today s trip is probably in vain.Fang Yuelan has much to say about the content of the negotiation between the two parties.

, regardless of technological breakthroughs, he has not much right to speak, not to mention that he is not a formal employee of Miaowei company.So, Quambide chose to remain silent.Others felt the cost of the business was extremely low, and most agreed.Only Zhao Flora CBD Gummies Rongjin objected Low cost, large market, few competitors These are indeed rare advantages, but the stability of wireless signals is difficult to control, and it is particularly vulnerable to the surrounding electromagnetic environment, especially in rural areas.This is the case.Don t think that there are no factories or companies in the countryside, and the electromagnetic environment is simple.In fact, it is not the case.In this regard, I have personal experience, so I think this plan can be approved.However, it has to be done.Only after further calculations can it be officially put into production.

They have just received approval recently.The applicant s name is Xia Xiaoshu.I asked, this person should be from Qibaotang.Rising stars, from a procedural point of view, these patents should have nothing to do with Qibaotang.The surname Xia has been employed for less than a year and should have nothing to do with the technology research and development department at Qibaotang.Xiao Song explained briefly.After a few words, he handed the documents in his hand to Vice President Cui.After quietly browsing the information in his hand, Vice President Cui handed it to the female supervisor.After the female supervisor read the information in her hand, Vice President Cui asked casually, If the Qibaotang side successfully puts this batch of newly developed medicinal tea on the shelves, how much eagle CBD gummies reviews Flora CBD Gummies will it affect us ThisIf Qibaotang is on trial sale for a period of time, I m afraid all our similar products will have to be taken off the shelves.

Yuan Jiamin responded with a smile.Although she understood what Chairman Lin meant, she didn t want to involve her personal friends in the company.daily business.From what you said at the regular meeting, that Mr.Xia seems to be quite familiar with you, right Lin Huomian asked with a smile.It s a good friend, what s the matter Can I trouble you to arrange it, my father and I want to meet him.Yuan Jiamin couldn t help but feel secretive when he heard that the old chairman wanted to aurora cbd and hemp meet Xia Xiaoshu.surprised.Then well, I ll ask him later, he s been quite busy recently, so he may not have time recently I ll make an appointment with you when it s convenient for him.Okay, thank you Then get off work early, and say hello to my uncle and aunt on my behalf Thank you, Mr.Lin, for your concern, goodbye Goodbye Drive slower on the road After saying that, Lin Huomian turned around and left Xia Xiaoshu went to the street and found a small advertising company, and asked them to make two small billboards for Meng Qiting, one mainly introduced Dr.

He just thought that his old father was a few years old and he liked to play Go again.Just got it.It was only later that I learned that Xia Xiaoshu still has two skills in mathematics.Lin Huomian didn t care too much.As What CBD Gummies Are Safe Flora CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND for saying that Xia Xiaoshu might affect the future existence of Shimang in the future, Lin Huomian never agreed.Later, when he learned that his old father even intended to donate some shares to Xia Xiaoshu, Lin Huomian became a little wary.Some time ago, some customers reported that the newly launched automatic surveying and plotting instrument of Rengmang occasionally had data disorder.At first, Lin Huomian didn t take it seriously.Subsequently, customers began to complain.Lin Huomian is also a person who understands technology.He immediately organized relevant personnel to repeatedly conduct various comprehensive tests.

Oh Isn t this President Tong Why are you here in such a snowy day As she spoke, Xu Shiyun stepped forward and greeted Tong Yuyao.Xu Shiyun and Tong Yuyao have met many times at various business events and left a deep impression on each other.However, the two have never had any personal interactions.Ouch Hello Teacher Xu It s been a just cbd 1000mg gummies long time What CBD Gummies Are Safe Flora CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND Tong Yuyao responded enthusiastically, and at the same time reached out and shook hands with Xu Shiyun.After the three of them were seated, the female nanny of the Qian family brought three cups of fragrant tea, Xia Xiaoshu got up and thanked them, and placed the three cups of tea wyld cbd gummies reviews at random.Gan Jiumao pure cana cbd gummies saw that there were quite a lot of visitors in the hospital, and said to Xia Xiaoshu You chat with Mr.Tong first, I ll go over and say hello.Uncle Thank you for your hard work That s right, hehe In response, Gan Jiumao, together with the nanny of the Qian family, invited Mr.

Mr.Xia is right.Listening to what you said, I m finally a little underwhelmed, butthe toys produced by our company.It has indeed begun to be unsalable, and if we don t develop new toys, I am afraid that we will have to seriously consider layoffs.Ding Weishan is indeed not as depressed as before, but the Xinyixiang company is currently facing many practical difficulties.Then let cbd infused chill gummies s do it this way, after I have eliminated the hidden dangers of interpersonal relationships, let s find a time, is it illegal to fly with cbd gummies let s make an appointment with Liang Yu to find a place to discuss and discuss, her mind is still very fast, and she has a kind hearted demeanor.She may be able to have some positive influence on Mr.Liang, and I believe it will not take long for all aspects of your cbd gummy worms 500mg company s business to become normal.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.

That night, Shang Yixi cautiously went to his parents in law s house to see his son.Just after chatting with Xiao Di in the living room, he saw his wife standing by the fence on the second floor and waved to him.Knowing that Ding Weishan was in a bad mood during this time, Shang Yi slowly walked up to the second floor and entered the study with cbd gummies stock bated breath.Sometimes, Shang Yixi is really afraid of Ding Weishan.In his opinion, his beloved wife Ding Weishan is the kind of person who is not serious.It s been so many days, you always Flora CBD Gummies say that Xia Xiaoshu is very busy there, why Are you planning to wait until the exhibition is completely over and pretend to be confused With the resentment in her heart, Ding Weishan scolded her husband.a few words.This matter is very important to your company, how dare I not care Seriously, since you handed this matter over to me, I have been in contact with Jiang Siyong at least three times a day ButSi The Yong side always replies that Xia Xiaoshu is really busy, and there are more than one or two things busy, one of which seems to be Flora CBD Gummies directly related 2022 Flora CBD Gummies to the life and death of Qibaotang Shang Yixi cautiously explained a few sentences.

Maybe she felt that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing for the two of them to sit like this.Ms.Xie casually chatted up Mr.Xia seems to have graduated from Tongqi University , right Yes, listen to what you mean, can the head office see my personal information Xia does cbd help inflammation Xiaoshu asked in surprise.I see that we are about the same age, right You always use honorifics, how can I listen As she spoke, Ms.Xie turned her eyes to the distance and smiled slightly implicitly.Xia Xiaoshu thought to herself, since she can see her personal information, she must know how old she is It seemed that the lady Xie in front of her had graduated only a few years earlier than herself.In her speech and manners, Ms.Xie was very cultivated.Considering her age, bearing, and conversation, she should have gone to university.

Order drinks, snacks, etc.Thank you for your hard work Xu Shiyun responded with a smile.Thank you Ding Weishan thanked with a smile.As soon can you fly with cbd gummy as Xia Xiaoshu left, Xu Shiyun moved her seat to Ding Weishan s side.The more they talked, the more speculative they became.In addition to the words, Xu Shiyun has been asking Ding Weishan s vision for her future.The second schedule of the ship model competition is relatively long.Xia Xiaoshu and the three of them have almost finished CBDmd gummies Flora CBD Gummies drinking, and the competition is finally over.It didn t take long for the results of the game to be announced.Xiaoyu took the 5th place in the whole group.Considering her age, this result is really good.The Qian family of three is naturally overjoyed.The ship model made by Xiaodi is a little simple, and many projects cbd hemp oil do not get a single point, so Flora CBD Gummies cbd gummies without hemp they are naturally eliminated.

If everyone is happy, it will be over.Manager hemp oil vs cbd for anxiety Yue did Flora CBD Gummies not intend to accept money.Manager Yue, you misunderstood Our company urgently needs such a sophisticated surveying and plotting instrument Otherwise, why would I go to the exhibition today to participate inWatch it Regardless of the sky high price your company sells, I will pay for it.Mr.Tong s words are bold enough.The sky high price is out of the question.Then I will charge the lowest price.Please let the finance doggie cbd gummies transfer 150,000 to us.Manager Yue responded with a smile.When he heard that the surveying and mapping instrument was priced at 150,000 yuan, the expression on Mr.Tong s face still seemed so natural.Obviously, the cost of 150,000 yuan was not a big deal for others.Including Shi Jincuo When the people in the audience heard this, they were all shocked.

Through Xie Tingyu s supplement, Xia Xiaoshu basically grasped the most common demand for Chinese herbal medicine in the entire Lishi City.So, Xia Xiaoshu was CBD gummies delta 8 Flora CBD Gummies going to try Ant Strategy.When I drove to the herbal medicine warehouse, it was already eight o clock in the morning.The door was left open.I pushed open infused gummies cbd the door and walked in.I saw that Uncle Gan Jiumao was drying Chinese herbal medicines in the yard.Yo It s so early Uncle Gan greeted with a smile.Recently, medicinal tea has become popular.We must hurry up and keep up with the rhythm of purchasing herbal medicines.As long as we take every step, once the chain benefits are unfolded, it is estimated that within three months, my ant strategy will be completed.It should work.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Ant Raiders What do you mean Let s hear it.

It s okay, I am a person, I have been afraid of cbd hemp flower seeds dogs since I was a child, it seems to listen to you very much.The voice of the strange woman was very pleasant to listen to.Thank you for being my company, otherwise, this place is not so nice.After looking around, the female guest said softly, You are much better What CBD Gummies Are Safe Flora CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND here than I thought, quite a bit back.Park Guizhen means.Really I don t have any good tea here, just a local specialty, bitter camellia, would you like some Okay, okay Does it taste a bit bitter The first time you enter it, it will feel a little astringent, but it will get better after you get used to it.As she spoke, Xiao Xia made a cup of bitter camellia for the female guest.At this moment, Boss Wu had parked the car and walked in with a few plastic bags for supermarkets in his hand.

five hemp Meng to come and take a look, you Don t be a stranger to me, I ve always regarded myself as half a native of Yugu Town Xia cbd hemp bombs gummies Xiaoshu is the most enthusiastic person, and it can be seen that Qu Shangyi and his wife are having a hard time right now, otherwise, They also don t sell buns on the street.This Let s talk about it Well, the street patrols should be far away.I have to garden of life cbd sleep gummies go out and sell the rest of the buns.After speaking, he thanked Gan Jiumao and Xia Xiaoshu, put the basket on his back, and quipped.Shang Yi hurriedly went out to sell buns along the street.Looking at Qu Shangyi s disappearing is cbd gummies good for anxiety figure, Gan Jiu said casually, It is estimated that the old man is seriously ill Are you planning to go and see Yes, but you have seen it, he seems to be It s very shameful, and I don t want people to visit the ward This kind of person has real skills and has a lot of heart His lover is very forthright, so he shouldn t do things like Boss Qu, or you can ask Tan Yuecheng to beat her up.

Forget it, I ll go by myself Alarmed Ye Shaobo, he said hello to the old carpenter and others and drove to the headquarters office building of the Shi Mihui company.Everyone s time was very tight.As soon as they entered the door, Xia Xiaoshu immediately proposed that he wanted to prefabricate a composite chip.President Xia, please show me the relevant technical requirements and the general specifications of the chip.Tong Yuyao replied happily.In fact, in the current business situation, Shi Mihui and Miaowei have formed a competitive relationship.At this moment, the two parties are sitting together to negotiate the very sensitive chip business itself.It seems a little delicate.What s more, according to Yuan Jiamin, in recent months, Shi Mihui has also rolled off a digital automatic control machine tool with extremely high precision, and its compounding degree is even higher than that of Zumang company.

As long as you work for one day in the warehouse, you must have the final say.It s a big deal And when it comes to the obvious, it s really It s just a matter of borrowing.Disgusting identity Manager Mu didn t take it seriously at all.Anyway, it was my fault first.Xia Xiaoshu casually hemp bomb CBD gummies Flora CBD Gummies said politely.What Did you really take it to heart Hahaha What s the wyld 500mg cbd cbn sleep gummies matter The warehouse has been managed by our branch for so many years.Who has ever stepped into the head office Now I know the reason for picking us up, it s purely faulty Manager Mu changed his usual gentle attitude and sneered a few words loudly.Thank you Manager Mu for your understanding.However, a company that can continue to make profits should indeed have some rules in all aspects.Director Cao is really right about this.On the head, you are the most knowledgeable employee in our company Don t worry, let Flora CBD Gummies s have fun with your friends Flora CBD Gummies for a few days, you have the final say in the warehouse, and other inexplicable people, how much cbd oil does a pound of hemp make Don t worry about it at all.

According to Meng Qiting, Flora CBD Gummies his cousin s real name was Meng Qiyun.For some unknown reason, she later changed the word Qi in the middle to chess.After sitting at the chess table No.1 for a few minutes, a middle aged female referee accompanied a middle aged lady in fashion to the table.This is Ms.Meng, this is Mr.Xia.If whoever wins later, will be the champion of this Go Invitational Tournament.The middle aged female referee explained with a smile.Really Mr.Xia, hello, I ve heard the name for a long time, and I was able to gummy bears cbd amazon meet today.It s a pleasure to meet, it s a pleasure to meet Meng Qiyun nodded politely to the middle aged female referee, and turned around and politely said a few words to Xia Xiaoshu.Hello I haven t been to the head office very often, and I haven t been able to see you.Disrespectful, disrespectful Xia Xiaoshu quickly said politely.

Judging from his age, he should be about the same age as himself.Are you a friend of Lao Wei the little security guard asked strangely.No, I m a candidate.Really I m going to close the valve.Please help me to put the tube away.After a while, other candidates gathered at the gate one after another, waiting to enter.Master Wei, the security guard, saw that it was almost time, and stood at the gate of the office building and pressed the remote control to open the gate.The candidates swarmed in, some walked briskly towards the east building, some started looking for a carport to store their electric cars, and some trotted all the way to the west building.Xiao Xia waved at Master Wei, and was about to go up to the east building to have a look when he heard someone shouting at him, Hey You came quite early.

Uncle You have worked hard up and down the mountain.Are you used to drinking this stuff Xia Xiaoshu handed the drink in his hand to the old shepherd.Ouch Thank you, thank you I don t drink this hemp living delta 8 gummies review stuff.An expert told me that if Flora CBD Gummies you can t drink this carbonated drink, don t drink it.I trust him and never drink it.The old shepherd declined Xia Xiaoshu s kindness with a smile.That s what they say.Well, you re busy with your work.Let s talk later.I m on duty at the medicinal material warehouse at the foot of the mountain.You must pass by one day.Good talk, good talk See you later As he spoke, the old shepherd shouted and drove the flock away.After wandering around for a while, Captain He guessed that Xiao Xin and the others should have measured some results, and greeted Mr.Xiao Xia to return to the surveying and mapping site.

What I m getting old and getting to know a good friend like you has finally opened my eyes and left me a way to live for the old man.Your old words are heavy, and a lot of times, in fact, you have been helping me all the time.My own person.Don t be polite to each other, and doing things down to earth is the only way out.Talking and talking, the meal was finished.The old shepherd never dreamed that he would go on this trip and lazarus naturals high potency cbd tincture even cbd fruit gummies negotiate the pension in the future.In addition to his joy, the old man happily sang a little song all the way.went back to his place.Chapter 281 is somewhat selfish Ding Weishan always insists on living in her parents house, and her son Xiaodi is also kept by her side.She knows better than anyone what kind of person her husband Shang Yixi is.After discussing with Xia Xiaoshu to cooperate in the development of mobile games, she will not move home.

Last night, Xia Xiaoshu slept very late, and asked Shi Xinqin to fry a lot of meatballs, fried tofu, fish nuggets, potato nuggets in the kitchen Listening to the movement downstairs, Yang Yuye and Jin Yeyu also went over to help, and a few people were talking and laughing.With a smile, I prepared a lot of food that is freeze resistant and storage resistant.All the food used is packed in the trunk of the off road vehicle, and wyld cbd pear gummies there is a separate car for emergency items such as edelweiss.It is a newly produced light truck.The size is not too small.Together with Mo Saoyun, Luo Chengxiang and others, Xia Xiaoshu put the old and young people on the bus and watched the small fleet of Shizhong company gradually drift away Chapter 753 Business is increasing Gan sugar free cbd gummies amazon Jiu took the risk of possessing profound martial arts, wandering around for most of her life, and has a wealth of life experience, which is not just cbd gummies for pain comparable to ordinary people.

Forget it, it s all worthless stuff.It s getting brighter when we see the sky, so let s go back first.Shi Kexin said casually, patted the two brothers on the shoulders, and ran quickly towards the village Seeing those boys run away, Xia Xiaoshu showed a triumphant smile on his face, bowed his hands to Wang Cai , and thanked him casually Wang Cai Thanks for your warning today, otherwise, we would have It s freezing tonight Wang Cai called Xiao Xia twice, as if he understood what he meant.In a short period of time, those little boys will not make any small moves, so Xiao Xia dismantled the slings , put the bamboo pieces and hemp ropes back in place, and a small disturbance disappeared.Seeing that the sky was getting brighter, Xiao Xia greeted prosperity and went around to the foot of the back mountain, sorted out the icebreakers by the river, tied them with ropes and carried them back to the warehouse.

Luo Chengxiang guessed that Xia Xiaoshu was mining, and when he heard this, most of his doubts were dispelled.It s all my own, don t be so polite.Since you have arranged it like this, you must have your reasons.I have lived a lot of years, and I still understand this principle.Luo Chengxiang smiled and said politely.Shi Jiudang was also the person at the scene, Xia Xiaoshu took the initiative to treat guests, and when it comes to the Flora CBD Gummies bright side, there must be his difficulties.As a friend, Shi Jiudang can also understand a thing or two.That s right, that s right I don t talk so much about my own people.We don t ask much if you are busy with you.However, if you encounter any difficulties, you must greet us both That is, that is The two of you , I will use tea instead of wine to honor the Flora CBD Gummies two of you As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu saluted respectfully.

Thanks You are returning What CBD Gummies Are Safe Flora CBD Gummies | SECRET FACTS BEHIND to the village.Do you have errands It s nothing, I ll drive Uncle Gan and Sister Mo back to the village and buy some soy products from you, and I ll have to go back to the city later.Then I won t leave you any more., drive slowly on the road No hurry, I ll chat with you for a while.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu walked to the stone table, made two cups of herbal tea for Master Zhang and himself, sat there and drank The gamepad was naturally the main topic for the two of them to chat.The old carpenter told Xiao Xia that the business of Xiaotan s do CBD gummies work Flora CBD Gummies shop had not improved, and the young man had worked hard on the gamepad.Recently, I ve made my life a little messy, and the gamepad thing has been dragging its feet.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Young people It s normal A few days ago, Xiao Tan was thinking about contracting a fish pond to hire people to raise fish Buying a house, buying a car, starting a family Flora CBD Gummies It s enough for you to be busy for many years, hehe These two years, both Almost.

There were many technical terms involved in the words.key details.Yang Yuye couldn t understand the content of 20 , and he was in a bad mood, so when he listened to it, Yang Yuye became distracted Xia Xiaoshu glanced inadvertently, and noticed that Yang Yuye s mind was not on the workshop rectification.However, in Xia Xiaoshu s opinion, what he was talking about might be too professional.Yang Yuye, who was a nurse, was naturally hard to understand.If he was gummy bear cbd distracted, he would be distracted.Later, with the gradual deepening of the coordination work, with Yang Yuye s brain, he was very You ll get used to it soon.Nie Zhaoxu and Guan Qicheng were both professionals, but when they didn t understand something, they would ask Xia Xiaoshu for some advice from time to time.Invisibly, Yang Yuye was left out in the cold.

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