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Just looking at Ruan Bingcai s reaction, Jiang Wan has already determined cbd gummies with turmeric and ginger eight CBD gummies on plane CBD Gummy Frogs points.At least he knew where he would be CBD Gummy Frogs sent next.Jiang Wan calmed CBD Gummy Frogs down a little CBD Gummy Frogs and asked, Sir, where are we now It s okay to tell her.Ruan Bingcai said This is the post station outside Fengqiu County.Fengqiu It s already out pure kana premium cbd gummies of Kaifeng Mansion.It probably took seven or eight days on the road.The person who speaks righteously.Yes.Ruan Bingcai answered dryly.This woman is a monster, with a small mouth, she even guessed everything.Jiang Wan was holding Brother Yuan, and his hands were sore at this time, so he thought of seeing off the guest If you have nothing to do, please go out first, our mother and son will meet again after a long time, and there are some private things to talk about.Ling Gongzi is only four years old, What can I say privately Have you eaten a few candied haws recently Not much, less than thirty.

cbd to quit smoking gummies Suddenly there was the sound of fast running footsteps.The footsteps were getting closer, and someone turned a corner and ran towards them.Taking a closer look, there is more than one person running, one tall and one short, two men.Zhao Liu s lantern was CBD Gummy Frogs still lit, but the range of light that could be illuminated was very small, but some people could recognize it just by looking at it once they had seen it once.Jiang Wan recognized one of them.It s Ning Yan Feiyan affirmed It is indeed General Ning.Then Jiang Wan was very puzzled, Yu Heng clearly said that Ning Yan was locked up by Ning Tong, how could he purekana CBD gummies for tinnitus reviews CBD Gummy Frogs run wild on the street after curfew.And the one behind Ning Yan, the traitorous bandit, what is his name Yukan used.Are they running one after the other, or are they both running Jiang Wan hurriedly asked Sun Yi, Have you reached the place where Guan Huang Buyan is located do cbd gummies make you thirsty Sun Yi said, Ming Ran s private house is just ahead, not far away.

.Someone in the crowd immediately shouted Your wealth is all given by the Song family, how can you protect her Why don t you ask this little lady to follow me Then, I saw Ni Yan with the same beard.Your lucent valley cbd gummies beards must be wholesale, right The Song family is stubborn, embezzling my dowry, and insulting my girl.I can t bear CBD Gummy Frogs it anymore.I have already entered the palace and begged the Empress to let me reconcile.She said eloquently.And away The crowd suddenly became noisy.Some said she was delusional, some said she was courageous, and she CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa said anything.But after Chunyuan s cry, the image of the villain of Butler Song has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Even if some people think that Jiang Wan is deviant, they always understand that she was forced.After all, this dynasty took a woman s dowry very seriously.

The young heartbroken grass was transferred to the emperor.He had been in the palace for ten years.In the past ten years, there were no one hundred or fifty eunuchs who died before him.He knew that one day it would be his turn.On the first day he entered the palace, he knew that he was just a dog of the emperor.After ten years, he thought he had already accepted his fate.But when his stomach hurts faintly, he still feels unwilling.He didn t want to be a dog, he didn t want to die in such a crippled and lowly way, he didn t want to be thrown into a mass grave, eaten by wild dogs, and died without a whole body.When he walked to the door, he felt a strong smell of blood coming out of his stomach.He prayed that the medicine would seal his throat with blood, so that he could die happily, not to tru hemp gummies be treated as a dog, and to bleed for the emperor s test medicine.

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Wei Lin asked again If Huitian really colluded with Beirong early in the morning Last night Huyanlu Jiang died, and Beirong was attacked by the Rakshasa.Now Beirong is the second prince, and there is no blame and riding.The wolf didn t have time to collude with Uyitan.Besides, the alliance cbd natural products was not borrowing troops, but I wrote a letter and sent it there.Even if he repented, it would be harmless to us.Your Highness is wise.Wei Lin said.After listening to Yu Heng s few words, Jiang Wan pointed out Mr.Xi s calculations.He also pushed the boat and pulled a cheap ally.He sighed in his heart, how much insight this person has.But she still has doubts.Then Why didn t Mr.Xi directly ask for an alliance As soon as Jiang Wan asked, he also figured out the key points.Jiang Wan said I m afraid he doesn t think you would take the risk to lend him troops.

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cbd hemp seed oil Later, it was found out that she was running around these days and called many Lu family s shops surnamed Ming, which was even more strange.She had been with Chengping Emperor Xu and Wei Snake all these years, and she was partial to Junzhou.At this time, she suddenly Forgetting the danger of building a big house and attracting the wind, swaggering acquisitions, things went wrong, except that the Futianhui had come to meet Emperor Chengping, and Huo Rongqi was a member of the Futianhui, Yu Heng couldn t think of any other explanation.Therefore, Yu Heng immediately sent someone to send a letter to Wei Lin, cbd gummy withdrawal asking him to come to Junzhou CBD gummies joy CBD Gummy Frogs no matter what, one is to let him come to relieve the siege, and the other is that there are some things that must be interviewed with him.There is also a general Ning Tong in the Zhenbei Army whose details are not clear, but his mind can naturally be judged from the response of Chen Binghou, a North Rong.

He slowly tore off the flag cloth covering his face with his left hand.Yesterday, Zhang Xiaoba also said that holding the flag is the easiest mission.He can stay in the back and won t easily fight with the Beirong people., really fat poor.But this time is different, even his flag bearer is dead.Beirong s cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal cavalry team was like a CBD Gummy Frogs steel knife, easily tearing apart their defenses and taking the heart what do cbd gummies do of the formation.Neither the shield nor the flesh and blood of the brothers in front could stop the CBD Gummy Frogs waving prairie machete.In severe pain, the flag was blown away by the wind, he opened his eyelids and looked at the sky in the north for the last time.So blue.An iron clad hoof suddenly landed on his head.The Rong soldiers who were chasing frantically noticed something, and when they looked back, it was nothing but a sea of blood and a mountain of flesh.

Jiang Wan finally said If you think this tea tastes good, you might as well bring some back.I ll be disrespectful, Sun Runyun said.Jiang Wan was stunned, thinking that she would decline a few words.But when she saw that Sun Runyun s smile was not only grateful, but also shy, she understood what Sun Runyun meant.It s about thinking about going back and forth and getting along for a long time.Jiang Wan smiled and said, It s fine if you like it.But she sighed in her heart that this is her first friend after coming to Bianjing.Sun Runyun sat down again, and then offered to leave.The tea was do hemp gummies work for anxiety already wrapped, and after Sun Runyun s girl took it, she stood in the corridor and waited for her master.Lizhi went up to chat with her Madam wants to come here and she has something to tell your sister, but she never asked her sister s name.

Good guess.Shi Yin seemed to have realized something Is the emperor s move for the mother and son of Mrs.Zheng Guo Of course.Anyang was in high spirits.Shi Yin pursed his CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa lips and smiled, His Royal Highness, please tell me what your minister will do.Anyang If this plan is to succeed, the most important thing is to let this child Shi Yin Quietly Anyang shook his head It s quiet, but everyone knows it.Five days later, many palace people in the palace knew that there was a child in the Yuqing Palace, and there were different opinions on the identity of the child, among which speculation about the hemp cbd vs marijuana cbd illegitimate son of Emperor Chengping was the main one Shi Yin After everyone knows, should we clarify the identity of this child Anyang nodded to her with admiration The child can be taught.Fifteen days later, on the morning of the 15th, Emperor Chengping issued a letter to confer the title of king.

The weather was too cold, and the black falcons raised by Huyan Lujiang to deliver the letter were unwilling to move, but by estimating the time, Huyan Lujiang judged that the several units sent to attack Xingzhou should have succeeded, so the general attack should be arranged for tomorrow, and so on.Once the state was taken down, the entire Northland, Five Roads and Eighteen States were his possessions.A few days ago, when Arui Sanhe said that he missed his mother, Huyanlujiang thought of Huo Rongshi, the only woman he had ever loved in his life.Huo Rongshi in his memory is bright and moving.Even if they break up later, and even deeply hate each other, he will always remember how his heart beats with Huo Rongshi s smile.Who has never been younger.Huyan Lujiang is a straightforward person.What he misses is not poetry about the moon, but always hot things.

Qiaozui picked up the peanut and ate it.Sister Qing widened her eyes and pointed at Qiaozui in surprise Have you eaten Jiang Wan Yes, isn t Qiaozui very smart Came with a meal, and Lizhi walked at the forefront.It s just that the little servant at the end of the team that provided the meal was very familiar, vaguely relying on the CBD Gummy Frogs boat.Lizhi asked the ladies to put the meal in, and went to Jiang Wan herself.Jiang Wan Help me call Pingzhou.Li Zhi went away.Pingzhou came over quickly, and bowed first.Jiang Wan asked Sister yummy gummies cbd review Qing to take another cannabis edibles uk peanut, and then asked Pingzhou, Why are you here Pingzhou respectfully said, There is a pot today, which is very heavy.When I saw that best CBD gummies CBD Gummy Frogs Sister Lizhi couldn t lift it, I cbg cbd gummies came to help.Handle.After he finished speaking, he glanced at Jiang Wan before saying anything.

Huo Chen looked at them and cbd gummies adverse reaction felt that something collapsed in his heart.At this time, there was a riot behind the refugees, and the crowd suddenly ran forward, one by one.Although they didn t know what happened, they all ran forward.Huo Chen hurriedly mounted his horse and galloped against the crowd.He grabbed a shouting man and asked, What s wrong The man was so frightened that his eyes went out The Beirong people are here The Beirong people are here The smoke billows in front, and it seems that the whistles of foreigners can be heard.Huo Chen hesitated for a moment between rushing over to kill the enemy and returning to report the message, then decisively moved his horse s head, he must go back immediately and inform General Wei.However, he was still a little slower.Yu Heng and Wei Lin received news before he returned that there were suddenly many Beirong people wandering around Dingzhou City.

But seeing him today makes me feel very bitter, because I know that even if I can t get it, I would rather be a bright person in his heart.Every time he thinks about it, he will only make him grateful, not let him.disgusting person.Oh, Zhu Shisan, you are a coward.She laughed to herself in her heart.She wanted to put him on a horse.Let him go where he wants to go and earn the future he wants.She doesn t want to be a stain on him or an obstacle to him.This is not because she is noble, but because she is selfish.Collect free good books Follow vx shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Frogs Recommend your favorite novels to receive cash red envelopes It s because she likes him.Mr.Cheng San, Miss Zhu CBD gummies for pain reviews CBD Gummy Frogs Shisan smiled, To be honest, the reason why I am willing to help the son is because I was entrusted.She lied calmly I need Madam Zheng Guo s help once, I was supposed to repay my kindness, but Madam asked me to return this kindness to the young master.

She was determined, and the guards also had a backbone.Seeing that the group of people went upstairs, the distance was almost there, It s CBD Gummy Frogs now Jiang Wan shouted.Chen Huwei pushed back and threw the guy to the three people on the right.Madam Jiang Wan immediately picked up his robe and rushed out from the gap.She ran without distractions, ran downstairs smoothly, and rushed out the door.The dawn of victory is at hand.She made a turn and bumped into someone.Because the momentum was too strong, the recoil force made her suddenly lean back.And just when she was about to fall to the bottom, one hand grabbed her arm treetop hemp delta 8 gummies and dragged her forward.Jiang Wan instinctively 10 to 1 cbd gummies held this hand, and when she stood firm, she realized that the person with such strength was actually a woman.In other words Jiang Wan s eyes fell on Huo Rongqi s bun.

The second Yu He clenched anti inflammatory gummies his lips He is still offering medicine.This makes sense.After Emperor Hengfeng took the medicine, he obviously did not have 10 mg cbd gummies for anxiety longevity.General Ge could not escape the crime of murdering the late emperor.Anyang wanted to kill kushy cbd gummies him, reviews on cbd gummies because at that time Daliang had already started a war with Nanqi, and the herbal medicine trading channel was interrupted, and she could no longer use General Ge, so Jiang Wan was puzzled, How could the eldest daughter in law of the Zhao family know .Chapter 73 Peeling the Cocoon Yu Heng smiled lightly The eldest daughter in law of the Zhao family is Ge, she is the third.She is the daughter of General Ge Illegal daughter.Yu Heng said, The generals are away, and their family members will stay in Bianjing.General Ge has several concubines in Yongzhou.

Yu Heng looked at her koi full spectrum cbd gummies What did the storytelling say about me Say you are arrogant.Domineering and domineering, because he was jealous of Ning Yan s martial arts skills, he couldn t stand him, and he even called the fight you foughtwhat Yuqing Palace sword battle.You know.Jiang Wan smiled so much that his brows and eyes curved.Yu Heng saw her smile, his hand shrank for no reason, and he bumped into the medicine bottle Hush Don t move.Jiang Wan held his hand carefully and blamed, It s bleeding again.Yu Heng knew that he was wrong and stopped talking.Jiang Wan said, Actually, you were able to dodge buy cbd hemp seeds this sword at the time, right Yu Heng didn t deny it, he thought for a moment best cbd gummies for stomach pain and said, It s not like he can t kill me.In the end, both sides kept their strength, and green ape cbd gummies Ning Yan s sword was hemp gummy bears side effects not so fast.

Jiang with a natural attitude The student has hoeed the mud from the beginning to the end, and I don t know what else the teacher ordered.Cough Jiang Wan coughed twice.Mr.Jiang s eyes shifted between Jiang Wan cbd gummies driving and Shen Wang, and then CBD Gummy Frogs he pretended to scolded You smell so bad, go down and change your clothes, Mrs.Zheng Guo s throat is itchy from your choking.Grandfather Why did he get angry.I don t know, I thought that Shen Wang was his grandson.Jiang Wan eagle hemp cbd gummies dosage gritted his teeth angrily.Grandpa Jiang just pretended not to know.Shen Wang leaned on his hoe CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa and watched them confront each other, with a faint gentle smile on his face.Let s go.Mr.Jiang said to Shen Wang, and pouted in Jiang Wan s direction again, his granddaughter was as fierce as a tiger.Shen Wang said helplessly, Then we won t sow seeds today Let s do another day.

A voice suddenly came from behind Song Xian Song Xian turned her head and saw Jiang Liuyi standing behind her safe and sound, her tense body loosened, and she was about to fall down, but Jiang Liuyi quickly wrapped her arms around her, and the tip of her nose was the faint scent of Jiang Liuyi s body.Jiang Liuyi asked, Why are you here Song Xian didn t return her, but hugged Jiang Liuyi tightly, her eyes cbd gummy before or after food were red, and the sun fell directly on their shoulders, Song Xian hugged Jiang Liuyi tightly, It was very tight, Jiang Liuyi was about to ask a question, but suddenly the neck became hot.It was Song Xian who cried.Jiang Liuyi was stunned.She was held by Song Xian without moving.At an unfamiliar street, people came and went.Song Xian hugged Jiang Liuyi tightly and cried like a child.The author has something to say I can t even leave a comment, Guigui is sad.

After finishing the hem, Song Xian gathered best cbd gummies for dog anxiety up the collar for Jiang Liuyi, stood up half an inch, wrapped her hands around her neck, and tidied up the collar at the back of her neck, Song Xian probed, and under Jiang Liuyi s eyelids was Song CBD Gummy Frogs Xian s long neck., fair skin and beautiful collarbones.There are how long cbd gummies stay in your system also inconspicuous red marks on the skin, only on the tip of the nose.So tempting.I really want to take a bite Chapter 15 Kiss Me The filming progressed very quickly.Song Xian was very professional.He found a good angle to take a few pictures and handed them to Jiang Liuyi to see and ask her for her opinion.Song Xian cape coral cbd gummies stared at the monitor of the camera.With a tense face and a serious expression, Jiang Liuyi stood CBD Gummy Frogs beside her, and his heart beat faster when he saw her expression what do cbd gummies do for the body from the corner of his eye.

Simply inexplicable.She eased her breath and listened to Song Xian asking, How is it Is this set of photos ok In the photo, she is sitting casually and elegantly.Song Xian s capturing skills are very good and perfect.Jiang Liuyi can t pick out a problem.She nodded Yes..After she finished speaking, she commanded the varnisher, and when she called out, no one answered, Jiang Liuyi turned her head and saw that the varnisher looked at Song Xian for a moment.Jiang Liuyi turned her head, Song Xian CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa was still wearing a white vest, not a revealing style, but her figure was too good, tall, narrow shoulders, slender waist, obvious curves, and more charming when she was serious.Jiang Liuyi coughed and shouted, Miss He He Xiaoying immediately walked over Mr.Jiang, what s the matter Can you hold on to the light board The illuminator looked at Song Xian, naked naked naked love, she nodded I will try.

The moonlight was clear, and it was faintly visible that on cbd gummies cheap her favorite big rock, a big man was playing and singing.Let s play the qinplay it in a wild tone, let s singit s not as good as the howl of a wolf.Full moon, grassland, lonely shepherd.In this situation, if there is no sound, cbd and thc gummy it will be more artistic.One song finished.Jiang Wan approached CBD Gummy Frogs at some point, applauded, and said, You sing, it s really humorous.The big man was puzzled and asked, What does humor mean Humor means you let People are happy.Reading books to receive cash Follow the vx public account Reading books can also receive cash cbd cbn sleep gummies The big man laughed heartily You girl has a bad heart, so you CBD vs hemp gummies CBD Gummy Frogs lied to me.Jiang Wan s eyes swept across the big man s clothes and the golden knife around his waist, and muttered to himself, you old man It s not good, just play with me.

This tunnel has always been a CBD Gummy Frogs hidden danger to Dingzhou City.Yu Heng took a last look at the darkroom, CBD Gummy Frogs becoming more and more confused about Mr.Xi s purpose.Xi Wangnei was from the blood of Emperor Chan, cbd oil hemp dryer manufacturer and he should not be a friend, let alone a blood feud.What Mr.Ke Xi is doing now is clearly trying to help him.This person is old fashioned and doesn t look like someone who is trying to make a fool of himself.Maybe, Xi Wangnian is really like what was written in the letter, but he is just trying to turn the tide with his little power.Yu Heng turned and left.It s best brand cbd gummies a pity that Xi Wangnian is going to be disappointed, because I don t want to fight for the throne at all.In this world, if you want to be happy, if you want to die, you will die.The gift is accepted, but this shit is the burden of the rise cbd gummies strength and fall of the world, whoever likes to pick it.

Besides, cousin, you There is no need to say it clearly, she is a smart person who listens to one sentence and thinks about ten sentences, and is anxious to make plans for her stepson, since, as long as there is a chance, she can ask her to bet once.Madam Jiangning Hou nodded repeatedly.The two of them agreed on this matter, and they both cbd hemp for dogs felt that the relationship had gone further.When Mrs.Jiang Ninghou left, she was still somewhat reluctant to part with Jiang Wan.At the Chuihuamen, seeing that the maids were ten steps away, Mrs.Jiang Ninghou took Jiang Wan s hand, with a hint of hesitation on her face, and asked with some concern, Cousin, is your situation really as Niu Jinglian said I originally wanted to ask, but because you have a strong temper since you were a child, you are afraid to ask, but it will make you uncomfortable.

CBD gummies for smoking shark tank CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummy Frogs (CBD gummies for dogs anxiety), [CBD gummies effect on liver] CBD Gummy Frogs are CBD gummies addictive CBD Gummy Frogs.

The queen slaughtered chickens to show the monkeys, but Yu Heng thought it was not enough.Not only was he not buried, but he also ordered his cbd softgel gummies concubines to visit.The concubines were completely honest.The rebellion in Lingxi is not mentioned first, but Zuo is only sending troops to suppress it first, and then appease it.The most terrible thing is that Emperor Chengping died too quickly, and he did not ask about the government before his death, so there was chaos in the court, there were many factions, and his party was held accountable., then shield each other, Yu Heng can only use some extraordinary means.The first among them was Wei Shu, the Marquis of Pingjin.Wei Shu took a vacant post in the Imperial Army as an upper guard.The reason why Yu Heng attacked him was not that he had only been to the yamen twice in three years, but that he had kept the outer room.

This is Old Ni was shocked.It seems that Shi Tai knows it.Yu Heng s face was gloomy.This tablet was sent by Duke Yiguo back then.He was said to be cbd gummies show up on a drug test an orphan girl.She wanted CBD Gummy Frogs to put it in Chunci Hall to receive some incense.It lasted a hundred years for the lamp oil money, but a fire broke down the Chunci Hall.Being robbed, the poor nun thought that Mrs.Liu s tablet was burnt in the fire, and when there was another turmoil, and the Huo family was never seen again, the poor nun made another tablet in private, and now it is also enshrined in the Chunci Hall., because at that time it was Duke Yiguo Huo s family who sent someone to hand over the tablet, and the poor nun was confused.The tablet said Huo s family, and the son went to the third row of Chunci Hall to find it, and he would definitely find it Yu Heng did not say anything.

There was absolute hemp cbd infused gummies the sound of horses hooves in the distance, Jiang Wan pretended to be in pain, and stood up while grabbing Chinga s sleeve.That is Huyanxu.Then it s not good to rely on it any longer.Jiang Wan limped towards the direction of his tent, not forgetting to pay attention to Huyankuo s movements.Huyankuo dismounted.The girl knelt down.The wide skirt spread out on the mud floor, and the girl bowed meekly, like a folded reed.Huyanxu rudely grabbed her clothes and lifted her upper body upright.The breast wrap was pulled abruptly, and it spread out and slipped.The girl didn t put her clothes back on, nor did she cover her up, she just put her hands on her.On his knees, he was CBD Gummy Frogs still sitting on his knees, his expression was very calm, or it was a kind of creepy indifference.Jiang Wan took a step.

Huo Rongqi glanced at the sky and got up to leave.Jiang Wan originally wanted to keep her for lunch, but thinking that he had an appointment with Yu Heng today, he stopped talking.Huo Rongqi walked to the door of the CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa CBD Gummy Frogs hemp bomb cbd gummy bears main house, suddenly turned around and said, I m going back to Beirong.Jiang Wan blurted out Why Huo Rongqi smiled freely I didn t plan to stay in Bianjing for long, and the people I wanted to see met, and I It s time to go back.Jiang Wan s heart was suddenly empty, and her face was full of disappointment.Huo Rongqi looked at her the same way he looked at the little (2022 Update) CBD Gummy Frogs girl fifteen years ago.How could she be saddened, and said hurriedly, It s not that I m not coming back.If you are willing, you can go to Beirong to find me.Speaking of this, Huo Rongqi suddenly thought of what, unfastened a chain from his neck.

CBD Gummy Frogs Ni Yan bent down, picked up a dusty handkerchief, glanced at it, and put it aside in disgust.Take is hemp infused the same as cbd it out.Huo Nuxia said.She CBD Gummy Frogs said this to Bian Zi, Bian Zi was stunned for a moment, and instantly understood the meaning of the female hero, and said cheerfully Everything depends on the female hero.He took out a stack of red cloth rolls from his pocket and shook it away.Ni Yan tutted his tongue inexplicably, and Mr.Xi, who had been raising his eyebrows all the time, couldn t help but take a second glance.It turned out to be the flag of the Ming family, this is really Ni Yan touched his chin, It will take two days to walk on the road to the King of Hell.Without this flag, there is an 80 chance of safety.With this flag, this It s hard to say.Jiang Wan was curious Why is it CBD Gummy Frogs gutfeld cbd gummies hard to say The road from Shuzhou to Dingzhou is a matter of three things, Bian Zi circled around the car and hung the flag, I don t care about Beirong, I don t care about Daliang.

Although Jiang Wan felt that his eyes were swollen and my dog ate cbd gummies dry, he still laughed.It was the first time he really laughed since his grandfather CBD Gummy Frogs passed away.Because she has already figured out what to do next and where to go.Affected by the aggressive attitude of women in the grasslands, the restrictions on women in the Northland are relatively loose.Mrs.Huo has been running a women s school in the Northland for many years, and she has not encountered much resistance.Although Jiang Wan s goal is far more than that, starting from the Northland is obviously the best choice.She has long thought that Sister Arou and Qing hemp cbd cigarettes reviews will be taken away, and Brother Yuan will also be taken by her side.As for Jiang Ci, she always believes that reading ten thousand volumes of books also requires traveling ten thousand miles.

The Rakshasa girl was really provoked, and said angrily I don t care who he is, he s a big one anyway Jiang Wan took out the veil and wiped the Rakshasa girl s face.The Rakshasa woman was pressed tightly and could not escape at all.The dust and blood stained the white handkerchief, Yu Heng frowned.Jiang Wan is a patient person, squatting on the ground and CBD Gummy Frogs CBD Gummies Usa wiping carefully for a long time.It s been so long that the Rakshasa woman can t hold the expression of cross eyebrows and cold eyes after all, it s very tired to keep her neck up all the time.Jiang Wan asked, Is the princess here alone Yes The Rakshasa girl replied subconsciously.After the Rakshasa girl reacted, she immediately felt remorse.Jiang Wan stood up, folded the veil, and greeted Yu Heng Let s go.After leaving the tent, Jiang Wan sighed with emotion This temperamental princess reminds me of Fuyu.

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