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And we will introduce our mobile phone this time.The front camera of the Berry MX30 adopts a 24 megapixel beauty under screen camera.With the unique algorithm of the mobile phone, it will bring users better selfies.Experience Berry MX30Pro uses a 32 megapixel off screen camera, and we also have an automatic beauty algorithm this time Compared CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me with the product s rear camera, this time the product s front camera All cameras are under the screen, and with the latest technology and system algorithms, it can truly achieve the level of other hole digging cameras.The Berry MX30 series is also the second model that uses an off screen camera among the current Berry company s flagship mobile phones.The level of the first generation Pro20 series has already achieved anything in the market, not to mention the under screen camera adopted by the Berry MX30 series this time.

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This is just the income I earned last month when I was free, and it s on the shelves this month.After the fee is paid, it will be easy to earn one million per month for the manuscript can you send cbd gummies through the mail fee next month.After hearing what Tian Yunxiao said, Li Jiaxin said, You still earn one million per month Do you think you wrote Zhuxian If you have money, you can You don t have to go to the magic capital to ask me for a credit card.Tian Yunxiao said in surprise after hearing Li Jiaxin s words How do you know what book I wrote Have you read it After Li Jiaxin heard Tian Yunxiao s words, she thought to herself It s over, it s over, Lao Tian seems to be stunned by staying at home for too long, and he even What Are The Strongest CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me started talking such nonsense.Treating a disease, is it good to just relax the mind Otherwise, if you stay at home for a long time, people will become mentally ill.

8.I really just want to make money Are you still working hard Are you still doing weight training Author A low key rich man, this author is a harem writer that Lao Tian used to read when he didn t write a book.The author himself should be a bank employee.I know if it is a harem, but from the current description, it should be, old driver, driving is absolutely stable.Chapter 157 My book is gone woo woo 4,000 word chapter for subscription Tian Yunxiao picked up the phone, glanced at it and found that it was a loach, so he picked it up.Hey, Brother Loach, is something wrong The Loach on the other end of the phone said excitedly to Tian Yunxiao Old Tian, I will go to the Imperial Capital in a few days to receive the Galaxy Award.Do you still want to come to the Magic Capital these few days Tian Yunxiao heard that Loach asked him to go to the magic capital, but he didn t know that he was influenced by some unexplainable god.

Lulu hurriedly accelerated to Wei En, Wei En accelerated and moved to avoid, and then aaqa played the first third ring.Jess and Xia were about to deal with the little murlocs before killing them, while What Are The Strongest CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me Vayne needed six hits to fold the sheep s knife.The second three ring hit, Luo leaned on the acceleration, trying to charm this guy, but Chen Mo walked smoothly, rolled over, and kept his distance.But at this time, Wei En s equipment has already been formed, and the attack speed is extremely fast, and the sheep knife has been folded in the blink of an eye.Next are two rings.Kassadin cut Karma first, and after Jace dealt with the little murloc, he also shot Vayne.If he was hit, Vayne might lose his combat effectiveness directly.But it s a pity, the flexible Vayne has the vision of a little fishman.

CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me The entry of the berry family into the European market and the return of Huawei have made Sanxin, who has always had a dominant position in the global market, not doing well.In addition, in terms of processor chips, Sanxin still insists on using daily buzz gummies paste fire dragon processor chips, so that more foreign users who can t stand the heat eventually abandoned Sanxin.The long term performance of Gaotonghuolong has caused the reputation of many overseas brand products to slowly decline.Even the domestic brands of rice, blue factory and green factory, which have grown rapidly in the international market in the past few years.The overall market share of these manufacturers is relatively stagnant or declining.It should be known that the latest version of the foreign Android version of Guge s family barrel basically does not support the core architecture of the M series of the Xuanwu chip and the Taixu chip.

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CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me how much do CBD gummies cost, royal blend CBD gummies reviews (best CBD gummies recipe) CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me best full-spectrum CBD gummies 2021 CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me.

Next door, Uncle Tian I posted more than one million words, and I just finished the book Tian Yunxiao s appearance instantly cbd gummies cape coral fl blew out many readers who were diving in the book group.Silent Fuck, Laotian, you can t do it You finished the book all at once So suddenly When readers asked him this question, they typed on the keyboard.Next door Uncle Tian It s boring to write.Ten thousand every day is still short of you.If you don t want to write, I will send all the manuscripts.After Tian Yunxiao finished saying these words, he changed Penguin to Do Not Disturb mode, open the game to play the game.It was more than ten o clock in the evening until he played the game.He was about to go to bed, so he canceled the do not disturb mode of the penguin.He just canceled the do not disturb mode.Then I heard the computer start to make a non stop dididi noise.

The ferocious male hamster There are only five thousand jun, it seems that the life and death will not be able to reach the big boutique The disabled Zhijian brother Xiaoyan Nima, are cbd gummies safe to take I know, no, it is impossible to pretend to be him This group Those who can slap the face of the hamster cbd hemp tincture god in this regard, and also like to come out of the water group often, it is estimated that it is Tian Shen Chen Thirty one It makes sense, nextdoor Uncle Tian, can Tian Shen come out and report the results of the new book Tian Yunxiao saw the people in the group asking him about the results of his new book, so he had no choice but to post the screenshot of the follow up reading he just asked Loach.Uncle Tian next door Screenshot.jpg Next door, Uncle Tian My new book is very exciting, I only read it more than 3,000 At this time, the authors in the group began to continue their daily lemonade sessions.

Next door, Uncle Tian Aren t you embarrassed and black When did I spend more than 4,000 words every day to pick up money The disabled CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me Zhijian Xiaoyan said Tian Shen, aren t you It s just a little bit updated every day, enough for anyone to see.ah Protect my dog Tian Shen, don t you Just update a little every day, who can read it Twenty nine repetitions are omitted here Tian Yunxiao saw the authors say this, I thought to myself, You guys forced me Then I tapped CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me the keyboard and typed.Uncle Tian next door I said that you are embarrassed and still don t admit it Uncle Tian next door I don t even update a word, I can use sacks to pick up money After Tian Yunxiao typed CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me this sentence, only to see The group fell silent for a moment.And then waited for a full five minutes before.Someone started bubbling.

However, the future Berry and Huawei mobile phones use a new radio frequency.5G and 4G network communication technology can be fully adopted by installing the corresponding number of antennas on the mobile phone.Chapter 161 Desktop level processor chip 5G and 4G network communication technology swept the whole world instantly once it was released.Network.Countless netizens are excited that Huaguo technology companies have such communication technology.Even many netizens are looking forward to using the faster and more stable 5G network as soon as possible.The new 5G and 4G network communication technology will be launched this year.In the second half of the year, I will meet all consumers and netizens At the same time, Yu Dazui can i buy cbd gummies in illinois also announced the specific time when this technology was actually used, which is equivalent to telling some netizens that the current network communication technology is not the so called PPT technology.

Where is my brother making money This is simply giving benefits to fans.My brother can fly with confidence, and my sister will always be with you One hundred sets of The Wandering Earth and one hundred sets of Country Teachers have been obtained.Jimei, do you envy me Mengmengjing acridine Ah, I am so envious of Jimei s hand speed upstairs.Why did I only grab ten sets, can Jimei give me a few sets Xi Ruo acridine woohoo, why didn t I get a set, and my hand speed is too slow Can Jimei give me a set Tian Yunxiao was dumbfounded when he saw this.In his mouth, he said Fucao, why do these two single chapters I posted have a strong rice circle flavor This is too outrageous I best gummy CBD CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me know that I my dog ate my cbd gummies am posting a single chapter of a novel, I don t know.Do you think I m a scarf made by idols At this time, Pei Pao, who was sitting behind Tian Yunxiao and watching him all the time, heard Tian Yunxiao s words and laughed, and said, Hahahaha, Lao Tian, I am I understand why your Yuewen Group wants to insert so many photos of you into your novels, is this to make you a fandom idol Tian Yunxiao s expression instantly changed after hearing Pei Pao s words.

And whether the berry family can achieve a certain CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me performance in the hands of these two major manufacturers also makes netizens look forward to it.This time, we have brought you four grades of graphics cards They are Xuanyuan M10, M20, M30, M40 four grades of graphics cards Under the expectations of many digital enthusiasts, Huang Da finally took out Xuanyuan graphics card.Chapter 328 Xuanyuan Graphics Cards Xuanyuan M series graphics cards Maybe some users are relatively familiar with it.You must know that a castrated version of Xuanyuan M10e has been added to the Q1 mobile phone of the Raspberry Blue game console.The first thing I will introduce to you is the Xuanyuan M10 As the most basic graphics card, the graphics card adopts a 6 nanometer process technology.The display chip has a total of 2150 stream processing units, and the core frequency can reach 1450Mhz The frequency reaches 7250Mhz, the memory specification is GDDR5, the existing capacity is 4GB, it has dual fans for cooling, and the maximum output of five screens The 3Dmark score reached 19740 points As the most basic model, the overall performance of Xuanyuan M10 has made current netizens great Call bullshit.

In order to create the most powerful high end flagship this time, the Berry family basically added all the hardware configurations and technologies that can be entered.In the future, when the brand strength is not as good as fruit, it can rely on hardware parameters and black technology to catch up with the current fruit and compete with fruit mobile phones.Of course, in addition to the overall design of the mobile phone and the design of the back shell, the front of the Berry mobile phone has also made great efforts.In order to achieve the strongest flagship this time, the Berry x20 series spent a lot of money on a top notch screen customized from LG.Before the screen production started, it cost 80 million yuan to hemp vs cbd for dogs open the mold, and after deducting the mold opening cost of the mobile phone screen, the cost of a screen would be close to 1,000 yuan You must know that the overall level of the current Tianma Microelectronics screen denver cbd gummies only belongs to the second echelon.

After all, the overall configuration of the normal version this time is stronger than the big cup flagships released by various companies a few days ago.In particular, the cbd vs hemp oil for anxiety Xuanwu 960T on the flagship mobile phone this time has improved by nearly two koi naturals CBD CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me generations compared to the Taixu 835 used by various flagship manufacturers.Coupled with the improvements in other configurations, users have no dislike for the price this time.The other two configurations of the product are priced at 7999 yuan and 8699 yuan respectively.This price is indeed very high for most users, but in the minds of most users, this price is also in line with their expectations.However, users are more concerned about the price of the big cup version and the SE version.And this time the fully castrated SE version of the small screen flagship, the total price of the two configurations is cbd gummy samples 5999 yuan and 6699 yuan.

It s really not the first time, like the sloth apartment you live in now.It was my dad who built it because he couldn t bear to see the long term rental apartments on the market, all of them were not up to the standard of environmental protection.There is also Moyu Takeaway, which is because my father saw that there were all kinds of low quality takeaways in the takeaway market back then.Uncle Li s statement of Li Shi, in fact, every time my father makes a seemingly unreasonable investment, It contains the heart of changing the cbd gummies for appetite world After hearing Pei Pai s words, Tian Yunxiao thought to himself President Pei s realm is really high.If I hadn t already had a system myself, I would have thought that President Pei really had a system At this time, President Pei Qian came back after calling and arranging the task.

Then Tian Yunxiao typed.Next door Uncle Tian You are not allowed to tease the young ladies in the group in the future.If I find out again, I will be banned again. At this time, another Tian Yunxiao looked at the familiar name and sent a message.Xi Ruo acridine Actually, if you send a big red envelope, it s 50 mg full spectrum cbd gummies not a joke When Tian Yunxiao saw the name, he said, Isn t this the little rich woman in the old reminder group Then tap the keyboard to type.Uncle Tian next door xiruo acridine, girl, you look familiar Xiruo acridine No, you re wrong, I m not familiar with you.Tian Yunxiao felt bored when he saw this girl say that Then continue to play the game.Unexpectedly, this game will continue to win all CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me the way to more than 6 o clock in the evening.Hey, I m just saying that there are too many pit Bs.

When the time comes, Redmi will either choose cheap raspberry blue, or realize the spot on demand marketing, thereby ruining its reputation.Chapter 117 The friend business is the cute little Huang Da s complaints still can t change the concept of most users who value performance, and even in the hearts natures best CBD CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me of most users, the Hongmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition is a proper price performance magic machine.The performance is powerful, the price is cheap, and the peripheral hardware configuration is so outstanding.Judging from the parameters, this phone is the ideal phone for most netizens who are pursuing cost effectiveness.Even the Hongmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition disappeared in seconds on the day it was first sold.This can make a lot of long awaited netizens complain about Hongmi s practice for a long time.

After seeing Tian Yunxiao s actions, Pei Pai quit.With a crying voice, he shouted You dead old Tian, you know how to bully me woo woo, I want to wash you wash you After speaking, Tian Yunxiao was attracted by her voice.When he was overwhelmed, he stretched out his hand on Tian Yunxiao s waist.Squeeze hard, twist hard.Tian Yunxiao instantly knew what the heart piercing pain was, but he held back and didn t call it out.At this time, Pei Pao suddenly thought about it, and then he asked Tian Yunxiao loudly You dead old Tian, did you have the nerve to make such a bet with me Since you know that beginners can t practice martial arts too much, you also made an appointment with me.Eight hours of gambling If you don t want to update more, just say it Why do you want to cbd gummies kansas city play with me After CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me hearing Pei cbd hemp oil for pets Pao s words, Tian Yunxiao said, Well, I ll say it straight, I don t want to.

And now there are so many users flocking to the official website to buy, and there are many scalpers rushing to buy, it is very normal for it to naturally appear out of stock.In addition, the Berry family chose a solution, and the users who were a little unhappy also began to gradually accept the explanation of the Berry family, so they chose the authentication identity to pre order the Berry Blue S7.Chapter 16 Unanimously praised within the rice company, the appearance of the Berry Blue S7 has impacted the current sales of the Hongmi K20 series.In particular, the current Rainbow Fan K20, as the normal version of the entire series, can be said to be incomparable in terms of configuration.The processor chip of the paste fire dragon 730, although it is a relatively stable mid range processor chip, is slightly weak in performance.

The 4G version is equipped with an infrared sensor, an extremely advanced 3.5mm headphone jack, in addition, the mobile phone supports vibration motor, and it is also equipped with dual speakers in the mobile phone The 100 yuan machine is equipped with dual speakers This surprised many netizens who watched the mobile phone parameter page.You must know that many thousand yuan phones and even flagship phones of many mobile phones now use a single speaker, and the Raspberry Blue phone CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me has added dual speakers to the digital series, which is simply pulling the height of this phone to the highest level.Not even the current Raspberry Note lineup was released with dual speakers.This also made countless netizens feel that the Raspberry Blue mobile phone is crazy, and even their own family members are playing The 5G version upgraded the vibration motor to the rotor motor on the basis of the 4G version, and added the very common NFC function to the mobile phone.

Well I didn t know if I didn t see it, but I was startled when I saw it.When Cook took Huang Da s mobile phone and looked at the relevant content displayed on the mobile phone screen, he was also shocked by the screen parameters in front of him.It supports high definition 4K screen, the thickness of the screen golly CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me is 0.12 mm, the power consumption of the screen is 35 lower than that of the current mainstream OLED screen made of Sanxin E6 material, and supports a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz and a multi touch sampling rate of 1200 Hz.The screen adopts the latest octagonal arrangement developed by Berry Technology, which can effectively reduce the problem of screen color cast.The screen supports P3 color gamut, 4096 level dimming, supports 16bit color depth, has 80 million 1 high definition color contrast, and the color difference of the screen is less than 0.

Of course, in terms of performance, the HiSilicon Kirin team has adopted enhanced multi core performance to ensure that the processor chip maintains a certain balance in terms of performance and power consumption.Of course, the GPU this CBD sleep gummies with melatonin CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me time uses the MZ20H graphics processor, which is a new graphics processor specially authorized by Huateng Semiconductor to Sikylin.This time, the HiSilicon Kirin has increased the frequency of this graphics processor to 848Mhz, which is a frequency that balances performance and power consumption.In other respects, this Kirin 9010 basically made the processor chip to the extreme.Except for the difference in the chip, this time the Huawei Mate50X is basically similar to the previous generation Mate50Pro in terms of hardware configuration, and the sensor still uses the IMX700 in terms of image photography.

It can be said that as long as you can get a relatively good LCD screen, coupled with the new screen driving technology, you can make this LCD screen play no weaker than the OLED screen.In addition, the LCD screen itself has no stroboscopic, which makes this screen more eye friendly than the OLED screen.Congratulations on acquiring the new chip design technology its technology includes the composition and design of the CPU cores from M1 to M10, the design and construction of GPU graphics processors from T100 to T1000, and the design and construction of ISP modules from MP10 to MP100 and other technologies see Looking at the dazzling introduction, Huang Da couldn t help but be very happy.With this new set of chip design technology, the current Berry family can design their own chips.And according to all the technologies given by the current system, it is enough for Huang Da to squeeze more than ten years of toothpaste.

5 hemp bombs CBD gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 45 CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 40 CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me CBD hemp gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me only pure cbd hemp extract reviews CBD gummies with thc CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me HMT WiFi Wifi buy hemp cbd gummies HMT are CBD gummies the same as hemp gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G cbd gummies for copd reviews WiFi WiFi 10 WiFi WiFi 1 10 FlymeOS WiFi total pure cbd gummies dr. gupta CBD gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G 6G wyld cbd gummies reviews 6G CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G 6G high CBD gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G 6G 6G platinum cbd gummies review 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 5G 30 90 6G 6G 50 6G 200 6G 6G 500 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G 6G CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me can cbd gummies make you sick 100 CBD gummy bears effects CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G 6G cbd gummies with no thc for anxiety 50 6G 50 6G 6G CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G 6G CBD gummies review CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me 6G green roads cbd gummies for pain 6G 40 can you bring cbd gummies on a flight 6G 6G full spectrum cbd gummies 50mg 6G 5G 6G 5G 8Gen3 6G 810 CBD gummies with thc CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me S24 CBD gummies reddit CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me S24 S24 S24 S24ULTRA 8Gen3 UFS4.

Obviously, the new system of flyos3.0 is very attractive to most netizens.Compared with the Raspberry x30 series, which is aimed at high end user groups, the flyos3.0 is more suitable for many current users.After all, many models of Raspberry Blue have great advantages in the current cost effective market.The first aspect is the Xuanwu processor chip, and the second aspect is the brand new flyos system.The update of the new system will also bring users a new flagship level experience, which is what many netizens would like to see.The time gradually reached eight o clock in the evening.At this time, Huang Da also opened a live broadcast on Weibo.Huang Da has not yet appeared, and there are more than 200,000 netizens watching the live broadcast in the live broadcast room.Although many netizens are very curious cbd gummy for kids about the new flyos3.

8 512G top version, the price is only 2999 yuan on the first sale day.Such a price is simply to complete the last round of lore, and press the 8 512G model of the friend business to the ground to explode the hammer.This first sale is only 2999 yuan on the same day, and the price is simply too fragrant Although Hongmi is good, I choose Berry Blue Berry Blue S7sPro needs to be equipped with configuration and system, which is not better than Hongmi.Is best cbd gummies for pain and sleep there more Most netizens who are sensitive to cost performance are now completely conquered by the price of the Raspberry Blue S7sPro.Especially the first sale price of the 8 512G top version, this price simply how long is cbd gummies detectable in urine makes many netizens have to sigh with emotion at the price of Raspberry Blue.And Lu Weibing, who was watching the press conference, was completely stunned after getting such news.

lazarus naturals classic high potency cbd tincture After he is familiar with the rhythm of his book, it will be a matter of time before the coding speed reaches 6,000 per hour.At this time, after the system heard Tian Yunxiao s words, the soft and waxy voice reappeared in Tian Yunxiao s mind.I m sorry, master, because the system is not intelligent enough now, it cannot intelligently choose the props you need You need the owner to describe the props needs in detail before you CBD gummies for sleep amazon CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me can choose the props you need.Now according to your needs, the system will select the most suitable props for you.Broken Chapter Dogs Are Damn Capsules League of Legends author customized version , detailed instructions are as follows.Breakout Dogs Are Damn Capsules League of Legends Author Custom Edition Price RMB 100,000.Instructions for use After the writer of the alliance who wants to urge the change to take it, if the card game continues to be out of context, it will decrease by one centimeter.

Wang Hao, very much agrees with the presiding judge s judgment on the client.In order to set an example for other criminals to follow, we have no objection to any judgment made by the judge At this time, Li Midea s defense lawyer said these words, and Pei Pai was immediately shocked and said to Tian Yunxiao It seems that this husband was really heartbroken by her, otherwise he would not be able to do such a heartless act.things come.After a while, the presiding judge announced All stand up, Old Tian stumbled on this chapter today, because there are a lot of things that can t be written and dare not write, everyone will watch it, this story is about to end Chapter 198 Outrageous Brother Outrageous 5.The following evidence submitted by the public prosecution agency and cross examined and authenticated in court can prove I know that you don t like to see evidence, so I omit it This do CBD gummies curb appetite CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me court believes that the defendant Li Mei instigated others to copy others behavior for the purpose of profit , the amount is relatively large, and its behavior has constituted the crime of copyright infringement, and is convicted of the crime.

The Xuanwu processor chip has the best hardware configuration in the current industry, and it is also the strongest processor chip in history Obviously, this year s Xuanwu processor chip has been completely killed.At present, the processor chips released by major manufacturers are indeed far stronger than other manufacturers in terms of What Are The Strongest CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me performance.At this press conference, all the expressive power of this processor chip was brought into full play.This is the most powerful processor in the industry right now.After introducing the detailed processor chips, this time the Berry Pro60 series is finally going to meet consumers.The Berry family pro60 series, the first to appear is the basic version.This time the basic version of the design has returned to the mainstream mobile phone design.Except for cbd gummies to curb alcohol cravings the camera, the appearance of the mobile phone does not have any digging holes and physical buttons at all.

They even feel that this phone has completely surpassed the Hongmi K20pro exclusive version released a few days ago in terms of cost performance.This price is simply too fragrant, especially the 8 256G version, which only costs 1,999 yuan This is very in line with my budget To spend less than 2,000 to buy a flagship performance mobile phone is simply It s amazing, the Berry people are awesome I wasn t happy if I couldn t get Hongmi, but I ve decided to grab the current Berry Blue S7s later The price is crazy within 2,000 yuan.There is no better model than this phone within 2,000 yuan Netizens in the live broadcast room were also completely boiling, after all, judging from the current mobile phone configuration, starting with the current Meizu phone for 2,000 yuan is simply a Too much money.

It not only supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof, but also prevents the mobile phone from fogging on the front glass.Guarantee the user s experience.It seems that the Berry 30 series has done very well in details.This time, the Berry 30 and 30pro use an lcdi screen that supports an off screen camera This screen supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 360 Hz.At the same time, the screen has a p3 wide color gamut, a contrast ratio of 50 million 1, 16 million primary colors, and a peak brightness of an astonishing 900 nits At the same time, this screen also supports the front under screen ultrasonic fingerprint unlocking, which can unlock the screen faster In addition to the youth version, the Raspberry 30 series adopts the most advanced li screen in the industry.The overall parameter performance level of the screen used this time is also at the top level.

Tian Yunxiao expressed his understanding after seeing the words of urging ink to become a book.Uncle Tian next door OK, then you can write slowly, while maintaining the quantity and quality At this time, he opened the author group and began to peek at the screen, only to see that he was actually being discussed in the group.Kuang Xiaoyu Yuyu Yuyu Tian Shen will definitely be a god now, right Chen Thirty one It is estimated that this year s Twelve Heavenly Kings are stable Ah Ku, who is dedicated to Riwan It s Sanyi Ju, it s a big masterpiece I ll lick it Chen Thirty one Yes, Ah Ku, I heard that Tian Shen posted the manuscript fee yesterday Binghuo Yes, Tian Shen s manuscript fee that is not on the shelves now and mine This old book is almost at its peak, especially the free income, it s scary, how much is more than 9,000 free income Tian Yunxiao saw the bigwigs in the group discussing what free income and so on.

At this time, Pei Pai herself was in a dilemma and said, Old Tian, you can t Do you want it all After all, only children make choices After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s words, he pouted and said, That sentence is pure foolishness, only children want it all, adults know it, and they can t bear it Then he paused and said, Xiao Pei, with the two hundred million in my hand, the cost of light and special effects is not enough to make one film, pure hemp gummies review let alone two films.Find another investment.The main reason is that these two works of mine do not have good special effects, and they will definitely not look good when they are filmed.If I want to make them into a CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me high quality movie, I am not trying to fool me, I directly get the special effects for fifty cents.If you say that you let Tenda pay for the money, then I will definitely feel bad, because as we all know, science fiction movies have always been a shortcoming of florist movies.

At this time, Zhu Xiaoce muttered Who knows After all, President Pei still has a son, in case Pei loses At this time, Zhu Xiaoce s mind had already made up a scene of a rich and powerful dog fighting in a house At this time, Huang Sibo s phone rang suddenly, and he picked it up quickly.Hey, hello, who is it I heard a lark like female are hemp gummies the same as CBD gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me voice from the other end of the phone, which was the voice of President Pei s daughter Pei Pai.Hey, Uncle Huang, I m Pei Pai.I was playing the game just now and didn t hear your call from Uncle Huang.After the game is over, I quickly called you back to Uncle Huang.Huang Sibo heard Pei Pai s call.After explaining, I immediately felt relieved, and said quickly Oh, it s okay, Xiao Pei pays, after all, I was also a gamer back then, I understand it very well, I should play games wholeheartedly At this time, the other end of the phone After hearing Huang Sibo s words, Pei Pao said to Tian Yunxiao beside him Uncle Huang, I knew you wouldn t blame me, my father should have told you About the film What Are The Strongest CBD Gummies CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me and television adaptation of The Wandering Earth After Huang Sibo heard Pei Pai s words, he immediately answered decisively Pei Pai, where are you now I ll take your Uncle Zhu Xiaoce to find you now, and listen to President Pei s talk about The Wandering Earth The original author is drinking with you now It just so happens that we are going to talk about the film and television adaptation After hearing Huang Sibo s words, Pei CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me royal blend cbd gummies ingredients Pao hurriedly told Huang Sibo the address of Tian Yunxiao.

rethink hemp gummy drops review The air to air wireless charging technology can realize the charging of the mobile phone without contacting any objects The first CBD Gummies Walmart Near Me generation air to air charging technology of the Berry family can enable the mobile phone to achieve 12.5w power charging within a diameter of 30 meters of the charging pile., within a range of 50 meters, 7.5w power charging The current first generation air to air charging technology has been fully commercialized, and can also be put into more use scenarios.Although the charging speed is not fast, it can also provide a certain battery life in emergency situations.Reply.At present, this technology is a new breakthrough, of course, in the eyes of many users, this technology still looks a bit tasteless.At present, this technology has been completely used in the Berry family pro20 series, and at the same time Our Meizu company has also started piloting the launch of air to air wireless charging piles Southern University of Science and Technology, as our partner, we will put in air wireless charging piles in the gymnasium and library of Southern University of Science and Technology Of course, most of the technologies must be piloted to achieve more regional use.

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