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At this time, the computer suddenly started beeping.Tian Yunxiao quickly opened it and found that it was a message sent to him by his editor, Loach.Loach You Sanjiang in two weeks, don t cut off the watch Tian Yunxiao made three exclamation marks when he saw the editor in order to fear that he would cut off the watch.Uncle Thank you for clarifying my doubts.By the way, Loach Ju told me just now that I should prepare to go to Sanjiang cbd gummies for teens in two weeks.Does this mean that I need to queue for two weeks Then I saw the group There was silence in the room, and at this time, a group friend slowly typed one Then he said, Is this God I m so envious.jpg At this time, Binghuo, a handsome young man who was far away in northern Hebei Province, was smiling proudly in front of the computer, but after seeing Tian Yunxiao s speech, his face changed.

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And the 19 year old Berries finally fought a turnaround CBD Gummied with their own products, and the revenue was only a mere 3.5 billion yuan.Compared to other hemp gummy bears side effects manufacturers annual revenue of tens of billions or even hundreds of billions, this is not enough to see.But at this most critical moment, the Berries are always at the forefront.In cbd botanical farms gummies this regard, Huang CBD Gummied Da said that this matter is just a little help, and now he is concentrating on making plans for the company s development this year.Not only the plan for the Berry cypress hemp delta 8 thc gummies Company, but also the plan for the current business.At the end of February, Xuanwu Semiconductor Design Co., Ltd.finally CBD Gummied do thc gummies have cbd passed the registration of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and officially became a new company in the hands of Huang Da.Judging from the current company naming, this time Xuanwu Semiconductor Design Co.

Hongmi K50 game enhanced version, Dimensity 8000 processor chip, 780,000 running points, new aerospace level heat dissipation, machine lifting shoulder keys.Obviously, in order to expand more markets and increase the influence of brand products, Hongmi finally made a move.For a long time, the products of the rice company have been quite good delta 8 cbd gummies side effects in terms of influence, and the appearance of the Hongmi K50 game enhanced version has also attracted the attention of many users.And the most important feature of this model is the first Dimensity 8000 processor chip.The overall performance of the Dimensity 8000 is almost equivalent to that of the Kirin 830, which also makes countless netizens start to imagine.This wave of Hongmi is going to grab the market with Rongyao The Dimensity 8000 looks pretty good based on the reported parameters.

With the advent of the 6G network era, for the company, this is a good opportunity for the company to deliver products and develop new game types.As the main development direction of the company at present, virtual games will become the most mainstream game types in the future.Virtual games have many advantages.Of course, it is very difficult to cbd candy fully popularize games.First of all, this virtual game itself requires a very large game storage space, and multiple devices are required for online testing.Naturally, the virtual world cbd gummies for anxiety vegan of this game uses cloud transmission, which cbd anti inflammatory is very demanding for cloud computing.High.At the same time, there are certain speed requirements for individual users data upload and CBD Gummied download, and on this basis, a certain delay control is also required.The new 6G network has naturally become a solution to the current data upload, download and delay.

Put everything on the bright side, not like some people who want to set up a torii when you are a bitch Obviously I want to get benefits from you, but I am expressing it everywhere, I am for you Uncle Tian next door Oh, okay, Brother Loach, I ll go right now Chapter 125 Now let me come back, I m sorry I ve gone away reward plus update 14 44 After Tian Yunxiao replied to the loach, he opened the scarf and logged in to his plus V account.Then he typed A long blog post.Thanks to the masters represented by Mr.Buyu for their affirmation of the boy.It is a great honor to be invited by Mr.Buyu to give the boy a chance to join the does cbd gummies go bad Flower Writers Association Tian pharma cbd gummies Yunxiao wrote here At that time, the system in my mind suddenly popped up again.The system has detected that the owner wants to join the Flower Planters and Writers Association, and the task is now issued.

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5K resolution high refresh screen, CBD Gummied the overall quality of the screen is basically similar to the mainstream Sanxin OLED screen.This is also the first model of high hemp organic wraps cbd the company with a screen ratio of 100.At the same time, it adopts an integrated lightweight ceramic design for the back shell and middle frame of the mobile phone.Makes the mobile phone in the case of 6.7 inches, the weight is only 210 grams, and the thickness is only 8.6 mm.This makes the phone have very good ductility in both the screen and the back cover.The processor chip of the mobile phone uses the latest Fire Dragon 8 Gen2 buy cbd hemp chip, and the overall running score at the press conference reached 1.32 cbd gummies for pain and arthritis million points.At the same time, Rebs also assured users that the MIX6 version of the Taixu 806 chip will be launched in October, but the price will increase slightly by about 300 yuan.

In terms of image and photography of mobile phones, the camera hardware module of Meizu S7sPro is basically suitable for the same configuration of Meizu S7.The only difference is in the performance of the phone s camera sensor.Compared with the S7pro this time, although the three sensors are all the same, the Raspberry Blue S7sPro adds optical image stabilization to the phone.It also means that the current Raspberry Blue S7sPro is more CBD Gummied stable in daily photography or during shooting.And most netizens also have a certain impression of optical image stabilization, but most flagship phones have the hardware configuration of green dolphin cbd gummies for dementia optical image stabilization.However, where there is an upgrade, there is naturally a place for shrinking.Of course, the shrinking place is cbd store near me gummies basically the front camera that is directly ignored by most netizens.

But he is still in these In the densely packed information, he found the one he wanted to see the most.That is the one that Mo Chengshu said will be added tomorrow.So he hurriedly opened the chat window with Mo best CBD gummies for pain 2021 amazon CBD Gummied Chengshu.Next door Uncle Tian Chu Mo Ju, you just said that you will add more to me tomorrow, are you serious Remind Mo into a book Old Tian, CBD Gummied don t call me a giant, just call me an old reminder.If you call me a giant again, I ll call you an old Tian Shen.As for Jia Geng, of course, he is serious.For Zhang Tui, don t you feel shabby grieved Uncle Tian next door Old reminder, this is what you said, add more updates to me in advance.Of course, Zhang Tui will be fine, but now I have just scored strong, waiting for Sanjiang When the time to give the effect should be better, right Urging the ink into a book O Tian, God god god So quickly from an unconfident newcomer to the point where Sanjiang CBD thc gummies CBD Gummied casually goes on Is this God Poor Tian Yunxiao saw that Lao Cai was in a strange mood, but he had no choice but to smile and type.

The other three cameras are a 1 1.A 50 megapixel GN5 wide angle lens with a 57 inch outsole and an IMX598 5x optical zoom CBD Gummied and 60x hybrid zoom lens.It can be said that such configurationism is worthy of the position of the top flagship, which is also the relatively luxurious image configuration of the current blue factory.The Pro version goes a step further in terms of imaging.In terms of sensors, it is the first time that it is equipped with a 48L sensor developed by Berry.That s right, this time, the blue factory uses a new generation of Berry sensors on the super cup sensor.Of course, there are also Blue Factory s own considerations for doing so.First of all, the sensors produced by the Berry family are sold to the outside world, but only the Berry family CBD Gummied and Warwick have been used.The main reason is that none of the manufacturers have experience in polishing the corresponding brand sensors, and they also have in depth cooperation with other sensor manufacturers.

Qiuye Tian Da, didn t this person have a photo with Nose How could it be fooled After seeing Qiuye s words, Tian Yunxiao thought to himself, Isn t this Qiuye young Why are you so childish So he typed back.Uncle Tian next door What does a group photo mean If you were in Qilu Mansion, would I be able to take a photo with you I gnc cbd gummies really didn t expect a fool to be fooled Qiuye saw Tian Yunxiao After saying this, I thought to myself, Oh, it s fortunate that I asked Laotian first, otherwise, I would be a fool and replied.Qiuye Thank you Tian Da I didn t expect you to be from Qilu I m from Quancheng Where are you from It s just that Tian Yunxiao has no time to pay attention to him at this time, because at cbd gummies what is it this time the thoughts in his mind The system has released the task again.The system detects that someone is swindling and cheating in the name of signing a contract, but his behavior does not constitute a crime of fraud, but the existence of such a person purely pollutes the online environment of the flower gardener.

First of all, this time we have brought a brand new game console, the Berry game console 2Pro, which has a very large tax increase compared to the previous generation And this time we will add a lot to the game console juice.The black technology allows it to have a fundamentally differentiated experience with mobile phones At this moment, Huang Da introduced the game console to netizens very seriously.This game console can be said to be an exploratory product relative to new technologies, and this game console is also one of the most important parts of Fly OS.These things are doomed that the price of this game console will not be cheap.First of all, let me introduce the appearance of our game console this time.This time, we are equipped with a 9 inch large screen.The overall thickness of the fuselage is 13.

Next door Uncle Tian You don t need an apprentice, your grades are good, you don t need to give me a reward, and now I m going to take a nap with your cheap cbd gummies for sale wife and sister, no need to go back At this time, Pu Jie, a young man from northern Hebei, saw After Tian negative side effects of CBD gummies CBD Gummied Yunxiao s reply, he murmured Don t you know this nap is serious Then he thought to himself that he had been a single dog for nearly 30 years, so he burst into tears and cursed No, I have to work hard to write Novel, earn a lot of money, find a girlfriend as soon as possible After Tian Yunxiao replied to his apprentice Binghuo, he turned around and looked at Pei Pai, who was staring at Tian Yunxiao with big watery eyes Pei Pai was a little nervous when he saw Tian Yunxiao s eyes, and quickly asked Youwhat do you want Tian Yunxiao immediately said Of course I thought about it I omit the paid content of 100,000 yuan here Words Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like shuttles, and in the blink of an eye, the time has come to four months later, at this time, the public beta of the Zhu Xian game is about to end At this time, in the home of Pu Jie, a young man in northern Hebei, only Pu Jie and grownmd cbd gummies reviews a young woman were seen sitting in front of the computer.

, anxious Wang is a fart, he only has 10 million yuan in running water a year, and he still owes a loan, so how can I use his wink Last eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking time I asked you to accompany him for a glass of wine, I really have nothing else to do.It means that I just want you to have a drink with him As long as you come back to work, I promise wild hemp cbd vape how to use that the boss won t harass you again After Li Jiaxin heard the president s assurance, she came with suspicion Bank you work for.As soon as he entered the bank, he was called into the office by the president and said to Li Jiaxin, Little Li, it s great that you are back to work now.Our next plant cbd gummies review bank lacks talents like you.Li Jiaxin Seeing the behavior of the president in front of him, he instantly felt like a very familiar expression pack.But he still listened to the president s words and returned to work.

fun gummies CBD CBD Gummied Next door Uncle Tian What s wrong Sister Bao Jiang Gongzi A Bao This I don t know how to tell you, just go and see So Tian Yunxiao clicked Mochi Yinghuo s best cbd gummies for athletes book in a puzzled way, and looked at the book CBD Gummied Martha Stewart CBD Gummies Coupon review area.It turned out that there was a lot of scolding in the book review area.Tian Yunxiao clicked a few casually.Captain Mengxin apprentice From Laotian, what is Laotian pushing The more I read this book, the more familiar it is.Isn t this a copy of Jiang Gongzi Abao hemp infused gummies benefits s loss to become a Muggle All kinds of plagiarism Prodigal son Yanqing 1 apprentice Yes, yes, I was also tricked by Laotian, but I found that I was greatly disappointed, the plot was not plagiarized, and the writing was not as smooth as Jiang Gongzi Abao What kind of trick is Laotian pushing When Tian Yunxiao saw these names, the more he looked at them, the more familiar they became.

At present, the development direction of smart home ecology set by Huang Da for the company mainly has two directions.First, establish your own system ecology, and at the same time start to cooperate with other manufacturers, so as to obtain the support of some electrical appliance manufacturers, and slowly build your own smart home ecology.Of course, the berry family has begun to negotiate and cooperate with Gree, and strive to have a more in depth cooperation with Gree to expand the current smart home ecology of its own company.Second, with the help of Huawei s Hongmeng OS, to access the electrical appliances of the current e commerce manufacturers that Huawei Hongmeng cooperates with, so that the Berry family has a certain form of smart home ecology.Of course, the most important of the two methods at present is the first one, after all, only if you have these will you have the absolute right to speak.

In terms of overall practicability and functionality, it is indeed much better than mainstream lithium batteries.Of course, the executives of other manufacturers who are watching this are cbd gummies good for nerve pain technology news conference are also thinking about trying to carry out deeper CBD Gummied cooperation with boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews the Berry family.It is scheduled that with the powerful pictures of mobile phone performance, users have higher and higher requirements for battery life.The emergence of new batteries can greatly improve the battery life of mobile phones and meet the needs of most users.In addition to this new battery technology, we have also brought you the latest fast charging technology The Berry family has excellent technical patents in the field of fast charging technology, and what we bring to you today is Berry family s fast 360W super second charging technology The charging technology adopted this time is 9A40V to a new design It can really achieve super fast charging And then Huang Da announced the latest wired charging technology, It also shocked countless netizens.

OmniVision is like Lianhuake in the mobile phone processor chip market, and its main market is best cbd gummies for fibromyalgia still in the low end market.It can be said that in recent years, OmniVision s sensors can be found on mobile phones one after another.Although OmniVision is the worst among the three sensor companies, it is also the only one of the three sensor companies that belongs to Huaguo Sensor Company.Howe Company itself is wild hemp cbd cig review an American company, but four years ago, it was officially acquired by a company in Huaguo and became a real Huaguo enterprise.In the sensor market, although the company started late and its strength is relatively weak, it is indeed one of the most worthy partners for the berry family at this stage.At this stage, when the berry family is not rich in funds and technical personnel, it still needs to rely on some allies for the support of hardware technology At present, in terms of screen manufacturers, the Berry family and Tianma have carried out extremely in depth cooperation.

After playing two more games, he took a look It s already eleven o clock in the evening.Then I walked into the bathroom, and cbd gummy frogs 50mg then dripped a few drops of water on my forehead.First I went to the bar to get the key and Sister Bao s mobile phone, and then brewed for a while at the door of Sister Bao s room.The padlock hanging on the door handle was unlocked.Then I used the spare room card at the bar to open the door.As soon as I opened the door, I saw Ms.Bao sitting on the gaming chair in the hotel, writing with all her concentration.Tian Yunxiao just pretended Looking out of most potent form of cbd breath, he said to Sister Bao, Sister Bao, I m sorry, I was wrong, I really like reading your book so much, that s what I did.After hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Sister Bao said to Tian Yunxiao with a stern face Old Tian, are you too embarrassed to say that you are my fan I see you re almost killing me After hearing Sister Bao s words, Tian Yunxiao smiled and said, Sister Bao, isn t it normal for fans to kill idols by themselves Sister Bao asked loudly, O Tian, I have no enmity with you, Neither Ming nor 7, and you are neither Xiao nor P, why do you do this to me Tian Yunxiao smiled and said, Sister Bao, I don t want this either, who made you do that Is it short By the way, Sister Bao, do you feel that you are writing a lot faster Sister Bao thought back at this moment, and then realized that she seemed to have written a lot.

The super sized cup of the Berry Pro30 series has been confirmed to be installed on the rumored Xuanwu 935 processor 500 mg cbd gummy chip on the Internet, and this time there is also a very big breakthrough in imaging s material.The Xuanwu 935 processor chip announced on the Internet this time is indeed very strong in terms of performance, and this processor chip will soon meet with consumers.After one after another, netizens began to look forward to the Raspberry Pro30 series.Judging from the news from the digital leak site, this time the full spectrum cbd gummies 500mg entire series has a total of these three products, among which the super cup will be equipped with the Xuanwu 935 processor chip.Then the ordinary version and the big cup version are not expected to be equipped with the Xuanwu 935 processor chip.Berry family Pro30 series dreams into reality Just as the popularity of the product continued to rise, the Berry family officially announced the CBD Gummied product s poster and product release time.

In the market, we heard that a certain friend s flagship model has very good night scene photos, this time we specially used our rice 10 supreme commemorative edition to compare with the friend s merchant Listening to Rebs at the press conference Huang Da also showed a look of contempt for what he said solemnly.In particular, Rebs released the photos of the two night scenes at the press conference for comparison, which made Huang Da feel that his IQ was insulted.Take a flagship sensor like the OV48C and compare it with the IMX686, which is common in the 2,000 yuan range.From the bottom, a 1 1.32 inch outsole and a 1 1.73 inch ordinary bottom.In terms of pixel area size, one has a large light input of 1.2u, and the other is an ordinary 0.8u.These two are not sensors of the same level.They are used to compare and compare And cbd gummies for sale gold bee Huang Da is also angry, but directly output all the way on Weibo.

Although they have completely guessed the price of the product this time, they did not expect the price of the product this time to be so expensive.However, the competitiveness of the products this time is still very strong.Basically, 32,999 yuan is to buy a mobile phone and send a computer, a tablet, and a mobile phone.Basically, everything that can cbd gummies in checked baggage be given to the user has been given to the user.It can be said that it is to buy a relatively good overall game experience for the user.At the same time, the e sports package we prepared for everyone this time also specially prepared a youth version The original processor chip was replaced by Xuanwu 965, and the storage was also changed to 16G 1T configuration, and the final price was For 14999 yuan And this time, in addition to the ordinary game version, there is a castrated version of the game suit, but this castrated version of the game suit has castrated the most core performance, and will And the capacity of flash memory is further reduced.

At present, with the dr oz gummies cbd development of the technology industry, games are more and more valued by the majority of users, and there are more high level games appearing in front of most users.And this time, the Berry family intends to do things in the game industry.The Berry Game Conference, see you on April 2nd The Berry Company officially released a new announcement at the end of March.Such a brand new announcement has also attracted the attention of many netizens and technology enthusiasts.Berry Game Conference Many netizens looked at the currently known information, and also revealed a lot of doubts and confusion.This is the first time that the Berry company has held such a conference.In the impression of most netizens, the Berry family is just a technology company.Let s hold a game conference this time, but to be where to buy royal cbd honest, Berry Clan s stand alone games are indeed doing very well I think the direction of Berry Clan s development in recent years seems to be quite broad I don t know about this time Berry Clan What kind of new products and games can we bring To be honest, Berries has not brought stand alone games for a long time, and I think there will be a greenroads cbd gummies lot of things in this hemp bombs cbd patches game conference It can be said that I am very curious and full of interest, and I am also looking forward to the Berry Company to bring some interesting games.

Even many netizens said that the entire mobile phone circle has become crazy because of involution.The ordinary version uses a 90hz OLED screen, with the Xuanwu 655 processor chip IMX582 and two make up lenses.The initial configuration of 6 128 only costs 1099 yuan during the 618 period, while another 8 256 configuration costs only 1399 yuan.This is simply to completely dry the threshold of the entry machine.Some netizens feel that this ordinary version is the strongest entry level phone in the entire industry.It not only has strong performance, but also has the corresponding OLED screen and camera advantages.The only regret is that this time, the NFC and the corresponding X axis linear motor were replaced by Z axis linear motors in order to save costs.In addition to the normal version, other versions of the models have made a very big improvement in the screen this time.

edible gummy bear Secondly, the second largest proportion of domestic components is naturally the Berry family.The proportion of state owned components in the Berry family Pro30 has reached 65 , which is also regarded as a brand with a relatively large proportion of domestic vitality stores.In addition, the screen ratio of state owned components in mobile phones from other manufacturers such as Rice Blue Factory and Green Factory is only about 30 to 40 , not even half.In fact, this is related to the development of the current upstream supply chain.After all, the components of the extremely strong upstream supply chain are controlled by foreign manufacturers.And now the competition of domestic mobile phones is so fierce, which leads to the current manufacturers must choose to keep improving in terms of components.

Such wired charging can completely make the mobile phone recover blood directly and completely within 7 minutes.In terms of wireless charging, this time, the three split wireless charging is adopted, which can have a greater wireless charging speed, and the heat control will be better during wireless charging.The regular version uses 3 times 40W for a total of 120W of wireless charging.The large cup version uses 135W wireless charging, while the super cup version is equipped with the fastest 150W wireless charging currently.In addition to wireless charging, a new generation of air to air charging technology has been officially launched.The new generation of space charging can make the mobile phone charge stably within a range of 50 meters in diameter, and this time the matching shunt wireless charging receiver can make the charging power reach 30W, If the diameter is within 20 meters, it can even reach thc and CBD gummies CBD Gummied the 45W level.

As a sub brand of Green Factory, Zhenwo released the Zhenwo X7 series.Among them, the big cup version of this series is naturally the Hongmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition.From the processor chip to the main camera lens, the two lucent valley cbd gummies amazon are basically very similar.On the basis of the Hongmi K30 Extreme Commemorative cbd gummies virginia Edition, the real me raised the screen of the mobile phone to a organixx cbd gummies for sale flexible straight screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz.Generally, the current OLED screens are divided into hard screens and flexible screens.The cost of hard screens is obviously lower than that of flexible screens, and general flexible screens are generally used on curved screens because the entire screen is cbd cbn gummies for sleep very soft.The flexible screen can make the chin package have a better performance level.At the same time, due to the relatively high quality and softness of the screen, it is slightly stronger than the straight screen in terms of look and feel.

Only when this product can truly gain a firm foothold in the high end market, can the future berry family be able to make greater efforts in brands and products.Of course, the final first sale of the Berry MX20 is quite impressive.A total of 150,000 mobile phones were sold on the day of the first sale.You must know that this is a high end flagship machine in the true sense, and cbd hemp clones being able to sell 150,000 units in one day is enough to show the excellence of this product.Of course, some consumers are still in a wait and see state.After all, in the next month, Huawei and Guozi will release this year s flagship mobile phones.And these users will choose their favorite products according to the configuration of each product and their knowledge of each brand.Huang Da is relatively calm about this.

What I say today will be 10,000 a day Forget it, it s still CBD Gummied Martha Stewart CBD Gummies Coupon 8,000 No, it s still 6,000 Well, after all, the human body s limit is 4,000 words I m a human being, not a monster, so I can t break the human body s limit, so it s still 4,000 a day.After Pei Pao heard Tian Yunxiao s oath, He burst out laughing.Said My old Tian, I heard you being ruthless, I thought you were really going to CBD Gummied Martha Stewart CBD Gummies Coupon rise today, but the result is still four cbd gummies use thousand a day Alas, you are helpless, you are too lazy Tian Yunxiao at this time After hearing what Pei Pai said to him, he retorted unbs cbd gummies tinnitus plausibly Baby, if I can keep updating 4,000 words a day, I m much more diligent than many writers cbd shark tank gummies at Qidian.Many writers at my level are working hard one by one.If you don t want to write, you will stop updating, and don t even ask for a leave.

Thinking about the black technology used in this mobile phone, the price of this mobile phone may not be cheap.Tong Hao looked at the curious faces of the digital bloggers, hesitated for a while, and finally broke the news.The cost of this mobile phone is indeed not low, and the price range of this mobile phone in our company is around 7,000 Tong Hao s words also surprised many digital bloggers.Seven thousand, I am afraid that only Huawei has reached this height among the current domestic mobile phone brands.From the current Berries x30, it seems that Berries are ready to CBD Gummied go further.However, thinking about the positioning of this product and the black technology used in this product, the Raspberry x30 is priced at 7,000 yuan, which is not expensive, on the contrary, it is very kind.I believe that many geek users and users with sufficient funds will buy this phone by then.

CBD tinnitus cbd gummies Gummied (fab CBD gummies), [botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit] CBD Gummied best CBD gummies for anxiety and stress CBD Gummied.

Hahahaha, I, Tian Yunxiao, are going to become the protagonist.When people have counterattacks I have to have a system too.Before he could check the system information carefully, he urged Mochengshu to reply to the information.He calmly clicked on the message of the CBD Gummied Martha Stewart CBD Gummies Coupon reminder, while checking the system information in his mind.As long as you can write a book and sign a contract, I will add a new chapter for you.After signing the contract, I will continue to update it every day, 4,000 words a day.I will add another chapter to you when you write it on the shelves.If you can write how many mg of cbd gummies should i eat reddit 300,000 words, I will I ll add another chapter to you.It just requires that you must publish your work at the leading point of the industry.Those small stations outside that can directly sign contracts can t be counted Tian Yunxiao saw the words of Mo Chengshu, and directly typed in the chat window, I bought a mountaineering bag last year, which is super wear resistant.

Of course, some of them won the lottery.Netizens were naturally hit by the official Weibo, and they showed off to many netizens who did not win the lottery.He even posted on Weibo to show off how lucky he was this time.Although the popularity hemp oil vs CBD CBD Gummied of the robot dog is far higher than that of the Raspberry Blue Note9 series.However, the high cost performance of the note9 series itself, coupled with certain discounts for the first launch, also attracted countless users to buy.Thirty minutes after the sale, the Berries official also announced the sales results of this series.The sales volume of royal blend CBD gummies review CBD Gummied the Raspberry Blue Note9 series in 30 minutes has successfully exceeded 700,000 units royal cbd gummies for sale This kind of achievement also shocked countless netizens in an instant.Many netizens did not expect that Berry Blue could achieve such excellent results even when using Lianhuake Dimensity chip for half a year.

CBD Gummied You must know that the profit of other mobile phone companies selling a mobile phone of about 2,000 is only four or five hundred.According to the current quotations of the entire chip manufacturers, the price of their own chips is definitely not low.At present, the quotation of Gaotong 865 is 90 US dollars 120 US dollars at the beginning of the year , the price of Gaotong 765G is 60 US dollars, the cbd hemp dispensary quotation of Lianhuake 1000 is 70 US dollars, and the quotation of Lianhuake 800 is 45 US dollars.Lianhuake 800U is CBD Gummied quoted at 40 US dollars.According to the current level and strength of the three new chips produced by the company, even if it is calculated at a preferential price, it may not be worse than Lianhuake.Chapter 134 Cooperation to create a win win situation Of course, when Huawei was discussing the conditions, it still mentioned the latest three chips of Xuanwu, and wanted to know what the standards of these three chips are.

Judging from the fluctuation chart of the game frame rate, the Raspberry Blue S7 mobile phone using the Xuanwu 700 can run stably at 60 full frames when it first enters the game.After more than ten minutes, the frame rate of the game will drop to about 58 frames, and it will keep floating from 58 frames to 59 frames.Only one time in the middle of the game encountered a complex scene and suddenly dropped to 55 frames, but It returned to 59 frames in less than half a minute.The final conclusion is that in the game of Peace Elite, the average game frame rate of Xuanwu 700 reaches 591 frames, and the frame rate fluctuation is up to 4 frames.The overall game performance is very good.The Xuanwu 700 has a very powerful GPU graphics processor, and with the GPU Trubo technology specially designed by our fly system, it can make the game have a better experience Huang Da stood on the stage, looking at the user with great excitement We announced the excellent performance of Xuanwu 700 in the game.

Don t take the right seat.Tian Yunxiao asked quickly Okay Loach, let s find a place to eat now.So Loach CBD Gummied drove Tian Yunxiao to have a meal first.After eating, Loach asked Tian Yunxiao Old Tian, shall we go to the Wuque game now Tian Yunxiao originally wanted to agree immediately, but now his system has not been upgraded, CBD Gummied so he can t call.Then he said to Loach Brother Loach, botanical farms hemp gummies don t worry about this, after all, the copyright is still in the hands of me and the Yuewen Group.If I don t nod, there is no way to sell only half of the copyright of the Yuewen Group, so it s time what is keoni cbd gummies to worry.It s them, not me, I ll spend a day in the magic capital, and it ll be too late to go tomorrow.When Loach heard this, he thought to himself, Oda is right, I m a dozen years older than Laotian, and my mentality is so unexpected.

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