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Which side The cv sciences cbd gummies review south side Oh From the outer village, 80 of them heard the noise here and came to watch the fun.Xia Xiaoshu noticed that there was a thin young man among best cbd gummies for hot flashes the audience Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies in the distance.He was about 1.75 meters tall, and he didn t look like a countryman.The expression of that person paying attention to the excavation site was very special.Anyway, he looked a little different from others.Glancing at the man a few more times, Xia Xiaoshu didn t think much, and followed Mo Saoyun and the others back to the village.Anyway, it s still early, why don t we go to the warehouse and sort out the herbs Mo Saoyun said casually.You don t need to rest at home for a day The people of Zhuanghu have never been idle.I am optimistic about this business, and I always want to do things neatly.Well, let s sort out Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies all those CBD gummy dosage Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies precious medicinal materials as much as possible today.

Xia Xiaoshu guessed that Tan Yuecheng should be talking to someone, maybe he was about to buy a house, so Xia Xiaoshu told Fang Yuelan that Tan Yuecheng would charge a nominal fee for the income from personal sales.At the same time, Xia Xiaoshu announced within the company that if others intend to sell intelligent welding robots, the income will be based on Tan Yuecheng s payment standard.Afterwards, Xia Xiaoshu discovered that, except Jiang Siyong s active participation in this matter, other members of the company were so busy that they had no time to go outside for this business.Compared with cutting and forming equipment, the sales volume of intelligent welding robots is much larger, especially for medium and low end products, and the market demand is particularly strong.At this time, Shi Jincuo s unique marketing skills were fully displayed, coupled with Shang Yijiao s tireless efforts, the Dicuo company s share was quickly sold more than half.

3 warehouse is usually open during the day, so that the golden rooster can enter and exit more easily.When Xia Xiaoshu entered the door to add water and feed to the golden rooster, he saw that the golden rooster was pacing back and forth around the standard bamboo poles in the yard.Anyway, there was prosperity patrolling not far away, and Xiao Xia had nothing to worry about.Back in the office and turned on the computer, Xia Xiaoshu re screened, classified, and symbolized the information sent by Xie Tingyu After thinking for cbd gummies for sleep vitamin shoppe a while, Xia Xiaoshu gave all the simplified content that cbd hemp organically grown had been initially symbolized by himself.different mathematical meanings.After connecting the USB cable, Xia Xiaoshu connected his mobile phone to the host computer, called up the trajectory curve diagram, and repeatedly modified many parameters.

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I don t think so, she suddenly found me this afternoon and said that the Wentong branch is in a special situation.In this way, he can use people flexibly, which is good for the company and not bad.On the other end of the phone, Vice President Chang explained with a smile.What do you mean Xiao Xia asked casually.You can arrange it yourself.There are 11 employees in the company who meet the conditions you want.I have sent the relevant information to your mailbox.You can choose one or two from them.If you have other more suitable candidates, go outside.There is no problem with direct employment.I will arrange Xiao Zhao to help you with the relevant procedures.It is rare that what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Vice President Meng suddenly changes his attitude.You should hurry up and handle this matter.You and Dr.Meng are really too busy.

Turning around, Xia Xiaoshu returned directly to the pharmacy.At noon, Xie Tingyu went into the store to collect the business data of the day.After her busy work, she was ready to go home to rest.Wait a while, later I m going to accompany Dr.Meng to take a look at Mr.Sang, shall we go together Xia Xiaoshu casually invited.Okay Our colleagues in the company probably won t be wandering in that area, so let s go Although the Miaowei company has officially opened, but out of prudence, Xie does just cbd gummies contain thc Tingyu still does not want mingo rad cbd gummies review to let colleagues in the company know that she is the same.The special relationship of Xia Xiaoshu.Life is not a child s play, it is possible to look at Shu only if you have to have a ridge Xia Xiaoshu is quite capable and can be described as a genius.However, anyone starting a company has luck, and Mr. gummies CBD Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies

Oh Did you find a suitable candidate Not yet, aurora cbd and hemp monroe la there are a lot of chores recently, so I don t have to think about it.Who do you Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Royal Blend CBD Gummies Legit think is suitable Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.We only know Sun Xiangyu here, why don t we discuss it with him another day Okay, I ll listen to you.Based on what I know about the countryside, Sun Xiangyu will probably recommend his relatives or something.When the time comes, suggest Take a good look at the people he recommends, you have invested a lot of high precision equipment in this communication experiment, right That s all your cbd gummies 4000mg hard earned money Okay, I will pay attention, you said high precision Jian, that s not true.However, in terms of hardware and software technology, what we are currently do hemp gummies work using is indeed brand new, and it has a considerable competitive advantage in the market.

Uncle Sun was cooking dinner in the kitchen, and the gummies for arthritis unique natural fragrance of cornmeal came out.Xia Xiaoshu was busy all day, and gradually green gorilla cbd gummies realized that she had to do something practical for Yuan Jiamin, not to mention where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies that this little trouble was indeed caused by herself.This cbd for joint pain gummies time, Xia CBD gummies for pain 1000mg Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Xiaoshu went to Qirong Town to purchase many local specialties in advance.Tan Yuecheng just left, Xia Xiaoshu quickly sorted out a few local specialties, packed them carefully, locked the door, and followed him.The old carpenter said hello and walked all the way to the rental place to visit Mr.Lin Qiyu.I had called in advance, and Lin Qiyu said that he was not at his home, and was helping out at the driving bar right now The courtyard that Lin Qiyu rented was not too far from the Sang s courtyard , so Xia Xiaoshu could save his car.

Let s not talk about what s inside.It s just that this zipper is still waterproof.Yes, this thing must be quite expensive.That hemp extract vs cbd reddit s right, it s it I used a few of them when I was at work.The one you re looking for is a relatively high end one It s really hard for you After taking a few glances at the equipment inside, Xiao Xia casually explained.a few words.That s great I m still worried about running for nothing on the way This thing is too professional, and I can t understand it at all., you have to be careful Okay, I will be careful.However, you don t have to be too cautious.This thing is borrowed by my wife from botanical CBD gummies Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies their subordinate company, so you can use it with confidence.Really Mrs.Zun must be very amazing, a scanner of this level is not something that an ordinary company can have Mr.Xia, you are welcome Try it first and see if it works.

It s a pretty good appetizer Shi Jiudang seldom went to the big supermarket to buy things.Seeing that Mr.Xia veterans vitality CBD gummies Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies opened all the food that he seldom came into contact with, he was very happy.I said, there is still a bottle of old roast at home, which is a small brew from the village next door.It has been in my place for Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies almost two years.Seeing that you have made it quite rich, I will go back and bring it, and the three of us will be fine.Have a few drinks.Then before dark, Mr.Jiang has to rush back to the city, do you want him to drink and drive Hehe Ouch How could I forget about this, but look Looking at these delicacies in front of me, I am really greedy for wine Thenyou can drink a few glasses less.I heard from the villagers that the shochu in the neighboring village has been passed down for thousands of years, and it is mellow and pleasant.

In addition, you must know that the factory in Yugu Town is also serving the future smart city comprehensive project, cannabis gummies and the progress of both sides must maintain a certain pace.It won t work if it s too fast or too slow.Then I don t understand, listen to you, do whatever you want.Okay, bring your ID card with you, and use your name for the relevant procedures., Xia Xiaoshu got up and was about to leave.Write my name Isn t that bad It s not bad, it will be easier for you to encounter things in the future.Besides, you have worked hard during this time, and you do hemp seeds have cbd should have two cars, and all the work has been done well.Well, you will be busy in the future It won t be long before these two cars will run badly, and you are just assuming a false name.Xia Xiaoshu said these few words are true enough.

Accompanying the old driver to travel in Beiqi for a day, he delivered good tobacco and wine, and he was so happy that the old driver best rated CBD gummies Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies kept calling Wei Yuecheng, saying that Mr.Xia was too sincere in hospitality After sending the old driver away, Xia Xiaoshu cat carefully studied the ancient smelting technique in the house provided by Xu Shiyun.Time flies so fast, three days have passed in a flash.This morning, at around nine o clock, Xia Xiaoshu felt that the smelting plan he set up should be almost mature, and was about to communicate with Director Wang when the phone rang.Ding Weishan s phone number.I heard that you are smelting ore outside eagle hemp CBD gummies price Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Yes, the plan has just been formulated, and I am going to find someone to discuss it, what Is Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies is CBD good for dogs there something Due to Mu Qijin s sudden intervention, Liang Woshu s attitude towards Xia Xiaoshu gradually changed a lot.

The first batch of game controllers sold was CBD gummy dosage Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies the most sold by Jiang Siyong.The sales performance of Xia Xiaoshu and others is much worse, there are sporadic ones, and there is cbd gummies for arousal no certainty what will happen tomorrow.Fang Yuelan already had accounting qualifications a few years ago, and naturally he also served as the financial director of the Miaowei company.In order to save expenses, Fang Yuelan is also an accountant and a cashier.The company has not hired a cashier for the time being.Everyone s sales proceeds were handed over to Fang Yuelan, who was responsible for registration, entry, and taxation procedures For a time, Fang pharma cbd delta 8 gummies review Yuelan became the busiest person in the company This day, it was lunchtime, and Xie Tingyu happened to inspect the Wentong Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Road branch.After all the inspection procedures, she found a place to sit, and Xiao Xie chatted with smilz CBD gummies reviews Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Shi Xinqin for a while.

You should pay more attention to yourself It s okay, by the way, why did the drone toy thing take so long I want to do my best to be distracted, Vice President Ding doesn t seem to appreciate it Yang Ruqian said with a smile.That s a long story In fact, you don t have to always feel that you what Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies owe us favors, it s his ability that Big Brother Yang manages well in Dongqi, drone toys are actually quite sensitive, and The bidding procedure is very cumbersome, and the specific operation is very troublesome.In addition, I feel it is necessary to tell you something.In recent months, Ding Weishan s position in Xinyixiang has become a little delicate.In the long run Considering the angle, she cbd gummies cure tinnitus has already started thinking about quitting.It really is that I don t have a suitable position here, so she didn t resign there, so It turns out that there is still such a thing That s okay.

can you take cbd oil and gummies together I heard from Uncle Gan that this kind of rabbit is can i take cbd gummies on an empty stomach called Xuexiang Rabbit.It is estimated that the fourth uncle has a very special breeding method.Or, this kind of rabbit itself is very special and should be a special product of the surrounding area.Xia Xiao Count responded with a smile.I see It s a lot of insight This beef is very different from Lishi s Did you braise it yourself Or did you buy it ready made Xie Tingyu asked casually.The raw beef I bought in the town, I learned to braise it myself with Uncle Luo, is it okay to eat it Xie Tingyu was very complimented.Win the prize, what is cbd cbg hemp oil win the prize Eat more if you want to.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu handed a box of juice to Ms.Xie.Thank you After a while, Xie Tingyu was silent again.Tutoring this thing, once cultivated, I am afraid it will be hard to cbd gummies kids change for life Although the meal was a bit dull, Xia Xiaoshu felt that the atmosphere was very mild and calm, which was good.

As for thank you, it is better to wait for all your projects to be completed and return to Lishi City.You can arrange it if you don t.That cbd gummies on amazon s true, let s go Go over and perez hilton cbd gummies say something polite.When Captain He and Xiao Xia entered the room, Manager Mu and Miss Xin were cleaning the dishes.Manager Mu, I m the team leader of the archaeological team.My surname is He.I was taken care of.I came here to say hello.Please don t be so polite, our company is not very efficient, and we are really not well entertained, and I hope Captain He will be more considerate.Manager Mu is a person who has been trained on the scene, so it s not a problem to say a few polite words.These two have a lot of thoughts in their hearts, and they are polite and busy.After taking a few glances at Miss what is hemp gummies made of Xin s back, Manager Mu asked in a low voice, That girl looks pretty, does she have a boyfriend She I don t know, why did you suddenly think of this Xia Xiaoshu was at a loss when asked.

Chapter 1073 Make every effort to improve the new factory Xia Xiaoshu worked overtime to transform CNC machine tools.Although the Zheng company barely passed the disaster, the daily compensation for technical errors was Not a single stroke was saved, and Lin Qiyu was also worried about this.Xia Xiaoshu asked people to transport the transformed CNC machine tool to the Zheng Mang company with a construction vehicle.After repeated tests and test runs, all the troubles that appeared regularly before have disappeared, and froozie hemp gummies review there are almost no faults.Lin Qiyu and his son were overjoyed and quickly adjusted their salary to hire Xia Xiaoshu to do some technical training for the company s technical backbone.Seeing Yuan Jiamin s face, Xia Xiaoshu trained a group of technical backbones for the Zengmang company for free.

Why don t you do this If you want to trust me, you might as well leave these things at my house first, and then I ll hand them over to Xiao Liao I ll save you the trouble of carrying them around.Alright I ll cause you trouble, Thank you, thank you You re welcome It s just an effort, I have to add your contact information, otherwise, I won t be able to tell you later.Wang Yuxia said with a smile.Okay, okay Thank you again After speaking, Xia Xiaoshu sent Wang Yuxia his contact information.Looking at Xia Xiaoshu s departure, Wang Yuxia suddenly realized Maybe this young man can help my son get out of the predicament of failing the exam Chapter 267 A sudden promotion I visited two houses before and after , Xia Xiaoshu was worried how to use hemp gummies that it would be rude to go late, and came out of Huaguting Community, Xiaoxia went straight to the villa community where Vice President Chang lived.

After reading it carefully several times, Sister Shi s eyes became unusually bright.Mr.Xia Thank you so much For giving us such a good idea for a long time, I ve decided to do as you said.But this document doesn t mention decoration, you see Mrs.Shi I m very concerned about the store decoration.The decoration is relatively simple, why do eagle hemp cbd gummies contact number you say that Isn t the old Shi family a family of masons You might as well spend more time on stone materials, you can save a lot of money in terms of costs, and it is unique, it is estimated that this area is around You only have that kind of decoration style in the area of 30 miles and so on.Tourists in the city come to the door and see, oh Simple and generous, with local characteristics, even if they don t buy anything, they want to come and walk around.

There is no way, the Shizhong side attacked everywhere, causing panic among the companies, lest their profits be damaged., Some companies are even worried that they will not be able to operate because of this As long as all kinds of information related to high competition are like lightning, cbd gummies to help stop drinking the whole world will know it within an hour.In the era of light speed, people are a little bit out of breath.Yuan Jiamin responded with deep feeling.Isn t a branch of Shizhong just across from our store Recently, their employees have always come to me to buy medicinal tea.I see that those employees are polite and easy to get along with.Maybe the major companies have overreacted On the other end of the phone, Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.You ll know it if you ve been in this type of company for three years.

Xia Xiaoshu told the truth.It s because you are so ambitious that you are able to thrive today.Well, I heard from your brother Shang that you have been very busy recently, so I won t bother you.See you tomorrow See you tomorrow After that, Xia Xiao Several hung up the phone Meng Qiting arranged for Professor Fei to go to a tertiary hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, and the results of the comprehensive study of the diagnostic methods of Chinese and Western effects of cbd gummy medicine came out soon.Your teacher has laboratory syndrome, just stay away from the lab and science from now on.Research topics, maintaining a normal lifespan is not a problem.Meng Qiting explained to Xia Xiaoshu first.Then we have to rest here for a while About half a year.Okay, then I ll arrange for them holistic health cbd gummies to stay at my place Shang Yujin saw that Professor Fei s treatment plan had finally come to fruition, so he was about to drive back to Dongqi University.

Mo Saoyun believed in Xia Xiaoshu s talent, Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies and in addition to being ecstatic, she quickly forwarded the chat benefits of hemp gummies record of the two to her cousin.Xia Xiaoshu leaned against the back of the seat, staring at every Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies movement of Xiao Lu s game very carefully, pondering the change in his expression When I was in college, the Department of Physics opened an Introduction to Social Psychology For elective courses, at that time, other students were just making sure to be present when the class was called and to hand in homework on time.Basically, they didn t pay much attention to it.Anyway, it was enough to get enough credits, and it wasn t an important professional course.Xia Xiaoshu is different.He is very interested in this elective course.In terms of energy and time invested, it is no different from taking professional courses at ordinary times, so that the associate professor in the course takes the initiative to find Xia Xiaoshu from time to time to see him.

Hearing what Xia Xiaoshu said solemnly, Tong Yuyao didn t care much, and responded with a smile Mr.Xia is best cbd for pain 2021 right, then after we return to the city, find a time and I will visit Doctor Meng It s easy to talk, easy to talk I ll accompany you cbd gummies for rls then.Thank you, President Xia Look this main control chip should be on sale soon.I wonder if President Xia has any good suggestions Tong Yuyao said very politely.This Mr.Tong, please sit here, and I ll make you a cup of tea.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu turned off the testing equipment and made a pot of good tea for Tong Yuyao while he got up.The two chatted while drinking.Mr.Tong, is there something I don t know when to ask Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.But it doesn t matter Does your company s R D center chip project team have two or more teams that are not affiliated with each other This how to say, there is only one R D team on the bright side, but the relationship between the two directors It is true that the relationship is not very harmonious, but please rest assured, Mr.

did not say.For some Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies reason, Huang Haiqiang was still somewhat disappointed in his heart, and he could understand why he was disappointed Chapter 932 Solar Car This time back home, Xia Xiaoshu went to Ding Weishan s place to get it.There are few good toys, and the children of relatives and friends almost everyone has a share.Huang Haiqiang is the child of Xia Xiaoshu, so naturally he has a few more children than other children.When Huang Haiqiang was out racing, Xia Xiaoshu had already visited his parents house several times.For dinner today, Xia Xiaoshu once again carefully selected a few good toys for the two little nephews.Huang Haiqiang s wife was very grateful, and repeatedly said thank you.Seeing that everyone had almost eaten, Xia Xiaoshu got up and went to checkout.Guessing that Xia Xiaoshu pushed the door and walked away, Huang Haiqiang s wife asked softly, How much is this table More than three thousand We ve never been to such a place before, who knows It s okay, Xiaoshu is his own cbd gummies for muscle relaxation brother, so Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Royal Blend CBD Gummies Legit you don t have to worry about it.

Meng accompanied him.The three chatted and laughed together and ate together in the backyard.I thought I would just stir fry two dishes and eat some noodles and rice.When the food was ready, and when I picked up the chopsticks to eat, Wu Yeyun was surprised to find that Manager Xia and Doctor Meng were very particular about their meals.Not only that, Xia The manager s cooking skills are much better than his own.In addition to being overjoyed, Wu Yeyun secretly rejoices that she has finally found a decent job.The upstairs dormitory had not had time to clean up, and it wasn t too far away anyway.She helped Manager Xia to clean up the kitchen neatly, and Wu Yeyun went home for a lunch break In the evening, Xia Xiaoshu live well cbd gummies shark tank was there helping Aunt Wu to get medicine for the guests, when she saw Manager Yue from the Jian Hui company knocking out the door and walking in.

Hey Don t mention it, his studies have been abandoned like this.That stupid boy from my family is still so conceited, he keeps are CBD gummies addictive Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies saying that he has a way, and he directly refused our medical leave arrangement.I m really mad at me Wei Huan replied in a frantic tone.a few words.Don t worry, maybe he s telling the truth do CBD gummies curb appetite Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies It s a good thing to work hard to get your failing grades up Xia Xiaoshu said comfortingly with a smile.Listen to his nonsense His uncle has already asked someone to test him, with a score of 47 in high school and 55 in school English.What should I mention, there is no hope at all.Wei Huanyu responded angrily.Percentage system Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Yeah I still failed.This is still a unit test.The teacher my brother asked for is still trying to choose those simpler questions and put together two test papers for him to do.

The young female clerk smiled and advertised.Xia Xiaoshu picked up one of the bottles and turned around to observe the sunlight carefully for a long time.Then, Xiao Xia put the mouth of the oral liquid bottle down for a while, and looked at it carefully for a long time in the sunlight again.After a while, Xiao Xia swayed a few times and studied the sunlight for a while.Please put away these two bottles of samples, do you also have samples of the oral liquids over there Xiao Xia asked with a smile.Yes, yes, all After speaking, the young female clerk quickly selected two bottles of each sample and placed them on the glass countertop.Jiang Siyong was very particular about her clothes.She looked like a rich and well bred VIP.She was carrying two boxes of herbal teas, and they were two of the best quality herbal teas in the store.

It s going to take a while, why don t you go to the office to chat with Mr.Tong This kind of place is so boring, it s easy to fall asleep.Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.It s okay, you re busy with your work, I ll go downstairs.After that, Xie Tingyu got up and stretched, went out to greet the male administrator, and took the elevator downstairs to find a suitable place to hang out It s so kushy cbd gummies review boring in the engine room.Shi Mihui is a very particular Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies company.The greening is quite good, and small flower beds are built everywhere.Xie Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies Royal Blend CBD Gummies Legit Tingyu found a small flower garden with a relatively large area, and watched the exotic flowers and plants with great interest.After a while, she was greeted by someone behind her Huh Isn t this little girl Xie Is Mr.Xia alone in the computer room right now Looking back, the person who spoke was the current chairman of Shi Mihui Tong Yuyao.

irwin naturals CBD Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies The people who moved to our village a few decades ago are from outside the country.The old man is surnamed Gongsun.I am afraid that he has some origins.When he encounters difficulties in medicinal materials, I often ask others for advice It is very rewarding every time.Accompany him to his house Then it s hard for you Hey Don t delay saving lives, let s go now After speaking, Luo Chengxiang got up and left.Xia Xiaoshu exhorted prosperous wealth a few words, let him take good care of the golden rooster, and don t let anyone who has a heart steal it again.Afterwards, talking and laughing all the way, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Luo Chengxiang to the house of the fourth uncle of Sanxizi s family. Chapter 988 Golden Scorpion Luo Cheng Township and the others visited the old medicinal farmer surnamed Suo, a foreigner, a son and a daughter, all working in Beiqi City, and the Suo free five cbd gummies family cbd gummies for dogs calming s sons and daughters are not too young Now, their children have all graduated from college and are working in the city, and one of them is married.

At this moment, he watched Shang Yiqi suddenly walk in from the door of the store.Shang Yijiao usually pays special attention to her dress, but when she entered the door, her particularly fashionable and beautiful temperament immediately attracted everyone s attention.Shang Yiqie was a rare visitor, so Xia Xiaoshu quickly smiled and nodded at her, motioning her to take a seat at the tea stall first, and then greet her when he was done with his work.Shang Yijiao took off the sunshade and flat light glasses and held them in his hands, smiled back, walked over nb natures boost cbd gummies to the tea stall and sat down in a very elegant posture.Yang Yuye had medigreens CBD gummies reviews Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies never met Shang Yijie before, and she felt that this person should have a great background.Dr.Meng was taking a pulse for a patient.Yang Yuye was fine for the time being.

Xia Xiaoshu assigned the relevant work to Chu Yehong and Zhang Libing, while he and Yuan Jiamin were at ease to study and smelt the old and new technology, and make fine adjustments at any time.Time flies so fast, more than half a month has passed in a flash.This morning, after repeated inspections by Xia Xiaoshu, the trial of Broken Gold New Materials finally succeeded.Suppressing the ecstasy in his heart, Xia Xiaoshu began to arrange for Chu Yehong and Zhang Libing to load up and return to Lishi City.Mr.Luo took this matter very seriously, and specially arranged a Can Dogs Have CBD Gummies van, and assigned a very experienced male driver to transport the new materials back to Lishi City.Zhang Libing has a driver s license and is still a B book, and he is responsible for escorting the car.Out of serious consideration, Xia Xiaoshu made a special call to ask Tan Yuecheng to make an appointment with Sanxizi to drive to Beiqi City one day ahead of schedule to take a break.

Did you see does walmart sell cbd gummies that pine forest It s near there.I ll take you there.Well, the dogs in our village don t bite strangers, right It s alright, let my Wang Cai follow you, it knows the way, and the dogs in the village don t provoke it easily.As he spoke, Uncle Luo s lover rushed to the rhubarb.The dog said something.The big yellow dog glanced at Xiao Xia, lowered his head, purred a few times, and followed Xia Xiaoshu silently towards the pine forest at the foot of the mountain.Looking back at the big yellow dog, Xia Xiaoshu felt that it was a very smart family dog.When approaching a fork in the road, the big yellow dog suddenly ran out from behind Xiao Xia and rushed directly to the end of a small stone bridge on the right, then turned to look at Xiao Xia.I m afraid I ll admit the wrong way Xia Xiaoshu smiled and waved at the big yellow dog to show that he understood its purpose.

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