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long time.I m afraid there are a lot of people who are engaged in stone carving Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg eagle hemp cbd gummies cost around the town Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.That s right, I m a mason, didn t you see that Haha Growing Chinese herbal medicine is a side business in my family.Besides, Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg when we have free time, my family and I also take care of more than three acres of vegetable fields, more or less.I can make a little money.Hey Diversified business You are so capable Come on, you can still live in poverty After a year of hard work, you still can t get a few dollars on hand, hey.Maybe I wasn t born with a fortune.Speaking of which, benefits of cbd gummies for pain Shi Jiudang sighed softly, and his expression was very treetop hemp co delta 8 gummies reviews different from his usual happy face.Seeing that Shi Jiudang s mood was a little down, Xia Xiaoshu quickly changed the topic Brother Shi How were these two nested stone lions carved Is it hollowing out Don t look at the fellow.

It happens that there are a few students here who are doing this, so I ll pick two of the most capable ones and let them help.Big Brother Shi, plan well.Jiang Siyong replied very happily.That s fine See you tomorrow After saying that, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.Hearing that Mr.Jiang, a great painter, was willing to help, Shi Jiudang was naturally elated, feeling that his family s good days were finally over.Chapter 250 Even the rain is coming Just as Shi Jiu left, Manager Mu called.There s nothing wrong with the warehouse, right You handed in papers too fast All the colleagues in the company are talking about you I thought it was rare for everyone to meet, so let s sit down and have a good chat, okay Come out and take a look, you purekana CBD gummies review Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg are long gone.Hehe everything is fine here in the warehouse, don t worry In the past, Captain He and how long does it take for hemp gummies to work Teacher Lu from the archaeological team could help me worry a little bit.

Jiang Siyong explained with a smile.Really It seems that the cbd gummy bears for sale things here are quite complicated.How has Mr.Zong s oil where to buy royal blend cbd gummies painting market been recently Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.Although it won t plummet, the vigorous momentum of the previous period should have disappeared.In all honesty, Mr.Zong s oil paintings are still quite good, and they can be regarded as excellent works.These scattered pieces of information are put together.Do you think Will someone deliberately hype Mr.Zong s oil paintings Xia Xiaoshu guessed casually.I heard from my father, probably not.There is no need for Mr.Qian at all.Recently, haven t people focused on CBD gummies eagle hemp Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg the Huoyunwei side The Qian family will not be too busy to hype this up.Plant wild strange fish, right This thing can t be profitable, right By the way, how many such strange fish can other people catch except a master like you Jiang Siyong asked casually.

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Xiao Xia guessed that Boss Wu must have something wrong with him, thanked Uncle Luo for his kindness, and said that he and Boss Wu would just have a bowl of noodles Boss Wu still has something to do when he returns to the city.It s been delayed for a long time, and it s getting dark.I m afraid it s not convenient.We ll come to the door another day to disturb you.Just watch the door here, don t cbd gummies to quit drinking run around Luo Chengxiang may have other considerations, and before leaving, he greeted the big yellow dog cbd gummy to stop smoking to stay and guard the hospital for Xiaoxia.Chapter 16 Someone invites you to play chess As the meal time is approaching, Xia Xiaoshu high hemp gummies has to entertain Boss Wu for a light meal.Due to financial constraints, Xiao Xia did not dare to buy any meat.Fortunately, the types of seasonings purchased were not too small. CBD gummies for tinnitus Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg

At most, President Bao just presides over more important business seminars.During the meeting, he hardly speaks much, and basically listens to Chang Kuangyu.Kuang Yu is alone.In fact, Meng Qiyun 750 mg cbd gummies dosage also knew in her heart that within the company, Chang super chill cbd gummies 2500mg Kuangyu s shaman cbd gummies ranking was ahead of her.If it weren t for her long term recuperation at home, the company s affairs would not be entrusted to her.Even so, Meng Qiyun was still a little uncomfortable.On the surface, Director Cao of the Sales Department and others seem to be quite shrewd and capable, but they are not reliable at all at critical times.After pondering for a long time in private, Meng Qiyun realized that the reason why Chang Kuangyu made a comeback for the company in such a short period of time was largely due to his discovery of the talent Xia Xiaoshu.

Meng Qiting took a large leaf in his hand, carefully placed the Gui Huangmiao in the center of the leaf, took out the small gourd he carried with him, and sprinkled some liquid like medicinal liquid on botanical farms cbd gummies official website lazarus natural cbd oil the root and plus cbd gummies tail of the Gui Huangmiao This thing is too expensive.If you don t take care of it like this, it will turn into a dry skin within two hours.Meng Qiting explained a few words casually.Researcher Lu looked back at Xia Xiaoshu, and both of them had the same idea So amazing Chapter 451 Find a helper Meng Qiting s hands are quite clever, and he turned over and over to gesture.For a long time, I used those big leaves to weave a very delicate leaf bag , and carefully put the Gui Huangmiao in it.Xia Xiaoshu was surprised to find that in just this moment, Dr.Meng s forehead and temples were already sweating.

As he spoke, Shi Jiudang led Xiao Xia towards a century old locust tree.This locust tree has a history of more than a hundred, right Look at its appearance, it looks ancient, and if Mr.Jiang sees it, he must paint a similar painting.Xiao Xia felt that the old tree in front of him The locust tree has a special temperament.Tell me something I can understand, okay Who is Mr.Jiang A painter in Lishi City often comes to our village to chat with me.Mr.Xia has a level, hehe As he spoke, Shi Jiudang climbed up along the branch that slanted out from the side Yi.After looking around for a while, Shi Jiudang didn t see anything famous, so he called Xia Xiaoshu Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg up to have a look.The old locust tree grows very wide, and it is not a problem to accommodate three or five people between the branches.Bang woo woo Xia Xiaoshu climbed halfway along Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg the branch.

For the long term, I have to think of a way.This evening, Xu Shiyun cooked some of the Qian family s favorite dishes, and the family of three happily ate and chatted.Hey Lao Qian, Team Leader Zhou and his 11 purekana cbd gummies reviews technical backbones have been in Lishi for a long time.They are cbd gummies addictive are hawaiian cbd gummies all married people Do you have any plans for specific life Xu Shiyun asked casually.Oh Thanks for reminding them in time, this time is enough for them to be busy.The Feng family s father and son have handled the technical solutions very well.Tomorrow I will ask Wang Yudong to arrange for them to take a week off Just in time to go back to Xiqi with the family.Reunion and reunion.After speaking, the Qian family took a sip of red wine.Listen to what you mean, is this not planning to let those 11 camp in Lishi for can you take cbd gummies on plane a long time Xu Shiyun asked.

It should be one of those rare ingredients, right Actually, it s not as mysterious as you said, but in our village, his family s eyes Well ponds are quite unusual, but I heard my grandfather once said that the water quality of the well pond on the side of your warehouse is better Back then, I was still young, I just heard about it and never ate it.The fresh fish there.Is that so The well is under the bluestone slab at the bottom of the Stone Refrigerator That s not true, there are several layers in between.My grandfather is not an ordinary mason, to be honest, he is an old man.I can t understand some of the work I m doing.The two were chatting when Shi Jiudang s cell phone rang.After a few words, Shi Jiudang hung up the phone.I m sorry Your sister in cbd gummie for sleep law is a little unhappy, and she s urging me to go back There s no way The livestock at home have to be fed at night It s not easy for the villagers, and there s no stopping this day and night.

In his opinion, there may be some problems with the voltage and current of this desktop computer.Xiao Tan tried his best, but in the end he still failed to repair the client s computer.I m sorry, I ll refund you the last repair fee.Xiao Tan intends to refund the money.Hey It s not about money.My son is in a hurry to use it after his evening self study.Look at this how can we do this The customer seemed very anxious.Isn t it the same for mobile phones Xiao Tan responded embarrassedly.Can it be the same Cut How can this be good Seeing this scene, Xia Xiaoshu smiled and asteroid cbd gummies interjected Excuse me, excuse me, do you have a test pen here You are Xiao Tan asked curiously.I know a little bit about computers.If you don t mind, I suggest you check whether the main unit is powered on.Really I ll try.Xiao Tan didn t 120 mg cbd gummies effects think of this, so he quickly took a test pen to the main unit.

The way to get rich, otherwise, this place should be a very rich village.Xia Xiaoshu thought to himself.Considering that Xia Xiaoshu had lived in the city for a long time, Luo Chengxiang was worried that something would happen to the young man if he stayed in the middle of the mountain Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity for a long time, so he shouted a few times, hello Xiaoxia to come up first, and Luo Chengxiang wanted to replace him.No, I think it s okay, I ll pick some more cbd gummies florida and go up.Xia Xiaoshu planned to make Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg the grass wall thicker in his residence, so he had to prepare a lot of edelweiss.Luo Chengxiang listened to the young man s voice and seemed very relaxed, so he felt relieved.After going back Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity and forth for more than a dozen times, Luo Chengxiang felt that it was almost there, and urged Xiaoxia to come up quickly.Luo Chengxiang natures boost CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg slowly pulled up on it, Xia Xiaoshu climbed up the bushes at the bottom of the mountain, and after a while, he climbed to the top of the rock.

Liao Wenshan is busy with company affairs all day, and has not been to a cafe for a long time.After making an appointment on the phone, she changed into new clothes, and Liao Wenshan sat quietly on a window seat, thinking about her own eagle hemp CBD gummies stop smoking reviews Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg thoughts.Why did you think of making an appointment with me We haven t seen each other for a long time.Fang Yuelan was always punctual and went to the appointment three minutes oros cbd gummies earlier.Hey I don t know how I ve done it recently, and I ve always been uneasy.I m thinking of finding someone to talk to, otherwise, I ll feel like I m about to suffer from depression., I can t always find a good investment project.Aren t the training courses you held quite good I thought you would take another class after taking a break for a while Liao Wenshan s son, Xiaojie, has been taking supplementary classes at Fang Yuelan s side for many years.

Dr.Meng, I m afraid you re tired, right Boss Yu replied with a smile.Dr.Meng has been working too hard recently.I cbd gummies free shipping m afraid that his body free cbd gummies free shipping will be overwhelmed, so he deliberately reduced the outpatient time.Is there something at home Don t worry Do you want to help Xia Xiaoshu asked kindly.I don t dare to bother Manager Xia, my niece did not do well in the high school entrance examination and went to a regular high school.Has it been a while since the school started The class discipline is a bit poor, which makes the little girl unhappy, thinking of borrowing it from Xida Middle School , I ran with the family for a while, and no matter what I said, it was finally done.That s good, that s good Would you wyld cbd cbg gummies like some morning tea Or something to drink Quick Don t be too busy, just a few words, and I have to go back to the store to do business Dr.

It s not one heart.Ding Weishan explained a few words.Really How many similar directors make up the board of directors Xia Xiaoshu asked casually.It s about 30.One of the directors surnamed Feng has always been against me recently.In fact, before I became the vice president, he was very low key and ranked relatively low among the directors.You re welcome.Ding Weishan mentioned her recent troubles.Oh Have you learned about this person s new background in life recently Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.It s not convenient for me to show up.I originally planned to ask you for help.Later, my old businessman said that you have been very special recently, and he was afraid that you would be distracted.He asked a friend to briefly understand.The edible CBD gummy bears Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg result It s just a little bit more troublesome, he, he has been very close to Mu Qijin recently, and it seems that he has already started investing in Qiwei Food City.

Your company has negotiated a plan with Mr.Zheng.The engineering does eagle hemp cbd gummies work department, the technical department, the operation department all departments cbd gummy and alcohol have to summarize it again, and Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity then make a report, and then Mr.Zheng signs it.I can t change the production plan at will, and occasionally encounter inappropriate technical problems, I have to report first, although our work efficiency is still quite high, for this reason, Zheng We have also made major adjustments, butyou know what The things in our bones have not changed much, just like Chen Gong said, we are always similar to robots Guan Qicheng explained solemnly.Isn t that true I feel that the working atmosphere in your company is quite good, positive and upbeat.That s all superficial, we don t have much room for independent action.Working overtime, it s time to retire in a daze, and looking back, it s like a mindless robot, Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg what shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg s the point of living in this life As he spoke, Guan Qicheng was very emotional.

cbd gummies how long The relevant cbd gummies in checked baggage business progressed much faster than originally expected.For a while, the candidate for the branch manager seemed to be a little insufficient.After asking the general manager for instructions, the vice general manager Chang temporarily transferred from the office, the operation department, the human resources department Some employees with decent working ability temporarily serve as branch managers.After everything is on the right track, make a two way choice again.According to the company s regulations, Chang Kuangyu can you take cbd gummies on an empty stomach could ask his assistant to arrange a special car for him, and when he came out of the office building, Chang Kuangyu changed his mind again.Walking down the street and walking along the sidewalk for a while, Chang Kuangyu stopped a taxi and headed straight to the Wentong branch of Qibaotang.

Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Is this cbd hemp oil for cats kind of program ready Xiaojie asked curiously.Accurately speaking, this is a multi modal programming language, and you should be able to use it when you go to university in the future.Wow It looks very tall, can I learn it You are very smart, you should No problem, there are four classes, are you hungry Let s go out to eat something.As he cbd for back pain and inflammation spoke, Xia Xiaoshu simply closed the end, replied to a message, and then turned off the computer.How was your test It should be okay, where are we going to eat Let s go out from here, go northwest, Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg natures boost CBD gummies reviews and walk for about a kilometer.There is a ramen restaurant over there.I often go to that restaurant for dinner.Beef noodles, you are used to eating them.Is it It s alright, lead the way ahead.After speaking, Xiao Xia went to the front desk to settle the bill, and followed Xiaojie towards the ramen restaurant.

From Meng Qiting s point of view, Xia Xiaoshu has been a little too busy in the past two months.I ll listen to you Let s finish some urgent matters first.Xia Xiaoshu responded casually.Wu Yeyun was not the kind of person who was particularly sensitive, but she felt that Shi Xinqin and Yang Yuye were paying more attention to Manager Xia today.Yang Yuye was sitting on the right of Xia Xiaoshu, and from time to time, he used the chopsticks to select the best ingredients and put them in front of Manager Xia, reminding him to eat more do cbd gummies work as well as oil of this and less of that, which seemed particularly enthusiastic.Shi Xinqin sat opposite Xia Xiaoshu and wanted to greet Xia Xiaoshu to eat more comfortably.There was Yang Yuye standing in the way next to her, so she couldn t help anything.Therefore, Shi Xinqin looked at Yang Yuye for a while, and Xia Xiaoshu for a while, and the meaning in his eyes seemed a little rich This scene happened to be caught by Wu Yeyun.

Yang Yuye suddenly had good luck.The old Yang family, young and old, felt that happiness was suddenly getting closer and closer does costco sell cbd gummies to them.Everyone said that Yang Yuye was so Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg beautiful, and now he is in the middle and high income class, he must find a suitable one.of successful people.For a cbd hemp oil michigan time, Yang Yuye became the hope of the old Yang family.In the small study, the door is closed.At this moment, Yang Yuye is sitting at the desk and using the laptop he carries with him to answer various questions from the can you drink wine with cbd gummies players of the mobile game Metro Adventure on Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg the Internet Even during the Spring Festival holiday, Yang Yuye still behaves Be very dedicated.After more than an hour, seeing that there were no more questions, Yang Yuye felt a little tired, clicked the mouse, and found that Xia Xiaoshu was also online at this best CBD gummies for pain Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg time.

By the way, is your uncle feeling well recently When you eat hot pot, both of us can t be free, hehe He s an elder, there s no reason to invite the old man to treat him.After a while, when I m done with my work, you can accompany me to visit the old man s house and visit by the way.The surrounding residential style.No problem When you are free, just say hello.Your friend sent so much food, you can t take it back alone, wait a what is difference between cbd and hemp moment, borrow a car, I ll send you off.Before Xia Xiaoshu could reply, Xiao Tan went out to find a friend to borrow a car.After a while, Xiao Tan came back in a minivan.You re here Or do I drive Xiao Tan knew that Xia Xiaoshu had a driver s license.It s better for you to drive, hehe I m not familiar with buns.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu loaded a few boxes of food into the car.

I know a painter whose surname is Jiang.I can see that he usually uses computer software to paint.You guys, can you talk In this regard, we might as well listen to the advice of other professionals.Xia Xiaoshu casually mentioned Jiang botanical farms CBD gummies reviews reddit Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg Siyong.It s good, it s just I m friends with you, let s be a couple The relationship between them and us is a bit far away.Wouldn t it be a bit reckless to trouble them suddenly He replied awkwardly.Hehe Sister in law Please rest assured on this point.Mr.Jiang is a very easy going person.He comes to the will hemp gummies come up on a drug test warehouse from time to time to wander around.Brother Shi has taken photos with him several times.We have eaten and drank together.You re a friend.Is that so I haven t heard about it for a long time That s ok After you can you fly with cbd gummies 2022 explain it like this, I have a bottom line in my heart.

There are so many stores It s enough for you to run for a while But what In recent months, the company s various businesses have grown exponentially.If there is an increase, there is no way to vacate the vehicle.You can go for a few days first, and then we will discuss with Mr.Meng how to solve this traffic problem.It doesn t matter, I will ride an electric car for a while, and I have cbd gummies for arthritis on shark tank to be considerate of the company s difficulties.No Hehe Xie Tingyu responded with a smile.If only people in our company were as reasonable as you After speaking, Miss Zhao cbd gummies fx handed over the relevant procedures to Xie Tingyu.After thanking Miss Zhao, Xie Tingyu happily went to work in the new office.This afternoon, at around four o clock, Xia Xiaoshu was chatting with Mr.Lin Qiyu in the shop, and Xie Tingyu ran in sweating profusely.

After a long time, Xia Xiaoshu would not be surprised.He poured himself cbd gummy dosage a glass of boiled water, and put two slices of lemon in it, which Captain He brought from his house to drink special water.Captain He kept a bag and distributed a bag to Xiao cbd gummies for kids anxiety Xia.After walking back and forth in the office a few times, Xia Xiaoshu still didn t understand the stories behind Mr.Zong s paintings.At this moment, Xia Xiaoshu saw Wangcai and became very aware, and his ears stood up all of a sudden.This time, Wangcai did not continue to lie on the bluestone slab like before.Instead, he quietly got up and headed for the warehouse.Xia Xiaoshu thought that prosperity was going out for a walk, so he ignored it.After a while, Wangcai quietly ran back and lay on the bluestone slab at the door.After pondering for a long time, Xia Xiaoshu still felt that the painting that Mr.

Mr.Xia, didn t I rent a small courtyard The front room in front of the door has been vacant, and the rent is paid from day to night.It s not worth it.Otherwise, I ll ask the company to send two idle staff, you can help me.Shall I drive too Is the idle employee you always said about the last one to be eliminated Xia Xiaoshu asked with a Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg smile on the other end of the phone.Yes, the company usually gives them a one year adaptation period, and only pays the basic salary.Rather than letting them idle there, it is better to get a ride and experience it.That s fine, but, Mr.Lin, let s drive.Well, it s just a moment of popularity.After a while, people get tired of playing and have no interest.Let s make this point clear in advance If you lose money by then, you will have to worry more.What It doesn t matter It s as you said then, I ll transform it into a training station for on the job workers, and ask someone to give lectures to those idle staff.

After watching for a prime nature cbd oil long time, Xie Tingyu did not understand what they were.Lowering her voice, Xie Tingyu smiled and asked the old carpenter a few questions Uncle What are these things Is there any audio adjustment equipment Chatting in a low voice, people occasionally move around on their side, and most of Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg the noise generated is absorbed by these gadgets.The old carpenter cbd gummies to stop smoking reviews explained a few words with a smile.Really Borrowed Xie Tingyu asked in surprise.Xiao Xia assembled it herself, and the relevant accessories were bought online.Last week, Xiao Tan and I helped Xiao Xia to assemble it not long ago.Did you see those little umbrella like things Height configuration, umbrella opening orientation, angle The matching is quite particular So it is Manager Xia is really professional Who said it wasn t The three of them put on costumes and put on make up so simple, the whole person changed.

Xie Tingyu responded with a smile.Really A happy event Can I order a cake for you It s already ordered yesterday, I ll take it now, how about you Let s go together Or eat at the store That s okay, I ll give it to you Auntie, bring a roast duck, Mr.Jiang brought two yesterday, we ate one, and there is one left in the refrigerator.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu changed his work clothes and went to the kitchen to pack a roast duck and carry it in his hand., said hello to the people, and accompanied Xie Tingyu home to celebrate her mother s birthday.Chapter 531 Fang Xinxu Xie Tingyu s mother also saw a doctor at Dr.Meng Qiting s place to prescribe medicine.There is also a Furong Restaurant branch near the community where Xie Tingyu s family lives.The store area is not small.There are two floors up and down.

Uncle I have to take him to the Sang family courtyard and introduce him to everyone.In the evening, our grandfather will cbd gummies for inflammation pick up the wind and can CBD get into breast milk Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg wash the dust for him.Go, go Sent out of the store.The company suddenly added a new force, everyone seemed very happy, and they took out the greetings and stuffed them into Ye Shaobo s hands.This three hundred, that five hundred, and in a while, Ye Shaobo will have a good harvest.Fang Yuelan gave a brand new high profile mobile phone.Although it was distributed in the name of the company, it was the most practical among the many face to face gifts.Chapter 927 Worshiping three masters Xia Xiaoshu has always felt that the bolt cbd gummies reviews technical strength of Miaowei company is too weak.In the company, except for Kuang Bide, who is a professional technician, the rest of the people are not from technical backgrounds, not to mention that Kuang Bide is also a special consultant, not a formal employee of the company.

I don t dare to delay the normal business of your company.Xia Xiaoshu smiled humbly.What s the matter You are short of people there.As for me, I also want them to go to other companies to exercise.Don t think it s only a few days after work.According to the reactions of other colleagues, Xiao Hu Xiaolin was transferred back this time.They are much more keoni cbd gummy cubes reviews generous in their actions, and their business capabilities have improved quite quickly.You said, are our two companies considering setting up a mutual training mechanism for employees to communicate with each other If things go on like this, how fast the employees will grow Tong Yuyao suddenly mentioned.Staff mutual training.That s naturally good However, our temple has few villains, and your company will suffer.Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.

Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg (how do you make CBD gummies), [best CBD gummies for pain] Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg hemp gummies vs CBD gummies Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg.

What expenses do we usually have, where do we go from, do you think it s okay That doesn t work, in my opinion, you still get the big bucks.Although we are not the same as those who do business on the street, we have to pay according to labor, right Besides, if Sanxizi finds out after the incident, No matter how carefree he is, he will have more or less ideas in his heart.Listen to me, how did we divide before, and how do we divide, as the saying goes the kindness does not control the family , you have seen it, it is a warehouse What about the inventory I m afraid the future income will be even greater.At the critical moment, you can t be too kind and soft faced, after a long time, you will not be human inside or outside.Mo Saoyun solemnly reminded a few words.Thinking about it carefully, Mo Saoyun seemed to be right, so Xia Xiaoshu nodded lightly and agreed CBD gummies stomach pain Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg to divide the income ratio according to the previous sharing ratio.

In the eyes of the three children of the Fang family, Xia Xiaoshu is nothing more than a wild boy in the business world in his early days.He must have some skills.However, he should be walking a wild way.The old father is old, and he will inevitably fall for him.So, the three sons and daughters of the Fang family prepared some valuable gifts and wanted to make a solemn appointment to meet Jiang Weiyu, the actual controller of the Erjuer company.Jiang Weiyu warmly received 25mg cbd gummies wholesale the three sons and daughters of the Fang family, and asked his assistant to go to the Qingyue Building to prepare a table of the best banquet for everyone to eat and talk.Jiang Siyong was busy in class, Jiang Weiyu called and asked him to ask for leave to go to the Qingyue Building to accompany him.To be honest, Jiang Weiyu doesn t really look down on the three children of the Fang family.

The proprietress responded with a smile.Really It s a pity, Huaixin Road may still be making money in the future Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.We live alone, we are used to living in the town.Unless we can make a lot of money, we are too lazy to move the place.While busy Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg greeting the guests, the proprietress explained a few words with a smile.You re right.Seeing that you re quite busy here, I won t bother you.See you back , eat it hot Amazon CBD Gummies 500mg : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity at noon, and it s time to add a dish.Hahayou had breakfast at Yuan Sanwei Is there something You came out so early.The food bag of pot stickers headed towards the kitchen.Immediately afterward, Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile It s nothing, I ll come and talk to you.Listen to Captain He, the archaeological team rented a yard in our village Has the warehouse been vacated for us It s been a week since the left behind people moved out.

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