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Xiao Xia sealed the fire, greeted prosperity and ran to Uncle Luo s house all the way.Chapter 27 Salary is paid After leaving Luo Chengxiang s home, night has come.Wangcai had no intention of staying with Uncle Luo.As soon as Xia Xiaoshu raised his foot to go back to the warehouse, he immediately stood up, turned his head to look at it, and then trotted a few steps and CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies followed him out of the door.This made Luo Chengxiang and his wife amused, and they all said that the dog had become unreasonable.Back at the warehouse, Xiaoxia checked the inside and outside of the warehouse to see if there was no abnormality, and greeted Wang is cbd gummies the same as edibles Cai back to the office.It was a cloudy day high cbd hemp cigarettes tonight, and there was nothing to see in the sky.Xiao Xia spread out a few pieces of manuscript paper and CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank rewritten one of the important logical nodes of the mathematical formula provided by Shi Yiyue.

On the one hand, CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank there are regulations in all aspects, so we should strictly abide by them.On the other hand, I am outside and you are in the master, and we have to take care of each other.It s not good for everyone to gather in the Sang Family Courtyard.Okay.Well, I happen to have a map of Lishi s business just cbd gummies near me distribution here, let s open it up and take a look.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu took out a few self drawn maps from the filing cabinet, placed them on the floor, and the two stood beside them.Repeated research for half a day.In the end, the just cbd gummies with melatonin two decided to choose the Xianglan Industrial Company at No.139 Qianfeng Street , where there is a commercial building, which is an old fashioned commercial building built for more than 30 years.The building is 12 stories high cbd gummies for dog anxiety and square, which looks very simple.

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Manager Chongyue smiled, and Xia Xiao swiftly helped the guests prepare the traditional Chinese medicine.Aunt Wu took care of him at the counter, and Xiao Xia made a pot of first class fruit tea and chatted with Manager Yue CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank for a while under the window.Choose this time to come to the store, do you have any business Xia Xiaoshu asked with a smile.I have something I want to discuss with you.Recently, many customers have come to cbd gummies help with anxiety me.They suggested that we can try to produce a cbd gummies for pain relief near me surveying and plotting instrument with a relatively high degree of automation.I didn t take it seriously.Later, there were more and more similar customers, so I asked my assistant to do a market research, and it turned out that the profit was quite large, so I came here to discuss it with you and see Does Mr.Xia intend to cooperate What s Mr.

CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank It s enough to find a clean tavern near our company.That s not enough.There are plenty of orders recently, so let s celebrate a little.Then well, you You don t have to come and pick me up, it s very convenient for me to take the subway by myself.Haha I ve already reached the back door of the factory, and you copd cbd gummies shark tank can see me when you come out.Then I ll come out right now.Qicheng went to the locker room and changed into his regular clothes, and walked quickly towards the back door of the factory Zui Xian Lou whats the difference between hemp oil and cbd , a century old CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank shop, mainly wooden can i buy cbd gummies at walmart building materials, mixed with some modern construction techniques, simple and heavy, looking at it is easy to recall the past.The main building has a total of seven floors, and Xia Xiaoshu s reservation is on the sixth floor.The seat is next to the window, and the view from the height is wide, and the mood is suddenly widened.

Master Tao didn t tell you the specific test content No, he just told me to go cbd rich hemp oil for dogs back to take the test in two days.Really ThenI sent you some review materials, can you receive emails on your phone It s CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank okay, but it s okay, it s just that the Internet is not good, sometimes it s good and bad.Then do CBD gummies help with pain CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank you go to the town and find an Internet cafe, and I ll send it to your mailbox.Okay, thank you It s nothing, just a review for you.The time is a little short, if you don t pass the test this time, then take the test again next time.It s okay, I will study hard, what is the test result at that time.By the way, the test fee is paid by myself., or is it from the company Xiao Xia is very cash strapped and is quite sensitive to money.The burden of the company, do you have anything else to do No, thank you again You re welcome After speaking, Manager Mu CBD sleep gummies with melatonin CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank hung up the phone.

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Mr.Xia, right Do you think my car should CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies be put elite power CBD gummies CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank in the warehouse facing inward, or is it suitable to enter the warehouse upside CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank down Obviously, the driver, Master Wang, is quite experienced in his work.Look Over there, there s a number on the door, Warehouse CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank No.7 Yes, it s that one, please park your car at the door of the warehouse, and I ll go over and open smilz CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank the door for us.Okay With a promise, the driver, Master Wang, skillfully drove to the No.7 warehouse.Hearing the movement in the yard, two older male members of the archaeological team came out from the station, thinking to themselves what is going on with Mr.Xia.I m sorry We re in a hurry, we have to deliver some goods to the city, so I m disturbing everyone s rest.Xia Xiaoshu said a few words casually while opening the warehouse door.

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which is better hemp oil or cbd oil I thought about it a few days ago.Just spend CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank money to print a few boxes, and Xia Xiaoshu would have forgotten about it long ago when he was busy with miscellaneous things.I m so sorry I don t have a business card with me, I m rude I hope Mr.Wang can bear with me.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu put the business card handed over by Wang Yudong in his pocket and put CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank it away.Mr.Xia, you re welcome Your is hemp cbd effective chess game looks ordinary on the surface, but after thinking about it for a long time, you can only figure out a little bit of doorway.I can t imagine that Mr.Xia has such an old fashioned chess ability at hemp cbd lab testing facilities such a prosperous age.I admire it, admire it.Wang Yudong praised from the bottom of his heart.Ouch Mr.Wang s words have gone too far.To tell you the truth, just now, is hemp oil CBD CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank as long as I m a little negligent, you can win best sugar free cbd gummies this game.

Three story structure, although the house is a few years old, but the quality of the house is not a problem with the concrete pouring.Some time ago, our general manager Liang was planning to expand our business, so I took people around to find a place to build a branch.Later, I found such a place.It is located in the prosperous area of 25 mg cbd gummy Dongcheng District, with convenient transportation and complete facilities.It was formerly the headquarters of a cultural tourism company.It was not profitable and went bankrupt.Before that, it was a newspaper office.I ve seen it all, it s very neat, and it can be used after a simple decoration.B ultrasound room, disinfection room, emergency treatment room, X ray fluoroscopy CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank room These basic departments have been set up.If you come to recruit some doctors and nurses, a simple Isn t the Chinese medicine hospital built Ding Weishan introduced with a smile for a long time.

However, Mr.Xia and Captain He praised their wife so much.The wife is also very proud.Since there is no hand weighted tool at hand, Xia Xiaoshu cannot obtain accurate longitude and latitude data, so he substitutes the longitude and latitude values of the warehouse into the calculation system.Anyway, CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies the Shijia Xiaoyuan is not far from the warehouse., for geological mapping, this slight error is almost negligible.Looking around for a while, Xia Xiaoshu determined the exact center of the central coordinate on the shadow wall of the Shijia Old Courtyard.Okay The coordinate system has been established.Later, I will can hemp gummies help you quit smoking guess the construction order of each building unit in our old courtyard, as well as the CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies general parameters of each building unit.What is wrong Please correct me.It s easy to say, easy to say You can measure it as you like.

Xia Xiaoshu didn t reach out to pick up the kraft paper file bag.I hope Mr.Xia will not have any misunderstandings.The reason for doing this is to express my personal sincerity.Mr.Xia is a frank and honest gentleman.If he can trust me, then I will be open and honest.After speaking, Xie cbd gummies make you happy Tingyu casually folded the pair.The document bag is put into the carry on bag.This is not the place to talk, let s go back to the office to talk slowly.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu turned around and returned to the office top 5 cbd gummies 2021 with the CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies fruit bag in it.After CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank pure CBD gummies brewing two cups of bitter camellia , Xia Xiaoshu listened quietly to what Xie Tingyu wanted to negotiate.I briefly looked at the medicinal materials CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank hcc cbd gummies in warehouse No.7.To be honest, CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank who owns keoni cbd gummies there are so many in quantity, far beyond my imagination.I wonder if Mr.Xia has thought about finding a way to unblock them Xie Tingyu asked with a smile.

To put it aside, after dinner, Jiang Siyong and his wife basically do their own thing, and rarely have the opportunity to sit and chat together.Maybe it was because she was in a good mood.After dinner, Jiang Siyong s lover specially cleaned a large pot of fruit and sent the nanny upstairs to rest early, while she accompanied her husband to revise the drawings beside the computer.After watching CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank for a while, Jiang Siyong s lover couldn t help but interject a few words Looking at your technique, it seems a little unfamiliar , Will, spirit, skills will be much worse in all aspects prime nature cbd oil review I understand Ding Weishan s mind a little bit now, how long has the old businessman been idle at home, she is already very uncomfortable with it.What Quarrel Then No, CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank I always get emotional, probably because I m worried that if things go on like this, sooner or later, the family will be sitting and eating.

Say a few words CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies over there.Shi Jiudang smiled at Xia Xiaoshu, followed his lover not far away, and asked casually, What s the matter It s already the time, it is estimated that the school is over long ago., I have to go home to cook Look how do we entertain these distinguished guests cbd fun gummies Sister Shi asked very embarrassedly.Ouch Why did you forget about this Thisthey came so suddenly Even with the stove in our house, there is no way to entertain these cbd 600mg gummies people Otherwise, I will invite them to eat in town.Hot pot Go back to cook first, they have to go to school in the afternoon Shi Jiudang urged casually.Do you have enough money on your body Do you want me to go to town to send you some No, noyou can leave now.Shi Jiudang became impatient.Afraid of disturbing several distinguished guests from the city, Mrs.

what are CBD gummies CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank After walking a few steps, Xia Xiaoshu cbd for joint pain gummies stepped forward to help support the wheelchair, and the Lu family settled the very ill nephew of the Lu family into the wheelchair.The nephew of the Lu family is a head taller than Xia CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Xiaoshu.At first glance, CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank he looks like a person thc gummies for sleep who has been ill for a long time.His eyes are sunken and his eyes are dull, which can easily create an illusion the patient s eyes seem to Not much spotlight.Good guy Are you all so sick Doctor Meng is afraid that it s too bad Suddenly, Xia Xiaoshu was at a loss.There was no ramp for wheelchairs to be built near the entrance of the store, so everyone had no choice but to lift the Lu family s nephew with the wheelchair.Fortunately, the young man is really thin, and together with the wheelchair, it is not as heavy as people think.

Obviously, Mr.Zong is a cbd hemp prairieville painter who is accustomed to elite power cbd gummies painting based on reality, and his works exude a strong sense of artistic abstraction on the basis of reality.After calling up the relevant parameters, and after careful comparison by Xia Xiaoshu, he CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank finally determined that the painting with a desert scene was an original work of Mr.Zong himself.In order to enhance his persuasion, Xia Xiaoshu sorted out CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank all the data on Mr.Zong s painting habits in the how much are royal blend cbd gummies computer, delta 8 cbd gummies effects eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank and formed a functional mathematical model called ZWHM.With a little modification, Xiao Xia easily formed a functional mathematical model called JAIM , in which the English letter I CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank is the initial letter of the English word ilsion.Worried that Mr.Jiang could not understand clearly, Xia Xiaoshu patiently typed a side note explaining that the document was attached to the two mathematical model data.

My words are more sincere.If there is something wrong with my words, I would like to ask Mr.Xia Haihan for a second.However, what I said just now was considered for a long marijuana gummies for arthritis pain time.If Mr.Xia didn t mention the glass curtain wall, There are some things I really don t dare to say When you mentioned the safety hazard, I immediately understood that Mr.Xia is by no means a genius CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank in CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank wyld cbd gummies 500mg the general sense.You must never say this, junior listen.I m so ashamed Xia Xiaoshu was really not used to Mr.Lin s way of broad spectrum CBD gummies CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank talking.I just like to study mathematics, how can it be as good as Mr.Lin said.The two of them chatted vigorously there, and Lin Huomian, who was sitting next to him, felt very uncomfortable.He CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank was so big, and he had CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies never heard such a compliment from his old father Xiao is a smart boy.Although he is not interested in the conversation between Mr.

It seems that the old carpenter is really a little obsessed Uncle Thanks to my aunt making you a little ramen today, it s not too big at the moment.If it s delayed for a while, how can you eat it You don t have to worry so much, there are a lot of options here.The steel wire we need has not been brought back Even if we finish the work early, we will have to wait a few days You should rest your hands, let s eat this hot side quickly, otherwise, my aunt should Tell me Without waiting for Shi Xinhua to say anything, Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly persuaded a 25mg broad spectrum cbd gummy few words.Xia Xiaoshu really blamed Shi Xinhua for blaming himself for this.He knew that Shi Xinhua and his wife had deep feelings for each other.Seeing that her husband was building inexplicable wooden utensils for him all day long, how could he not complain at all Oh Mr.

Other than that, no one was interested.Xia Xiaoshu first went to the Second Two Baozi Shop and settled the bun money with Boss Yu.At first, the boss said that he didn t want anything, saying that it was considered as a meeting gift.Later, after Xiao Xia insisted repeatedly, Boss Yu did not pay the bill.Money received.After locking the door of the store, Xia Xiaoshu greeted Xiao Lu and loaded seven or CBD Gummy Bears Shark Tank Eagle CBD Gummies eight boxes of medicinal tea into the Weimian minivan.He was going to drop some of it to Manager Mu of the Wenyu Road branch on the way.Chapter 307 Moved Recently, Manager Mu of the Wenyu Road branch of Qibaotang has always been somewhat confused.Xia Xiaoshu hadn t contacted him for a few days.Although the two of them talked about some things face to face, Manager Mu always felt a little uneasy in his heart from time to time.

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