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On the way home, Shi Jincuo had some special thoughts about Xia Xiaoshu Chapter 708 The target of public criticism In the Zhengmang company, although working overtime occasionally makes him feel is hemp and CBD the same How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart a little nervous, the work pressure is sometimes It s not too small, especially after the Shizhong company suddenly extended its business tentacles to the Lishi business world, Yuan Jiamin did have a hard time.However, in general, Yuan Jiamin still likes the humanistic environment of the Zheng Mang company, and gets along well with colleagues.After the move, the Qian family suddenly slowed down their supervision of various businesses, went to the rented compound with a cat, and lived an ordinary life at home safely.Yuan Jiamin suddenly felt much more relaxed.I don t think so, the idle days will soon be over.

After speaking, Mr.Huang got up and walked towards the door.Wait a minute, two, I ll katy couric cbd gummies bring you some fruit to How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart eat on the way.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu hurried to the kitchen to prepare the fruit.Mr.Xia is so polite Mr.Huang responded with a smile.It s all freshly picked in the village.We can t buy it there.The taste is quite good.While responding loudly, Xia Xiao quickly packed two bags of fruit, and the two bags matched exactly the same, saving two people.Get in the car again.After leaving the courtyard, Xia Xiaoshu found that the two were driving a white van with a male driver in his forties.Out of politeness, Xia Xiaoshu smiled and waved at the man.The male driver nodded at Xia Xiaoshu with a smile, but didn t say much.Opening the car door, Miss Zhao took a plastic document bag from the rear seat and handed it to Xiao Xia.

Besides, this person is by no means a thing in the pool, and it should be a matter of time to achieve success.At that time, even what are the best cbd gummies for joint pain if Bao Jianxin is willing to be worthy, people will not be able to see it.It s up To understand this section, Meng Qiyun dispelled all kinds of thoughts of making trouble.In addition, Meng Qiyun began to pay special attention to the manager Mu of the Wenyu Road branch, hoping to train him to be the leader of a group of store managers.In the future, once Xia Xiaoshu completely leaves the Qibaotang , Manager Mu may be able to fill the vacancy in time, and, but In the event of an accident, Meng Qiyun hopes that Manager Mu can think more about himself.Xie Tingyu is smart and capable, and is also the focus of Meng Qiyun s care.Kang Chengdong and Wang Yuhui have also recently become Meng Qiyun s focus on training Tan Yuecheng s work is still quite neat, and the front and back yard have been cleaned up neatly.

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How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart When Xia Xiaoshu and Yang Yuanfeng got there, Old Man Suo and Luo Chengxiang were collecting medicine on the edge of the mountain.Just kidding.After a few words, the four of them continued to move forward together.This time, no matter how tired Yang Yuanfeng was, Yang Yuanfeng never mentioned the issue of rest again.In his opinion, even if he could wear blood blisters on the soles of his feet, he brought it on himself, no matter what., I have to stick to the Bitter Cold cbd gummies for aches and pains Ridge before talking about it.So, the four of them accelerated their journey and came to the Bitter Cold Ridge all the way.Here, it s there Look how dense the forest is There are so many treasures in it Speaking, old man Suo pointed to the jungle in front of him.Well The cbd gummies for dogs petsmart scenery is really unique, but there are not many people to see, I am afraid that you have to do such a full preparation.

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However, according to Fang Yuelan, there is a high probability that the stranger broke in by mistake last night.However, there are many things involved.Xia Xiaoshu was thinking about whether to fully upgrade the Sang Family Courtyard.Security settings.Sitting on the sofa and thinking for a while, Xia Xiaoshu got up and began to repeatedly check for clues in the office.Fortunately, the security devices inside and out are all intact, and there is no difference.Fang Yuelan s side is the financial center of the company.Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiumao have placed various protective equipment there.Since this trespass incident has alarmed Fang Yuelan, then the protection inside the financial room The facility should be pretty much damaged.Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu took two boxes of good tea how to start taking cbd gummies and carried them in his hands.

Xia Xiaoshu thought thought to himself.According to the relevant data found on the Internet, Xia Xiaoshu simply made a few budgets.According to the new design plan, the trial production of a Four to Four Weather Meter will cost at least 40,000 yuan.However, time is running out, where can I get the 40,000 yuan After thinking about it for a long time in the car, I still have to find Jiang Siyong.It s only more than 40,000 yuan It s a trivial matter, and it s hawkeye hemp cbd gummies reviews covered by me.However, listening to what you said just now, I have to say hello to my father about this matter.You must How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart know that ordinary processing workshops can t process it.This kind of precision instrument.Then well, I don t bother the two masters about anything, let s just ask my uncle to help me contact a Chinese medicine supplies processing company.

In the beginning, the company was quite kind.The child was given sick leave for two years.After two years, if there is still no sign of improvement, let him submit his resignation.Can the basic salary be paid normally Xia Xiaoshu asked with concern.In the beginning, it was ok, does all hemp oil contain cbd 7,000 yuan per month, and it never expired.Alas Just last month, this money was also stopped.Researcher Lu explained casually.Suspended Or is it completely terminated It is said that the company s benefits during this period are not cbd or hemp for dog anxiety very good.After the suspension, after the company s income is stable, it will be reissued to him.However, it will last for a maximum of two years.This is not a problem.Change.According to what you said, the company s side is fairly kind.From this, it can be speculated that Ling s business performance in the company should be quite good, otherwise, the company may not be willing 40 1 cbd gummies to give him a recovery period You know, Some companies are still very good at doing things.

Plated.Yeah This dish is fried like a painting, it s done twice.Xia Xiaoshu praised casually.My mother likes to eat vegetarian dishes.I learned this from her.If I m a little vegetarian, would you like to add some chili oil Xie Tingyu asked with a smile.No, no It s better to be light, and I m not too used to spicy food, so it s quite good.There s a warm water basin over there, it s better to put the dishes there, cover it, and wait a while.When it came to fun drops cbd gummies official website the table, the dishes were charlottes web cbd amazon still as warm as new As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu pointed to the location of the warm water basin, then picked up the kitchen knife and prepared to cut some braised beef.After placing the vegetarian dish in place, Xie Tingyu stood by the stove and watched Mr.Xia cut the beef.After asking the advice of Uncle Gan, the old sheepherd, Xia Xiaoshu will practice the so called Song Gong every morning and evening.

Inside the company, there are not many people who really admire the Qian family the proportion of those who are close to them is not high.Outside the company, there are very few who can really be called friends.Sometimes, Xu Shiyun sits there alone and thinks, What has Lao Qian lived in his whole life Although Xia Xiaoshu is young, his popularity is extremely good.As long as he has been with him, he has never heard anyone speak ill of him., In this regard, the Qian family is far inferior.The reason why the company Xia Xiaoshu participated in forming today s situation is all because of Xia Xiaoshu s kindness, which is also a unique feature of Xia Xiaoshu in business.Xia Xiaoshu has a principle in opening a company if you have money, everyone spends it.It is true that Xia Xiaoshu is the most profitable in the whole company, but it is all formed cbd gummies and warfarin naturally, hemp vs cbd dog treats and calories in cbd gummies it is based on the real ability of being strong and strong.

As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu casually called Sun Xiangyu.After a few words, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.It s really unfortunate that Uncle Sun went up the mountain to pick cypresses.The signal on the mountain is not good, and the sound is intermittent.When he comes back, he will call me back, and then it will not be too late for us to go again.Okay, don t give me a call.It s fine for you all to cause trouble.You re welcome, Madam, you can rest for a while, and I ll call you when Assistant Wang and the others leave.Okay, let Mr.Xia bother.You re welcome After that, Xia Xiaoshu went downstairs to do her own business Wang Yudong had something in his heart, he was half lying on the bed and never fell asleep.The driver, Lao Zhao, was completely different.As soon as he put on his coat, he fell asleep after sitting on the sofa for a while Feeling that he had rested, Wang Yudong called out.

The old carpenter was not polite, and gently opened the pressing cover with his hands, ho A fragrant smell that is only unique to assorted hot pot rises up.Two people please Although Xia Xiaoshu spent money to treat guests, in terms of etiquette, Xiao Tan temporarily served as the host.The first layer is full of roasted pork slices, dipped in various seasoning bowls to taste a few bites, ah Each has its own taste, so delicious The old carpenter focused on the game controller , and after tasting it for a while, he casually asked Xia Xiaoshu about a few technical details.Uncle You How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart copd CBD gummies reviews can do it all the time.Those parts that are wear resistant and can t stand high temperature, I plan to use stone parts instead.Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.Good idea, but I want to challenge my carpentry skills.

Every about 50 meters away, Xiaoyu manipulated the remote control to show the unique skills of the model of the ship.Mr.Ding, this telescope is also produced by your company The label is high enough As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu returned the telescope in his hand to Ding Weishan.Xia Xiaoshu has no interest in the competition, but he knows that Ding Weishan must be very concerned about Xiaodi s competition results.How can our company have that kind of technology This is all technical information provided by Principal Yang cbd edible Ruqian, and he also helped to handle the relevant procedures.How about it You can see all the indicators, right Ding Weishan set up a telescope while talking.Looking around for the figure of his son Xiaodi.Xu Shiyun How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart put other things aside for the time being, and set up a telescope to watch the baby girl s game very intently.

Xia Xiaoshu responded with a smile.I ve also heard about this.They won t buy some equipment by themselves, find pirated software to install, rent a house, and make as much as How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart they make The Su family s nanny responded with a smile.That software is not very good for piracy.If you want Fun Drop CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart Diamond CBD Chill Gummies to copy it completely, it is technically difficult.Most people can t do it.Unless I authorize it myself, the system hemp infused multi vitamin gummy bears will crash when I play.Within three days, the players will not come.While cutting the fish fillet, Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Is that so It s still very skilled people like you.It s not like the two of us.I work as a nanny, and he works for people in a private company.Money, worry about people Each has its pros and cons The risk of pure mental work is not small As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu casually talked about the mental problems of the R D personnel related to the Super Speed Macro series of technologies.

How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart The Fun Drop CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart Diamond CBD Chill Gummies leader was surnamed Zhang and nicknamed Pipizhang.It didn t make any sense to keep stalemate at first sight.just dispersed At lunchtime, at the Seven Flavor Food City , Mu Qi invited guests today.He didn t come.A young male assistant was present to accompany him.Pipizhang and his party of five were present.I said Assistant Wang, please speak to President Mu, this is getting more and more difficult, I m sure The Zengmang must have asked for help from outside, and ordinary security guards can t have that kind of skills.As far as I can see, that frame has been mixed on the street.There is a person surnamed He I know.As far as I know, cbd gummies buy online he is currently running a courier station in elderberry cbd gummies the city., please give us the money, we won t come tomorrow.Pipizhang said.Just hold on for a while We still know the details of the Zengmang.

Judging by their clothes, they should be employees of the Shizhong company.Oh Assistant Wang, hello, hello Just find a colleague to drop Fun Drop CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart Diamond CBD Chill Gummies by and send it over, why make a special trip As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu hurried out of the counter with a smile on his face.The three guests bowed politely to the tea stall.Haha It should be, after all, we How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart are begging you Drop by to recognize the door, won t the cbd gummies and breastfeeding Miaowei company open on the second floor Wang Yudong asked casually with a smile.That s not it.I rented another yard.The conditions are quite good in all aspects.It s not too far from the pharmacy.The three How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart of you will take a break for a while, and we ll go around later.The three guests made good fruit tea.Chapter 473 A single tree is hard to support The surveying and mapping instrument named Hengwei that Wang Yudong presided over is packaged in three suitcases.

Wang Yudong handed his brother a very large gift bag.I won t be polite to you, hehe After speaking, the senior brother happily took the gift bag ape cbd gummies in his hand.This is a collector s edition.It s a three piece set.It s easy to keep and can t be passed on to others Really Your company seems to have a similar subordinate branch, right Oh You asked about Xia Xiaoshu, the core designer of this toy is him, you don t know, after our President Qian tried this toy, his face was ashen, and How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart he didn t talk to us very much for several days Oh Even your President Qian was disturbed Then I ll have to do is hemp oil the same as CBD oil How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart some research when I look back, thank you You re welcome Goodbye Let s go Back to my office.At lunchtime, Wang Yudong called and asked his precious nephew, Xiao Wei, to have a big meal outside of school.At first glance, his nephew looked so bright, handsome, and generous No matter what, it didn t look like he just hung up for two.

This afternoon, at around four o clock, Xia Xiaoshu prepared many small gifts and drove to Yugu Village to visit some old acquaintances.As soon as he entered the village, Xia Xiaoshu felt that the atmosphere of the whole village had changed greatly.Clean and orderly, prosperous without being noisy.Luo Cheng Township went out to run errands, but was not in the village at this time.So, Xia Xiaoshu parked the car and turned right when he went out.He planned to visit the door.Chapter 941 Program Improvements Today s Yugu Village has long since changed its old appearance.Among the many villages in the four villages and eight townships, Yugu Village has taken small steps to Zhejiang and Zhejiang into Fuyu Avenue.Xia Xiaoshu played a role in it.Xia Xiaoshu was naturally overjoyed when he cbd for sleep and recovery revisited the old place.

Nowadays, Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street have CBD gummies wholesale How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart already developed into prime business areas.Even for a small mom and pop shop, the annual rent is not something that ordinary people can easily afford.As a result, there has always been a legend in Fun Drop CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart Diamond CBD Chill Gummies the market that the merchants in Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street are backed by great gold owners.Laiyue Xiaochao shop is very famous.If you come late, there will be no seats.Xia Xiaoshu had calculated it in advance, and entered the door at the right time, there were just two empty tables left.Uncle Let s go over there.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Gan Jiu to the window and took a seat.The peak season was approaching, and the owner temporarily hired a helper, who was in his thirties, and he seemed very neat in his gestures.Hello, Mr.Xia What do you two want the female helper greeted very politely.

However, Wang Yudong believes that the Shizhong company will definitely launch an automatic version of the surveying and mapping instrument in the near future.It is estimated that Shang Yijiao s investigation is almost the same, so he picked up cbd hemp cigarettes safe his mobile phone, and Shi Jincuo notified Shang Yijiao to play for another day and prepare to return to the company.Chapter 443 Wheelchair Elderly In order to improve work efficiency, Xie Tingyu How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart provided ideas and relevant data.Xia Xiaoshu specially wrote a patrol mini program for her.She carried a business specific iPad in her hand.Xie Tingyu only needed to go to major stores every day to fill in the relevant data truthfully.Just look, what data summary, best edible for anxiety business analysis, improvement suggestionsall are there.Xie Tingyu is a caring person.In addition to the normal business of Qibaotang , as long as she passes through the major stores of Huyuetang , she always goes in CBD gummies at costco How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart and turns around.

Ouch Mr.Xia I eagle hemp CBD gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart haven t seen you for a few days, and the warehouse has started to work again You ve been going into the city to do errands recently, and you ve come here less.Where s my aunt Are you cooking Hey A girl from a relative s family got married today, and she went to help her early in the morning.It s estimated How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart that she won t be back until it s dark The old carpenter responded with a smile.Then what are you going to eat for lunch Aren t you going hemp bombs CBD gummies reviews How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart to eat something casually at my niece s house Why You haven t eaten yet, right Let s go and have a meal together The old carpenter invited with a smile.Uncle If you have nothing to do at home, or where to buy eagle hemp CBD gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart else, I ll invite you to town to eat hot pot, assorted hot pot.Xia Xiaoshu smiled politely.Invite me to eat hot pot Do you have to go to town Mr.Xia, do you have something to tell me We are so familiar with each other, what do you have to say Fun Drop CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart Diamond CBD Chill Gummies at the wine table The old carpenter He responded with a smile.

Not only that, but the wind speed, snowball flight path, landing pointall aspects of the data have long been measured by Xiaoxia.Clearly.Considering that once the opponent is hit, he will definitely dodge in all directions, so Xiao Xia deliberately added a triangular steering wheel at the bottom of the sling to expand the hitting area.Worrying about hurting the young people on the other side, the snowballs Xiao Xia and Wang Cai prepared are not that kind of solid stuff.That wyld elderberry cbd gummies s true.In this big winter, once they are smashed on their bodies, they will definitely not feel good.feel good.Shi Kexin and the others were almost ready.They were about to connect the bamboo tubes to divert water.Suddenly, snowballs rained from the sky.Crack Slap Slap The snowballs smashed into them and scattered, and the necks and collars of several people were filled with How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart small snow cubes.

As long as the old lady travels, she will definitely be by her side.After a while, the old lady felt that it was too much delay for her daughter in law to go out to earn money, so she proposed to accompany her daughter in law to work in the medicinal materials warehouse, and by the way, she could chat with Gan Jiumao and others to relieve the boredom.Mo Saoyun was overjoyed.As a result, the business at the Yugu Village Medicinal Materials Warehouse gradually returned to normal.In addition, with the meticulous help of Xia Xiaoshu and Gan Jiumao, the eldest nephew of the Lu family has successfully obtained the relevant pharmacist qualification certificate.Now, after being recommended by Xia Xiaoshu, he has been officially hired by the Qibaotang company as a pharmacist.Chinese medicine pharmacist.

As expected, this person should be the cbd infused gummies benefits outstanding employee newly recruited by Manager Mu recently.Seeing that the performance of various departments of the company has been declining month by month, under the careful operation of this person, Wen Yulu The branch has actually started to make profits several times in a row.Although the amount is not large, its development ancient nutrition organic cbd hemp caplets trend is also very dynamic.It seems I have to pay attention to this person.Thinking of this, Bao Jianxin folded the test paper again.Gently placed it on the table, turned back to the two female invigilators and nodded lightly, and Mr.Bao left the examination room lightly.The director Cao of the royal blend CBD gummies reviews How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart sales department kept staring at Mr.Bao s figure and pondering things there.It How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart was not until Mr.Bao left the venue in a hurry that he realized that from the beginning to the end, Mr.

How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart (fun drop CBD gummies), [CBD hemp direct] How Much Are CBD Gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart At Walmart best CBD pain relief How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart.

Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu moved forward for another 200 meters.What does How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart the wild bitter clove boulder highlands cbd gummies price look like, what kind of smell does it give off, what color does the main plant show, and which part should be picked Old Man Suo has explained it clearly to Xia Xiaoshu in advance, and Xia Xiaoshu just needs to follow the map and ask for it Looking around for a long time, how can there be any shadow of bitter cloves After walking for more than 300 meters, Xia Xiaoshu found that the path under his feet was getting narrower and narrower.Considering that he was alone on the road, Xia Xiaoshu became more and more wary.Suddenly, a yellow light flashed in front of him, and it was fleeting.Could this be the Golden Scorpion Was that just a reconnaissance sentinel Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but slow down.

Mr.Luo and his party were very satisfied when they saw where can you buy purekana cbd gummies How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart that Mr.Xia made such a thoughtful arrangement.In Yugu Town, Xia Xiaoshu asked Sanxizi to accompany the driver of the minibus to a restaurant for a meal.Sanxizi found a suitable hotel for the driver to stay first, and cbd 10 mg gummies he will drive back early tomorrow morning.On the occasion of parting, Xia Xiaoshu paid off the rental car, and also specially gave the driver two cigarettes Back to the village, the sun had already set, Xia Xiaoshu went to the B B and invited Teacher Luo out.Mr.Luo, let s go to Sister Mo s house to discuss something.Okay As the two walked and chatted, Xia Xiaoshu brought up the issue of signing a non disclosure agreement.froze there.Chapter 1056 Company Upgrade The reason why Xia Xiaoshu was able to obtain the authorization of mining and smelting of ore in a timely manner approved by relevant departments is largely due to the high tech company qualification of Miaowei company be fully recognized.

You are more expert than me in this regard, so you should come up with an idea.Gan Jiu responded with a smile.I see, it s better to open a Bamboo Art Museum.Uncle Zhang s carefully crafted woodware and stone carvings from my side can be sold I ve seen it, and it is estimated that we are the only family within ten kilometers.The people living in Guanghua Road and Yuxin Street are all rich people, so they definitely don t worry about selling.Shi Jiudang laughed and interjected.Hearing this, Gan Jiumao just smiled, noncommittal.With a smile, Xia Xiaoshu responded Well The idea of being a big brother cbd gummies no thc for sleep for a long time sounds really good But I suggest opening a boutique clothing store and opening a private customization business.You two should know, Little Golden Girl s mother That tailor s craftsmanship is unparalleled, even if there is no business, once a business charlottes web gummies is done, it is equivalent to a week of busy work for other colleagues Hearing this, Gan Jiumao and Shi Jiudang couldn t help but look at each other, feeling that Xia Xia Xiaoshu s ideas are always so clear.

Standing in front of the towering gate building and looking up at the towering office building, Su Lifei felt that she It s so tiny.The security guard on duty looked very young, and seeing Su Lifei getting closer, the young male security guard smiled at her.I made an appointment with Mr.Xia Xiaoshu.Is it convenient to go in and find him at this moment Are you Mr.Su Mr.Xia has already said hello in advance, please wait a moment The landline dialed a number.Mr.Su, President Xia is nearby, please wait The young male security guard looked very polite.Okay, trouble you Su Lifei responded with a smile.After a while, Xia Xiaoshu was seen running all the way.I m sorry, I stayed at the door for a while and didn t see you I ran into an acquaintance and chatted for a while nearby, please come here blosum cbd gummies Xia Xiaoshu smiled politely.

It s really good The two ate the hot pot chatting and laughing, and neither of them had to drive.Captain He had a good time.Then he got up and asked for two small pots of locally brewed shochu, and poured a glass for Xiao Xia.You re welcome, I ll do it cheef botanicals CBD gummy cubes How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart myself, I ll do it myself As she spoke, Xiao Xia raised the wine glass in her left hand and saluted.Don t tell me, there are good mountains, good water, good wine and good food.The surrounding area of Yugu Town is actually quite suitable for daily living.I feel much better than in the city.You say, when I retire in the future, I will rent a suite in the village Small yard, feed some chickens, grow some vegetables, and when you are free, go around town, that is not leisurely, hahaha This idea is very good At that time, I will often visit you here.

As soon How Much Are CBD Gummies At Walmart as they got in touch, Li Cuiye immediately realized that Mr.Xia and Dr.Meng were not ordinary people.No wonder the popularity of the store was very popular.It hemp gummies for back pain turned out that they were all people with real skills.From childhood to adulthood, Li Cuiye has been very kind to her precious brother.When Li Erlang suffered from that kind of strange disease, Li Cuiye took good care of him.I originally thought that this stupid younger brother would be like this in his life.He didn t have a serious job, and he didn t dare to hope for a family.Suddenly, I heard Mr.Xia say that my younger brother could be cured.Besides being pleasantly surprised, Li Cuiye couldn t take care of the sale of medicinal tea Hearing Li Cuiye mention Yuwu Miao , as the name suggests, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help but think of Yuwu Village , so Xiao Xia asked with a smile Excuse me, you mentioned Yuwu Miao just now, there is a Yuwu Miao over there in Xicheng.

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