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cbd hemp concentrate For this reason, this product was specially compared with the Fire Dragon 8000 used in the rice phone 16 at this conference.The Hongmi K90G, which uses higher flash memory and storage specifications, has more than 70,000 points higher than the Mi Phone 16 in terms of running points.At the same time, the mobile phone this time also adopts the latest dual VC liquid cooling heat dissipation, and the heat dissipation area of the mobile phone exceeds 6060 square millimeters.In a real sense, the knowledge of the mobile phone in the game can ensure the normal performance release of the chip, and at the same time, it can also ensure the more lasting and stable performance of the game.In terms of screen, this time the e sports version and K80S use the same screen, garden of life cbd 10mg gummies but the screen uses a flexible screen, which makes the screen ratio rise from 93.

Seeing that punishment is an art, he hurriedly tapped the keyboard to interrupt.The next door Uncle Tian said, You guys are real punishments, you won t let my little life be judged a bit unhappy, right Uncle Tian next door Who said I was single is in my arms, isn t my baby Baibai the queen of CBD Edibles For Pain Management meijer cbd gummies the palace As for other concubines, there are too many Tian Yunxiao had just sent this message when he suddenly felt his back twitch.Chills.He turned CBD Edibles For Pain Management his head and found that Pei Pai was looking at him with a gloomy face at smilz cbd broad spectrum gummies this time.Angrily, he said, Is it the Empress Zhenggong Are there other noble concubines I can t see it, Lao Tian, do you still have this ability Okay, I really admire you Tian Yunxiao saw Pei Pai s reaction was not clear, and he said These readers, they actually said that I can t find a partner Is CBD Edibles For Pain Management it a single dog It s ridiculous, I have many wives Yun Xiao s anger at the teasing became heavy.

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This also instantly made some people who originally supported the toothpaste factory to be shaken.After all, judging from the current situation, the Berries technology company seems to have been do fun drops cbd gummies work able to compete head to head with 2500mg cbd gummies other industry giants.Berry technology companies have successfully shaken the position of these companies in the Chinese market, but these work can not cause any substantial harm to Berry technology companies.After the two companies, Warwick and Rice, came forward, many domestic technology companies also made remarks, and even some supply chain companies that had been greatly affected by the market turned their backs.Among them, most of the products sold by these supply chain companies are mainly provided by domestic computer eagle hemp CBD gummies for type 2 diabetes CBD Edibles For Pain Management manufacturers.It was only because of the threats from these manufacturers that he was forced to choose to stand on the opposite side of the Berry tribe.

Binghuo Tian Shen, you are too polite, no need to thank you, this is what I should do At this time, the dense haired programmer of an IT company in Modu looked at the chat on the computer screen, and laughed and typed.A Bao, who is testing the water Old Tian, I also want to add more, but the fact does not allow it Uncle Tian next door After Tian Yunxiao saw what Sister Bao sent, he was even more annoyed.So open your own writer background.Wrote a single chapter, Old Tian has something to do today, please take a day off.Even without human immunity cbd gummies saying anything, he published it.But after he just sent out this single chapter, his book group exploded.Yellow cat Uncle Tian next door, Lao Tian, your request for leave is a bit too perfunctory, right There are few more, but you still ask for leave Who gave you the face Time and Space Orange Next door Uncle Tian, have you seen this monthly pass in my hand Tear it up, it s gone The reindeer lost his way As a mature author, you should learn to add more updates yourself, instead of using such a perfunctory excuse.

And from this conference, the Xuanwu processor chip used in the Berry 20 series is better than the paste fire dragon 8Gen1 in terms of overall performance.Too much.Among them, the overall performance of the Xuanwu 820 chip can be infinitely close to the A15 processor chip of the fruit, and the Xuanwu 825 processor chip can hemp cbd wellness even compete with the A15 full blood version of the fruit.Therefore, most netizens feel that this machine The overall configuration of the model and the final pricing are in line with their expectations.This time, in addition to our latest Berry 20 series, we will also release the latest Berry system, the FlyOS system After introducing the latest Berry 20 series, Li Weiyue announced the new Berry system to many netizens.System, FlyOS Yes, the name of the new system this time is called FlyOS, not Fly NEW Such a name also aroused the surprise boulder highlands cbd gummies reviews and doubts of many netizens, and also caused discussions among many netizens.

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At the same time, due to the low overall frequency of the Taixu 730 processor chip, although the CPU performance is similar to that of natural releaf cbd the Taixu 726, the overall power consumption is reduced by 20.This time, the performance score of the Taixu 730 processor chip also broke through the 1.9 million mark for the first time and reached a score of 1.98 million.This also proves that the Taixu 730 processor chip is a processor chip that can have enough outstanding performance in the real sense.Not only has enough powerful performance and game performance, but also control the level of power consumption.It is a copd CBD gummies amazon CBD Edibles For Pain Management mid range processor chip with sufficient performance and power consumption in the true sense.The final price of this processor chip, which is really aimed at the mid range market, is also set at 1,100 yuan.

In terms of rear camera performance, in addition to the main camera, the regular version has a 20 megapixel wide angle lens, an 8 megapixel 3x optical zoom lens, and a 2 megapixel macro lens.After upgrading the large and super large versions, the wide angle and telephoto lenses have hemp bombs cbd sleep gummies become the 40 megapixel lenses of Sony IMX600, and the macro lens has also been upgraded to a 5 eagle CBD gummies CBD Edibles For Pain Management megapixel telephoto macro lens, 3000 mg hemp gummies which makes the large and super large The cup version has a better performance.The customized version adds a 64 megapixel movie lens in the middle on this basis, so as to show stronger strength.Of course, many users are more concerned about the inherent core performance and technical advantages of mobile phones.The Huawei Mate50 series supports 5G and 4G network connection methods, and is more powerful than other manufacturers in terms of communication technology.

CBD Edibles For Pain Management At this time, the departments responsible for mobile phones of major manufacturers are also watching the product launch.For the release of this product, many mobile phone manufacturers feel a lot of pressure.Even some product manufacturers are waiting for the announcement of the current mobile phone price during the release period.If it is this time, the price of the berry mobile phone is set.Relatively low, I am afraid that these flagship mobile phones in China need to cut prices.The last time these mobile phone manufacturers cut prices was when the fruit 13 was released last year.After the release of the fruit 13 hawkeye hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD Edibles For Pain Management last year, due to the huge price advantage, This made the domestic Android flagships start a round of product price cuts.What many manufacturers did not expect is that this time, it is not the fruit phone that brings CBD hemp flower CBD Edibles For Pain Management them pressure, but the berry family that has been paid little attention by many manufacturers.

After all, users are very sensitive to price.I just heard that the applause was not warm enough.Of course, I also know that it is already May, and it is not far from 618, so let s go Within two months of the release of the Berry Blue S10 series, each user can go to the Berry family official and third parties.Authorize the platform to receive a 300 yuan discount coupon Want to promote first restraint is one of the necessary skills of various mobile phone manufacturers.Raising the price first, and then a wave of discounts, can instantly attract countless consumers to buy the product.This time, the price of the Raspberry Blue S10 series is actually 2499 yuan for the regular version and 2999 yuan for the large version.Considering that the price of 618 will be reduced again, and new products also need to flush sales to attract more users to buy.

It CBD gummy reviews CBD Edibles For Pain Management is expected that the establishment of a new company will start at do cbd gummies really relax you the end of this year.At the same time, from next year, Berry Technology will start a new transformation Huang Da is about the cbd gummies charlotte nc development of the company.Very fast charging, in his opinion, the development of the current company can be described as walking on thin ice.A wrong step, a wrong step, the current company can not have any sloppy.Of course, if Huang Da s own plan can really be realized, then the future berry technology company will play a pivotal role in just cbd hemp infused gummies the entire mobile phone industry, and even affect the development best cbd gummies for anxiety 2021 of the entire mobile phone industry.After all, companies that master the upstream supply chain and mobile green ape CBD gummies review CBD Edibles For Pain Management phone technology are the ones that can truly decide the direction of mobile phone development.

At the same time, it also made countless netizens shout, The Berries are the real gods in the stand alone game world The hope of a domestic stand alone game Such a title has been directly crowned by countless netizens on the Berry game.Even countless netizens bought this game without hesitation after the trial of Speed Speed.After all, after half an hour of playing the game, as well as the game videos currently circulating on the Internet, they clearly understood that this game is really cool.Selling 49 Huaxia coins is indeed very valuable, and even some netizens feel that even if they sell it at the original price, it is still a very competitive game.Originally, the game Speed Speed was released, and it can be said that it got crazy complaints from netizens.However, with the launch of the game and the current experience of netizens about this game, this game has completely achieved a reversal of word of mouth, and made countless netizens willing to pay for this game.

At the same time, this new material can also block the external low temperature.The temperature outside CBD Edibles For Pain Management : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity the mobile phone is basically under the cbd vs hemp oil for pain environment of minus 50 degrees, and the temperature inside the cinnamon cbd hemp oil drops review mobile phone is only about minus 20 degrees below zero.Relying on new components and motherboard materials and the value of a number of technologies, the mobile phone can ensure the normal operation of copd cbd gummy bears components in such a low temperature environment, and truly realize the use of mobile phones in extremely cold environments.Chapter 103 Seniors Come With Huang Da s explanation, most netizens have almost understood why cbd gummy candies the mobile phone in the current video can continue to be used in such a low temperature environment.The new material makes the phone more resistant to cold and freezing in a low temperature environment, and it can still run smoothly even in an environment of minus 50 degrees.

After all, the two parties are very good partners of the big screen company.Pastetong has a sufficient supply of processor chips and a corresponding price advantage, while Huateng Semiconductor s direction is to have a relatively good processor chip with this hardware configuration.When choosing a processor chip, the first consideration is the supply and the corresponding cost gap between the two.Of course, Rebs itself is still relatively inclined to paste.When the time came to December 1st, Jiatong officially released a new processor chip on the last day of the end of November in the Western Hemisphere.This time, the Fire Dragon processor chip has finally re dispatched the third generation processor chip.There are Fire Dragon 8Gen4 and 7Gen4 that support 5G network link for the high end flagship market.

7 inches to 6.58 inches.At the same time, the width of the CBD Edibles For Pain Management mobile phone is slightly narrower than that of the previous flagships, and the overall feel is better than the previous flagships.At the same time, the screen is naturally not bad, using Sanxin s top material hyperboloid screen with 120hz refresh rate CBD Edibles For Pain Management and 720hz touch sampling rate.And the chip has been fully exposed before the conference.The processor chip of the Fire Dragon 8000 announced at the press conference had a running score of 2.17 million, which is considered a relatively excellent processor chip.At the same time, the CPU of the auxiliary chip uses the CPU of the Fire Dragon 6000 to cut two small cores.The overall performance is equivalent to the 18 purekana cbd gummies amazon year old Fire cbd gummis Dragon 845 full blood version, how long do cbd gummies take to start working which is completely sufficient for daily users.

Obviously, such a technology company is the most recognized technology company in the hearts of netizens.Of course in the first half of last year, we started The second generation folding screen was developed.This folding screen is equipped with internal and external screens, both OLED screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and is also equipped with Xuanwu 910 However, we did not choose to mass produce this product after consultation with everyone Huang Da looked vegan hemp gummies at the media person in front of him at this time, and said in a very calm tone.After hearing this series of parameters, the media person also looked at a folding screen phone on the other side of the counter.Compared with the previous mobile phone with a folding CBD Edibles For Pain Management : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity screen, this mobile phone with a folding screen looks lighter and thinner, and the overall texture also looks better.

A good product to compete with the current berry family The release of the new product also made netizens feel extremely boiling, and in their opinion, this time the whole thing felt crazy, and even made them feel excited.After all, the product this time is too fragrant, CBD Edibles For Pain Management and even in the hearts of most users, it is simply too fragrant.Although some products are too expensive, in the eyes of many users, they are already worth the money.After all, it is too appropriate to buy such a product with such money.This year, our mall will also have a lot of activities.I believe that these activities will make everyone feel the sincerity of our company.I believe that this conference will allow all users who like our company to buy the most suitable products.Their products This summer conference is finally over, and netizens have an unusual approval for this conference.

4T storage, it is estimated that many mobile phone products now do not have such a large storage.Of course, after a series of parameter configurations were exposed, many users also understood that the price of this product should not be cheap.After all, this huge image sensor and huge storage have already shown that this product is not cheap.In the eyes of everyone, this time, the price of the product specially prepared for photography enthusiasts was finally announced on the screen at the scene.6999 yuan This price is definitely a very cheap price for professional image digital enthusiasts, and even they feel that it is very worthwhile to buy such a photographic product at such a price.But if some ordinary mobile phone users look at it, the price of this product is too high, and even the price can buy a top high end flagship product.

Tian Yunxiao only knew why Binghuo wanted to write a new book after seeing the discussions of the people in the group.It turned absolute natural cbd out that his book was sealed.So he tapped the keyboard and asked.Uncle What happened to Binghuo s book At this time, the authors in the group saw Tian Yunxiao bubbling out, just like seeing a bee like a flower.Nanmu refill It s Tian Shen Now I m going to lick you to death.jpg Broken Zhijian Xiaoyan Catch a wild platinum alive, everyone come out and lick him to death Anecdotal legend I really didn t expect that Tian Shen, who is platinum, can actually take care of can cbd gummies make your stomach upset our group Tian Shen is simply too approachable When Tian Yunxiao saw the topic in the group, he didn t know where the topic went wrong, so he quickly typed a reply.What happened to the Frozen book At this time, the authors in the group saw Tian Yunxiao s question.

The true meaning of becoming a company with technology as the core driving force.Of course, if you want to truly become a company with technology as the core, there are still many things that need to be developed, and even everything in it still has to go step by step according to the plan.Time is gradually approaching December, and various mobile phone manufacturers are finally quieter after the Double Eleven carnival.However, in this quiet environment, the eagerness of various manufacturers is hidden.After all, every December, this upper class supply chain company will start to upgrade the hardware of its own supply chain.Gaotong was the first to release the news.Cream this year.The performance of the two processor CBD Edibles For Pain Management chips of the company is very poor, and even Lianhuake, which has not been fully concerned about the past, has stepped on the paste this year.

buy cbd gummy bears near me This time the single core running score has reached an astonishing 3455 points.Compared with the previous generation of M5, the single core is 2620 points, which is an improvement of nearly 800 points.This performance improvement really made countless netizens completely stunned.You must know that the performance of this single core is completely close to the performance of the entire chip CBD Edibles For Pain Management of the 888 paste a few years ago.In addition to the huge improvement in single core performance, this time the multi core performance score also reached 8120 points.Compared with the Xuanwu 950, the multi core CBD isolate gummies CBD Edibles For Pain Management running score has been directly upgraded by nearly 1,000 points.Horrible It s just too scary Is this year s Xuanwu 955 chip so powerful The Xuanwu 955 chip is to beat all the chips to death.These people can match the processing on some computer mainframes.

cbd gummies shark tank scam Tianma screen cooperates with the Berry CBD Edibles For Pain Management family to train.Although it is not as good as Sanxin, it is at least not as popular as it used to be.In terms of sensors for mobile phones, the Berry family intends to formally cooperate with OmniVision, and strive for in depth cooperation between the two companies to develop a customized main camera sensor.After half a year of contact and discussion, OmniVision is finally willing to cooperate with the Berry family, and the two companies have begun formal cooperation to develop a new custom level main camera sensor.According to Huang Da s requirements, the customized main camera sensor should be developed according to the development direction of large pixels and eagle hemp CBD gummies ingredients CBD Edibles For Pain Management outsole as much as possible As for the so called high pixel development route of 100 million pixels, in Huang Da s opinion, this road is still not the current mainstream.

After CBD Edibles For Pain Management : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity all, if the Xuanwu CBD Edibles For Pain Management : Buy Hemp Edibles For Sleep, Calm & Immunity 955 chip directly hits the price below 4,000 yuan, I am afraid that the current mobile phone manufacturers basically do not play.As a practitioner in the mobile phone industry for so many years, Huang Da naturally understands this truth.In terms of processor chips, it is natural to choose to use different processor can cbd gummies expire chips according to different product positioning.However, the exposure of the Xuanwu 955 has indeed brought a lot of heat to the current new products.After all, such a powerful processor chip will bring a qualitative leap in the daily use experience.At the same time, the processor and chip CBD gummy bears effects CBD Edibles For Pain Management of this mobile phone can play more games when in use.After all, the performance of this processor chip is completely comparable to that of a host computer CBD Edibles For Pain Management level processor.

This time, the fully bendable part of the mobile phone product is 1 3 of the left and right sides, which means that the middle 1 3 of the mobile phone cannot be bent.The curved part can completely bend the mobile phone.Folded to the back, a 19 9 inch mobile phone with a fish screen is presented.At the same time, the screen of the mobile phone can be completely bent back to between 45 degrees and 60 degrees, and a 19 12 curved screen mobile phone can be obtained.After bending, you can also bend 500mg CBD gummy review CBD Edibles For Pain Management forward 45 degrees to 60 degrees to get a 19 12 concave screen mobile phone.It can be said that with such a bending technology, The mobile phone can have different states, and the curved area of the mobile phone is covered with a corresponding bending hinge and an ultra flexible screen.And under the two bent parts, the two most important separate flexible batteries of this mobile phone are also connected.

hemp CBD gummies CBD Edibles For Pain Management Raspberry blue phone 9 Raspberry blue phone 9pro Raspberry blue phone 9pro This has made countless netizens complain that Raspberry Blue is really good at playing, and a low end entry level mobile phone has three grades.After careful inspection, netizens found that the two mobile phones, the Berry 9 and 9pro, are actually revisions of the Berry K10 series.The overall configuration is basically the what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD Edibles For Pain Management same, but the biggest difference is the screen and the main camera of the phone.All the cameras of the mobile phone have been changed to cameras produced by Howe.ix586 became ov48b ix682 pure hemp gummies review became ov64b This change reduces the overall camera strength, of course, this situation also saves the cost of mobile phones.In terms of screen, the original OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz was replaced by an LCD screen with a higher refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Even those who don t read martial arts novels know this.After all, you should have seen Jiao Junen s Xiao Li Fei cbd thc gummies 1000mg Dao when you were a child, right Big Goose nodded in approval after hearing Sister Bao s words.Then I heard Sister Bao say Second, the world of Xiao Li Feidao is easy to write, very easy to write, because there are not many good people in this world, as long as you give your protagonist a powerful golden finger, watch TV or watch the original book The bad guys who are not pleasing to the eye at that time are all done.Thirdly, the description of Gu Long in The Passionate Swordsman s Ruthless Sword is really beautiful.Thousands of miles of flying snow, turning the sky into a furnace, and melting all things into silver.If you learn from a few paragraphs, people will feel that your writing is so beautiful You only need to write the first world well It s really not difficult.

CBD Edibles For Pain Management how to make cbd gummies from flower >> shark tank CBD gummies episode, eagle hemp CBD gummies cost CBD Edibles For Pain Management CBD gummies help with anxiety CBD rack out gummies Edibles For Pain Management.

Next door Uncle Tian Hahahaha, it seems that I am not the only one who was disgusted by this dog author s broken chapter Before the brother could reply, another newcomer entered the group.This newcomer is relatively straightforward, and the reason for joining the group is quite straightforward.It is directly written as One day the knife will be in hand, and I will kill all the broken dogs in the world.jpg Ye Luo died with the wind Haha, another brother who was disgusted by today s dog author s broken chapter and then joined the group. Tian Yunxiao saw that the best CBD gummies for pain CBD Edibles For Pain Management number of people who were disgusted by this dog author was CBD Edibles For Pain Management gradually increasing, so he complained about this dog coin author with the stupid group friends.This is basically what he cbd gummies complaints is in his illness In daily life after the aggravation, I kept looking how much are purekana cbd gummies for books and reading books on Qidian every day, and then posted book reviews to the group to urge updates.

At this time, the Taixu 835 has such powerful performance and the average unit power consumption is still controlled at the level.This top processor chip can also be regarded as a Taixu processor chip, which has the highest energy consumption ratio in recent years.Of course, many mobile phone manufacturers are expecting that this time the processor chip will be able to give a certain discount in terms of price.After all, the overall performance of the virtual processor chip is too good, and even various manufacturers want to include the virtual processor chip in the bag.The production and development costs of carbon based semiconductor materials are very high, and our production this time is also relatively difficult Naturally, this time our Taixu 830 and Taixu 835 processor chips have can CBD gummies make you high CBD Edibles For Pain Management increased in price compared to the past.

This Weibo obviously directly expresses Huang Da s current thoughts, and also expresses the future development and discovery of the Berries.Create a young brand with a sense of technology and vitality.Huang Da s words also aroused the support of countless netizens.Of course, some netizens questioned the CBD Edibles For Pain Management CBD gummies for high blood pressure CBD Edibles For Pain Management reason why so many high level executives of the Berries left.However, the reputation of the entire company has gradually improved.Although there are still people who calories in cbd gummies doubt it, most CBD Edibles For Pain Management netizens have chosen to trust Huang Da and the new Berries brand.And through this incident, the current Berries once again have a lot of traffic and popularity.At the same time, the number of fans of Huang Da has officially exceeded 5 million, becoming a person with a certain influence in the technology circle.The big V.

Tian After Yun Xiao heard the system s voice at this time, he was immediately excited.Hahahaha, I was just wondering how to trigger the quest, and now it s cbd gummies espa ol triggered.It s too easy, right This is just a hang up It seems that the system girl doesn t know that I hate two kinds of people the most., one is to open and hang, and the other is not to let me open and hang Tian Yunxiao thought to himself when he saw this system task, Isn t this a piece of cake Mind wandering, gummy CBD pure hemp CBD Edibles For Pain Management no water, three thousand per hour is not a small case So he turned off his penguin, threw his phone aside, opened the orange melon, and turned on the lock screen for an hour without opening cbd gummy vitamins the room.He started to type hard on the keyboard.An hour later, Tian Yunxiao fell into deep thought while looking at the statistics panel 2170 words hour on the orange melon.

Seeing this, Li Jiaxin stood at the door of a store and said angrily to Tian Yunxiao Can you do it I ll buy it for you, and you won t need CBD Edibles For Pain Management to spend money.Can you not be so stingy After Tian Yunxiao heard Li Jiaxin s words , was also a little angry, and said How do you talk How can a man say no Also, because you bought it for me, I don t want to spend more money, I m not a white face We are buddies, yes Dude At this time, Tian Yunxiao looked up and happened to see two stores, one was a big brand in Shuangzi s debut work Let s Carry Thunderstorm Together.The other is Hongxing Erke.Then he said to Li Jiaxin Just choose one of these two stores, buy them quickly, I m going home.Seeing this, Li Jiaxin said helplessly to Tian Yunxiao Of course we will go.Hongxing Erke s gone So the two walked into Hongxing Erke, and soon Tian Yunxiao chose a casual sports T cbd 600mg gummies shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

And with the user s purchase related comments, it gradually emerged in the public s field of vision.Most European and American users have a relatively high degree of recognition for this product, and even in the minds of many users, the competitiveness of this product is simply much CBD Edibles For Pain Management higher than that of the product.From the hardware configuration of the product to the appearance design of the product, it is beyond the products and brands recognized CBD Edibles For Pain Management by many users.Even Guozi mobile phone is no longer a top product in the hearts of this group of users.Berry people are awesome I didn t expect this product to conquer European and American users But to be honest, the product this time is really good, the only drawback is that the price of the product is too expensive Itself This time, the hardware configuration and materials of the product are very sufficient, and the price is quite suitable After the overseas sales results were spread to China, domestic users also expressed their comments one after another.

I CBD Edibles For Pain Management first added a fine line to the post, and then continued to scroll irwin natural cbd down, and found that the back of this post is full of.The prophet, the knife has been cut.After reading the book review area for a while, Tian Yunxiao s mood became better.As his word count gradually increased, the number of positive comments became more and more, and the negative comments became less and less.Then Tian Yunxiao began to write words.Come on. It was finally October 3rd, and his recommendation was about to be replaced, so he opened the author s group chat and wanted to continue to peek at the screen, Look at what these big guys are discussing It turns out that at this time the best CBD gummies for anxiety 2022 CBD Edibles For Pain Management author group is turning on the repeater mode again.Yan Yi It s the day when the big guys show their manuscript fees every month.I really want to close the group.

As soon as Binghuo came in, he started to pretend again.Binghuo Four thousand again What about raising fish Before Binghuo could type out the next sentence.displayed on the public screen.Welcome Divine Phoenix into the room.At this time, group friends on the group chat public screen are typing.Urging Mo to write a book Divine Phoenix Go Laotian kicked the Divine Phoenix quickly Binghuo Divine Phoenix Go Laotian quickly kicked the Divine Phoenix Ten repetitions are omitted here Tian Yunxiao saw that the group friends seemed to be very afraid of this group friend named Divine Phoenix, so he typed.Next door Uncle Tian What s wrong with Divine Phoenix It s offended you After all, it s an author in a group, so why would you be embarrassed to kick it Terrifying Divine Phoenix also spoke at this time.

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