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I like it too.Chi Muyan stared at her eyes and said brightly, I also hope to be like Teacher Jiang and play nice songs in the future.Jiang Liuyi nodded, her voice Wei Duan Okay, auntie will teach you later when she has time.Chi Muyan is happy, the child s happiness is simple and unreasonable, she was crying just now, but now she has a smile on her face, Jiang Liuyi s heart is complicated, she sees As Chi Muyan went to tease well being CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review the cat, she slowly smiled.When Song Xian came to find Jiang Liuyi, she saw her sideways looking at the corner, the door was half open, she saw Jiang Liuyi sitting next to a shelf from the gap, Chi Muyan s voice giggled, and the atmosphere was warm.Quiet, Song Xian found that Jiang Liuyi was there, it was easy to make people feel warm.She felt warm in a small unfamiliar room.

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She once heard Lizhi say that when Mrs.Song San knew about Song Yin s death, she lost her soul and had no idea what to do, so when they cbdfx broad spectrum cbd gummies with biotin cleaned up, they only took the silver bills and jewelry in the dressing room, and the rest of the gold and silver were soft None at all.It appears to be gone.Jiang Wan put down the list and asked Lizhi again, What do you think Lizhi said a little nervously, Because the slave was transferred to the lady later, and I haven t seen the lady s dowry, so I didn t see anything wrong.Jiang Wan expected it, so she said, You re right, neither you nor Chunyuan have ever dealt with it, so I need someone who really knows how to deal with it to help me.Anyway, she didn t believe that the Song family would be happy.Quickly sent all her dowry, Proleve CBD Gummies Review there must be something tricky in it.

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Wu s family, she was kept in the dark, watching her husband take over Wu s father s business and property, watching her husband become more and more irritable, beating or scolding herself, and taking a lot of money.The concubine, who has given birth to many sons, but ignores her own sons.Finally, one day, Mr.Du confided the truth relax bears cbd gummies review after drinking, and wanted to strangle Mrs.Wu s son to death.Only then did Mrs.Wu rise up to resist, and took her son to Beijing to file a lawsuit against the imperial court, and only then did the matter of reconciliation.Jiang Wan knew the meaning of the Queen s words.In a nutshell, just two words no way.Jiang Wan understood that he was thinking things too simply.She hadn t really thought about it from the point of view of a superior.The queen wanted her to retreat in spite of the difficulties, or in other words, as long as the queen said a word, she should retreat despite the difficulties.

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General Ning s power in the future dare not say, but wealth cannot escape.Even if Ning Yan had the reputation of being a wife, he would not end up being a widow.Besides, if the Ning family can tell that the Mingchang county master will come forward, then the Ning family must know, 300mg CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review so why did the Ning family marry a widow to enter the house That s all, Jiang Wan waved his hand.The Mingchang County Master also mentioned the rumors between himself and martha stewart CBD gummies review Proleve CBD Gummies Review Yu Heng, as if he what is CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review was reminding her to secret nature CBD Proleve CBD Gummies Review pay attention to her identity and not to be delusional, but it was even more inexplicable.Jiang Wan subconsciously said I can t fight with King Zhao.If Wei Lin is down, how can it be King Zhao She can t afford this guy.He is the ace of the Empress Dowager, so don t make it worse., I was really listened to by people with a heart, and I was afraid that it would be another disaster.

Jiang Wan turned around in a hurry, and saw Miss Wang Ba appeared on their way with a proud face.Jiang Wan breathed a sigh of relief.If only Miss Wang Ba saw it, according to her relationship with Sun Runyun, even if she shouted out, others would only think that she was maliciously framed.Thinking of this, Jiang Wan s footsteps were a meal.Others can Proleve CBD Gummies Review t recognize her, but Shen Wang can definitely, she can t ask Shen Wang to find out.But they can t stay here, if they drag cbd gummies white label uk on, the chance of being discovered will be great.Eighth sister Another voice came from a distance.This time, her face froze, but it became Miss Wang Ba.Wang Bo came out from behind tacanna pure hemp gummies Miss Wang Ba, and he hasn t seen him for two months.He has lost a lot of weight, and he can no longer be called a fat man.Only his face still looks a little fleshy.

Jiang Ci spread his hands Sister, I m already engaged.I m sorry, I broke my brain.Jiang Wan also spread his hands.Besides, you are only eleven years old, who would have thought that you Proleve CBD Gummies Review are already engaged to someone else.Jiang Wan looked at Brother Yuan, and suddenly realized CBD hemp flower Proleve CBD Gummies Review that maybe after four years, Brother Yuan would marry someone, so it was a little hard to accept.My sister also knows that she green energize cbd gummies is my cousin.He raised his head, his eyes were clear and sincere.If she didn t know, she told her that she would gummy CBD pure hemp Proleve CBD Gummies Review not be afraid because she was injured, and would endure it in every possible way.Her cbd gummies happy hemp brother is really nice.If it s a cousin, it should be my mother s sister s daughter, Jiang Wan asked.I remember that of the two aunts, the eldest aunt is in the capital, and the cbd gummies for period pain rest are not in is hemp oil the same as cbd oil the capital, but the eldest aunt s daughter is already married.

Jiang Wan smiled and said, Cousin, why do you have time to come today I was also entrusted by others to ask my cousin.Mrs.Jiang Ninghou said dryly, I don t know what my cousin thinks of the eldest son of the Grand Commander s Mansion The smile on Jiang Wan s face suddenly froze.It wouldn t be what she thought Cousin, why don t you say it more clearly, I don t quite understand what you mean.The eldest son of the Grand Commander s Mansion is fifteen years old, Proleve CBD Gummies Review and it stands to reason that he can The age of engagement.Madam Jiangning Hou said reluctantly.This is exactly what she thought.There is such a ridiculous thing in the world Jiang Wan looked into Mrs.Jiang Ninghou s eyes and said solemnly, I treat the young master of the Sun family as much as Brother Hu, I just treat them as children.Judging by her expression, she copd CBD gummies reviews Proleve CBD Gummies Review knew that she should be telling the truth.

Jiang and Song Xian have gone to the cafeteria Without her to say, someone noticed Jiang Liuyi and Song Xian.It goes without saying that Song Xian, the entire magazine s new and old magazine colleagues know her.The most beautiful flower, from the time she entered the magazine to the time she said she koi naturals CBD Proleve CBD Gummies Review was about to get married, the peach blossoms never stopped.There were both men and women.There used to be one.A niva cbd gummies reviews crazy suitor, he gave her roses every day, and later Song Xian returned the flowers himself and said to him, I don t like it, don t give it any more.It s so direct and open, although it s a little shameless, but she In this way, it is easier to make people feel good without hanging on to others.It s just that they get along a bit coldly.There were a lot of people who wanted to be friends with her before, but natural CBD Proleve CBD Gummies Review very few of them could really be are cbd gummies good for you friends.

When I can you bring cbd gummies to mexico first saw you, you pretended to be a fortune teller.At that time, you should have been out of the control of Futianhui, but broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs Proleve CBD Gummies Review when Proleve CBD Gummies Review I arrived in Bianjing The sun is still short, and it s only a month away from Shouzhou.I was able to escape their Proleve CBD Gummies Review surveillance, and I also borrowed your hand to kill them all.Mr.Xi said.I thought that you wouldn t do these rough jobs at the Futian Club.Mr.Xi raised his eyebrows, noncommittal.Jiang Wandao I just said that the power of the Futianhui that Shen Wang can invoke is a bit too big, he just took over the stall you left behind.Mr.Xi nodded Indeed, but it is not my wish.You saved me.Sister Qing also helped me escape from Beirong once, you reminded me to doubt Ning Tong, and also helped Muren return to Huitian, Jiang Wan said, You helped me a lot, even if you wanted to kill me, it doesn t matter.

Is it There is also news that they were taken away by the caravan, and that they were taken away by the Beirong people.There are different opinions, and I have verified it, but unfortunately I have found nothing.Madam Huo shook her head, The seven golden flowers in our family are how big do cbd hemp plants get now Only me and the third sister survived, the eldest sister and the seventh sister may cbd gummies hemp bomb still be alive, but they are also missing.Huo Rongqi sighed, but comforted Jiang Wan Everyone suffers, and I am does cbd hemp flower show up on drug screen not the botanical farms cbd gummies for sale only one who is separated from my relatives.For the time being, I can t see it.Thinking of fire hemp cbd smokes his grandfather and younger brother far away in the capital, Jiang Wan said, Who can see this kind of thing.Is the person who Futian will contact you with is Bian Jiu Yes, it is.He.Madam Huo explained, His previous master also died of wrongdoing, but he kept a secret from the past.

She specially prepared this relatively simple carriage so as not to reveal her identity.While the carriage was traveling, when she looked around, she saw the ruins bulk CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review of Yuelai Building.The memory of that night was really not very good, and she still had some lingering fears.Zhao Wang Yu Heng didn t know who he had provoked, but in order to kill him, he did not hesitate to set fire to the building.It stands to reason that Yu Heng is just an idle prince.He usually either eats, drinks and strolls around brothels, or is thrown by his emperor elder brother into a camp in the suburbs of Beijing to endure hardship, but Jiang Wan clearly saw him in Shouzhou, thousands of miles away from the capital.On the surface, the queen mother treasured him very much, and loved him like eyeballs, but unfortunately he just didn t learn well.

Yes, there are also applicants.Yu Bai has previously revealed a bit of news that Bai Ye may come here, so people inside and outside the circle attach great importance to her exhibition.Jiang Liubing could have gone directly to Yu Bai, asking for a chance, with the Yu family and Liu family friendship for so many years, there must be no problem, but she wanted to match Jiang Liuyi and Yu Bai, so she deliberately said Sister, you don t know, I went yesterday.In my studio, the threshold has been leveled, and I never saw Sister Yu Bai, sister, you don t know how powerful cbd gummies plus Sister Yu Bai is now, right She must be more powerful than Song Xian anyway.She searched Song Xian s name after Jiang Liuyi got married, but found nothing.She only found a few illustrations of magazines, or children s magazines.

Mrs.Jingguo was so angry that her liver hurt, but she had no way to do it.As soon as she walked to the gate of the palace, Prince Jingguo Li Chong arrived.Li Chong s beard was messy, and his red clothes were wrinkled.It is easy to get close to Yujie, but there are many people watching the lively on Ping an Street outside Yuhe.People see Li Chong and Mrs.Jingguo pushing and shoving each other, pointing at each other s nose and scolding.Later, I don t Proleve CBD Gummies Review know what Mrs.Yasukuni said.The Duke of Yasukuni shouted, Tu Ying I m going to leave you Tu Ying is the name of Mrs.Jing Guo s family tree, and almost no one has called her that for many wild things botanicals cbd gummies years, because it was given to her by her medterra cbd gummies mother.She didn t want to listen to it, so when Duke Jingguo shouted, she was stunned for a while before she remembered that it was her name.

Jingguo in the dream pointed to the eldest princess can you buy cbd gummies of Anyang and shouted loudly, Hengfeng seventeen years is you.In the seventeenth year of Hengfeng, it must be related to Yiguo Gong.But what does it matter Mrs.Jingguo said it was Anyang, what did Anyang do What is the inside can dogs eat cbd gummy bears story of Mrs.Yasukuni, who doesn t seem very smart oh my god.The reason why Jiang Wan asked Ruan Bingcai was that he didn t think he could remember the old things from 16 years ago, but just wanted to find someone to talk about.But unexpectedly, Ruan Bingcai actually had a fresh memory of the Huo Zhu case.His angle is very special.If you asked me about this ten years ago, I would definitely not want to tell you, but now it s different.When Your Majesty succeeds, there is nothing 300mg CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review taboo about the old things about the late emperor.

King Beirong stood up in person, squeezed their arms, patted their shoulders, and quickly picked out the two of them.Yugen said Your Majesty said that the two of cbd gummies for migraine them are the most valiant, let them compete first.The two remaining big men moved their hands and feet, and the other four crowded into the Beirong people who were present, and also began to drink and eat meat.Ruan Bingcai noticed that one of the two remaining people, a bearded man, Proleve CBD Gummies Review seemed to have a good relationship with Huyanxuan, and the two had a lot of eye contact.Ruan Bingcai had just eaten a mouthful of mutton, and the two were caught off guard and started fighting.There was a thud when their fists and feet fell on their bodies, and there was a whistling sound when they didn t fall on their bodies.Applauding, and shouting something Billeger.

If I m not mistaken, going into the town and staying for two consecutive days is most likely because of the lady s intention, that group of people is not very strict with the lady., Riding the wolf stroked his stubble chin, Mrs.Yi s temper is definitely not willing to endure hardship.I m afraid they won t be able to walk very fast in the future, and they will take the road.Wu Gui clenched his fist Then we can go around in front of them, lie in ambush, and catch them all in one go.Ni Yan came over at some point, he smiled I m afraid it will be difficult to catch all in one net, they have at least ten people there, all of them are good players, but do it early.It s can dogs smell CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review always good to be prepared.Riding a wolf patted where can i buy CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review Ni Yan s calf Heroes see the same thing. Chapter 7 Haikuo On the tenth day of are hemp and CBD the same Proleve CBD Gummies Review the seventh month, the horizon was dim.

I know, I m naturally hemp delta 8 gummies here.Yu Heng cbd gummies for sale gold bee inexplicably heard a kind of love from Anyang s questioning, so in an instant, he changed his attitude.Change his cold hearted attitude to the tone of a silly nephew, Aunt, leave her to me, I will treat her well.It s not stupid.Anyang came to a conclusion.The door opened, and Anyang said to Jiang Wan, Go ahead.Jiang Wan took two steps, and suddenly found that Shi Yin s eyes fell on the jade Proleve CBD Gummies Review pendant he was hanging around his waist.Is this jade pendant more than just a jade pendant Is this a token What Jiang Wan meant was, like the tiger tooth given to her by Mrs.Huo, is it a token that can be eaten and played anywhere Anyang looked at her with a surprised look, as if it was strange that Proleve CBD Gummies Review she could be smart.It s the last Proleve CBD Gummies Review bit of kindness.Anyang said You can don t.Jiang Wan observed her expression.

Just like Jiang Ci s admiration for him, he couldn t respond.That Shen Wang , who looked like a good person at first glance, botanical farms CBD gummies reviews Proleve CBD Gummies Review was just cbd gummies 750mg jar a mask he pinched out of desperation, and happy hemp gummy worms he could always take it off easily, knowing clearly that he was kanha CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review Proleve CBD Gummies Review not that kind of person.What Jiang Ci likes is just one of do cbd gummies get you to sleep his masks.What s the point best full spectrum cbd gummies of such love and admiration When he was thinking about deep questions, Sister Qing had already Proleve CBD Gummies Review dozed off with her head resting on his arm.Shen Wang regained his senses, noticed the slight warmth on his arm, and wanted to hide subconsciously, but as soon as he moved, the little girl let out a murmur of being disturbed by a sweet dream.Shen Wang did not dare to move.With her back to them, Arou was lying on the window watching the street scene, and she didn t have any eyes growing behind her back, and was aware of his embarrassing situation.

This time, I don t know if it will still be the case.I don t know if it s fun drops cbd gummies for sale really an illusion, it s vague, he has also seen the Proleve CBD Gummies Review face of the immortal, with long beards and eyebrows, hair like white snow, what an immortal spirit.Emperor Chengping thought about it, and finally fell asleep slowly.After an unknown amount of time, Emperor Chengping felt that he had woken up, but it was still the same as before, unable to open his eyes or move his hands and feet.This time, what he heard was a clear child s voice.Misty seemed to come from a distance, and cbd gummies for quitting smoking cigarettes shark tank a chubby little doll giggled twice, sounding carefree.Are you the old friend that my master often said Emperor Chengping couldn t move his how long do CBD gummies take to start working Proleve CBD Gummies Review lips and couldn t speak.The child said Oh, you don t cbd gummies for libido know yet, my master has gone to retreat, and he can t see Proleve CBD Gummies Review do CBD gummies curb appetite you this year.

He holds the last ray of hope, that is, he hopes that someone with a good heart can send cannaleafz cbd gummies review his daughter to the Salesian Bureau, so he wants to enter the city.After searching for a while, I didn does cbd gummies help with anger t expect to be hit on the head with a pole before I got there.The man was talking and crying.Chunyuan didn t pay any attention to Mr.Tiefang for a while, remembering that she followed Jiang Wan throughout the whole process of the Salesian Bureau catskill hemp co gummies s Jiruoyuan, so she wanted to help that person.After all, they sent things to the Jiruoyuan.If they asked, It should not be regarded as a bad person, and it will be a lot smoother.Although Chunyuan knew in her heart that the child was evil, she couldn t hold back the man s heartbreak from crying, so she moved with compassion.The Proleve CBD Gummies Review wolf riding guard was even more exaggerated, and even started to cry.

When the palace maid got her hands, she jumped into the pool and drowned.She really doesn t know how to water. Chapter 71 best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit Marriage Who knows if Shen Wang will be the murderer of the first prince s case.Futian will do things in a very clear style, killing people, but not leaving power CBD gummies Proleve CBD Gummies Review a killer behind.All traces are erased Clean.Aunt Qing is like this, Li Liu is like this, so is the eldest Proleve CBD Gummies Review prince.After the death of the eldest prince, the emperor was very sad and decided to investigate the Futianhui.Yu Heng said, At that time, I didn t even know the name Futianhui, I just thought it was the remnants of Prince Wenhuai s remnant.In the beginning, he didn t take the matter of the posthumous son being sent away until the eldest prince Could it be Shen Wang I don t know, but if it were him, Ashi would be very sad.

The is it legal to bring cbd gummies on a plane high intensity bed exercise consumed all her.I thought that the lack of exercise during menstruation would affect my rest, but I didn t.As soon as she opened her eyes, it was almost dawn, Song Xian turned off the cbd gummies how long alarm clock, and when she got out of bed came Jiang Liuyi s question Why so early Going to the company for a meeting.Song Xian replied to her, last night Shang Yuanhong told them to go early, but before Jiang Liuyi opened his eyes, Song Xian said, You can sleep again, there is still bread in the refrigerator, I ll eat it hot.Jiang Liuyi murmured, wondering if she was listening.When she went in, Song Xian carried Purekana CBD Gummies For Copd Proleve CBD Gummies Review her clothes to the bathroom to change, but when she came out, Jiang Liuyi didn t wake Proleve CBD Gummies Review up.She moved lightly, just about to walk out of the room barefoot, when she suddenly thought of Jiang Liuyi squatting in front of her and letting her put on CBD gummies for high blood pressure Proleve CBD Gummies Review her shoes, Song Xian was stunned.

Wei Lin asked, Where are you going The Rakshasa group is gone, and the defenses in the city must be adjusted.You want cbd hemp cigarettes safe to withdraw the guards of Nancheng Wei Lin walked side by side with him.Ning Yan shook his head and said in a low voice, It s not the time yet.Wei Lin smiled slightly In your opinion, is it a good time for peace talks now Ning Yan stopped, Wei Lin mentioned peace talks at this time, definitely not Without a target, I think it should be the meaning of King Zhao.Now the situation is not in their favor, even if Yu Heng had poured dirty water on his father, their Ning family couldn t be tough.The next step is to attack the plot, and the second is to attack the cross.Ning Yan looked at Wei Lin and smiled, A peace negotiation is fine.Wei Lin embraced Ning Yan and just cbd gummies 3000 mg reviews continued to move forward The peace negotiation is a major event, and I have to ask General Ning and the What do you mean Ning Yan was silent, his father was defeated, and the Chinese army was almost crushed.

He was so worried that he didn t fall asleep.But looking at it today, Jiang Wan was as usual, as if he had not become too arrogant.Ruan Bingcai best edible gummies for anxiety nibbled at the cake and carefully observed Jiang Wan.After Jiang Wan finished eating most of the scallion pancake, he felt a little dry Is there any porridge Obviously there is, but the bowl in front of Ruan Bingcai has bottomed out.Ruan Bingcai said, There s one at the breakfast stall outside.Jiang Wan stood up with a small half of the cake left Then I ll go out and have a look.Ruan Bingcai was worried and followed.Farmers from nearby villages green apple cbd gummies for tinnitus want to enter the city, and people from can you overdose on cbd hemp oil the city want to come out.This is the only way to go, so the breakfast stalls at the door are still prosperous.Jiang Wan chose the place with the most people to stand and bite Proleve CBD Gummies Review the cake.

Previously, they were still thinking, why didn t Mantong use this ability earlier, why did he fight with Meixiu for so many years, and the co authoring turned out to be related to Song Xian This is the world for those who get Song Xian Mantong s new issue keoni CBD gummies cost Proleve CBD Gummies Review is booming, the children s issue has been rectified, Jiang Liuyi and Shaniya will cooperate, and what kind of waves blue dream cbd gummies will be set off, everyone knows, Song Xian s news has been blocked, she closed the friend application, and simply quit On WeChat, I didn t see the message Jiang Liuyi sent her.Jiang Liuyi frowned at Song Xian s action from the corner of his eye, and Ye Yinge asked, hemp gummy bears high potency Mr.Jiang, what do you think of this plan Others also looked at it.Jiang Liuyi calmed down and began to look at the plan.The second plan was chosen.After Jiang Liuyi didn t have time to talk to Song Xian, Song Xian was called away.

The year the crime was quashed.If Prince Wenhuai had never been abolished, then there would be nothing to do with the current Emperor Chengping.Of course, Proleve CBD Gummies Review if Duke Yiguo had not rebelled back then, the Ning family would not have been able to stand out and become the number one general of Daliang today.Jiang Wan privately thought that Prince Wenhuai was all a prince, and the late Emperor Hengfeng was about to die.He even colluded with the people of Nanqi privately, which really didn t make sense.Here, I am afraid that there is also the matter of Emperor Chengping.Jiang Wan didn t quite believe that Emperor Chengping would be Proleve CBD Gummies Review a soft hearted person, and it would never be a good thing to be able to sit on the throne.What is interesting is that, at least on the surface, Emperor Chengping is indeed a gentle and kind person.

Ruan Bingcai said.However, Huyanxuan was not easily swayed I m afraid the father will be angry.The love of the king is not the most important thing to His Highness now, Ruan Bingcai said bitterly, His Highness must convince King Rakshasa before he leaves, and the time will not wait.Human.Huyanxu nodded, but if he was the only one involved, it would be too obvious.It s better to let the water muddy a little more.Hu Yanxu thought thoughtfully.I don t know what His Highness said.No one.Huyanchuan stood up, Hide this cbd gummies in canada kid and wait for Chinga to come and inform him.After saying that, Huyanchuan left Ruan Bingcai s tent, and Ruan Bingcai was sent to the door.After walking out for a while, Huyan Kui suddenly turned around.Wait until this matter is over, Huyankuo instructed Qinga, let him die.Jiang Wan finished drinking the porridge, and it was almost time.

I know that you are good at it.When you catch up with the adults super chill cbd gummies of the Guogongfu, the benefits in nature s best cbd cream the future will be inexhaustible.Your friend, I took this boy and sent it to your bed tonight.The fat master thought that he cbd gummies for anxiety had taken advantage of it, hehe smiled and said, Then I will be disrespectful.Ruan Bingcai heard it funny, turned his head, but Seeing Jiang Wan s face sinking like water, the tiger s mouth holding the cup was so hard that it faintly turned white.Ruan Bingcai immediately held down her cup Don t be impulsive.Jiang Wan took a deep breath Okay, I m not impulsive.A suppressed cry came from behind.Jiang Wan stood up and said to Ruan Bingcai, Tell me in cbd vs thc vs hemp oil the backyard.Ruan Bingcai was afraid that she would lift the table, fab cbd chews so her legs were stiff and she didn t dare to move.Guard Bear and my dog ate a cbd gummy Brother Yuan were both in the backyard.

Standing in can you give dogs cbd gummy front of Ruan Bingcai s tent, he was suffocated.He best cbd gummies for anxiety reddit couldn t tell much blood in the strong stench.He opened the tent and looked inside.It was dark inside.Through the moonlight, he could see faintly lying on the ground.There was a bloody smell in the tent.Ariyong really didn t want to move the body, so he quietly left.The shark tank tinnitus cbd gummies Rakshasa King botanical farms hemp gummies came to the King again, this time to cry about the pain of his daughter s bereavement, and also brought several jars of fine wine from the dignitaries of Xingzhou, rather than pestering the King to drink.Seeing that the wine was really mellow, Huyan Lujiang shared a jar with King Rakshasa before he knew it.Huyan Lujiang has not been so happy and drunk for many years.King Rakshasa died of his daughter, and he drank wine, so he had no respect.Huyan Lujiang was so pressed by him that he had to stand up and go to the sleeping tent to get the piano.

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