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You did the right thing, people are actually quite deep, so it s better to be on guard.Then you are busy first, there CBD gummies to quit smoking review CBD The Same As Hemp is something to eat here., you keep it, I have to go back.After that, Xia Xiaoshu prepared to go back to the warehouse to continue sorting out the medicinal materials.Don t be so outlandish in the future, yo This is roast goose, right I haven t seen this thing for decades.You don t know, our village doesn t have the habit of eating roast goose Really We I don t usually eat this stuff, but a friend came to the city a few days ago, and he gave it to you, so you can always go back and eat it Thank you Let s talk later. Goodbye I took it at CBD The Same As Hemp home for a few shark tank cbd gummies for tinnitus episode days Son, this evening, thinking that Ding Weishan should also CBD The Same As Hemp get off work, Shang Yijia drove his son to his cbd gummies dry mouth father in law s house to visit the second elder.

Therefore, if the time is right, please also ask Manager Feng to take the initiative to talk to Xia Xiaoshu with President Xiaduo.Contact.No problem Manager Xia is my father s savior.My ability is CBD The Same As Hemp limited and I have never been able to find a chance to repay.If you say this, I will know what to do in the future.That s good, say Once the business is opened, the 2500mg cbd gummies business will be carried out in the future.As soon cbd gummy allergic reaction as the matter was opened, the meal simply cbd gummy bears was very natural, but it could be said that the guests and hosts were satisfied After comforting Zhou Xinlue, Feng Wenmu and others, Xu Shiyun felt that she should have a good talk with Xia Xiaoshu.This day, on Sunday, early in the morning, Xia CBD The Same As Hemp Xiaoshu received CBD The Same As Hemp a call from Xiaoyu.Ship model competition Beisha Lake Xia Xiaoshu asked casually on the phone.

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It s not easy Seeing that the time was almost up, Xia Xiaoshu disassembled the Four Weather Meter , packed it, and returned to the warehouse with prosperity.There was still some time before lunch, and Xiao Xia remembered that when he disassembled natural native cbd balm the parts just now, he saw those special steel wires, and he suddenly had some new ideas.With tools such as pliers, card slots, curved devices, etc., Xia Xiaoshu planned to improve the jump frog weaving technique taught by the old sheepman Uncle Gan.This time, he plans to make those special steel wires into small fasteners and install them CBD Hemp Direct CBD The Same As Hemp | CBD Gummies Dosage CBD The Same As Hemp | into the core components of the Bungee Frog.If he succeeds, he believes that the Jump Frog s bouncing strength will be amplified by at least five times.Xia Xiaoshu was sitting in the yard working there, and watched a young lady walk in near the gate of the yard.

Give it to me.Just take it, and be polite to us The old carpenter insisted 2022 CBD The Same As Hemp that Xiao Xia take the things away.Then It s better to be respectful than to obey.Then I ll go back first, and I ll wait for the fourth uncle to chat with the director of security.I ll come back and CBD The Same As Hemp rethink cbd gummies side effects report CBD The Same As Hemp to you.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu asked for the price and carried two The bag of soy products was paid by scanning the code in the courtyard.The old carpenter kept sending Xiao Xia out of the hospital, so he hurried back to the house to prepare pencils, manuscript paper, erasers He hurriedly designed the parking piles.Shi Xinhua was patronizing and greeting customers, and she didn t realize for irwin naturals cbd balm 1000mg reviews a while that her old man was hiding in the room and designing a strange health naturals cbd tincture 250mg thing Good guy How much effort does it take to make the bean curd to best cbd gummies weednews co such a degree Or is there a unique secret from can you take too many cbd gummies the Shi family s ancestry.

As long as she offers a good job CBD The Same As Hemp position, supplemented by a salary that is slightly higher than her peers, CBD The Same As Hemp there may best cbd gummies with thc for anxiety be a lot of cbd gummies lafayette la room for negotiation Not bad, not bad CBD Hemp Direct CBD The Same As Hemp | CBD Gummies Dosage CBD The Same As Hemp | My sister is still smart.Fang Yuejuan He smiled and looked at his sister, with a look of approval in his eyes.This I don t see it this way.As a big upstream company in the industry, Huyuetang is full of talents, and the entire development space is already highly saturated.Just my qualifications Or CBD gummies without hemp CBD The Same As Hemp majoring in physics, how big cbdfx edibles can I get there Room for development The Qibaotang is different here.Those who have the ability have already left to seek better development.The development space here is constantly expanding.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Hearing this, the Fang sisters couldn t help but glance at each other a few times, and they both felt that the young man in front of him was quite bluebird botanicals cbd gummies sensible.

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This building is not too high, mainly courtyard houses.The interior and exterior decoration is a different style.In this regard, Uncle Zhang is an expert Talking and laughing, the two went upstairs and began to choose a room., Yang Yuye has a lot of hearts.After asking about other people s residences, he finally chose a smaller room on the sunny side.Inside and outside the room, the outside room can be used as an office, and the inside room can be used for people.Alright, isn t the area a little smaller Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.I only do errands.It s good to live here for free.Let s go here You re satisfied, you can clean it up first, and I ll go get the vacuum cleaner.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu went downstairs and moved the vacuum cleaner.Come up and help Yang Yuye clean up the CBD The Same As Hemp room.The two were cleaning there, and Yuan Zhenyi and Kuang Bide came to work on time.

The owner of the store botanical gardens CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp The rushing person cupped his hands, Xia Xiaoshu made a gesture, and asked the man to enter the store walmart CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp for a few words.Don t dare to be, don t dare to be Chicken feather shop, mess around to eat, the two of you please After speaking, the man walked up the steps, made a gesture and saluted, and politely accompanied Xia Xiao Two people walked into the store on the first floor.Chapter 278 Zilaishu Before reopening for business, the Wentong branch of Qibaotang has welcomed its first customer, the owner of the shop of Second Two Baozipu.I m sorry, Boss Yu, I came are cbd gummies good for nerve pain here in a hurry today, and I didn t have time to clean up.You see, there s not even a place to sit.I m rude, I m rude Xia Xiaoshu smiled politely.Where, where This is to say, but I came here rashly, huh No other meaning, watching the two of you prepare to open the door, I came over to say hello, the shop is average, it s clean, and it s empty.

The reason is very simple.Xia Xiaoshu hasn t even asked a single question since the CNC machine tool went wrong.When he was old, he just came out.Lin Qiyu didn t know what Xia Xiaoshu had in his heart.However, after pondering for a while, Lin Qiyu realized that his father and son had no choice.Then After they leave, someone in the company has to stay behind I m getting old, and I can t cope mentally with that guy soaking mushrooms for me all day You might CBD The Same As Hemp as well choose a few masters in the company who are average in business ability, but have thick skin and are usually the most troublesome.Xu Zhi will pay a high bonus.I can pay this money first.If the situation further deteriorates, This bonus can be doubled again, and I will pay it on my behalf.In the future, when the profits of your company s new business are credited, you can return it to me.

For a time, the atmosphere in the small conference room began to take a 180 degree turn Xia Xiaoshu discussed the cbd gummies make you high future of Fang s Group with people, and before she knew it, the sun went down, and the street lamps were all turned on Mi Shangyan never walked into the small meeting again.In the room, Xia Xiaoshu guessed in his heart that the situation changed abruptly, and the old man might not be able to accept it.He should have gone home by now.Xia Xiaoshu chatted with the people until more than eagle hemp CBD gummies price CBD The Same As Hemp nine o clock in the evening, and then gradually came to an end.Finally, Fang Wenqian s parents walked into the small conference room in person and apologized to Xia Xiaoshu relatively sincerely Mr.Xia, I m really sorry, we all had a deep prejudice against you before, and we always thought that you were here to pick peaches.

After that, Xia Xiaoshu took the lead and probed ahead Not too far, a piece of wild bitter cloves appeared in front of us.Damn it So much You can make a miracle gummies cbd fortune now, you know How much is a gram of this thing worth in the market With quick eyes and quick hands, Xia Xiaoshu quickly can CBD gummies cause diarrhea CBD The Same As Hemp stopped him.Long time eldest brother No delta 8 thc gummies healthsmart cbd way Let s ask Jin Ji to go over to shock him.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu asked Jin Ji to take a few steps forward.The magical golden rooster seemed to have sensed something, his eyes flickered a few times, and he strode forward.This time, Xia Xiaoshu signaled Shi Jiu not to follow ahead, so that the golden rooster could move his muscles and bones.Suddenly, without warning, the golden rooster suddenly shook its head, raised its head, and made CBD Hemp Direct CBD The Same As Hemp | CBD Gummies Dosage CBD The Same As Hemp | nine high pitched calls.Xia Xiaoshu and Shi Jiudang were dazed there when they heard the rustling voices in their ears, and when they looked closely, they were both startled.

Really It sounds complicated , From this point of view, Guan Xianglan treats Xiaoxia quite well.The reason why Qibaotang can develop to this level is entirely due to Xiaoxia.For this, Guan Xianglan has always been grateful.We should be thankful to others for this.Although he didn t fully understand it, based on his intuition, Tan Yuecheng believed that what Uncle Gan said must be the closest to normal business logic.Then what about Fang Yuelan and Jiang Siyong They They are more or less selfish However, in business, it s easy to understand, so you can rest assured.No one has ever calculated Xia Xiaoshu Just put your heart into your belly, and quickly find a good girl to get married.Well What you always say is, come The younger generation respects you said After speaking, Tan Yuecheng respectfully saluted Gan Jiu and took a cup.

Madam, don t worry, I will be careful.Wang Yudong responded with a smile.Xia Xiaoshu didn t let Wang Yudong and the special car driver return to the city, but asked them both CBD The Same As Hemp to CBD gummies for smoking shark tank CBD The Same As Hemp go to their room and have a good rest.Tea, cigarettes, snacks, and dried and fresh CBD gummies shark tank CBD The Same As Hemp fruits were already ready.Wang Yudong was not polite to Xia Xiaoshu, and accompanied CBD The Same As Hemp the driver Lao Zhao to Xia Xiaoshu s room to rest.Xia Xiaoshu had already worked with the Su family s nanny to tidy up a room in advance.Xu Shiyun had her luggage with her, Fang Wenqian and others helped to make the bed, and she could live in now.For this trip, the Qian family specially prepared some bulk CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp gifts, and everyone helped Xu Shiyun into the guest room.Fang Wenqian and the others had already learned of Madam Qian s identity, and they all CBD Hemp Direct CBD The Same As Hemp | CBD Gummies Dosage CBD The Same As Hemp | naturally behaved respectfully.

It s not very easy to deal with.Later, another van came, and I followed a driver, who came to pick up the goods.Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words casually.If you re not in a hurry, come into the hall and sit down for a while.Let s talk about it.Mo Saoyun was very concerned about this matter.This matter can t be explained clearly in one sentence or CBD The Same As Hemp two.Besides, Manager Mu is probably confused It is estimated that there will be a phone call from Manager Mu soon.The investigation of the situation here is almost done.I will give it to you.You call.Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly went back to take her temperature and responded casually.Okay, by the way, if that Mr.Su has a fever again, you can call me, and I will let people take you to the town pure kana CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp hospital to see first.Thank you, they have their own cars, it s really not good, I will drive them.

Xia Xiaoshu is a master of cooking.Barbecuing and baking are naturally a piece of cake for him.With the help of everyone, the fragrant steak, hand stewed lamb chops, lamb skewers can be released.While CBD The Same As Hemp eating the lazy and delicious skewers, Xu Shiyun s long term decision changed Mu Qi s troubles are good, it just makes Xia Xiaoshu s mind sober, and the business world survives, where did so many people come from Be kind, you respect me and let it go, hehe Once Xia Xiaoshu calms down, he will definitely eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews CBD The Same As Hemp reposition the future development direction of Miaowei , and then I will have hemp gummy bear something to talk about with him.Ming this festival, Xu Shiyun temporarily changed his mind, no longer deliberately asked Xia Xiaoshu to discuss future development plans, and CBD The Same As Hemp wholeheartedly greeted the Qian family and the father and daughter to eat and drink well.

He stood there for a while, and Xia Xiaoshu waved to the rooster., said jokingly You rest here for a while, and I ll find you a cardboard box.The rooster glanced at Xia Xiao, but did not respond too much, and stood there honestly., do not move at all.There are a lot of cardboard boxes in the office, which are all accumulated by Xiao Xia in case of emergency.You two sit down for a while, and you ll have food in a while.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu made two cups of bitter camellia for Mo Saoyun and Sanxizi.Don t worry, if you need help, just say hello.Mo Saoyun responded generously.Smiling, Xia Xiaoshu didn t say anything more, picked up a cardboard box of a suitable size and left the office.In the kitchen, he found some millet, broke half a CBD The Same As Hemp steamed bun, and pulled a few vegetable leaves.Xia Xiaoshu built a small bar for the rooster at the bottom of the cardboard box and put the food in it.

Recently, with three colleagues, Yuan Jiamin went to the workshop to have a detailed understanding of the relevant equipment.She found that in recent years, the cutting and forming equipment used by the subordinate workshops of the Zumang company is basically all premium hemp gummy bears overseas.Imported, the price and routine maintenance are quite high, and the company has spent a lot of money for this.According to Lin Huomian, many companies CBD gummies to quit smoking review CBD The Same As Hemp such as Dicuo , Erjuer , Jianhui , and Shimihui all use imported equipment, the only difference being that the brand focuses on it.As for Shi Zhong, because the workshops directly under it are all built in Xiqi City, Li Shi has only set up three agency like branches at present, and the specific situation is unknown.Yuan Jiamin guessed that with the strength of the chalene johnson cbd gummies Shizhong company and the character of Qian s family competing for the first time in everything, the directly affiliated workshops in Xiqi almost all use the best cutting and forming equipment in the world.

CBD The Same As Hemp The three guests in front of them naturally prepared a copy for each of them.Shi Jiudang had something on his mind and felt that he was almost at rest, so he greeted San Xizi and his friend and got up and prepared to leave.Xia Xiaoshu greeted the three of them, CBD The Same As Hemp and handed over the prepared special medicinal tea to Sanxizi, asking him to distribute it to each household according to the list CBD hemp gummies benefits CBD The Same As Hemp listed above.Mr.Xia is too polite This thing is a good thing I thank you on behalf of my family Sanxizi doesn t like drinking tea, so taking it back is also honoring the elders in the family.My own people, don t be so polite, drive slowly on the road The stranger got the gift, thanked him sincerely, and took the lead to go out and drive.Seeing that the tool cart was drifting away, Xiao Xia turned around and went back to the store.

Xia s opinion.I don t dare to do it, I don t Sale CBD The Same As Hemp dare to do it Now I plan to upgrade the DJZ0015 workshop into a super Workshop, here is all natural cbd oil a plan, you can read it first.As he spoke, Xia Xiaoshu casually handed a pre printed document to Zheng Xinyi Feeling that Mr.Zheng has almost seen it, Xia Xiaoshu took out a plan again and delivered it to Zheng Xinyi s desk.Highly intelligent office CBD The Same As Hemp robot Good guy Did you develop it yourself Yes, if you think it s feasible, taking the opportunity of trial production of these two office robots, we will transform the DJZ0015 workshop into a super workshop by the way.Too much.Okay Butyou didn t plan to involve Shi Jincuo in this matter, cannaleafz cbd gummies to quit smoking did you Listening CBD The Same As Hemp to his tone, Zheng Xinyi seemed to be particularly sensitive to Shi Jincuo recently.No, it involves commercial secrets.

After putting away the phone, Xia Xiaoshu breathed a long sigh of relief, thinking about the future, as long as he maintains a friendly and cooperative relationship with Shi Jincuo, I believe The promotion of related new technologies is also guaranteed.A little tired, he put his hands on the back of his head and leaned against the back of the sofa, Xia Xiaoshu showed his back.Zheng Xinyi is dedicated to taking care of Ding Cheng Ye , and rarely pays attention to the larger and deeper business landscape.Mr.Tong is relatively better.However, his business vision is still limited, but he cbd gummies effect on body is planning ahead and has a lot of ideas.It s a pitythe aptitude is CBD The Same As Hemp limited in the end, and we can t completely get out of the predicament.At this time, Xia Xiaoshu couldn t help thinking of Wei how long does cbd take to work gummies Yuecheng s father and daughter.

The basic framework CBD gummies to quit smoking review CBD The Same As Hemp of a cultural and tourism decoration draft was drawn up.Afterwards, the three discussed for a while, Xia Xiaoshu and others watched Xiao Jia, Xiao Guo and the others took out tripods, observation instruments, infrared directional instruments all kinds of measurement equipment from their backpacks, Xia Xiaoshu found , Mr.Jiang, the equipment 5 mg thc gummies used by these two students is really high end.As far as the tripod is concerned, it is about 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.Xia Xiaoshu once used a similar tripod, a special bracket equipped with artificial intelligence accessories.Seeing that the lazarus naturals CBD tincture CBD The Same As Hemp frame drawn by the friend introduced by Mr.Xia was a bit too tall, Shi Jiudang glanced at his lover and hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade him.I m really sorry, our family has very limited funds, and we just want to do a simple decoration.

In terms of business, Xia Xiaoshu really has some vision Shi Jiudang s stone carvings have already begun to make a profit after his tossing, so he will focus on this craft.Thinking of him as a technical master really underestimates him Shi Jincuo thought to himself.He has read the design plan that Xia Xiaoshu brought over what does cbd gummies do for you many times, and he naturally understands most of the content, but there is a small part of it.Shi Jincuo guessed that the part of the content that he couldn t understand should be some kind of brand new technology.Anyway, it was almost time to get off work, so after playing with the little stone lion for a while, Shi Jincuo got up and prepared to leave work early.After saying hello to his female assistant, Shi Jincuo went downstairs and drove directly back to his parents house.

Director Guan is a trustworthy person, and Shi Jincuo was just a little worried sugar free hemp gummies that he might be a little nostalgic.According to Shi Jincuo s knowledge, when consumer reports best cbd gummies Yuan Jiamin of CBD The Same As Hemp Rengmang officially took office at Rengmang , Director Guan had left his post from Rengmang for some years.It cbd gummies without thc is almost impossible for CBD gummies reviews CBD The Same As Hemp people of this level to have personal interactions with the director.Director Guan kept his office neat and tidy, and there were a few small pots greg gutfeld cbd gummies reviews of green plants on the windowsill.Shi Jincuo went to the window and took a look, and found that the small potted plants had been carefully taken care of by people.In his view, these small potted plants showed Director Guan s enthusiasm for the future life.Outside the window, employees dressed in different clothes are doing their jobs in an orderly manner, and everything looks so busy cbd gummies for menstrual cramps hemp cbd cigarettes and not chaotic.

cbd cannabidiol gummies reviews Okay Drive slowly on the road Son, Jiang Weiyu lowered his head and continued to study the information in his hand.Jiang Weiyu is usually the most favorite Jiang Siyong, little son Every time he went out, he would send it all the way, until he saw his son s figure gradually disappear, Jiang Weiyu was relieved.Today, I may have been so fascinated by it.For a while, Jiang Weiyu forgot to get up and send his son off.It was after eleven o clock in the evening, and the wife urged him several times in succession, and Jiang Weiyu put down the documents in his hand At noon the next day, Jiang Weiyu called and called Manager Yue to his house, saying that he had arranged a family banquet for Manager Yue to eat., In fact, Jiang Weiyu arranged for Manager Yue to prepare for the equity adjustment.This plan is quite complicated, but I have read it carefully, and it is quite creative.

Okay, the three of you, please have tea first., the waitress went downstairs does botanical farms cbd gummies really work to best cbd gummies on amazon reddit serve dishes.The three of them haven t been together for some days.Super workshops, equipment sales, raw material price increases Around topics that everyone is interested in, the three of 1mg CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp them chatted very warmly.Naturally, talking about everything, Xia Xiaoshu likes this atmosphere very much.With these two people in front of you, Xia Xiaoshu can feel CBD The Same As Hemp the strong breath of life all the time.In comparison, with Shi Jincuo, Su Yuqing, Zheng Xinyi and others, it is not good Director Guan, after a while, I plan to try to put into production a few solar cars.I wonder if you would be interested in participating Xia Xiaoshu brought the topic to the main topic.I ve also heard about this.Listening to what Director Nie what's the difference between hemp and CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp cbd 1000mg gummies said, it seems that President Zheng has no interest in this project.

Okay, okay Let s CBD The Same As Hemp go around.As they spoke, the two team leaders spoke.This is ready to go lucent valley CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp around to familiarize yourself with the duty environment.You two, please stay This company has arranged security guards in this workshop.They are on duty there at the moment, so it is better for them to accompany the two of you.Xia Xiaoshu reminded with a smile.Okay, okay best broad spectrum cbd gummies 2021 President Xia please make arrangements.Team Leader Liu responded with a smile.Team Leader Zhang nodded lightly and didn t say much.Xia Xiaoshu walked quickly to the security guard s duty room, and invited the two security guards to meet and chat with the two security team leaders.After a while, the two security team leaders followed the two security officers to familiarize themselves with the CBD The Same As Hemp working environment Xia Xiaoshu went out of the workshop to say hello to Fang Wenqian and went to just cbd 3000mg gummies the Ruguixin hotel to order a meal, and Captain Tian followed.

CBD The Same As Hemp is CBD good for pain >> eagle hemp CBD gummies tinnitus, sugar free CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp what CBD can i mail cbd gummies gummies are safe CBD The Same As Hemp.

Therefore, Xia Xiaoshu gradually learned to master, regardless of whether the science is applicable or not, sometimes, some words cannot be casually spoken by him.So, he briefly talked about the characteristics of the solar car project, and Xia Xiaoshu went to the kitchen to pick it up.Seeing this scene, Jin Yeyu quickly chased after him.Mr.Xia, you ve been driving for a long time.Please go upstairs and have a good rest.Leave the kitchen to me.I ll do it.Xia Xiaoshu smiled humbly.I ll do it Jin Yeyu insisted.Then it s been so hard for you Is my uncle okay Just like that, my dad s salary has already been cut, and my mom wants him to work here in the city Oh Does my uncle CBD hemp CBD The Same As Hemp have a driver s license Yes I have it since I do cbd gummies show up on drug tests was a child, and it s still a big car book Besides, my dad can drive big cranes and big trucks, and all the licenses are in place Really Then you can discuss with your aunt later.

wellbies hemp gummies reviews Relax and relax.I saw the stanley brothers charlotte s web gummies old carpenter frowning and frowning, looking preoccupied.It s about the same as last time Are you always bothering outsiders to break the peaceful pace of life in our cbd oil hemp spray village Xia Xiaoshu carefully guessed a few CBD The Same As Hemp words.That s right If you don t where to buy CBD gummies CBD The Same As Hemp say that eagle hemp CBD gummies official website CBD The Same As Hemp you can take care of yourself, young man You have a good mind, and your heart is very right I am willing to talk purekana CBD gummies reviews CBD The Same As Hemp to you if I am in trouble.Speaking of this, the old carpenter s eyes twitched There were a few smiles.The old carpenter treats Xiao Xia as a confidant.It s not just can CBD gummies help adhd CBD The Same As Hemp for this, right Are you always worried that people from the city will come to the village committee to discuss the development of tourist attractions Otherwise, I d be happy to chat with you, old man.I ll understand it at one point, and I ll understand it at one point I m afraid to think about things in this world together.

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