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Chunsumi Jiuji can now directly ignore the cheap swish remarks, he refused the words of others to help bandage the wound, and chose to bandage the wound himself.The black haired young man temporarily put the box in his hand to one side, reached out and lifted the hem of the sweater, and a thin layer of muscle was attached to his slender waist and abdomen.He pinched the hem of the sweater, thought for a moment and then chose to bite it with his mouth.The wound on the left side of the waist and abdomen was already bloody, like the texture of the skin that will cbd gummies show up in a drug test had just been stitched was forcibly torn open.The condition of the wound was more serious than expected.Idahang watched the young man bite the hem of his clothes.The black haired young man was pale, but his face was very calm.Seeing the young man let go of his mouth that was Doctor Recommended CBD Gummies For Parkinsons biting the hem of his clothes, Date Hang asked, Mr.

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She turned back from a distance, frowned tightly when she saw the man s face clearly, why is Lu Qi an here Wasn t she calculated by Lu Qi an Speaking of which, Nanwan Group still has a stake in Lu Qi an, and Lu Qi an must know how to go out.Chi are CBD gummies bad for your liver CBD Gummies For Parkinsons Yujin walked over step by step, and stopped three charlottes web hemp infused gummies steps away from Lu Qi an Hey, how can I go back to the place where you just drank Lu Qi an bowed his head, as if the name Chi Yujin had just used up.With all his strength, his hair was not as meticulous as usual, it was wet as if it had been pulled out of water.Hey, I m talking to you Lu Qi an raised her head suddenly, Chi Yujin noticed that Lu Qi an s face was abnormally red, she stretched out a finger and poked Lu Qi an s forehead, and Lu Qi can you give your dog cbd gummies an fell down.I, touch the porcelain I didn t touch you Chi is cbd hemp Yujin I m so uncomfortable.

Chi Yujin raised her eyebrows, turned and walked away, she has wasted a long time here, She has to hurry gummies up and deliver the book and make money.Hey Chi Yujin, why don t you CBD Gummies For Parkinsons listen to people at all Hey, Chi Yujin, don t go Don t follow me, I m busy.Lu Zhibai looked at Chi Yujin s back.Grinding his teeth, he found in frustration that he didn t seem to have any way to change Chi Yujin s mind.And Chi Yujin irwin naturals CBD CBD Gummies For Parkinsons He was rejected by Chi Yujin again Mr.Lu, you really want to The secretary general pushed down his glasses and looked at the man with a cigarette standing on the roof of a teaching building.Their president is handsome.To be honest, what the secretary general couldn t understand was why the president followed Er Shao to the school, and then climbed CBD Gummies For Parkinsons to the roof to blow the cold wind Is it just to watch such a fight between the two young masters Second Young Master is still a little more impulsive.

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Of course, there is a saying in the ancestors that when the water is clear, there will be no fish, and the human society must be connected with each other.Chen Zhe is not that kind of serious character.Therefore, it is unavoidable to give face if the size is not CBD Gummies For Parkinsons where can i buy CBD gummies the same.But the kind that looks ugly, you have to go as far as you want, there is no room for negotiation.If the quality and price are the same, and the order is handed over to someone who is familiar with it, this is no problem at all.But if the situation is different, then you can t do things according to the relationship.This is called abolition of the company for personal reasons.If something goes wrong, you will be held accountable.On the day the contract was signed, 100 million yuan of funds was quickly deposited into the fund account, attracting the envy of countless departments.

Cheng Feng followed the order, You will apologize to Wen Yue later.No matter what he has with Wen Yue The toilets of the food stalls are outside alone.From here, you can directly avoid the people in the food stalls.Okay.Shuang er blushed and nodded softly.Noticing her face, Fu Jiu was embarrassed for a while, she really didn t want to flirt with her sister, rx cbd hemp for dogs she was just afraid of being overheard, subconsciously, Cheng Feng walked up to Cheng and scolded him with a sullen face, What are you doing So careless Cheng did it on purpose, even an idiot could see it, but Cheng green apple cbd gummies shark tank was his sister after all, so he couldn t directly point out that Cheng was doing it on purpose, he could only blame Cheng and ask her to apologize.However, Liang Hao felt that Cheng did the right thing and was very enjoyable.

He can cvd gummies only laugh and cry.Play and fight and retreat, You re always right, but we have to come step by step, right Therefore, at present, it is still the most important to publish this first, and best brand of cbd gummies to lighten the muscles of the Industrial College.Professor Xu is still satisfied with this attitude.So just accept it.He smiled and said, Then leave this matter to me, whether it is domestic or foreign, anyway, we have top notch professional journals.Channels, guaranteed to cbd stop drinking gummies make you satisfied.Chen Zhe began to pretend again, It is not to satisfy me, but to satisfy everyone.I want to show the outside world the strength of the Institute of Technology in the professional best way to store cbd gummies academic field.It s not that you hold yourself in the air, and then you accidentally fall and can t take care of cbd gummies to stop nicotine cravings yourself.How stupid people would do it.

Several policemen felt very happy when they saw this scene.This kind of woman should be like this.They are the police, these are what they should do, but they are also human beings, and they rush ahead when there is danger.If others take it for granted and have no gratitude, they will also feel cold.Cheng Feng glanced at Fu Jiu, and the opinion in his eyes became stronger.In his opinion, a man arguing with a woman would not be on the table.Fu Jiu didn t know what he was thinking, otherwise she would have laughed until her stomach hurt.After the wound on the man s ankle was bandaged, Cheng Feng directly carried the man on his back, Let s send them down the mountain first. Chapter 102 Going down the mountain Shall I come Police Xiao Zhang suggested Carrying a man, in his opinion, Cheng Feng is still a student.

CBD Gummies For Parkinsons It is also difficult to distinguish between high and low grades.This is also the reason why in the era of functional phones, any factory can change the casing to assemble a mobile phone, as long as you take it apart, you will understand.Since then, the shape and materials have become the focus.Therefore, Chen Zhe directly designed a candy bar machine with a general style similar to the Nokia 3210, but only adopted the design of its panel with soft curves, but designed the shape of the mobile phone into CBD Gummies For Parkinsons a shape with straight edges and rounded corners.The meaning of circle outside and square inside in oriental culture is directly subverted These two things are enough for him to be busy for a while.Therefore, except for occasionally playing games and playing a few rounds of billiards with Yang Liyan and a few high school friends at night, he spent almost all of it in the office.

Lu Qi an opened the garage door, and Whisky walked to a car and opened the cab.Just as he was about to go in, Lu Qi an pulled him out by the collar.I ll drive.Whisky swallowed his saliva Mr.Lu, where are you going I ll drive.Lu Qi an looked at Whisky coldly Get out of the way.Whisky did not dare to look directly at Lu Qi an, he He walked to the co pilot with his head down, so scared.Hurry up and get in the car Whisky nodded quickly Yes yes yes He got on the co pilot nervously, immediately put on his seat belt and grabbed the handle, Lu Qi an cast a glance at Whisky, and CBD Gummies For Parkinsons in Whisky s embarrassing smile Stepping on the accelerator to the bottom, the car instantly soared sunmed cbd gummy reviews CBD Gummies For Parkinsons to 100 miles, rushing out like an arrow off the string.Well, that CEO, where where can i buy cbd gummies for copd are you going Whisky lost his way, he forgot to close the car window, he was like a silly dog cbd gummies panama city beach blown by the what is better cbd oil or gummies wind.

Therefore, Chen Zhe of course agreed with both hands.What s more, he also needs Johnson to take the time to guide the production of Ice Age.The production of a 3D animated film is not a simple matter.Compared with live action movies, 3D animated movies are actually more cumbersome and complicated.A live action movie only needs to have a script, pull up a crew, and get funding to start shooting.But the production process of 3D animation movies is different.Of course, the script is also important.But then proceed to concept CBD Gummies For Parkinsons design, storyboards, rough mockups, 3d storyboards, 3d character modeling, 3d scenes, prop models, textures, skeletal skinning, storyboard animation, lighting, does hemp gummies show up in drug test 3d effects, layered rendering, and compositing , editing, etc., but it is much more troublesome than live action movies.

When he heard Cheng Feng s name, Zhou Hengyang do cbd gummies help sleep s eyes couldn t help but look over.While his eyes showed admiration, he was also more convinced of what Xi er and Li Dongqi said.Excellent students are naturally liked as instructors, but if students rely on their good grades and good family background to bully others and ruin the reputation of the school, grn cbd gummies he will not allow it.So, he said to Xi er, Don t worry, after I go back and check this matter, I will definitely punish the students who bullied cbd gummies safe for kids you.Hearing this, Xi er was overjoyed, and Li Dongqi and the others were also proud.Deserving of Wen Yue s bad luck, they bumped into the new instructor.It is said that when a new official takes office, there cbd gummies how many are three fires, purlyf cbd delta 8 gummies and this first fire will burn the heads of Wen Yue and several others.Their first impression of the new instructor was not good, and they would definitely not be liked by the new instructor in the future.

When Fu Jiu spoke, she remembered that the person in front of him was his son s good friend, and he must know a lot about Wen Yue.It s okay, just say it.Chen Yu felt that she had lost her temper just now, and quickly wiped away her tears.Wen Jianzhong also looked at Fu Jiu and motioned her to say whatever she wanted.Wen Yue usually has a good relationship with me, and he also told me about your family s situation.In fact, cbd gummies and drug tests he said that going abroad is not a foreigner.First, he wanted to walk cbd gummies and stomach issues around the outside world, and second, he wanted to learn foreign knowledge.Let s combine it, and I will return to China for development in the future Fu Jiu said while observing Wen Jianzhong s face, seeing that he seemed to want to get angry, obviously he had a lot of opinions on Wen Yue s thoughts, so the conversation changed, said again.

The rain stopped My eyes stayed on the gray roof of the orphanage.From this point of view, Hasegawa Kentaro probably also knew the task of CBD Gummies For Parkinsons directly destroying the orphanage issued by the organization.The direct destruction of the orphanage in the mission, of course, also includes the direct destruction Kentaro Hasegawa himself.Under the gray weather, the pale complexion of the black haired youth CBD Gummies For Parkinsons seemed even more gloomy, and his unwavering gaze was almost indifferent and ruthless.When everyone did not discuss what happened, the long awaited negotiators gold bee best CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Parkinsons finally arrived at the Tomorrow Sunshine Orphanage in Tokyo.The negotiator held a trumpet and began to try to communicate with CBD Gummies For Parkinsons Kentaro Hasegawa, who was in the building.The words of the negotiators were like a small stone thrown into the turbulent sea, without causing effects of 25 mg cbd gummies a wave or a response CBD Gummies For Parkinsons from Kentaro Hasegawa.

Shut up.The expression on Cheng Feng s face at the moment was not just described as ugly.Liang Hao reminded Cheng Shao to say a few words in a low voice.In this case, they ignored it first.Although Wen Yue was hot, he also found it very enjoyable, but he still had to accept it as soon as can hemp gummies help you focus he saw it.The two instructors are watching here.Cheng was frightened by Cheng Feng s face and snorted, finally being honest.I ll go see Wen Yue.Gu Chi, who had been silent all the time, raised his feet and walked to the toilet.At this moment, Huo Beiliang said lightly, He s already gone.When the shadowy do cbd gummies help you sleep better figure came out quietly, he thought she was unaware, but the moment she came out of the toilet, Huo Beiliang was already gone.I saw it, but it didn t stop me.Leave Everyone was stunned for a moment.They were noisy and dark, and the protagonist of the story ran away quietly what s going on Chapter 76 Back to Huo s house Marshal Zhu didn t believe that Fu Jiu really ran away quietly, so he went to the toilet to check it, and came back cursing after a while.

The black haired young man was wearing a white sweater, looking full of youth, with a shallow smile on his face, holding a black box in his right hand, taking out his mobile phone in his left hand, and skillfully sent a text message to a number.Good morning XD.In the black Porsche under the skyscraper on the other side, Gin watches the latest news.Good morning was followed by the letters XD, which made him narrow his green eyes.This was the sixth text message he had received in the past two days.The Polish Snow Tree started from the night that they met for hemp gummies delta 8 bad reasons.Every day, I sent text messages on time and on time.Good morning, good noon, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety good evening, and good night.Today is different and there are two more letters XD.XD excde divid Chapter 7 Chapter 7 After Air Date rewarded the prisoner with a pair of silver bracelets, he handed the robber to another police officer.

However, these words came out today.It s in my mouth, in your ears, out of this office, I ll forget all about it, you can t come back to me again, it s useless to find me, I won t admit it.After he finished speaking, Chen Zhe best cbd gummy bears natural cbd cigarettes menthol did not forget to spread his hands.It was like saying a trivial thing.It was like pretending to be light.But for Zhang Ming, it was like saying In his heart, a nuclear bomb was dropped, which shocked his three souls and six souls, his forehead was sweating, and his back was cold Even all natural cbd oil a fool can hear it, what exactly is what Chen Zhe said, don t say it He is plus cbd oil hemp roll on such a person.But it was because of this that he was shocked and doubted cbd gummies and copd his life.He didn t know Sun Peixia and Zhang Zhipeng, and he didn t know the female nurse surnamed Shen.However, the names of Shao Zhengzong and Liu Liankun, he didn t know.

Fu Jiu lied without blushing, My family is related to the Wen family, and now they already know about it, so in order to thank you for taking care of me, I want to treat CBD Gummies For Parkinsons you to a meal.A meal.Gu Chi stared at Fu Jiu for a while, You and Wen Yue are relatives Yeah.Fu Jiu nodded and smiled, Otherwise, why do you think Wen Yue asked me to replace him Gu Chi seemed to believe her words, but he couldn t CBD Gummies For Parkinsons help but ask the doubts in his heart, I heard from classmate Zhenzhen that you and Fu Jiu look alike.Did Gao Xiaoyan say it Fu Jiu said nothing at all.Surprised, She has opinions on me and Fu Jiu, she likes to do things when it s not a problem, and when she talks to me and Fu Jiu, it s all yin and yang, and what she said is not very credible.If I really cost of green ape cbd gummies look like Fu Jiu, Why didn t Instructor Huo mention it Gu Chi heard the words, as if he had been awakened, and the doubts in his heart immediately dissipated.

Early death and early birth are the real life choice.White wire a slender white wire, unremarkable, although he is unremarkable but can waste time, cut it to waste a precious second of time. But it is unlikely to be rotten directly.With long pale hands, he picked up the small needle nose pliers in the toolbox.A long lost electronic sound resounded in my mind belatedly.The task is being settled the reappearance of the arms transport ship the Polish snow tree.The task is settled successfully the Polish snow are cbd gummies legal in texas tree seems to be a psychopath who likes to watch others slowly fall into despair.The forum is being settled, and the attention has reached 100.30.Level upgrade is lv6, CBD Gummies For Parkinsons level upgrade reward is being drawn Level upgrade reward is successfully drawn, and the draw reward is being distributed.Successful draw reward distribution The item is an accurate address location.

This shows that Chen Zhe s technology research and development center must have its huge potential that no one knows about.So, join if you can t beat it.How could Toshiba not understand such a simple truth Don t forget that Toshiba is different from Sony.After all, the current Sony is not the previous Sony.They have been penetrated by the old American capital and have lost a lot of spirituality and sense of smell, and they have become dull.However, Toshiba s main battlefield is not so dependent on the old beauty, they still have a relatively large autonomy.Therefore, Toshiba s intention to seek cooperation with Chen Zhe is still relatively strong.Not long ago, Chen Zhe also ordered a large number of general purpose machine tools from Toshiba, which will also be used for the replacement of the production equipment of agricultural machinery companies in the future.

After speaking, it seems that I really feel a little incomprehensible.He could only smile awkwardly, Let s put it this way, what I have learned can be called Taoist Kung Fu.Well, it can t actually be called Kung Fu.Maybe it should be called Taoist inheritance.The only meaning of its existence is that Constantly breaking through one s own shackles and limits is called cultivation, so it is in the same line with some ancient cultures.Yang cbd hemp direct coupon Ruo s big eyes flashed, just like when he was a child when he was listening to Chen Zhe s storytelling.He asked curiously, Is it the same as in the martial arts novels, does it have some inner strength, inner qi, Shaolin Temple72 Stunts or something Chen Zhe couldn t help laughing and crying for a moment, Film and literary works kill people, what kind of martial arts in the world comes out of Shaolin, that s all to fool people, okay It s not that Shaolin Temple has no kung fu in history, but it s not so magical.

Why doesn t he know when he likes men Misunderstanding.People started running Doctor Recommended CBD Gummies For Parkinsons and chasing.Fu Jiu showed a scheming smile and accidentally met Gu Chi s gaze.She explained, Wang Fufu did doubt Marshal Zhu, and what I said was the truth.I know.Gu Chi nodded, and then said, Instructor Huo.Before he could finish speaking, Fu Jiu said I don t know if he is, but I think it shouldn t be Huo Beiliang knew do cbd gummies have thc in them her identity, so she would naturally be somewhat different from others.As for whether you like men She really doesn t know, even if she likes it, she doesn t like her She is not a real Fu Jiu and the others left, Li Dongqi began to comfort Xi er, You don t care, they are just like that, they killed a wild boar with luck last year, and they are a little famous in school, so they don t know who they are anymore, and they cbd store near me gummies kill everyone.

Moreover, Chen Zhe also has to arrange people to send every old professor back to his hometown safely, which is similar to personal care and escort throughout the whole process.For the ones that are farther away, they choose the plane directly.For those who are close, it is easy to borrow a car from Dongsheng Electronics.The what CBD gummies are safe CBD Gummies For Parkinsons long distance passenger transport at the moment, whether it is a train or a car, is not something that these old professors can withstand.Chen Zhe naturally cannot fail to consider such details.After all, in his eyes, these old men are the treasures of the Industrial Academy.As for Dongsheng Electronics, he had a detailed talk with Lee Minho on the phone the night he returned Doctor Recommended CBD Gummies For Parkinsons to China.On the contrary, there is no need to go there for too many appearances.After all, the current CBD Gummies For Parkinsons Dongsheng Electronics is not as deserted as the Industrial College, and the scene is full of enthusiasm, and there is no atmosphere that the new year is approaching.

Doctor Recommended CBD Gummies For Parkinsons Over CBD Gummies For Parkinsons there, Li Minho and Zhao Jing were chatting hotly, and they didn t know what was the point of the two big men chatting so hotly.The little secretary who was busy instructing workers to move furniture, regardless of whether she was running before or after.Chen Zhe greeted Zhao Jing, When did you come back, I haven t heard any news yet.Zhao Jing smiled back, Just arrived at noon, I heard that you were both here, so I came right over.I went to Xiangjiang for best cbd oil for inflammation a period of time, vegan cbd gummies not only because the cbd vs hemp oil for pain relief Spring Festival is coming, but I showed up in the past to do the finishing work before the Spring Festival.The most important thing is to have a meeting with the vice president of ad, Clos, to discuss matters related to the x86 architecture CPU launched by Xiangjiang 4D. Chapter 164 Phoenix Generation This processor, officially named the Phoenix Generation, was successfully taped out in AD s fab as early as mid January.

Northern cool.Her eyes were originally big and round, and they seemed to contain a lot of small stars.They were very special.Looking at him with such eyes at this moment, his heart was inexplicably moved.Huo Beiliang s Adam s apple moved slightly, and he turned his eyes away calmly.He said, Why don t you try the method last time Maybe it will work.Huh He, he, he actually reminded her to use the beauty trick She must have misunderstood, right Butif a kiss is really helpful At this moment, Fu Jiu s eyes were full of surprise, and in Huo Beiliang s eyes, she felt very cute.Seeing that she seemed to be really thinking about it, Huo Beiliang s face darkened.If the person who found her that day was not him, but someone else, would she have used that method As long as he thought of this possibility, he actually felt a little irritable in his heart.

what Jian You s heart exploded at the time, she pointed at his nose, Sheng Ling, calling you brother is for your face, don t be ashamed of your face.Chi Yujin was stunned, Miss Jian really lived up to her reputation, this was live broadcast in front of hundreds of millions of viewers, even if CBD Gummies For Parkinsons she pretended to be virtuous and dignified , his eyes stared at Jian Youxin like two black holes So I want to ask Jian s parents, charlotte s web sleep gummies do you think that I am someone or my Sheng family is easy to bully Seeing that the two of them were already choking, Cheng Siyao was standing behind Jian Youxin at a loss.Jian Youxin thought she was holding the little princess a few years ago, and dared to point her eyes to Sheng Ling Cheng Si Yao closed his eyes, he best cbd gummies at walmart was in a mess, everything was messed up.He might as well give up the struggle and choose to lie down.

betty white cbd gummies I even doubt that you have a part in colluding with Toyo and Goldman Sachs.Cai Hong s face turned cold, Young man, you need to know how to speak properly.The adults in your family have never taught you that hemp oil gummies near me you can t talk nonsense outside Chen Zhe chuckled lightly, This is Director Cai, right Don t put on the hat with me.If you really want to come up with this, then let s put the matter in the clear.Please tell me why the two real estate developers colluded with foreigners and went to Anyang for no chance.Calculating my company for no reason This time, Cai Hong s expression management was quite in place, and he didn Doctor Recommended CBD Gummies For Parkinsons t lose his sense of proportion 3000 cbd gummies because of Chen Zhe s tone.He just smiled lightly, It s just a normal business behavior.The country has reformed and opened up, and it has been encouraging and respecting enterprises.

Just like he sent it a few days ago , the three new So I gently touched my daughter s power CBD gummy bears CBD Gummies For Parkinsons foot with my foot, the meaning is very clear I found your little thought.The alliance between mother and daughter has been further consolidated.Chen Zhe couldn t help but glanced here, but he didn t CBD Gummies For Parkinsons care too much in his heart.Still according to his own ideas, he continued, It s an overhead magical world, but CBD Gummies For Parkinsons it s still quite famous.Coupled with the current application of CG technology in movies, I believe it will be a very shocking movie.So, I am very optimistic about the project of this film and television base, and I also believe that its prospects and the radiation effect it will bring are absolutely unexpected for you.Do you CBD Gummies For Parkinsons want to make a bet Yang Yizhong squinted at him, his eyes were quite dangerous, Is it so gambling This sign is not good However, Chen Zhe seemed quite calm, You are making a big fuss.

He wanted to have a good chat with Song Yuan.But when he knocked on the door of Song Yuan s room, he found that the other party was chatting with two classmates.It is estimated that this is the first time I have come to Xiangjiang, and I am inexplicably excited and restrained.Chatting together for reviews on CBD gummies CBD Gummies For Parkinsons a while can also relieve this mental tension a little.In fact, in Chen Zhe s impression, these two are complete strangers.Because as long as they are a little famous, I guess they can still remember something.Although there is no Song Yuan in his dream, he doesn t know why, his interest in entertainment and football is second only to the field of science and technology.I don t know if the reason why this happened in that dream cbd starburst gummies was cbd gummy side effects related to Song CBD Gummies For Parkinsons Yuan.Of course, these are actually not important to Chen Zhe now.

hemp infused gummy bears Nonsense, if he, Cheng Siyao, dared to speak out about Chi Yujin today, don t think about it Sheng Ling simply and neatly called the police and added an ambulance, and sent the person lying on the ground to the hospital and the police station Chi cbd gummies for diverticulitis Yujin clutched her shoulders and came to the VIP ward area.I found that there were two bodyguards standing in front of Lu Zhibai s room.It s over, key figures like her have long been listed on the Lu family s bodyguard list, especially those two bodyguards are the two who follow Lu Qi an the most.She silently took a few steps back and walked to the nurse s desk.Hello, is the patient in the room with the bodyguard at the door awake Who are you Friend.We have the right to protect the patient s privacy.The little nurse said meticulously, If you want to know, you can call Mr.

cbd gummy bears 10mg He ignored this, Actually, it s just a coincidence, I know Professor Xu Zhongxin, the old man has been engaged in number theory for a CBD Gummies For Parkinsons lifetime., in fact, it coincides with my idea.In addition to the Institute of Technology, after all, it is an undergraduate college that cultivates talents in science and engineering.If you give it a good CBD vs hemp oil CBD Gummies For Parkinsons support, you can still make a difference.Yang Yizhong nodded, It s a long term strategy.Chen Zhe smiled bitterly, It really doesn t count., at most, it s just a helpless move If there is a chance to pull up a research and development team composed of graduate students and doctors, I really don t need to worry about that, however, this is obviously impossible.The rest of the people looked at each other and chose to remain silent.The current situation in China is like this, and it cannot be changed in a while.

buy cbd oil gummies People like Zhang Ming can understand it as soon as they hear it.And for such a thing, Chen Zhe also did the same CBD Gummies For Parkinsons willingly.Just like what he sent a few days ago, those three new But he was also a little bit confused, Stinky boy, can you eat well No wonder even Zhang Ming took you and ran up to me to sue you, saying that you are slippery, like a little fox reincarnated into a loach.Chen Zhe was even more speechless, What kind of words are these tigers and wolves Yang Yizhong smiled, This is someone s original words, I didn t process it at all, as for the meaning, wait until you see him.Just ask yourself.Chen Zhe couldn t laugh anymore, so CBD Gummies For Parkinsons he asked tentatively, Is he coming to Zhongping again Yang Yizhong just smiled and said nothing.Chapter 130 Xinghai Network Chen Zhe didn t wait for Zhang Ming s visit soon, but he was a little disappointed.

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