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about.At this time, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao quickly asked The 10,000 first order is only 400 yuan, why do the authors on Qidian care so much about the first order data When Tian Yunxiao heard about Pei s compensation at this time, he said, This thing is different, why do the authors care so much about the first order data Because Kai Dian is based on the first order data to arrange the recommendations after the shelves.Only the more the first order and the more follow up recommendations, the better understand At this time, after hearing Tian Yunxiao s words, Pei Pao suddenly realized Oh, so it is What kind of recommendations can you get if the order exceeds 10,000 When Tian Yunxiao saw Pei Pai, he kept asking like a curious baby, and asked, Why are you curious about this Are you one hundred thousand why After Pei Pao heard Tian Yunxiao s words, not only was he not annoyed, but he smiled and said, Maybe people want to write a book someday, can t I ask now After Tian Yunxiao heard Pei Pai s words, He said angrily My Miss Pei, what kind of book do you want to write You must know that writing is a dead end , what recommendation do you get for the first order that breaks the universal Tian Yunxiao, seeing Pei Pai s persistent questioning, answered helplessly If the first order breaks 10,000, you can get the open screen push, which is to use The recommendation CBD Green Charlotte S Web Gummies Leafywell CBD Gummies that was displayed when the Qidian APP was launched.

Most mobile phone manufacturers still need the support of the upstream supply chain in the field of mobile phones, especially for the upstream supply chain manufacturers of core hardware.Often a core upstream supply chain manufacturer can get the support and recognition of many mobile phone companies, which also allows each mobile phone to obtain the hardware it supplies.As a result, when many big manufacturers launch mobile phones, product differentiation tends to gradually narrow.Since the advent of the 5g era, the advantages of big manufacturers have become more and more obvious, and the differentiation of mobile phones has become smaller and smaller.Even some flagship mobile phones released in the first half of this year have many similarities in the overall hardware configuration.The same processor chip, the same screen, the same flash memory and storage, and even the same wide angle and telephoto Charlotte S Web Gummies eagle hemp cbd gummies for diabetes lenses.

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As soon as Pei Pai got home, he said to Tian Yunxiao, Old Tian, I ll take a bath first Tian Yunxiao listened After Pei Pai s words, he smiled and said Let s wash together Chapter 216 the best cbd gummies Finale At this time, the popularity of Zhu Xian has just begun to heat up A certain tooth live broadcast platform, League of Legends female The anchor Dolphin Demon King has always been known for both technology and appearance.Her characteristic is that she is very big At this time, the Dolphin Demon King of League of Legends was broadcasting live in front of the computer.At this 4 natural cbd time, she just lost a game of Canyon King.It s really bad luck, how can this cerebral palsy jungler be able to send it like this At this time, a banner suddenly floated across the screen.Thank you for the treasure map given by the swift little snail, thank you brother snail Brother snail is so atmospheric, I love you, It turned out that there is dr phil selling cbd gummies was a man named swift little snail at this time.

top selling cbd brands Charlotte S Web Gummies cbd gummies or drops, (CBD hemp) Charlotte S Web Gummies CBD gummies shark tank Charlotte S Web Gummies.

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Coupled with the extremely high cost performance and bucket configuration and the experience blessed by the Flyme NEW system, many users have become Berry fans after using it.Under the expectation of many people, the time has come to the day of May 20th.At ten o clock in the morning, the official live broadcast room of the Berries has gathered a total of 500 netizens to watch.This new product launch can be described as Charlotte S Web Gummies attracting the attention of many netizens, and this launch is also the most mysterious one.Even current netizens still don t know what the Berry Clan s conference will bring.Since the Berry Company released the news of the new conference, it has not made any publicity for the conference, so that many netizens do not know what the conference will bring.Welcome to this Raspberry Technology Summit, and at this technology summit, we will bring you three desktop level PC processor chips, the Xuanyuan processor chip.

Let our school s reputation among international students be spread by word of mouth.It hemp cbd near me is estimated that we will be able to recruit more international students next year.It is not impossible for me to be the principal before I turn are hemp and CBD the same Charlotte S Web Gummies 45, and CBD gummies delta 8 Charlotte S Web Gummies it is not impossible to be promoted to the main office level, just as my daughter in law will have a second child next year, good sign, good sign, having a child promotion I suddenly received.After hearing the news, he felt furious at once, but at this time he hadn t lost his mind, and eagle hemp CBD gummies Charlotte S Web Gummies he knew how to ask about the situation, but it turned out to be such a trivial matter as a fight.I thought to myself My political achievements, no, I have to quickly send someone to pick up these international students, otherwise, this will affect my political performance So he sent his confidant, the school s director of education, Wang Renyi, hurry to the police station to find someone.

After all, he only had a few hundred words left to write, so there was no need to build another house.So he followed Sister Bao and entered.The room.But he regretted it less than half an hour after he entered the room Chapter 21 After Tian Yunxiao entered the room with Sister Bao, the room started to move after a while.Very serious movement , there is absolutely no rudeness.Tian Yunxiao only saw the number of words of Divine Phoenix rising, which is even more astonishing than the rise of Maotai stock.And Tian Yunxiao s number of words, compared with Divine Phoenix, is like a snail s slowness Climb slowly.As Charlotte S Web Gummies for Sister Bao, until Tian Yunxiao finished writing dale earnhardt jr cbd gummies these several hundred words, his word count still remained unchanged.And Divine Phoenix had already written 10,000 words at this time, and this speed completely shocked Tian Yunxiao.

to an astonishing bradley cooper cbd gummies 100,000 mA.And this time the power bank has also been specially inspected by the relevant aviation safety agencies, and has officially passed the safety inspection, and can be brought on the plane normally.At the same time, this 100,000 mAh space power Charlotte S Web Gummies bank supports 480W wired charging in terms of corresponding charging input power.This means that the 100,000mAh power bank can be fully charged in one hour.At the same time, this power bank not only supports wired charging, but also supports space cbd gummies for seniors charging and magnetic suction wireless charging on the back cover.Wired charging can support single port 480W wired charging, and dual port 240W existing charging.Magnetic charging can support up to 100W wireless charging with dual shunts.The space charging can support the space charging mode of the third generation protocol.

From the introduction page, the weight of the two fuselage is controlled at 198 grams, and the thickness of the fuselage is within 9 mm, the workmanship of the Raspberry Blue mobile phone is relatively precise.In the introduction page, both phones are equipped with the same 6.5 inch water drop screen LCD, and this time the water CBD gummies for inflammation and pain Charlotte S Web Gummies drop screen has a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a resolution of 1080p.When netizens saw the screen on this mobile phone, they couldn t help feeling that Berry Blue was going to carry out high brushing to the end.You must know that most of the current hemp vs CBD gummies Charlotte S Web Gummies models below 1500 yuan basically use ordinary LCD screens, even without high brushes.The current Berry and Berry mobile cbd oil vs hemp oil phones have been adapted to the high brush, which also makes the current netizens feel the intention of Berry to make products.

At the same time, the real level of the chip process produced by the new lithography machine is between 4.3 nanometers and 4.8 nanometers.In order to standardize the process, taking cbd gummies for first time it is defined as a 5 nanometer process technology.Like the so hemp seed oil cbd called 5 nanometers of Sanxin and TSMC, sometimes the process technology is only 5.4 nanometers to 5.5 nanometers.About 8 nanometers, it is fundamentally different from the current 5 nanometer process technology of Huateng Semiconductor.Even the 6 nanometer process technology of Huateng Semiconductor Technology Co., CBD vs hemp oil Charlotte S Web Gummies Ltd.can be compared with the 5 nanometer process technology of Sanxin and Taiwan Jidian.In the future, Huateng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.will be based on the research and development of chip production technology, and will also bring more new products Zhang Rujin s speech on the stage was only 5 minutes.

However, several domestic computer companies have also sought cooperation with the Berry family, intending to launch computers with Xuanyuan processor chips to seize the current product hotspots.Fantasy, wearing ear, magic boat Seeing that several large computer manufacturers are seeking cooperation, Huang Da needs to think carefully.The output of Xuanyuan processor chips is not very huge, and the number of desktop level processor chips that can be provided to various manufacturers is not very large.At the same time, the cbd gummies cincinnati current major computer manufacturers will adopt the procurement method of pay first and then pay when choosing to purchase components.Take the fantasy of the world s No.1 computer manufacturer as an example.The cost of purchasing some components is not fully paid at all, and it even owes some supply chain manufacturers money.

You don t play games every day, right When do cbd gummies make you relax Tian Yunxiao saw the questions sunmed CBD gummies Charlotte S Web Gummies of his lovely readers, he hurriedly typed on the keyboard and replied.Uncle Tian next door Why do you smear people s innocence out of thin air Who is playing the game Junyou The other day, I also saw that you couldn t beat the game against the line to line, Charlotte S Web Gummies Charlotte S Web Gummies and you couldn t beat the team or the team, but you were losing simply by your personal strength, and you were beaten by others Tian Yunxiao s forehead at this time Blue veins burst out, and his face was flushed with anger, and he repeatedly tapped the keyboard.Uncle Tian next door You are talking nonsense, Laozi Wei En will take C Guanghui redeems you Oh So you really went to play games Quick little snail Oh So you really went to play games Dabai is in my arms Oh So you really went to play games Junyou Oh So you really went to play games When Tian Yunxiao saw the group friends in the group, he accidentally put his The truth came out, so I hurriedly typed sophistry ah, cross cbd gummies and ibuprofen it out explained.

The total number of characters in the Three Kingdoms is 347, which means that players can choose 347 different characters to play.At the same time, the different scripts of the eight periods, coupled with different identities, make the game start a lot different.It can be said that the game of Three Kingdoms Charlotte S Web Gummies has nearly a thousand choices from the beginning, and the game is more scalable.The Three Kingdoms game itself refers to history in terms of the content of the game.Players can choose a plot mode with historical script development, and a normal mode that does not develop according to history And our price for this game is 25 yuan, which is quite For many single player games, this price should be considered very conscientious, but when our CBD gummy candy Charlotte S Web Gummies team was making the game, the goal was very are hemp extract and cbd the same clear to make a game that can show the historical heritage of China Like more players are playing When you play games, you can learn more about China s long history Huang Da still values the luxury cbd gummies review two games, Legend of the Three Kingdoms and Three Kingdoms.

When taking photos with the highest 400 million pixels, the unit pixel can even reach the level of 4.75um.You must know that the current top mobile phones take pictures straight out, and the maximum unit pixel cannot reach 4um.And this time, the professional grade camera sensor of Raspberry Blue can make 400 million pixel high definition photos, which is even higher than the large ratio of some mobile phones.The scary thing is that this time the sensor is also enhanced with pixel enhancement 2.0 technology.This time, the unit area of the straight out pixels has risen directly to the level of 27um, the 64 megapixel mode can also reach 13.5um, the 144 megapixel can reach the 9um level, the 256 megapixel can reach 6.75um, and the 400 megapixel can also reach 6.75um.2um.With the blessing of pixel enhancement technology, this sensor can be made to emit more photos.

At the same time, it also made Tian Yunxiao s voice very pleasing to the ear, which is commonly known as the scumbag on the Internet.Hey, Ale, I m Laotian, just take the dividend I said just now as a joke.I really don t know that your Tenda games are so popular.I haven t played games for many years.It s over After Pei Le heard Tian Yunxiao s words, he interrupted before Tian Yunxiao s words were finished My company is Wuqu Games, not Tenda, don t CBD gummies for back pain Charlotte S Web Gummies confuse it, Lao Tian Tian After Yun Xiao heard Pei Le s words, he also interrupted Pei Le s words and said, bio wellness cbd gummies reviews Whether it s Tengda or Wuque, it doesn t matter, but you still buy me 20 million yuan.The company s profits have a huge impact Pei Le said immediately after hearing this O Tian, if you say that, then our friends won t have to do it We have no shortage of games, cheap cbd gummies for pain a start up company, even if I No matter how good the family background of this boss is, the funds are also limited.

The Berry game console V1 also has the strongest power in the industry in terms of charging.The 16,500mAh battery is fully charged in 40 minutes, which is enough to kill most mobile devices from manufacturers.As a game console, we are also equipped with dual X axis linear motors inside the game console to improve the interactive experience of the game At the same time, our game console also supports the latest link protocols such as WiFi and Bluetooth Berry game console V1 is a real game console.Except for parameters such as screen CBD gummies for high blood pressure Charlotte S Web Gummies and chip, all parameters such as image taking, NFC, infrared and other mobile phones are completely removed.The berry family is to make a game console that is different from a game phone.Berry game console V1 is a rare high level game console in China.Of course, we also equipped this game console with a magnetic suit In addition to this game best CBD gummies for tinnitus Charlotte S Web Gummies console, the Berry family It is also equipped with many magnetic purekana CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies peripherals for this game shark tank eagle hemp CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies cbd gummies 600mg console.

Basically, he can do everything that the smart watch can do.Of course, in addition to acting as a smart watch, this smart glasses can also act as a navigation.Assistant and music player.This time, we put a bone conduction sound quality player on the temples of the smart glasses, so that the smart glasses CBD Green Charlotte S Web Gummies Leafywell CBD Gummies can realize voice navigation and even listen to songs in this way.At the same time, we also use cbd hemp flower uk sliding sensors on the temples of smart glasses, which can use the sliding sensors power CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies to realize the function conversion on the glasses, double click at the same time, and click the original to realize different functions It can be said that the smart cbd gummies lincoln ne glasses of the Berry family use a lot of advanced technology, and the operation logic used is also very simple.Basically, you can fully master the functions of smart glasses after a few operations.

You must know that the fast how to extract cbd oil from hemp charging of many models in 2019 was only 27W, and the highest performance level was only 40W.Unexpectedly, just after a year and a half, 120W charging appeared in the public eye.This also makes countless netizens feel that the keoni CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies so called technological change in the mobile phone industry is faster than in previous years.Of course, such a technological change treetop hemp co rainbow gummy is naturally not much related to the current Guozi mobile phone.After all, since the release of iPhone X, Guozi Mobile has basically not had too many technical updates in product development in recent years.That is, the original parameters are slightly upgraded to achieve product iteration.Of course, the current Guozi mobile phone still has pride, IOS and CBD gummies amazon Charlotte S Web Gummies Guozi ecology cooperate with A series core and perfect product supply chain.

These include the phone s speaker, the phone s motor, and more What surprised many netizens is that in this small iterative upgrade, the speaker of the mobile phone CBD Green Charlotte S Web Gummies Leafywell CBD Gummies has a new amplitude experience, and the volume of the sound can be increased by about 30.At the same time, the motor purekana cbd gummies amazon vibration of the mobile phone has also been greatly cbd gummies for lung health improved this time.The whole system brings a substantial improvement in the motor to the game.In gag mode has purposely added motor options.Extreme Motor Mode Normal Motor Mode Custom Motor Mode The custom motor CBD eagle hemp gummies Charlotte S Web Gummies full spectrum CBD gummies with thc Charlotte S Web Gummies can be adjusted according to the user s own sense of use in the daily game experience.The extreme motor mode further increases the vibration of the motor and the corresponding crispness, so that users can really play the vibration in the motor of their mobile phone when playing games to improve the game experience.

Sister in law Bao, Charlotte S Web Gummies you are so cooperative with Sister Bao s training Now I can finally complete my mission, and maybe there will be some hidden rewards for over completing it Chapter 57 For further reading Tian Yunxiao finished thinking about it, and hurriedly greeted Sister Bao and Sister Bao to sit down.Just after sitting down, Tian Yunxiao felt as if he had forgotten something, but he couldn t remember what he had forgotten.At this time, I suddenly heard Sister in law Bao CBD Green Charlotte S Web Gummies Leafywell CBD Gummies say to Tian Yunxiao Old Tian, what about your update today Sister in law, I ve been waiting for a long time, why haven t I seen your update Tian Yunxiao heard what Sister in law Bao said.After that, he suddenly realized What I said, I feel as if I forgot something It turns out that I forgot the code for today s word Now Sister Bao can catch Tian Yunxiao s pain.

After all, part of Charlotte S Web Gummies cbd gummies dallas texas the revenue of mobile phone manufacturers comes from software advertising revenue, and the app store is the bulk of this revenue.Often, the more users a mobile phone manufacturer has, the more revenue it earns from its app store.Now, after the baptism of the flash package, there are suddenly 700,000 more users, which will also increase the revenue of the current app store to a certain extent.Time passed gradually and soon it was April.During this April, Huawei officially held a press conference and released the new Huawei P40 series products.As Huawei s flagship image, the P series audience has a relatively large user base.It s just that this time, Huawei put some different thoughts when launching the product In order to highlight the hardware configuration of the big cup version and cbn cbd gummies the super cup version, the Huawei P40 is the most severely castrated entry flagship in the current P series.

This also means that Huateng s next generation Xuanwu chips will soon begin mass production.At the same time, it royal blend CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies is also a very good thing for the Berry family to have the strength to manufacture chips independently.Whether it is mobile phones or the latest new energy vehicles and other industries, chips are an indispensable and important core component.Including future smart computers, VR glasses and many other aspects need the blessing of chip technology.It can be said that with the strength of independent research and development of chips and production of chips, Berry will have a better future.Even many industries can try to be involved, and at the same time, they can truly seize the opportunity and truly become the most powerful technology company in the entire world.As for the Berry Pro20 series, although it is said to be the most important golly CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies flagship mobile phone of the Berry family this year, the most important year for the real development of the Berry family is next year.

Ceramic industry, I feel that the Pro10 series has a little strength in the design of mobile phones I also keoni cbd gummies reviews think that this summer valley cbd gummies scam mobile phone has made great progress in design technology Two materials have been announced, Charlotte S Web Gummies glass and ceramic, no Do you know what the last remaining material is Most of the netizens watching the live broadcast still agree cbd hemp vape with the current design of the Raspberry Pro10 series mobile phones.From the use of mobile phones, we know that the design of mobile phones has surpassed last year s Raspberry MX10 series.It 25 mg hemp gummies is estimated that there will be many face value parties who will like this model.And our fantasy unicorn version this time also uses the fantasy unicorn back shell and the white panel and power CBD gummies reviews Charlotte S Web Gummies middle frame design.The thickness of the phone is 79 mm, and the weight of the phone is 187 grams Of course, the fantasy unicorn s The version should be more popular with female users, and the overall thickness of the fantasy unicorn and the weight do CBD gummies help with anxiety Charlotte S Web Gummies of the phone are also controlled within a certain range.

To be honest, this was the first what does hemp gummies do time he appeared and he didn t know cbd gummies reno how to start before he even started the game.Case.After all, the historical popularity of the Three Kingdoms in this time and space is similar to that of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms in the original time and space.Although there are storytelling, the popularity is far less than that of Huang Da s original time and space.Soon, with the help of netizens in the live broadcast room, Chu He also started the trial tour of this new game.From the very beginning, Chu He, who was unfamiliar with fun drops CBD gummies review Charlotte S Web Gummies the current new game, what is difference between cbd and hemp slowly discovered the fun of this game.At the same time, he also discovered is hemp oil CBD Charlotte S Web Gummies that this game can also Charlotte S Web Gummies derive many different gameplays, and even have ever changing developments.After all, there are at least five princes to choose from each script, and they will have different results after different development.

Charlotte S Web Gummies Many first launch users of the e sports version and the corresponding ordinary users are extremely angry at the current K90 normal version and the big cup version of the backstab e sports version.You must know the product, positioning and price of the e sports version, but it is far more CBD give you a headache Charlotte S Web Gummies than the current ordinary version and Dabei version, but the overall hardware parameter performance and software adaptation level are completely inferior to the two products just released.This has led many users who support the purchase of the first launch to directly claim that they have been let down by the brand.Users of the K90 e sports version can get a 0.1 yuan headset coupon in the cbd oil hemp drying machine mall to exchange for the corresponding headset The official rice company also pays attention to the evaluation of its own company on the Internet.

And the corresponding cache and process have been upgraded, and the overall experience will be even better.As for this time, the mid nature s best cbd cream to high end Taixu 720 processor chip adopts a 2 6 core architecture.And this time the core uses two 2.5Ghz M5 cores and six 2.0Ghz M4 small cores.This also makes the performance of the CPU of the processor this time basically close to the level of Taixu 810, and its multi core running score can even reach the level of 5920 points.In terms of GPU, the same GPU of Taixu 820 is used, but the corresponding frequency has been reduced a little, CBD Green Charlotte S Web Gummies Leafywell CBD Gummies so that the Manhattan performance of the GPU can reach the level of 226.0.Basically, this time the Taixu 720 is regarded as a new mid to high end chip with a CPU close to the Taixu 810 and a GPU stronger than the Taixu 810.Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty One The two processor chips, Taixu 820 and Taixu 720, are definitely the flagship processor chips this year in terms of hardware configuration.

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