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In fact, he just mentioned it casually before.After all, he really hadn t thought about the sun ant, otherwise he wouldn t have just told the ant queen that he was looking for him in his room tonight.You know, he doesn t even have a place to stay in the city now, where is the room What s more, the city was heavily guarded.If an ant queen came alone, wouldn t it have come and Gummy Bear CBD gone What do you want to ask The woman looked at Xu Que and said earnestly that she was ready to earn these twenty grains of vitality and use them to extend her brother s life.After all, lifter cbd hemp flower this was no choice, and she knew that if she went to that so called safe place by herself, it would still be very unsafe after all.Xu Que is helping her on purpose now, in this way, she will not feel that she is giving charity Let s talk about your origins first, including your knowledge of the three continents of the Immortal Realm Xu Que asked directly.

Wandering around, there are more or less one or a half pieces of fairy artifact, but your price is too high, it really makes us very embarrassed Don t disturb the bargain Xu Que responded in an understatement again.High and cold.The corners of the prisoners mouths twitched fiercely, and they almost couldn t help but want to rush up to beat him again, they were so cruel to this healthy leaf cbd gummies guy Fellow Daoist, you see that we are only short of more than Gummy Bear CBD 100 good points, and we don t know how many good points we can get with one punch.Can we change it to an immortal weapon in exchange for us to leave the Buddha Reduce our risk said one prisoner bitterly.This is what they are worried about.If a punch is only worth a dozen points, it will be a loss to grandma s house.Risk Then I m also at great risk This is my pet that Gummy Bear CBD CBD Gummies For Anxiety Reviews I have depended on since power CBD gummies reviews Gummy Bear CBD I was a child.

But he didn t know that Xu Que really wanted to hit him now.Fortunately, after he finished laughing, he immediately explained, I just said that I couldn t go to Tianzhou, but I didn t say that people from Tianzhou couldn t come down.Not long ago, someone from Tianzhou came down, but he didn t know.The passage is closed, so there is no way to go back now.If you are eager to see your wives, you can consider sending a message to remind them that you are in Dizhou, and as long as eagle hemp cbd gummies stop smoking reviews they see it, they will find a way to find you.Now News What Xu Que asked hurriedly.Qin Sanli smiled slightly, I hit the Tianding Ranking The Tianding Ranking cbd gummies 8 Xu Que was stunned when he heard the words, remembering that after defeating Ling Feng earlier, a list did appear in the air.Seeing Xu Que s confused look, Qin Sanli couldn t help shaking his head and smiling, and immediately informed Xu Que about Sanzhou s announcement every time the Tianding Ranking was updated.

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Everyone in the audience looked at it, and they were instantly dumbfounded.What what What does he want to do Use these things to make alchemy Chili, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cooking wine, salt Why do I feel like I m living in a dream Boom At this time, a blazing black fire suddenly burst into Xu Que s palm, like a black fire dragon, rising into the sky, the fiery temperature almost distorted the void.Everyone present was taken aback by this momentum, even the Buddha, the old man of Danmo, Yun Yangzi and others were also moved by it What a domineering flame If it can be used by this old man, the success rate of alchemy will probably improve a lot in the future Yun Yangzi and the others couldn t help but pass a trace of greed in the depths of their eyes.At this moment, Xu Que was in control of the Eight Desolation Destruction Yan, and the raging black fire directly rolled up the food and spices in the air, burning and refining them continuously. full-spectrum CBD gummies for pain 2021 Gummy Bear CBD

You shameless bastard, shameless Xu Que cursed angrily.Hey, brothers, don t worry about this kind of thing Ergouzi laughed smugly.It has already seen Gummy Bear CBD do cbd gummies expire Xu Que s strength, so it is very clear that it can only escape by pulling Xu Que into the water However, with a smile, where to buy royal blend cbd gummies the smile on Ergouzi s face gradually froze.Xu can CBD gummies cause diarrhea Gummy Bear CBD Que, who was originally running with it, gradually faded away.Fuck, you are using a clone Shameless, shameless In the forest, the heart piercing howl of Ergouzi sounded. .Chapter 1545 Good Brothers Between the mountains and forests, boulder highlands cbd gummies where to buy another direction.Xu Que listened to Ergouzi s voice echoing, and the corner of his mouth raised proudly.puppy, play with me You are still far away Boy, come out soon, we were very close in our past lives, do you have the heart to watch this deity being bullied Ergouzi s voice echoed in the mountains and forests again.

Xu Que glanced at the two idiots, and said solemnly The poor monk has not found any trace of the two yet, so CBD gummies review Gummy Bear CBD I want to help a few find the Taoist stone 300mg CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD first.As he spoke, he suddenly felt that the divine stone was trembling frantically.When he took it out, the divine inscription was rapidly emerging Yi, there is a Taoist stone in front of him Xu Que looked up, his eyes lit up Hey, look ahead, there is a Taoist stone there.When is cbd gummies legal Long Aotian heard the words, he immediately dismissed it and said, What are you kidding me, you think you can find the Daowen Stone with a single finger After speaking, he looked in the direction of Xu Que s finger, and was immediately stunned.Living.What the hell There is actually one piece Chapter 1817 It s time to pretend Everyone was still waiting to hear what Long Aotian had to say, and then they saw him dumbfounded, looking in a certain direction, at every turn.

delta 8 vs cbd gummies Hey, a group of ants, it s useless to play Xu Que smiled, patted his clothes, and walked out.Several foreigners were still standing by the sea, talking in low voices.Xu Que immediately opened his mouth gummy bear recipe CBD Gummy Bear CBD and shouted in pure Chinese, Fuck, who are you Why are you on my island Shuh Several foreigners were startled and turned around abruptly.When they saw Xu Que, they were completely stunned.what s the situation Why is there another Asian guy What about you, why are you on my island, this is a private island, please leave Xu Que continued to speak Chinese and shouted with a sullen face.He just judged from the conversation of this group of people that this is a group of survivors who landed on the island after the plane crash, so it was extraordinarily natural to pretend to be forced, and he directly regarded the island as his own.

How could this be Doesn t it mean that he didn t die and became mentally ill Why is there such a magical power in raising his hand Liu Lan At this moment, Xu Que suddenly looked at Liu Lan with a smile on his face, Gummy Bear CBD as if he had changed back to a sunny and cheerful boy.Ah Liu Lan was startled and looked at Xu Que with some fear.Don t be nervous, I cbd gummies for anxiety and pain m just asking you something, sit down Xu Que said, pulled out the chair with one hand, and sat down.However, Liu Lan waved his hand hurriedly, No no need, I will tell you whatever you want to ask I ll let you sit down, what are you afraid of, forget it, let me ask you, how did you meet My sister s, why is she on the school s invitation list But she didn t go to school today Ah Feifei didn t go to greatcbd school Liu Lan was stunned when she heard the words, and said hastily, I was in China a month ago.

What kind of flesh is this I am afraid that even the powerhouses in the fairyland can t do this Fellow Daoist, didn t you say one punch and one fairy weapon You are Finally, a prisoner couldn t help it and said.Xu Que shook his head, No way, that s the previous price, and now it has to be changed.I really can t bear to see my pet being beaten like this But but we don t have that many fairy items anymore.Everyone s face was full of bitterness.That s right, that s right, the deal is cancelled.Anyway, it s useless for me to bring your fairy artifacts back.Either play with the children or throw them in the utility room.Xu Que said with disgust.Everyone s mouth twitched, feeling insulted.They hemp bombs cbd gummies near me are like treasures, but in Xu Que they can only be regarded as toys and sundries.People are more popular than the dead series Fellow Daoist, CBD anxiety gummies Gummy Bear CBD don t be like this, if you have something to say, why don t you do it like this, you rescue us first, and the rest of the fairy weapons, if we have a chance to get them in the future, I will give them back to you, how Someone said, with a sincere expression.

cbd gummies roanoke va He still makes these flames close Did you blow up Crazy, this guy must be crazy Many people shouted in shock, pure relief cbd gummies reviews and couldn t help but back up.Even Lan Xinyue and Lan Hetu suddenly received a voice transmission from Xu Que, telling them to withdraw thousands of miles away.Several people didn t dare to hesitate at all, and immediately started to retreat.At the same time, Xu Que had already gathered the six different fires together, and wisps of crystal brilliance burst out between his fingers, bursting with dazzling white light, interspersed between the six different fires, followed by Xu Que s ten fingers quickly Jumping up, with powerful force, madly squeezed against the six different fires.Hey Hey Hey As Xu Que controlled and squeezed the power between his ten fingers, the six different fires slowly began to be squeezed into a cbd pure strength gummies ball, cbd edibles and the violent energy was frantically agitated, like a huge bomb , may burst at any time.

At the same time, an entrance was opened to the formation outside the tower.Xu Que didn t think too much, and stepped into it immediately, and then only heard a small sound of whoosh , and Xu Que disappeared in an instant.After a few breaths, the entrance to the formation outside the tower slowly returned to its original state, and everything became calm At the same time, in the backyard of the City Lord s Mansion s large conference hall.Dozens of powerful people with prominent identities, high realms, and various forces in Zhenyuan Immortal Territory are sitting among them.As the lord of a city, cheapest CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD Ling Huang s status is equally noble, but at this moment he does not dare to neglect the people in this conference hall.This time, our Item Sect gummies near me will hold the Item Refining Conference in Baihui City.

Chapter 1195 Help you vent your anger Exploding Heaven Gang Everyone in the audience was do CBD gummies really work Gummy Bear CBD startled when they heard these three words.Immediately following, Chu Ao and the rest of the Heavenly Realm experts from Dingtian Academy showed strong killing intent on their faces.During this period of time, the contradiction between the Zhatian Gang and their Dingtian Academy has reached the level of incompatibility and endless death, but they have never traced the whereabouts of anyone from the Zhatian Gang.In the middle of the fairyland, they didn t even have time to laugh, so they had already made Gummy Bear CBD plans to kill Xu Que.But after all, they were not in a hurry to make a move.After so many contacts, they already knew very well that the people of the Zhuangtian Gang had a kind of escape talisman.Unless they could Gummy Bear CBD block the void before they were prepared, this guy would definitely run away.

What can be called a demon in Xianyun Continent Could it be the Temple of Heavenly Demons Thinking of this, Fairy Nishang felt a burst of anger in her heart.Previously, because of Qiu Zili, this woman, secretly stole holy water from her own room, causing her to chase and kill all the way to Tianzhou, and was even scared off by a junior.Of course, to this day, she already knew that it was Xu Que, the famous Zhuangtian Gang leader.If according to what Master Tang Sanzang said, there are demons invading this place, the only possibility that Fairy Nishang can think of is that the Temple of Heavenly Demons has secretly moved on the Temple of the Moon.Then how should this be solved Fairy Nishang pondered for a moment and asked.At this time, it is not necessary to investigate who caused the problem.

Whoosh The fire lotus fused with four different fires runs through the void and instantly floats to the ground.Although it is not as terrifying as the six color fire lotus, it is enough to make this group of fairyland cultivators scare their hearts to pieces They can t hold the six color fire lotus, and they still can t hold the four color fire lotus Boom In a deafening explosion, the four color cbd gummies for dogs with anxiety fire lotus completely burst, and the flames filled a vast sea of fire, instantly engulfing the dozens of cultivators.If there are people who are strong in the late stage of the fairyland, they may be able to escape, but these people are all people in the early and middle stages of the fairyland, and they have no resistance at all.In the final analysis, they are just a eagle hemp cbd gummies for diabetes group of cultivators in a pseudo human fairyland, with flaws, they are far inferior Gummy Bear CBD to the real human fairyland In front of the semi immortal realm where Xu Que s rules are complete and the power of multiple magic tricks is used, he is completely vulnerable Within a few breaths, Xu Que resolved the battle decisively.

Even the elder Li surnamed, there was a slight hesitation on his face, and he began to doubt himself.Did he read it wrong just now However, when Xu Que walked to the gate of the conference hall, a flash of lightning suddenly condensed under his pro naturals cbd feet, and at the same time he shouted at Ergouzi and Duan Jiude and the others, Run The voice fell, and he quickly rose into the sky.Numerous sect elders and deacons in the council room reacted, completely convinced that Xu cbd gummies for sale Que s real strength is only in the fairyland, otherwise why would he run away, isn t it just a guilty conscience Chase Elder Li shouted immediately and took the lead in rushing CBD hemp cigarettes Gummy Bear CBD out.The rest did not want to be left behind, especially the Ming family represented by middle aged men, who also rushed to the sky.No matter who it is, as long as it can kill Xu Que, it will be a great credit.

This scene seems familiar Oops The two secretly whispered in their hearts at the same time, subconsciously trying to escape, but it was still a step too late boom A muffled sound came from behind them, and a dense black stick shadow fell on the back of the two of them.The powerful force instantly made their heads go blank, their eyes darkened, and they fainted again on the spot.Hmph, who can escape the people I want to keep in the Zhuangtian Gang Xu Que walked out slowly with a black stick in his hand, with a playful smile on his face.Immediately after, he condensed his fingers together, Dao Yun merged with Zhen Yuan, turned into green lobster cbd gummies stop smoking a sharp sword shape, and directly chopped off the heads of the two half wonderland men and women.Wang Dazhui Suddenly, a voice came from the side, Bai Cailing looked at him in shock, and asked in awe, Who are you who are you The heads of men and women named Half Wonderland landed at the same time, and blood spilled all over the place.

do cbd gummies really relax you Chapter 931 Let me go alone As night fell, Xu Feifei was full of curiosity and worry, and finally entered the room to rest.Xu Que Sitting in front of the computer with her fingers looking at the keyboard, the corners of her mouth raised slightly.Jiang Hongyan sat beside him and asked with a smile, What are you going to do Xu Que smiled and continued to type on the keyboard.That night, two letters signed by Xu Que spread all over the Huaxia network.The first one.Hello, everyone in China, I m Xu Que I know about this disaster.It came very suddenly, but please don t worry, I will definitely carry this pot.I grew up under the influence of Chinese civilization since I was a child, and I know to super chill products cbd gummies be a Chinese with a backbone., or lighter than a feather , Life has never died since ancient times, and the spirit of the great ancients has always reminded me, don t be shy, just do it Therefore, I will definitely come forward tomorrow and fight in Jianglong City on the border.

Two crazy guys who do what they say.Er Gouzi, I didn t expect you to have such filthy and dirty thoughts, the poor monk is very disappointed Xu Que said bitterly.Qiu Zili breathed a sigh of relief, and then heard Xu Que say, Half of it is enough.Shameless She can see that there is no good person in the Zhuangtian Gang After teasing Qiu Zili, Xu Que focused his attention on the figures in front of him.Those figures had stiff limbs and walked like walking corpses, obviously losing their minds.From the bottom of his heart, Xu Que actually wanted to save them.After all, in this ghost place, more people are more powerful.But the current situation is unclear, and it is difficult to guarantee that when I save them in the past, there will be no accidents.I see Qiu Zili suddenly said in a hurry, There is Gummy Bear CBD CBD Gummies For Anxiety Reviews Jiuyou Confused Heart Mist around can dogs smell CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD them Jiu You Confused Heart Mist Xu Que looked at Qiu Zili suspiciously Master Qiu, what is this fog Qiu Zili seemed to be worried that he was slow to speak, and he was really picked up by Ergouzi and the others, and he spoke quickly This is I have only seen relevant records in ancient books.

I just didn t expect that Liu Jingning had another accident now, and the whole person disappeared Did you remember the wrong position Xu Que couldn t help frowning and stepped forward.This dojo is very wide and surrounded by ruins.At first glance, they almost look exactly the same, and it is difficult to identify the direction.Therefore, it is normal for Ergouzi and Duan Jiude to remember the wrong place.No, Gummy Bear CBD there is really a problem Mo Junchen said with a condensed expression.He stretched his finger to the direction of Ergouzi and Duan Jiude, and continued, We set up a protective formation here when we left, and the formation is still here, but the people cbd edibles price and the house are indeed gone What Xu Que Suddenly his face changed, Liu Jingning was already injured, if there was another accident, or if he encountered any restrictions, I m afraid it would be more fortunate Hey, Mr.

Ah Qi didn t see that Xu Que was distracted again, and greeted warmly, Okay, kill brother, don t stand here, I ll take cbd gummy effect you there to irwin naturals CBD Gummy Bear CBD buy cbd edibles report, I ve only just arrived, I ll take the test cbd hemp seeds for sale bulk later.After that, it s your turn After speaking, he turned around serenity cbd gummies shark tank and walked in front of the crowd, gummy hemp bombs cbd leading Xu Que.Xu Que looked forward, there was a wooden table, an old man from Immortal Venerable cbd neon gummies Realm was sitting there, staring at the center of the crowd.After counting his breaths, the old man had no expression on his face, bliss cbd gummies and said indifferently, Tao Rhyme 3rd paragraph, low level.Pfft Xu Que almost laughed out loud, this is a familiar line He quickly swept CBD gummies for stress Gummy Bear CBD CBD vs hemp oil Gummy Bear CBD his gaze to the center of the crowd, and saw a young man with his head bowed and his fists clenched.Facing the sarcastic gazes of others around him, the young man s face was full of unwillingness.

hiss Everyone present also sucked in a breath of cold air, and their hearts were horrified.Broken three legs This is not ordinary best cbd supplement cruel Just hemp and cbd difference thinking about it makes my crotch cool Xia Yunhai s face changed slightly, and the best pain cbd gummies weather was uncertain.Okay I ll go back now In the end, he replied in a cold voice, even ignoring Li Xiaoxiao, he rushed out of cbd gummies for digestion the building, jumped into the sports car, and drove the car away as if to escape.After all, the Xia family still plays an important role in China, and Xu Que didn t want to destroy the Xia family directly, but wanted to give the Xia family a chance.After all, in his opinion, ants are always invisible.It s like seeing a group of ants and killing a few, but if you don t slap them down and crush the group, you ll only get your hands dirty.If the Xia family is sensible enough to really hand over people, Xu Que will naturally give face to the motherland and will not pursue the Xia family.

He didn t understand what Xu Que meant.He wondered if this guy was going to be injured But Mike s camera kept following him, and he followed Xu Que the whole time.His words were instantly transmitted through the satellite network to TVs and computers all over the world.Many people also had the same thought as Lewan, thinking that Xu Que was going to be injured, and their faces were full of doubts, because they really couldn t see who else could hurt Xu Que.But the people of Huaxia have widened their eyes, and it was messy on the spot.Hold the grass Hold the grass German orthopedics What is this guy trying to do I m rubbing it, beast There are such beautiful fairies, megyn kelly and dr oz hemp gummies and even his own sister is not spared But he My Gummy Bear CBD sister is really pretty too Zhitian Gang is awesome Slap In the end, Xu Feifei ran over all the way, and slapped her small fist directly on Xu Que s chest.

Gummy Bear CBD can i bring CBD gummies on a flight, [veterans vitality CBD gummies] Gummy Bear CBD what CBD gummies are safe Gummy Bear CBD.

If Xu Que did not participate in these matters, Wei Zixun would still be normal after all.In the face of such a shark tank cbd gummies quit drinking crusade from the imperial palace, how could he be able to sit still as the young master green mountain CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD of the dignified sage purekana CBD gummies for copd Gummy Bear CBD palace.However, in this situation where the realm is almost the same, the Imperial Palace still won by the advantage of the number of people The four sage palace powerhouses were bombarded and killed by the law on the spot, and they were wiped out Wei Zixun was bleeding all over, but still gummy bear cbd edibles stood upright.At his feet, the corpses of more than a dozen imperial palace powerhouses were poured, which shows how powerful they are.However, no matter how powerful it is, it is still in the tribulation period.The two fists are no match for the four hands.After killing more than a dozen people in succession, it is still the end of the force With a bang , Wei Zixun finally collapsed under the bombardment of a magic trick from an imperial palace powerhouse, and his vitality was wiped out In an instant, the entire cave fell into a dead silence.

natures boost CBD gummies reviews Gummy Bear CBD He couldn t tell whether it was because he was so frightened by the system or because of his own sense of danger.He immediately turned his head to look at Ergouzi and Duan Jiude, and said solemnly, This restriction is not easy, you quickly set up some sleepy formations outside, just difference between hemp and CBD Gummy Bear CBD in case, set up some ruthless ones After speaking, Xu Que looked at Fairy Zixia, Jiang Hongyan, and Liu Jingning again, and said, This restriction may be opened later, and there may be a lot of noise, so you should step back first.They go far, but they want this deity and Teacher Duan to work hard here Ergouzi jumped up from the spot, shouted, and had already retreated to the gate of the Treasure Pavilion.I m dizzy, is it necessary to be so cowardly It s just a small restriction, there s nothing to be afraid of, come and help Xu Que shook his head speechlessly.

This hasty development seems to be very different from the grand title of Celestial Selection Ceremony , which makes many people unable to react.As expected of the senior of the Tiangongyuan, he works vigorously and resolutely, and is not restricted by the formality.It is really what we should learn from.Well, I will cbd gummies to stop smoking reviews send the disciples to obey the seniors of the Tiangongyuan, release the consciousness, and communicate with the Taiyi Tianshi One The old man from a certain sect immediately flattered and urged his disciples to start.A sect, if it can produce a chosen person, it will be supreme brilliance and glory, and may even rise up because of this.The chosen person who is valued by the Tiangongyuan is enough to make the entire sect go to heaven.At the same cbd gummies detox time, on the top of Gummy Bear CBD CBD Gummies For Anxiety Reviews the mountain opposite the dojo.

In a trance, they seemed to see a sea, a vast world, and a kind of pride that was derived from their hearts.They remembered the past years, and the scenes of fighting and fighting for treasures in the past suddenly jumped into their minds and reflected in front of them.Even Bai Cailing in the human and immortal realm had to be moved at this moment.As powerful as she was, she was touched by such a song, and she remembered everything she had experienced in the Immortal Realm, from cultivation to the years she spent with her fellow brothers and sisters, all clearly presented in front of her.One Laugh in the Sea directly resonated cake cbd delta 8 gummies with countless people.If the previous rock music shocked their hearts, then this classic A Laugh in the Sea undoubtedly touched their hearts directly.A Laugh From the Sea sings Jianghu.

Go back to your own life Lin Yuxi said this, then walked away and went upstairs to register the information.Zeng Darong and the rest of the classmates were stunned in place, looking stunned.They could hardly believe what Lin Yuxi said, Xu Que was not CBD gummies 3000 mg reviews Gummy Bear CBD dead This this shouldn t be true, right But no, we all saw his body in the hospital back then Could it be that something else happened later Someone rescued him, But the car accident caused brain damage, so I got mental illness Several classmates were discussing.Zeng Darong s face turned black, and they said angrily, What are you talking about Who is mentally ill Everyone suddenly smiled bitterly, Halo, is it necessary for the three of you to be so excited Didn t Lin Yuxi say everything just now, that kid Xu Que To actually say that Fairy Chang e is his woman, this is not a mental illness, but a paranoia You don t need to be so excited, mental illness is not a shameful thing That s right Xu Que is our old classmate after all.

It doesn t matter, I don t care.Anyway, I am alone, without any worries, lonely and cold Everyone in the audience instantly had a question mark on their faces, and even Zhang Yun er stared straight at it.Alone No worries Lonely and lonely What are you implying Swish Immediately, the people from Jianlou Pavilion immediately turned their eyes to Zhang Yuner.Everyone knew what Xu Que meant.In particular, the leaders of Jianlou Pavilion understood Xu Que very well.In this lost place, they certainly have no shortage of women, and royal CBD gummies Gummy Bear CBD there cinnamon cbd hemp oil drops review are even a lot of beautiful beauties waiting for them on the street.But they are still more willing to worship under Zhang Yuner s willow flower skirt, because of human greed and desire to conquer, they just want to conquer those women who can see but can t.Achievable But they still achieved it, which greatly satisfied their vanity and desire to conquer, so they were willing to join forces with Zhang Yuner.

Er Gouzi, did you pull it out In his spare time, Xu Que did not forget to ask Er Gouzi.Ah hurry up, hurry up, already come out soon.Ergouzi squatted on the ground, his face was blue and blue, and he responded with great difficulty.Xu Que turned his head to look, and there was a black thing under Ergouzi s butt.Half of the feces had come out, with wisps of smoke and a pungent stench.Fuck Xu Que suddenly stared, covered his nose, and turned his head to look up The shadow of the fist turned into the king s fist is already infinitely close to the top of the tower in the air.The old woman is hiding inside, but she can t do anything.There is only a circle of formation barriers outside the top floor.It was indeed very powerful, and it was very close to the existence of the ancient fierce formation.

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