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Unconsciously, Chen Yurong made a lot of money.Recently, Shi Jincuo has been going to the headquarter of the Craftsman Bar for research.His old man will occasionally sit there for a while.It seems that the Shi family and his son are smelling something.Chen Yurong smiled.explained.Really If they imitated our operating model, they would soon be able to share more than half of the profits.Fortunately, the Shi family s father and son are suspicious by nature.For a while, they are not very willing to venture into the sea Xia Xiaoshu said with a smile.So that s how it is Recently, I was worried that they would immediately change the name and rent a store to grab business with us Chen Yurong responded with a smile.That won t happen.On the one hand, as long as we don t discuss it in depth, no matter how smart their father and son are, Free CBD Gummies Sample they can t really understand the cultural essence and cultural core of Craftsman Bar.

Luo Cheng Township Free CBD Gummies Sample [CDC] only wanted to make more money, and was not very concerned about other chores.Xia Xiaoshu said over there, he That is, listening quietly, basically not interjecting much.Not bad, not bad Now, you are trained in the city.How good is the arrangement here Okay Whatever you say, we can do what we want.After listening for a long time, Luo Chengxiang smiled.He responded with a few words.Chatting and chatting, everyone naturally mentioned Xia Xiaoshu s marriage.None of them were outsiders.Xia Xiaoshu generously gave a brief introduction to Yuan Jiamin s basic situation.When they heard that Xiao Xia had pursued a goal, the three of them seemed very happy.While chatting hot, Lu Xiaoyu came back with a large trolley case.I have almost explained what I should have said.A few words of courtesy, Xia Xiaoshu accompanied Lu Xiaoyu to place the trolley case on the car, and then said goodbye.

how long do you stay high on cbd gummies You don t have to stare at them.When you have nothing to do, just go out for a walk.If you stare at them 24 hours a day, you will be easily caught.People noticed, secondly, aren t we breaking the law Understood, I will pay attention, what does that worker Wei look like I ll send you some information about worker Wei later on your mobile phone, you can look back Let s take a look.Okay I ll let President Xia do it He s hard work Mr.Xia is very kind, do you have any other orders It s almost the same, I can t talk about two words I have nothing to do here, so I won t bother you, goodbye Goodbye After saying that, He Erhuo hung up the phone.After a while, the mobile phone beeps, and Xia Xiaoshu has sent some personal information of Wei Huanyu to He Erhuo.After putting down the phone, Xia Xiaoshu found a place to sit down and pondered for a long time.

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As a result He ran away.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.I was wrong just now.I spoke in a hurry.I hope Mr.Xia will forgive me.Mr.Xia, don buy hemp gummy bears t you know that the value of the ancient artifacts unearthed in these batches is quite high, and delta 8 thc gummies health smart cbd some of the orphans are the first time I have seen them.What At first Free CBD Gummies Sample glance, the value is immeasurable.Therefore, the responsibility on my shoulders is quite large If something goes wrong in the middle, I am afraid that I will not be able to take this responsibility Let s understand each other, I made a blunder just now, and now, I formally apologize to you As he spoke, Captain He really stood up, ready to salute Xia Xiaoshu.Xia Xiaoshu hurriedly stopped him for a while, and responded repeatedly What are you doing We ve been together for so long, who doesn t know who Don t say anything else, no matter from which angle I talk about this matter, high strength cbd edibles I don t care.

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I didn t expect to meet you here again today, and the students would give you a toast.Haha.It s been so many years, but you still remember, you don t have to be so polite, eat quickly, it ll be cold later.After drinking a sip of tea, Zhao Rongjin reminded Ms.Ding to hurry up and eat.There is a lounge on the second floor of the Miaowei company.The beds were renovated by the old carpenter.After lunch, Xia Xiaoshu and Ding Weishan politely took Zhao accountant to the lounge.Xiaoshu s office went to discuss things Develop a new toy Xia Xiaoshu asked casually after hearing Ding Weishan s intention.Your company s new opening is a new business.I wonder if Mr.Xia intends to cooperate with our company It s good I m afraid the time is short, and I have to keep an eye on the pharmacy No I m worried, does delta 8 cbd gummies get you high I just have a preliminary idea, I haven t mentioned it to Mr.

I ll pay for the place, let s rent an office.Xia medigreen cbd gummies cost Xiaoshu suggested.It s CBD gummies expire Free CBD Gummies Sample up to you to decide.To be honest, I really don t quite understand your way of doing business.You must have special considerations for where to set up the temporary office.Then I should tell you about some things.After a period of time, there may be some major structural adjustments within the Shi Zhong company.As a result, within this year and next two years, the comprehensive strength of Lishi City will be improved.The strongest company is Dicuo.When major companies plan their business, they CBD gummies for back pain Free CBD Gummies Sample best gummy CBD Free CBD Gummies Sample must use Dicuo as their first reference, so This temporary office is best located in Dicuo The selection near the headquarters building is more appropriate, and it is much more convenient for you to commute to get off work.So that s the case Then let me think about it After exiting the gate of our company, turn right, and there is an old style office building diagonally across the road.

We re doing business together, why are you so polite You can settle this magical rooster first, and leave it to me and Sanxizi.As she spoke, Mo Saoyun greeted Sanxizi to prepare for the end.Smiling, Xia Xiaoshu politely invited the rooster back to warehouse No.9, and locked the warehouse door.Chapter 133 Sign the contract quickly Miss Xiaoxin quickly stepped forward and handed over the records in her hands to Xia Xiaoshu, smiled and asked, I saw you get a chicken just now, there is a chicken at noon.Chicken soup No, that rooster is our partner, who raised it to help us Free CBD Gummies Sample identify Chinese herbal medicines.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Isn t it You are can you take hemp gummies on a plane not as good at making up stories.Chickens can also identify Chinese herbal medicines You treat me as a three year old child, hahaha Little Xin thought that Xiao Xia was playing with her.

It is slightly different from other bookstores.At least half of the books sold in this bookstore are old Chinese classics.In addition, they also sell pen, ink, paper and inkstone.In the corner, Xia Xiaoshu also found some toys that looked good.Surprisingly, among those toys, there are actually props and dolls from the game Subway Adventure newly produced by Xinyixiang.The store seemed a little deserted at the moment, and Xia Xiaoshu only saw an elderly man looking at the thread bound copybook in his hand by the bookshelf.Your surname Xia Xiaoshu said politely with a smile.Don t worry, my surname is Gu, what s your surname So it s Mr.Gu My surname is Xia, Xia in summer.Oh Hello, Mr.Xia Please take a seat The boss seemed to have a good impression of Xia Xiaoshu.He smiled and asked Xia Xiaoshu to take a seat next to the cashier.

puur cbd gummies As a result, Xiao Chen s chess skills were obviously aggressive.Quietly, Xia Xiaoshu listened for a while, and slowly came to understand something.Because Liang Yuwei spends all his spare time in the store, for this reason, they hate me, hehe Listening to the words of the few CBD gummies at costco Free CBD Gummies Sample people standing next to me, they came prepared It is estimated that In their opinion, Xiao Chen is such a great Go master It seems that if you don t show them some color, cbd gummies broad spectrum elite power CBD gummies Free CBD Gummies Sample I m afraid that in the future, I will come to the store to make trouble.Thinking of this, Xia Xiaoshu deliberately showed weakness, one after another.Played five moves weak hand chess.Seeing this scene, Xiao Chen showed an imperceptible smile at the corners of his mouth.In his opinion, the so called Mr.Xia is just an ordinary person watching the store and guarding the stall.

Mr.Xia My father Free CBD Gummies Sample insists rachael ray cbd gummies on doing this, and I can t help it Besides, you haven t seen my family since we met We should hemp leafz cbd gummies just meet and recognize each other Give me some face Jiang Siyong insisted on inviting Xia Xiaoshu to the Qingyue Building for a banquet.Then well, recently, I have two things on my hands.When I m getting a little bit worried, shall I does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Free CBD Gummies Sample call you Okay, okay Let me know one day in advance Then you ll be busy first.Now, goodbye Goodbye After cbd oil gummies for tinnitus saying that, Xia Xiaoshu hung up the phone.Looking up inadvertently, Xia Xiaoshu found that he was walking south again, and this was the old carpenter Master Zhang s house, so Xiao Xia went around a little, and then went to Master Zhang s house first.It was almost noon, Free CBD Gummies Sample and there were cbd plus thc gummies quite a few people queuing up outside the courtyard to buy tofu.

Has it become a substandard product In fact, the pharmaceutical factory also called me beforehand and asked if we wanted to make some small package trial products.I cbd gummies detox didn t agree.So few mouthfuls, it is difficult to find obvious curative effect, this kind of thing pays attention to the natural cycle.Xia Xiaoshu explained a few words casually.Forget Free CBD Gummies Sample it, the situation on Wenyu Road may be slightly better.Anyway, there are still some old customers.I hope they will spread the word and advertise for us.It s early, it s time for you to get off work, I have to take Xiao Lu back to 500mg CBD gummy review Free CBD Gummies Sample his aunt s house Goodbye, please contact me if you have anything Okay, okay Drive slowly on the road Manager Mu and Master Tao happily sent Xia Xiaoshu s gift out does cbd gummies help lower blood pressure of the store.When they returned to the gate of Mo Saoyun s house, it was already late, and the incandescent lamps at the gate of the courtyard were quite dazzling.

Master Tao smiled and waved at Xia Xiaoshu without saying much In the days that followed, Xia Xiaoshu was not in a hurry to inspect and inspect the Wentongtong branch.He also wanted to observe and observe the reactions of various aspects.On this day, the rain turned cloudy, and I wrote the game program for more than two hours.Seeing that it was almost time for lunch, Xia Xiaoshu stretched, thinking about going to the south of the village to visit the old carpenter Uncle Zhang.If the time is convenient for the two of them , he wanted to invite the two of cbd gummies at walgreens them to royal blend cbd gummies 750 mg town for a hot pot.When the warehouse was settled here, Xia Xiaoshu took a folding umbrella and walked quickly towards the south of the village.After knocking on the door a few times, the old sugar free CBD gummies Free CBD Gummies Sample carpenter Uncle Zhang came out and opened the courtyard door.

All of this is basically impossible in the humanistic and academic environment of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of Dongqi University.Xia Xiao must absorb more fresh academic nutrition.Among this non academic academic nutrition is the so called extremely fast macro theory.It is said that extreme speed macro is a highly applicable mathematical theory bred in the long term business competition, and it is also a very clever practical technology that contains great business opportunities and super profits.Some people even say that it is a Free CBD Gummies Sample super theoretical technology that may be omnipotent.However, this theory was never fully formed.For major companies, this technology is the most advanced trade secret within the company.Since it is a top level business secret, it is naturally private and undisclosed.

Sorry to keep you waiting, where can we eat Guan Qicheng asked casually.Gong Ge didn t get up with you Xia Xiaoshu asked.Because of job hopping, the two of us have never been pinnacle hemp gummies able to talk about veterans vitality CBD gummies Free CBD Gummies Sample it.It s annoying that we re separated from time to time.I m worried that she will talk nonsense at the does CBD gummies help with high blood pressure Free CBD Gummies Sample dinner table, so I won t call her at all.Guan Qicheng replied helplessly.If you continue like this, it won t affect the marriage, will it Xia Xiaoshu asked worriedly.That s not possible To be honest, I don t Free CBD Gummies Sample [CDC] have any interest in marriage now.Forget it, let s not talk about her, where do we go to eat How about Deyuelou All day what do cbd gummies do long.Passing are cbd gummies good for tinnitus by, I haven t been there yet It s good, let s go now Let s contact Chen Yurong, if it s convenient for her, let s drive to pick her cost of eagle hemp CBD gummies Free CBD Gummies Sample up.Xia Xiaoshu was planning to make another appointment.

She was surprised by Xia Xiaoshu s cooking skills.Inadvertently, Mu Qijin revealed an investment project to him.Recommend myself a master accountant This afternoon, around four o clock, Xia Xiaoshu drove with Dr.Meng Qiting to the medical and nursing center to visit Mo Saoyun s mother in law.Yang what is better cbd oil or gummies Yuye naturally followed the same car.Taking advantage of the time when Doctor Meng and Nurse Yang were there for consultation, Xia Xiaoshu Free CBD Gummies Sample accompanied cbd gummy for pain Mo Saoyun upstairs and walked around the small garden.The old lady looks so much better.Thank goodness, I can finally eat normally, but I can t eat enough.Mo Saoyun replied casually, the dark clouds on her face still haven t completely dissipated, it seems that she is still I have some doubts.This matter can t be rushed, you have to take care of it slowly.

If that is the case, the speed of the project progress.But it was greatly delayed, so I didn t report it.Let s try it again, I m not completely sure.Xiao Xia replied cautiously.I believe in your ability, let s go I ll give you a shot, let s make ball soup.Okay Xia Xiaoshu s skill in martha stewart cbd gummy making soup is really good, and the members of the archaeological team drank it one by one.Full of praise, for a time, the medicinal material warehouse was very lively, and the cheerful atmosphere of the past reappeared.After the meal, I told Researcher Lu a few cbd hemp plant words, and Captain He accompanied Xia Xiaoshu to the old courtyard of the old carpenter Master Zhang s house.The Zhuang family is diligent, the sun botanicals cbd gummies has just emerged, and the sound of Free CBD Gummies Sample sifting soybeans has been heard in the old courtyard of Master Zhang s house.

Shi Xinqin not only bought a lot by herself, but also bought some with her family s money.Seeing that this stock is growing well and in a good mood, she is ready to get married.Under the coordination of Meng Qiyun, Shi Xinqin has now been transferred back to the company headquarters, mainly responsible for cooperating with Meng Qiyun to negotiate business with other companies.Because of the relationship between stocks, Shi Xinqin and Meng Qiyun have gotten along like sisters.The Wentong branch of Qibaotang has been upgraded to a Free CBD Gummies Sample direct operated store, and Kang Chengdong has taken over as the branch manager.For Kang Chengdong, this is a half level promotion.After a year, he can earn more than 100,000 yuan.The manager of the Jianmin Road store was replaced by a female manager who was very close to Meng Qiyun.

Meng, there are many clean restaurants around us, choose one that suits the tastes of the two of you Xia Xiaoshu always felt that the Qingyue Building was somewhat flashy, and he didn t like it.there.Besides, for less than one hundred yuan in favor, it is impossible for Mr.Jiang to spend a lot of money on a place like Qingyue Building.Then let s find a restaurant with a light taste and make do with it.I don t know if Doctor Meng has any taboos Jiang Siyong followed Xiao Xia s suggestion and casually asked Meng Qiting s dining habits.I m a very casual person, and I don t have any taboos.Mr.Jiang is too polite You can do whatever you want, and you can do whatever you want Meng Qiting smiled and said politely Said to pick one at random, but when he looked at the specific location, Jiang Siyong finally found a four star restaurant, and the dishes he ordered were all healthy and light in taste.

Not only that, Tong Yuyao also assigned Assistant Ma to get in touch with Xie Tingyu, and the two companies discussed whether they could subtly nest the complete set of high tech companies from Shi Mihui into the Subway Adventure mobile game.Xie Tingyu was naturally happy to see kozmic gardens cbd gummies the success, and handed over some of the business at hand to Yang Yuye, and drove to the Shi Mihui company every day to discuss specific details with the executives of the advertising department.The Shi Mihui company hired power CBD gummy bears Free CBD Gummies Sample a special person to write several game story scripts, all of which Xia Xiaoshu rejected.Xie Tingyu remembered that Xu Shiyun, Jin Yeyu, and Yuan Jiamin seemed to be very good at this, so she found them and asked them to help write some interesting game story scripts.At this time, Xia Xiaoshu remembered that the script fee for the last story had not been settled, and quickly asked Xie Tingyu and Fang Yuelan to Free CBD Gummies Sample settle all the remaining manuscript fees.

Eat whatever you want.Xiao Xia greeted with a smile.Your manager is here It s so early There are boxes of precious summer valley cbd gummies price Chinese medicines that have to be delivered to the branch for sale.The driver thinks that the money is not enough, so our manager has to drive over to pick up the goods.I m not used to dining with strangers.While speaking, Miss Xin picked up a piece of fried buns and ate it.Our manager is a woman, and she is very friendly.Talk to her.How about you help me entertain guests It s almost the same.Vegetables Miss Xin asked casually.Yes, what What do you want to eat As long as we have ready made ingredients here, I ll fry it for you right away.Don just cbd gummy bears t bother, just put more chili later.Okay I ll trouble you then.Go over and say hello to our manager.No problem I still have a few bottles of yogurt there, and I ll get her a bottle.

edible gummies with thc and cbd As a result, the research and development direction of the main control chip was gradually adjusted to a hybrid solution.Unexpectedly, Xia Xiaoshu checked for a long time and saw the problem at a glance.What should I do then Are you going to knock it down and start over Tong Yuyao couldn t help frowning as she spoke.That s not necessary.However, the related functions that this chip does not need to cbd gummies 1000mg for pain carry have to be considered.If there are special needs, it can be replaced by a very low cost digital module.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Said, Really Let s slim down this main control chip Then repackage it Tong Yuyao asked in surprise.That s pretty much what it means.Xia Xiaoshu replied with a smile.Good or good, this is considered an upgrade However, how many years will it have to wait Speaking of this, Tong Free CBD Gummies Sample [CDC] Yuyao s eyes flashed a bit of extreme disappointment.

Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile.Shang Yixi s brain is very good, and after listening carefully, he feels that this business should be quite difficult.How does it work, can I trouble you to give me some hints Shang Yi asked politely.I think so, you might as well get in touch with Nie Zhaoxu, Assistant Ma, Wang Yudong these executives and see if you can fix the place to meet and negotiate, you have a lot of knowledge, and the time is right.When the time comes, I will suggest that they elect a temporary person in charge, and it is best for you to take up this position.Xia Xiaoshu explained with a smile for a long time.Then Lishi City is so big, where do you think our contacts at this level would be appropriate Shang Yi asked with a smile.This How about Yu Shenghe What a great place Why didn t I think of it, it s the most suitable place.

Although things are going a little difficult, no matter what, it is finally settled, and the poor mother may usher in another transfer.The chance Chapter 214 Human Relations Just after can u bring CBD gummies on a plane Free CBD Gummies Sample giving a few fresh fish to a relative of the family, Shikuhu walked slowly towards the house.Huh Isn t that Mr.Xia Who s that woman next to me It seems like I ve never seen Mr.Xia s friend Thinking of this, Shikuhu deliberately walked around a pond, thinking about going over and hemp derived delta 9 gummies talking to Xia Xiao Count to say hello.In Shikuhu s eyes, Xia Xiaoshu is a rare noble person.As long as he stays in the Qibaotang medicinal material warehouse for one more day, he may have an extra income.Uncle Where is this going Xia Xiaoshu greeted Shikuhu from a distance.Hahaha The Zhuang family doesn t have that spare time.A relative of mine has a bad appetite recently.

I m in a special situation, okay You are still young, so you should be a little self motivated.Don t tell me like my mother, it s annoying Do you have to do a lot of questions when you study math No, since you just want to pass the exam, things are much simpler.Bring me all the math exam papers you ve passed.It s that easy Well By the way, is your teacher male or female Female teacher.How best cbd gummies for relaxation old are you In her early thirties, she s amazing I m in my early thirtiesdo you know which university you graduated from I don t know, I ll ask about it tomorrow Okay, in addition, you can also bring me the exercise set she asked you to buy.No problem, Then I can totally rely on you Try it.In this way, Xia Xiaoshu became a temporary tutor.Chapter 2 Eleven Questions Outside the window, little snowflakes were sparsely falling and falling with the wind, making the sky even darker.

During the recent period, Chang Kuangyu couldn t help but feel a little suspicious when he noticed that Shi Xinqin and Meng Qiyun were getting closer and closer.According to Chang Kuangyu s understanding, Shi Xinqin was Xia Xiaoshu s eyeliner specially arranged at the head office to keep an eye on Meng Qiyun to prevent her from doing anything wrong.Just dragging.Ding Weishan s mentality became a little complicated after the situation of ups and downs continued for a while.Today, I heard Xia Xiaoshu suddenly mention the matter of inviting Dong Qiyu, and after thinking about it, Ding Weishan felt that the clouds in the sky were about to dissipate.Looking at the current situation, should I talk to Liang Dong directly Ding Weishan asked.For the sake of prudence, it is best to implement some things first.

At that time, it Free CBD Gummies Sample cbd gummies how long do they last is estimated that there will be no need to work hard in the countryside.Puzzle game It is difficult to make money with that thing.Fang Yuelan said casually.said.I ve seen a small advertisement for that game.It s very special.I never play games, and it looks pretty good Really What kind of small advertisement It s a screen saver applet.Mr.Xia is smart enough.He is quite familiar with the owner of an Internet cafe.He installed the screen saver applet on the computer of the Internet cafe, and customers can buy cbd gummies for sleep see it every day.It is a free advertisement.Really You know.Where exactly did Mr.Xia buy the medicinal herbs It seems to be somewhere in Yugu Village, but I don t know exactly where, what Do you want to meet this Mr.Xia Well I can t sit and eat all day.Since you can see it, that game Free CBD Gummies Sample should be interesting.

It had been divided into several spaces by Shi Jiudang s grandfather using stones.After a while, Xia Xiaoshu suddenly heard the sound of water flowing.Brother Shi Isn t there a dark river below Xia Xiaoshu asked in surprise.I ll explain it to you later, put the food we bought in the afternoon, or it won t be fresh tomorrow.He stopped there with a smile, and Shi Jiudang was reselling it.Chapter 95 The parameter standard is set high The three people transferred most of the food that should be in the refrigerator in the kitchen to the stone refrigerator.Xia Xiaoshu found that the volume of this special natural refrigerator It s surprisingly big.After covering the bluestone slab, Shi Jiudang informed Xia Xiaoshu of the specific account opening procedure.My grandfather s craftsmanship is amazing, don t worry Things like that dust and little bugs can t get in at all.

Free CBD Gummies Sample can you buy CBD gummies at walmart >> pineapple haze CBD glossy lip butter, kenai farms CBD gummies reviews Free CBD Gummies Sample how long do CBD gummies take to start what is the difference between CBD and hemp Free CBD Gummies Sample working Free CBD Gummies Sample.

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