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Xu Que was stunned for a moment, and then laughed out loud, Haha, broke the formation It s time for a cup of tea Are you kidding me Elder Liu immediately blushed and was extremely annoyed.The rest of the immortal cultivators behind him also looked embarrassed, which was simply too embarrassing.It s new age hemp gummies 3000 mg reviews just how could this be Elder Liu s accomplishments in formation are no small matter, how could he not even cbd gummies las vegas be able to break this kid s formation Could it be something weird Oh, the master is lonely At this time, Xu Que sighed, and began to look up at the sky again with emotion.You said that you can cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal t even break this mere small formation, and you dare CBD Vs Hemp Extract rethink cbd gummies side effects to speak up and say you want to kill me Tsk tsk, you come, hemp bombs cbd gummies 750mg I ll wait for you to kill.Can I kill you with my neck stretched out Facing Xu Que s sarcastic remarks, the people on the opposite hemp and olive cbd oil mountain were already furious.

Xu Que also stepped forward cozily, and saw Liu Jingning and the other saints and daughters of the cbd calm gummies East Wasteland at a glance, and said with a smile, Everyone, we meet again Brother Xu, I can t think of not seeing you for a few months, you It s still awe inspiring Dong Genji immediately stood up and said with a hypocritical smile.At this time, he can t care about the grudge with Xu Que.After all, he has Duan Jiude s backing, who the hell can afford to offend him Yo, it s the foundation By the way, has your little jj recovered Xu Que asked curiously.Dong Genji s mouth twitched suddenly, his heart was full of fire, no matter how hypocritical he was, he was so angry that he didn cbd gummy recipes t want to speak.This incident was the biggest stain in his life, and he almost became a demon.Boy, is he the enemy you re talking about Duan Jiude glanced at Dong Genji hemp gummies chemist warehouse and asked Xu Que.

The second prince narrowed his eyes my cbd gummies and said coldly, This prince disdains to lie to you, everything is in the storage ring, what else do you want It s very simple, just go to your house and see Xu Que smiled.Everyone in the audience took a deep breath when they heard this Hiss This guy is too bold, isn t he Go to the second prince s house to see What s the difference between this Nima and a copycat More importantly, the Second Prince s family is in the palace The second prince was also about to explode with anger, but because Xu Que had the letter in his hand, he didn t dare to do it.After taking a deep breath, the second prince gritted his teeth and asked fiercely, Of course this prince doesn t mind you going to see it, but the question is, do you dare to go Why don t you dare Let s take a walk, CBD Vs Hemp Extract I just haven t eaten lunch yet.

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in difficulty.Xu Que gained more than 3,000 pretending points and tens of millions of experience points, and successfully entered the fourth floor of the Infant Transformation Stage It s a pity that the dead aliens, he is powerless.The dozens of aliens who survived were treated by Xu Que s elixir, and their injuries were quickly relieved.The group began to clean the battlefield and brought out the alien corpses for burial On that day, Xu Que, Su Linger and others stayed in the tower of the Demon Palace.From their mouths, Xu Que learned that the situation was nothing more than that the monster beasts still wanted to make contributions and prestige by catching aliens, and beguiled one or two aliens as 3000 mg cbd gummies how many to take traitors in various tribes, and cooperated with the monsters to cooperate with each other.But 1 1 cbd thc gummies what surprised Xu Que was that the pattern of those reverse teleportation arrays actually came from the inheritance of the alien race.

If the skills of these two people are combined, Xu Que can guarantee that he will be the strongest king in the tomb robbery world in the future, hammering everything and 2022 Top 5 CBD Vs Hemp Extract hanging everything Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que for successfully redeeming Zhang Qiling Professional Memory , consuming 2,000 loading points Ding, congratulations to the host Xu Que successfully redeeming Hu Bayi Professional Memory , consuming 2,000 loading points Exciting value Ding, spend 5,000 points in pretending points, the system will start to upgrade to version 3o, the estimated time is half an hour In one breath, Xu Que spent 9,000 points in pretending points, and took him from the alien race.And then to the imperial city, the accumulated pretense value was almost exhausted in one breath.There are also two kinds of memories suddenly added to my mind, which are integrated into the body, as if they were born with familiarity At this time, the mood is happy, it must be fake, and the mood must be painful.

However, to deal with a sect like Tianwuzong, such a high end fierce formation is simply not needed.Let s take a look best cbd gummies reddit at other level formations first.Xu Que shook his head and mumbled, looking directly at the middle level formations column.But when he saw that the cheapest intermediate level formation cost more than 200 bucks, the corner of his mouth twitched, and he could only silently enter the primary level formation options.Fortunately, the price of the primary formation is not so scary.The average price is around 80 points, which makes Xu Que a long sigh of relief.After scanning it carefully, he saw two of the formations.Taiyi Qiankun Formation originated from the remnants of the ancient divine formations, which possessed the changes of Yin and Yang, and overcome rigidity with softness.

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They either stood up and paced back, or sat back on the ground and stood up again after a while.Although the entire hall was quiet, it was also enveloped by this tense and depressing atmosphere.What is the demon emperor doing Why do we have to wait for him for an hour Yes, it s been more than half an hour, but there is no movement from above I really can t figure out, one hour, he can How to turn things around best cbd gummies for anxiety and anger Oh, I don t know if the clansmen who just left have succeeded in breaking through I m afraid it s more fortunate Everyone began to break the silence and chatted in a low voice, cbd gummies to quit smoking on shark tank trying to ease the dullness and anxiety in their hearts.But after chatting, the unease in my heart became stronger.Boom At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from dozens of miles away from the demon city Everyone was suddenly startled, and they all gathered at the entrance of the main hall, looked up, and were instantly dumbfounded.

Come on, go and buy it for this young master A luxuriously dressed young man shouted loudly.The servant next to him also took a deep breath greedily, and then ran out of the street, looking for the source of the smell In the second floor wing of a luxurious restaurant, the fragrance wafts into the room through the window Several young men and women with extraordinary looks and excellent temperament were also shocked Hey, this smell It s so fragrant, the folks have such a peculiar smell of meat, how did it come about This prince has eaten all the delicacies of mountains and seas in the palace, but he has never seen such a delicious food Brother Huang is right, no, you have to buy it and try it out, little plum, hurry up, you can pay as much as you want After the face man went to buy it, the white face man also hurriedly responded and led him downstairs in a hurry At this time, one of the older men looked at the woman with a light veil by the window, and smiled lightly, Seven Emperor Sister, you often travel outside, you should have more knowledge CBD Vs Hemp Extract than us, do you know what this smell is Imperial brother is joking, I have practiced Taoism outside, and I have been fasting for many years.

That s the kind of person Madam Ya was taken aback, what broad spectrum CBD gummies hemp bombs CBD Vs Hemp Extract do infused gummies cbd you mean I What kind of person am I Why did he suddenly feel a sense of disappointment and sadness in his eyes Xu Que raised his head and said in a deep voice, Madam, I hope you don t look at me in the eyes of a worldly person.I m not a person who relies on my face to eat.I know that my talent has been CBD Vs Hemp Extract robbed too much by this handsome face, but in the end, I don t know how to do it.One day, I will still show the world my true talent After speaking, Xu Que turned and left, stepping into Madam Ya s garden.But Mrs.Ya stayed where she was.After a few breaths, she realized what Xu Que was saying, she couldn t help but cover her mouth and giggle and laughed, shaking her head and saying, This little guy is really interesting He turned around and praised him for his good looks The lack of today s performance really surprised Mrs.

It was really weird and funny.people However, she also believed that Xu Que had no malicious intentions, otherwise he would not have repeatedly tried to save the alien race, and even ceded the position of the demon emperor to her.Then why didn t you tell me you were a human Su Linger asked again, this was hemp bomb melatonin gummies her doubt.Xu Que shook his head and smiled, Think about it, if I said I was a human race, would you have driven me away Su Linger and Su Xiaoqi were both startled and nodded silently.Indeed, as Xu Que said, the relationship between the alien race and the human race is very mysterious.It is neither an enemy nor a friend.If Xu Que said that he was a human race at the time, he would definitely be misunderstood by the alien race and have a conspiracy.Then why did you tell us now Su Xiaoqi asked.

Xu Que wandered around at leisure last night, collected a lot, and hoarded them in the system package, but now he has taken them all out.Hehe These fine irons can finally come in handy.The army of monsters, right It seems that your news is quite fun drops cbd gummies scam well informed.I know that your great grandfather has just passed the thunder tribulation and has been upgraded, and the most missing thing now is Experience The corner of Xu Que s mouth lifted focl cbd gummies slightly, and then he called out the system interface, the best cbd gummies for chronic pain System, exchange for me, enough runestones to cbd gummy bear forge nine Divine Power Cannons In addition, add a Bagua Ten Thousand Swords Formation This time, I ll play big .Chapter 155 The calm before the outbreak Boom The majestic fire suddenly poured out from Xu Que s palm, turning into a cyan fire cloud in the air.This is the Qinglian Earth Core Fire ranked 19th on the Different Fire List.

Five characters Come and hit me .Chapter 117 You thief monkey You are courting death The voice in the formation was furious and roared loudly.Boom Immediately after, there was a loud noise from the formation in front of Xu Que, and the entire light curtain suddenly turned, and Fang Yuan s spiritual energy suddenly surged.Soon, the barrier opened and twisted, can dogs have cbd gummies for humans as if it turned into a huge mouth, with a powerful murderous intention, and immediately covered Xu Que.Hehe, I ll be waiting for you Xu Que stopped singing, is hemp oil the same as CBD oil CBD Vs Hemp Extract best cbd thc gummies hehe smiled, and immediately pinched a ray of green lotus fire in his left hand, while his right hand condensed a cold fire kanha cbd gummies review of Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum bone spirit.Crack The palms snapped together, two flames splashed, and Xu Que s ten fingers danced like phantoms, squeezing the two balls of fire quickly At the same time, Xu Que was in the woods behind him.

Grass, this Nima is still playing an obstacle course Xu Que immediately scolded, do i need a card to buy cbd gummies and quickly stepped on the brakes.However, in this short period of time, he couldn t overcome his inertia, and the space of the barrier was so small, Xu Que s ae86 slid a certain distance from the ground and suddenly hit the barrier Boom The front of the car dented instantly, plumes of white smoke rose up, and Xu Que s airbag CBD Vs Hemp Extract popped out of his car Obviously this hit is very serious After all, the quality of his car can t really are royal blend cbd gummies legit be compared eden cbd gummies with the cultivators horses, and it will definitely break if it is bumped Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh At this time, the god horses shuttled past Xu Que His crash caused Zhang Juwang, Qi Yunfei and the others, who had been behind, to catch up one by one.When passing cbd gummies for migraines by Xu Que, Zhang Juwang was still sitting among the god horses, showing a contemptuous and joking sneer at Xu Que When Qi Yunfei and the others passed through, they also glanced at Xu Que coldly, as if a strong man was scrutinizing him, and then he and his horses flashed away from Xu Que s face and left Xu Que was instantly angry, opened the car door, walked out, and scolded, Damn it, who is the grandson Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum who is plotting against Lao Tzu Get out The echo echoed Everyone looked at Xu Que as if they were ghosts, and looked at Xu Que with a strange face, and then cbd gummies on shark tank cautiously turned their heads to look at the second prince on the top of the mountain Second prince, what do you mean At this moment, the third prince stood up and looked at the second prince and said angrily.

If Xu Que says it s delicious, then he can t do anything hemp CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract about Xu Que.Even this bet, he cbd gummies for memory will lose directly This is unacceptable to the second prince.But to break this deadlock, the only way is to find someone else to eat.But who to look for It delta 88 cbd gummies s absolutely impossible to do it yourself How could the dignified second Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum prince of the Golden Kingdom go to taste shit for a bet If this is really eaten, he will not even think about competing for the throne of the Jin Kingdom, the can cbd gummies help with diabetes whole majesty is ruined While pondering, the best cbd gummies for tinnitus shark tank eyes of the second prince swept slightly towards the old eunuch next to him The old eunuch seemed to feel something, and immediately understood what the second prince wanted to do, and immediately turned pale with fright, knelt on the ground and shouted, Second prince, spare your life, the old slave is already old, I really can t stand this kind of stimulation, beg the second.

Ready for a cauldron Can the cauldron deal with these two giant sea clans At this time, Xu Que continued, I have already figured out how to cook these two Pipi shrimps One is steamed, the other is charcoal fired Good news, good news, Taishang Shuiyi will have three shifts from today Now is the first update, go have a meal first, and go back to chapters 2 and 3 when you come back I don t need to talk about voting and rewards, right Pippi shrimp, let s go .Chapter 502 Li Bai is dead What what In an instant, not only Su Linger and Su Xiaoqi, but everyone in the audience was dumbfounded what the hell At this time, you don t want to kill the enemy, but you want to eat Damn, your brows are so tightly wrinkled, are you thinking about this kind of thing There is also one steamed and one charcoal grilled, why don t you have a braised one Everyone has a black cbd edibles for anxiety line, feeling that this monkey is too cbd gummies for hangover similar to Xu Que, it is a thc gummies for sleep and pain huge pit The two sea men, after being stunned for a moment, were completely furious.

I have one for each Hmph, my Ultimate Bliss Sect doesn t even bother to do such a thing, let alone leave home with you Liu Jingning snorted immediately.The young master from the house shook his head and sneered, The do CBD gummies cause constipation CBD Vs Hemp Extract ecstasy sect is disdainful Then whole foods cbd gummies why hasn t one of your bliss sects come out to help you Do you think your sect master will not be tempted by the ancient murderous formation He just wants to borrow our hand, That s it As soon as these words came out, Liu Jingning was stunned, and she was speechless Because she is right now that the young master of Lijia is keoni cbd gummies website right.Since Lijia followed them closely, there is no reason cbd gummies for anxiety cvs why the suzerain could not guess Lijia s intention.Why hasn t Bliss Sect sent anyone to help Could it be that the suzerain tacitly agreed to leave his family s actions Whoosh At this moment, a phantom suddenly appeared in best cannabis gummies the sky in the direction of the Bliss Sect in the distance A disciple of the Elysium Sect Liu Jingning recognized that the phantom was wearing the clothes she was from the Elysium Sect But the next moment, there was a loud voice in the air The sect master has orders Xu Que is young and promising, galaxy CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract and he hemp CBD CBD Vs Hemp Extract has good conduct.

Ya, and they are already on the list.Answer the list cbd botanical farms gummies by yourself, but each question has a time limit, you need to answer it within ten breaths, otherwise it will also be regarded as a failure Said, the girl book boy pointed to the door, on a wooden plaque covered with a red cloth At the same time, a book boy walked out with a gong and knocked it hard.Qiang The 1200 mg cbd gummies voice resounded throughout the Daming Lake All the students in the audience were startled and their eyes gathered Chapter 170 You are the only one holding an umbrella Mrs.Ya s gong is ringing Damn it, is anyone going to break through Come and see, it s been a year since then.After the failure of the former Mingsheng Academy s Young Master Mo, no one will pass the test again Young pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews Master Mo is one of the four talents of Mingsheng Academy.

CBD Vs Hemp Extract Huh It s liquid, smells It s great Just test the DNA and CBD Vs Hemp Extract you can find it However, it seems that there is no DNA detector now, so use the most primitive and most effective method Smell it After taking a long breath, Xu Que immediately knew everything, but if you don t smell it, you actually know everything.I ll go, forget it I m more real than a futon, what do CBD gummies for back pain CBD Vs Hemp Extract I pretend to be It s not clear that it s Madam Ya The pretending madman Xu Que put down the futon in his hand, thinking Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum about Madam Ya s invitation for a while, Full of anticipation to go back to his place, pretending that nothing happened.After a while, a book boy came over and asked him to go to the backyard.In the yard, Mrs.Ya had already changed into a plain brocade robe and was sitting on the stone bench smilingly waiting natures boost cbd gummies amazon for him.

Cultivation, several people couldn t help but feel despair in their hearts It seems this star grass, we probably won t be able to get it Zhang keoni CBD gummies cost CBD Vs Hemp Extract Suliang shook his head with a wry smile.The competition between the Golden Core Stages is no longer something they can participate in the Foundation Establishment Stage.Tang Xueru gritted her teeth, a little unwilling, but it wasn t the first day she came out to experience, she deeply understood the what is delta 8 CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract principle of respecting the strong and feeding the weak, and finally sighed slightly and said nothing more.Several other disciples of the original Tianwuzong also seemed a little depressed.At this time, Xu Que also walked towards them.The eyelids of the five Jindan cultivators suddenly jumped and became vigilant.The strange behavior of the young man in black robes before he left still made them feel that this young man in black robes was probably not that simple.

Therefore, Xu Que s mood is not particularly clear now.Before, he gummies for pain cbd killed so many people by leaps and bounds, but in fact, they were all just scumbags.If he really faced the powerhouse of the infant transformation period, there was no chance of winning at all.Alas, melancholy Xu Que sighed in the sky and continued on.After a while, he climbed over a mountain and came to the foot of the mountain.Not far from the front was a small teahouse.Because this road is an official road, and it is relatively desolate, whether it is immortal cultivator or mortal, as long as it passes by, it will usually rest here.When Xu Que walked over, there were only a few mortals sitting in the small teahouse.It seemed that the second shopkeeper was busy pouring tea and water for them.Little Er, get a bottle of Sprite Xu Que found an empty table, sat down, and shouted.

Hmph, it s a piece of cake Xu Que snorted cbd gummies market coldly, holding the Xuan Chong ruler in his hand, stepping on his feet, and soaring into the air, directly using the Liuhe Swimming Ruler to resist this catastrophe with the shadow of the sky boom There was another burst of fire in the air.Xu Que s whole body was wrapped in a dazzling golden light, and ripples appeared around him.The powerful air waves were like a hurricane, sweeping all around.Everyone present could not help narrowing their eyes and raising their arms to cover.After a few breaths, the brilliance quickly dissipated, and Xu Que s figure appeared in the air.A wisp of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, but this time he was not shocked.After the magic resistance cloak was exchanged, it was finally able to withstand the power of golden lightning.

Liu Jingning rolled his eyes speechlessly, and was about to speak, but suddenly he was slightly startled, turned to look behind him, and frowned Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh With a few sounds of breaking through the air, Liu Jingning s face sank, and he said coldly, Someone is coming Huh Xu Que Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum also appeared, behind Liu Jingning was the direction of the Elysium Sect, and there were a few streamers at this time, positive chasing after him Yo, he seems to be someone who has left home, and he is murderous.He seems to be sick, so he needs to get an electricity After seeing the silhouettes in the streamers, Xu Que s eyes narrowed what is delta 8 CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract slightly.The corners of his mouth twitched, and a cold smile emerged.Originally in the Elysium Sect, he was too lazy to charlotte s web cbd melatonin gummies care about his family, but now that the other party is aggressive and sent to the door with bad intentions, then he will definitely not top cbd gummies be polite After all, in his eyes, those few away from the family have become the experience value hemp oil cbd content and pretending value of walking, waiting for him to harvest .

Boy, you re crazy, they all grabbed the ring, what are you doing with them At this time, Ergouzi said in surprise.With its wisdom, copd CBD gummies reviews CBD Vs Hemp Extract he couldn t tell what Xu Que wanted to play with.He just thought that these people would definitely suffer if they got the rings, but he didn t understand how Xu Que wanted to get those rings back.Xu Que shook his head and said, These storage rings are too dangerous.If they were to take them away, the consequences would be unimaginable After speaking, he looked at the crowd and said with a righteous look, Everyone, I m not joking with you.Give me back the storage ring, I beg you Ha Many people laughed as if they were teasing.still you How are you so naive Will we give you back the things we grabbed Little friend, you are not suitable for this world An old man shook his head, feeling that Xu Que s words were too naive.

Seeing this scene, Xu Que raised his eyebrows cbd hemp oil organic and stared, Don t run away, you guys who are retching, I will feed you real shit noble cbd gummies later.The expressions of the retching monks suddenly changed.Standing up straight, he bowed his hands to the people around him and said, Everyone, I have something important to do, so let s say goodbye first After saying this, he immediately turned around Yu Jian and left.Xu Que snorted coldly, naturally it was impossible to chase.He looked down at the stinky tofu left in the frying pan, and the corner of his mouth suddenly raised slightly, as if thinking of something.He looked at the people under the tower and said with a smile, Fellow Daoists, do you want to know why I can improve my soul power so quickly This black robed youth really broke through the spirit power temporarily, so divine, it is CBD Vs Hemp Extract simply amazing.

At this moment, he is like a ruthless and ruthless official, about to clean the entire imperial city .Chapter 784 True Supporters Something happened Something happened Amazing news It turns out that those so called bombing inns in our Huoyuan Kingdom in recent cbd hemp expert years are all fake Now the real Tianjiao Tianjiao has appeared, known as the city management officer, named Zhong Kui, and will maintain the order prime nature cbd products of the imperial city It s terrible As soon as he 2.5 CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract appeared, he killed several Nascent Soul thugs without hesitation In the end, he took the life of the shopkeeper of the fake bombing gang inn, and even the body was dragged into the street Suddenly, the entire imperial city of premium jane CBD gummies CBD Vs Hemp Extract Huoyuan Kingdom was boiling On the street, Xu Que dragged an iron chain, hooked a corpse, and walked slowly forward.

This made him less than a few hundred thousand experience from the tenth floor of the Nascent Soul Stage This also means that he is very close to the CBD Vs Hemp Extract infant transformation stage, and he will soon be able to step into that realm But all the people present froze in place, is cbd naturally in your body their faces sluggish and absent minded.Pfft At this moment, a column of blood suddenly splashed out from Ye Changfeng s throat, and the whole person stood upright and fell backwards.A muffled bang suddenly woke up many people present.Their eyes, from dull, suddenly turned new plant cbd gummies into panic and shock.Kill Killing God with a sword That move just now was Killing God with a sword My God, I m not dazzled, right Except for the old killing god of Tiansha, there are still people in the world who can kill gods.A sword And he also killed Ye Changfeng, Ye Changfeng who entered the infant transformation stage after taking the Blood Demon Pill Many people exclaimed in shock, extremely shocked.

The prompt sounded, and his eyes swept to the people present.Everyone s eyelids jumped, and their faces lost blood.It s over, we watched with our own eyes this guy killed the people of Lang Jianzong.Shouldn t he be trying to kill someone and wipe out the evidence People reacted and trembled in their hearts.They believed that Xu Que would definitely do such a thing.What surprised them was that Xu Que had actually lost the sword, with a sunny and harmless smile on his face, as if he had returned to his innocent side.Everyone just wanted to vomit blood.Brother, don t you pretend You just finished killing people in front of us, and now you are acting cute and innocent, which boulder highlands cbd gummies makes us very embarrassed Do you have to act with you However, most of Tianjiao s faces are very solemn.They know that people like Xu Que will definitely be terrifying in the cultivation world.

After seven days, he is still alive Could it be that he has already been created Suddenly, countless shocked or malicious eyes stared at Xu Que.Xu best cbd gummies recipe Que was in a good mood at this time, with a bright smile on his face, he walked out of the entrance of the cave with a bright smile.This trip really made a lot of money.First, I got a Best CBD Vs Hemp Extract Full Spectrum fairy weapon Ancient Wheel of Life and Death from the chessboard and sea array, and then I successfully got the Zixia Fairy, who was beyond the reach of the gods, and finally took away the inheritance under the Five Elements Mountain, which is the biggest life in this trip.Winner However, the fact that he came out like this made the people present even more certain of their guesses.This guy must have a big harvest This person is only in the golden core period, and he has such good fortune.

The prince spares his life, don t let the old slave fail at the end of the festival He was really frightened, he had finally worked hard in the palace for so many years, and lived to this age, if he really helped the second prince to try the feces , CBD hemp gummies benefits CBD Vs Hemp Extract overnight It will definitely spread throughout the imperial city, and it will really become a laughing stock at that time, and the evening festival will not be guaranteed The second prince is also worried.This old eunuch has been with him for many years, and cbd gummies for muscle relaxation he can be considered loyal.If he really asks him CBD Vs Hemp Extract to try this shit, it will not be good for his reputation as the second prince At this moment, at the moment when he was troubled and worried, a figure suddenly rushed over and squeezed through the crowd.It was actually a guard Without waiting for everyone to react, he just heard a thump , he knelt down on one knee, clasped his fists and said to the second prince, Report to the second prince, the eight elders of Tianxiang Valley have arrived in the imperial city Oh The eight elders are here, please come quickly.

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