What is the Cable Tray?

cable tray

Fabricated piece of metal of fiber / PVC channel to provide the mechanical protection to cable and support to cable for hanging as per site requirements.

Cable tray usage

Cabletray used for electrical cable protection and laying for distribution in the building’s structural plants and at walls, Cable tray used for control and power cables cable tray some time use separator between different voltage level to protect the interferences, Basically cable tray is the part of cabling accessories it serves the different purpose cable mechanical protection cable ventilation and separation from other utilities, cable tray accessories should be designed as per requirement plant specification and as per at atmosphere area temperature.

Cable Tray Types.

Cabletrays are manufactured of different types as per requirements.

Cable ladder

Perforated cable tray

Cable duct

Cable Mesh

Material for cable tray manufacturing.

It depends on the condition of the area.

by looking at the atmosphere some time use special protection to protect the cable tray from rust use the powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, painting

  • Cable tray accessories.
  • Cable tray straight length
  • Cable tray joints plate nut bolts
  • Bends, tee, risers, verticals horizontal hinges

Supports holding clamps, earth continuity jumpers threading rods hanging support, cantilever brackets and many more as per requirements.

Cable tray Manufacturing and installation services,

Cable tray and Accessories should be manufactured as per design and specification during the manufacturing expert team should be assigned sharp edges should not be at any area because cable tray used for cable protection during installation extra care required to make sure that it will safe for cables, sharp edges should not at any area it can damage the cables, perforation in the cable tray help out to exhaust the heat of power cable due to ventilation.

we can reduce the cable temperature, during installation need to take care that bends riser radius should be sufficient as per cable manufacturer recommendation cable sharp bends can cause the cable damaging, supporting structure should be strong enough as per cable weight, use the cover to protect the cable from any damaging also need the earth jumpers cable at every joint to make sure the proper continuity cable tray should be grounded connect to earthing network from both ends, cable tray is the part of electrical installation.

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