Best Sites Like KissCartoon to Watch Cartoons for Free


KissCartoon is now a popular streaming website and is dedicated to cartoons. This is actually a free website and contrary to what many people may think, it does not host any videos on its servers. This is considered to be the best website to watch cartoons online and currently has more than five thousand animated cartoons from the top known cartoon shows such as the Tom and Jerry show to the Flintstones to Peanuts. This website also gives you the option of listening to music while watching cartoons. As you may have guessed, this means that you can hear your favorite Tom and Jerry show while listening to Pink Floyd’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective while you are waiting for your favorite episode of SpongeBob Square Pants to air on TV.

The best alternative websites to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons online have come a long way since they first started. In fact, in just the last few years, some of these sites have gained so much popularity that they have surpassed Yahoo and Google in the ranking game. Yahoo and Google are by far the two largest search engines in the world today and almost everyone uses them every day. Yahoo, on the other hand, has so many user-friendly features such as search, maps, and email but still fails to keep up with the growing popularity of Google. In fact, it is not so long until these two search engines start to suffer from the same fate as Yahoo did.

Top 10 Alternative Sites to KissCartoon

The Top 10 Alternatives to KissCartoon are as Follows

  1. Crunchy Roll
  2. Cartoon Network
  3. 9anime
  4. Kim Cartoon.To
  5. Anime Toon
  6. Kiss Anime
  7. Cartoon Crazy
  8. Disney Junior
  9. Cartoons Ons
  10. AnimeStory

Sites like AnimeBay and Yahoo! Anime also allow their users to watch anime content via a feature called Anime Download.

If you enjoy watching cartoons or simply want to know what your favorite shows are doing, it’s easy to find answers to these questions with sites like Yahoo! Anime, My Anime Mood, and 9Anime. These are just a few of the many alternatives to Yahoo! Anime, which allows its visitors to stream favorite cartoon episodes.

Some Proxy And Mirror Sites of KIssCartoon

If you are looking for the proxy and mirror sites of kisscartoon, you can try these given proxy and mirror sites of kisscartoon to watch your favorite cartoon and anime for free.


What Happened to this Popular Streaming Site?

It all started back in 2021 when it started allowing users to stream pre-recorded clips on their home PCs and laptops. Ever since then, the amount of people who log on to watch Tom and Jerry cartoon videos has been on the rise. Yahoo finally responded to this rise by launching its own channel dedicated to the show. This made things easier for viewers since they could now watch these animations on Yahoo’s channel without having to log in to another website.

However, things were not good for this site like KissCartoon. Some internet users complained about the poor video quality and slow loading speeds of the site. This made people lose confidence in the site as it lacked the basic features that every good animation should have. Some users also stated that they were not able to find the particular cartoon clip they were looking for.

Try Yahoo’s Application to Watch Cartoons

Eventually, things went better. Yahoo finally launched an application for the iPhone which allowed people to watch their favorite cartoons on this small mobile. Yahoo quickly entered into the anime business and launched its own channel dedicated to animation. Since the launch of these two wonderful alternatives, more people are enjoying their time browsing through videos of Tom and Jerry, King of the Hill, and many others.

While Yahoo’s application may be the best thing to happen to the world of anime content, YouTube has definitely created a stir in the world of online videos. The video quality on this giant site is simply fantastic. In fact, some say that the introduction of live-casting may already be the biggest advancement to anime sites like 9Anime. Sites like AnimeBay and other video-sharing portals have used this opportunity to launch their own video services as well.



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