Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 – 8 Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

Best Grenade Spots Dust 2

Grenades in CS:GO is quite possibly the most valuable utilities. There are multiple types of utilities available in the game, and all of them work in an unexpected way. They can assist you with gaining an advantage during various stages of the game. And today, we will talk about the Best Grenade Spots Dust 2.

Dust 2 is regarded as a popular CS:GO map. It features middle entryways, which often fill in as vantage points. In any case, a few players make a big mistake because they wander around the map without a legitimate plan. They don’t utilize their utility during the match, something that often makes them lose. For instance, a smoke grenade can be utilized to block the vision of expert riflemen taking a gander at you from the edge of the map. Similarly, you can blind your foes before walking through an entryway by utilizing a flash grenade.

Best CS:GO Grenade Spots in Dust 2

To Confirm that you launch your grenades, we will over the Best Grenade Spots Dust 2. The list is based on the information shared by YouTuber “TheWarOwl.”

From T Spawn

From T Spawn

First off, we have A long. This place can help the Terrorist team with establishing a strong position over the A site. But that is just on the off chance that you learn how to throw a flash from T-Spawn over the A Long entrance.

The annoying part is that the walls of A Long entrance are a little higher, something that can make it extremely difficult for you to throw a flash over it. But what you can do is throw a standing or running flash through the lower section found in the image below. Assuming that doesn’t work for you, you can also stand up on the car right in front of you and make a leap throw.

From The Skylight

From The Skylight

The subsequent Best Grenade Spots Dust 2 is the point at which you’re walking out of the entryway. Beforehand, players used to throw a flash through the skylight while running, which doesn’t work anymore. But what you can do is make a running leap throw at the middle one, and it will go straight down to hit everybody present in the area. This is something that can prevent your adversaries from seeing you appropriately as you walk out of the entryway.

The Cross

The Cross

The third grenade spot proves to be useful when you have taken control of Long An and presently want to clear out the cross. A few players make the mistake of thinking that they can create a perfect distraction by utilizing a solitary smoke grenade. In any case, the cross is a little too wide for this. But what you can do is stand next to the barrel and then aim the grenade, as found in the image below. Then make a running throw, and the grenade will then pass the top of the corner house just to bounce over to block off the cross. Afterward, your teammate can throw another smoke to fill the gap (Best Grenade Spots Dust 2).

New Car

New Car CSGO

The new car has gradually become a popular position in Dust 2 for players to hold. They are in any event, prioritizing it over Long A. This is the reason you need to clear it out to eliminate the danger. You need to stand on the barrel and throw a Molotov from the angle found in the below image. This will spread the fire around the car and will eliminate any player taking cover behind the car.

Mid to A Short

Mid to A Short

Going from Mid to A Short is quite possibly the most crucial parts of Dust 2. One Quickly fault can get you killed. This is the place where the Xbox smoke becomes helpful. You require to pull back to the wall and then spot the grenade to the impose position as in the image. Then, do a running throw to create a distraction at A Short accurately. You can then walk towards the entryway without agonizing over getting eliminated by an expert rifleman.

Rush B

Rush B

For rush B, If you can do is be stand in the middle of pillar and throw a smoke grenade while pointing out it towards the up. This will assist you with rushing B without stressing over getting eliminated from a far-away sharpshooter.

Lower Tunnels

Lower tunnels, throw a flash over the up wall to blind Enemies on the other more side. What you can to do flash grenade at the up of the tower.

B Site

In the event that you’re trying to get into the B site, you can utilize a flash and bounce it off the walls present on both sides of the site. You can even throw it over the wall. In the event that you do a standing throw on the right side, the flash won’t hit your teammates.

These were the absolute best grenade spots in Dust 2 for CS:GO. We trust that it will take care of you. Also, remember that a portion of these throws are not easy. You should practice a lot to make them land accurately.

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