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You have a lot of options when it comes to Netflix streaming video.

We’re here to assist you in condensing the massive collection into something more manageable.

Every month, we go through Netflix’s animated series library, including everything from classic childhood favorites to Netflix original shows.

If you’re a lover of animated series, there’s a lot to look forward to. However, if you love Netflix but don’t want to get its subscriptions, you can always download these shows from The Pirate Bay.

1: Bojack Horsemen

The fact that Netflix’s animated comedy is able to pinpoint the zeitgeist’s personality through it is at the core of its brilliance, shifting almost imperceptibly from sarcasm to sadness and back.

Bojack suffers from depression, but he is always criticized for his mistakes. You can see how Bojack is portrayed as a toxic character, but the showrunners make sure he pays for his deeds.

The moments when you see Bojack struggling with his deteriorating fame and struggling to maintain all the relationships he cares about are one of the best reasons you should watch this show.

2: Castlevania

In its second season, we believed that Netflix’s Castlevania became the finest videogame adaptation ever done, but that’s not all we can say about this animated show.

The plot is interesting enough. It’s about a vampire hunter who saves a besieged city from an army of Dracula, so you can guess why the dark world interest us, right?

Its first five episodes build slowly to a magnificently explosive climax, methodically establishing motives and stakes. Hence, this show is a must-watch.

3: Maya And The Three

Maya and the Three is a limited series that was released on Netflix last year, and if the graphics don’t entice you right away, perhaps the outstanding voice cast stated above will.

Maya and the Three follow the eponymous Teca warrior princess as she embarks on a quest across a world inspired by Mesoamerican traditions in search of three prophesied warriors who would aid her in defeating the God of War.

It’s a marvel of animation packed with cultures and sensibilities, as well as an epic plot.

4: Avatar: The Last Airbender

After a long hiatus, we’re reintroducing Avatar: The Last Airbender to this list, as its availability has been in upheaval in recent years.

Avatar is charming, witty, emotive, and engrossing in the way it pulled together so many sensibilities for, theoretically, a children’s program — but one that transcends all levels to stand out as an epic triumph in television on all levels.

Plus, it may be rather sweet and amusing at times! Give it a go if you’ve never seen it before and if it’s been a while since you binge-watched it.

5: Big Mouth

Netflix’s puberty-themed animated comedy follows four pals through the early phases of that tough stage of life: Andrew has awkward erections, Nick is waiting for his pubic hairs to grow, Jessi starts menstruation at the Statue of Liberty, and Jay comes up with extravagant methods to get off with his pillow.

It’s devilishly witty and wickedly raunchy. The series, however, is sweeter than it looks at first glance, as its theme music suggests.

Its objective is to cut through the humiliations of sex, to show the normal craving behind the shame shellacked atop our dirty little dirtbag selves: for pleasure, approbation, emotional connection, confidence, intimacy, and love.

6: Aggretsuko

This is a Japanese animated series that was launched in 2016. But its Western remake on Netflix knows just right how to turn heads.

Retsuko is a 25 yeard old red panda who is an accountant at a trading company. And is also the star of this workplace drama. If you want to see the right direction of a woman’s anger, this animated show is a must-watch.

At night, when Retsuko screams at the top of her lungs and sings death metal songs in the karaoke bar to vent out her frustration, it is something most of us can relate to.

7: Tuca And Bertie

It seems like most Netflix animated shows are centered on workplace drama. And this one is centered on what it feels like to be a woman in the modern era.

Starting from the lack of respect at the office to striking. A marvelous balance between romance and friendship—she handles it all.

Once you start watching this show. You will develop a keen understanding of life without being too prominent in your declarations. In addition, there are ample background jokes in this show. That may keep you at the edge of your couch all the time.

Start Watching!

If you start watching these animated shows. You will fall in love with them because we know how powerful the messages can be here.

So, give these shows a fair shot and let us know how you’ve liked them.

If you want more recommendations like these, we will be happy to help you.


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