Are you a First-time Surfer? Here are Some Essential Equipment to Take


It’s vacation time, and now it’s time to experience something new. Surfing is a new excitement that is leisure and a heavy workout. There are many surfing sessions out there that will help you learn the basics of swimming and surfing. After the introductory lessons, it’s time to surf along with the tides like a mermaid. But there is some essential equipment that is necessary to make the first surfing an unforgettable experience. The list includes surfboard, men’s jockstraps, wetsuit and surf wax.

Go through this article to learn about the crucial things to buy before the first surfing session.

1)Own a surf gear

There is nothing more significant in the surfing session than a surfboard. Get stunning surf gear that satisfies your taste. A giant surfboard will be apt for beginners because they are not used to water like the experts. If surfing is not a passion and just doing it once or twice out of curiosity, it is better to buy a used surfboard. It is better to visit a surf shop offline to choose the best surfboards. Check out different shops and know about the sales to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on them.

2) Get a Wetsuit

A wetsuit is mandatory to protect the body from cold water. Water temperature may change in different places during different times. Know the temperature beforehand, and if it is more complicated, like in the pacific ocean, there is nothing to think about but buy a wetsuit. They are thicker than regular suits, but they are necessary to protect from chillness. Under the wetsuit, men’s jockstraps or bikini will be enough to avoid rubbing on the surfboard. There are affordable suits available in the market. Before going to buy one, plan a budget and avoid overspending.  Check online to buy these accessories to get branded ones at a reasonable price. Some  suggestions for jockstraps are:

1)Jockstrap Miami Pink

2)Palm Beach Blue Jockstrap

3)Clean water Green Stra

4)Canaveral Stripe

5)Jockstrap Floripa Keys

3) Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have while packing for surfing. Having the best surfboard and a wetsuit will help in surfing, but what about skin protection? Surfing without sunscreen might cause harmful problems to the skin, like skin cancer. Exposure to powerful sun rays may lead to skin discolouration, wrinkles, and many other illnesses. Apply and reapply sunscreen every hour, and do not forget to keep it in your pocket!

4) A surf bag

To assemble and take every essential together without missing one, add a surf bag to the list. A surf bag will help to carry the surfboard wherever you go. Some bags are pretty expensive, so it is better to purchase one after going through different shops or websites.

5) Surf leash and surf wax

Some experts believe there is no need for surf wax if the person becomes a pro in the activity. But being a beginning surf wax is crucial to avoid slipping from the board. It gives the board a texture so that the feet will stay where it is kept. It is reasonable and provides the board with a classic look too. Surf leash is also a protection gadget that will save the surfer from striking on the board. It is a must-have equipment available at a reasonable price. Also, keep in mind that it is okay to fall many times before becoming an expert. Experience the falling in the water and take it as an inspiration to stand again and surf!




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