Android App Testing: A vital Concept for Smooth Functioning of the Device

android app testing online.

Mobile phones have been one of those things which are vital devices to survive in this world.  Mobile phones have helped humans to link to be part of the world. Mobile phones offer one thing that any human wants in this current fast-moving world which is convenience. This has been only possible due to the increase in technology. It doesn’t matter whether it is android or ios, testing should be one thing that should be considered to have the best and smooth functioning of the device.

Here are some of the benefits of android app testing online.

  • The first benefit comes from a statistical point of view: if you launch an app without having tested it on real devices, there is a high chance that you have to fix lots of issues later. For example, 44% of Android apps have problems related to internet connection or missing phone sensors.  Many users are not used to finding support about how to use their devices for them to report these kinds of issues on time. They simply leave your app and move on.
  • Another great benefit of testing on real devices is that you catch software bugs before releasing your application so they don’t hit your consumers at all! Bugs can be annoying and can ruin your ratings on the play store.

Moreover, if you haven’t tested your app on real devices, Google might not even approve it! The Android compatibility guidelines state that “all Android applications must run properly on a device without modification.” Testing on a real device is part of this process.

  • Another benefit of Android app testing online is that you improve your translations. App translation lets you communicate with the whole world, but without professional translation services, an app might not be very useful for users whose first language is not English or who are deaf/mute. By testing your app on real devices, you ensure your messages are clear and accurate.
  • As experienced software testers know well, automated testing helps save time because it executes tests without requiring human intervention to do so. Here again, automating your mobile app testing using tools like test automation frameworks or monkey runner can save you time by executing automatic tests many times faster than what a tester could do manually! Automation also helps keep quality standards at their best.

When a problem with your app is detected during a test, you can see exactly where the issue occurred thanks to log files that tools generate. This helps you debug errors and fix them quickly.

Such logs also keep track of functional issues such as buttons not being connected to functions for example.

  • Another great benefit is that testing on real devices gives you access to many SDKs and emulators to perform tests for different Android versions and screen sizes to improve compatibility.  Having an emulator isn’t the same as having the real thing because it doesn’t give testers enough data about what happens when they interact with their device: screen size, speed, camera quality, etc…
  • Testing on real devices also allows you to test different network conditions. One great example is testing your app across different countries or regions to ensure it will work well in the world.

It’s always good practice to have an Android app tester go through all possible flows of actions, either manually or automatically, so that issues are caught at their root cause and corrected before being shipped!

  • Another benefit of product release cycle times is that if you want to fix issues after releasing your app on the play store, it takes about 1 hour using real devices compared to 1 day using emulators/simulators. Testing on real devices gives you access to many tools that automate functional testing, such as UI crawlers and web performance tests.
  • Testing on real devices is free! This means that you don’t have to pay for the infrastructure needed. On emulators/simulators, you can use automated testing tools but still need some infrastructure components like servers for example.
  • Another benefit of mobile app testers not spending time setting up test automation frameworks and tools is that they can focus their time on exploratory testing, which consists in finding new issues.

Every minute spent fixing an issue is one less minute added to your project’s ROI!

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