Amazon Massive Layoffs to Continue Till Next Year

Amazon Massive Layoffs

The Massive layoffs that started in Amazon’s corporate ranks last week. And will continue into the next year, Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy said Thursday.

In a letter addressed to employees Jassy claimed that the company had informed employees working in its books and devices divisions of the layoffs that took place on Wednesday. The company also provided other employees with an option to buyout their employees.

“I have been in this part for about one year and a half year, and without a doubt. This is the most difficult decision we’ve made during that time. (and, we had to Create very solid calls over the past 2 years ago. Particularly during the Heart Problem),” Jassy made in her memo.

Seattle-Based Amazon

The Seattle-based Amazon has cut costs in different areas of its operations over the past few months is going through. An annual review to find out how it can make more savings. Jassy stated that this year’s review will be “more difficult” due to the current economic climate and the rapid growth of staff over the past few years.

Other tech companies , Some of which have gone on hiring sprees in recent years. That have also been cutting their workforce amid worries about the economy slowing. In addition, Facebook parent Meta said that it was planning to eliminate 11,000 employees which is about 13.5% of the staff. Additionally, Elon Musk who is now Twitter Chief Executive Officer has cut Twitter’s staff by half in the month of March.

Amazon Informed Authorities of California

This past Tuesday Amazon informed authorities of California. That it will cut 260 employees from its corporate locations in the state. Amazon hasn’t publicly revealed the number of employees it cut on this week, across the company, but some employees located in Seattle have also claimed to have been dismissed.

Jassy said that the company hasn’t decided the number of other jobs that will be affected. He said there could be reductions in some divisions when the company is going through an annual process of review which will continue for the rest of the year. While they evaluate the possibility of job cuts, he stated that executives within the company will decide the things that matter most for customers and the long-term sustainability of the business.

Amazon has announced severance benefits for employees who quit the company. However, unlike Meta for instance, it hasn’t made public the details of the offer.

The company employs over 1.5 million employees across the globe. Which is mainly comprised of workers who work on an hourly basis.

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