Age Verification Solution – Fated for Minors Safety

Age Verification

Businesses are compelled to keep consistent checks on their customers and their activities. The phenomenon of digitization has surpassed some limits, with minors always curious about age-specific products and visual content. The exposure and effect through social media and other advertisement campaigns on children cannot be really controlled; however, an age verification solution is something that enables a business to establish a control on signing in and purchasing activities of their customers.

A global IDV solution is becoming common in the organizational infrastructure of several businesses and financial institutes. The vast services portfolio one way or another increases the productivity of a business. The age verification solution is the most important in the lot because neither it only prevents vulnerable teenagers from restricted services and products but also combats imposters who manipulate them, use them as a cover.

How to Get Age Verified in No Time?

  • The client during the enrollment has to submit national identity documents where the screening technology of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) selects the data fields from the images of ID certificate, transition them into standard text format and confirm them from global registers
  • In the customer onboarding, the age verification solution asks for a live selfie on the interface of the business platform as well
  • The age verification solution authenticates the identity and facial properties of the client in a brief session. The end result of the solution is exhibited in real-time with maximum precision

Global Coverage

Starting a business means that an entrepreneur has chosen a path full of constant worries and fear, that is a universal truth. Id frauds and minors accessing age-restricted platforms and products is something that might never leave the room. An age verification solution with global coverage, data of clients of different regions and territories takes all those issues frictionlessly. 

Machine Learning

The algorithm of an AI-driven authenticating system always seamlessly identifies fake elements in either face of the client or the identity documents. The age verification solution due to self-learning, an enormous group of AI models, and optical flow analysis spot presence of a 2D or 3D facial mask. It can also identify if the selfie uploaded by the client is created through deepfake or some other technology or not. This is all due to the fact that the program of age verification solution is configured and deployed after extensive incorporation, the system practices a 3D depth analysis, liveness detection, and the micro expression examining. 

Due to AI mapping tools, an age verification solution comes in handy to deter minor access and fraudulent activities.

Ongoing Monitoring

Facial checks either before unlocking a smartphone or signing up to the bank account dashboard are the new normal. To verify age, global IDV systems run constantly. The client after successfully getting enrolled before ordering any age-specific product such as alcohol, cigarettes, particular medicine, has to submit a recent selfie so the age verification solution can validate the identity by cross-checking the facial state of the client’s face on ID with the live picture.

The ongoing age checks protect both the concerned business or platform and the client pool. 

Importance of Age Verification Solution

The trick to fake as a representative of a particular business and attain payment details from minors has become old school. The fraudsters not only communicate with children through emails or phone calls. In fact, they don’t have to reach them, minors approach fraudsters. 

On different social platforms or web pages, fraudsters smartly create a false post of either scholarship programs or some kind of lucky draw. Teenagers being vulnerable fall into the trap and in the cover of a processing fee, imposters con them. The age verification solution in the banking sector has restricted the flow of such incidents.

The health care providers are also benefiting from the online authenticating system. The biometric technology embedded in the age verification solution identifies fake images and saves minors from obtaining cannabis and abusing them.

Online gaming and gambling platforms handle most of the pressure as the customer onboarding rate of such businesses are quite greater than others. Age verification solution during enrollment and any sort of transactional activity confirms the user and delivers results close to perfection.


For businesses, global IDV systems for confirming the eligibility of a client not only protect the firm from regulatory actions and frauds but also establish it as socially responsible. For partnerships, an age verification solution also makes a good expression. No one would like to do business with an age-restricted company that does not perform effective age checks on their clients. Non-compliance with regulators is not an option so therefore age verification solution is a must.


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