Activities Involved in Mobile Field Data Collection

Mobile Field Data Collection

Data collection is extremely important for businesses. It helps them to understand the mind of consumers and it is a part of the research process. In earlier days, data collection was very difficult because it had to be manually collected from the market.

Mobile data collection has made it a lot easier and one can understand their interests easily through mobile or smartphones.

Mobile data collection is not only important for business but also for many other purposes. For example, it can be used for government welfare, study purposes, etc. Here, mobile data collection will be specifically discussed.

However, it will be helpful for you to understand the whole data collection process. Before going into any specifics, take a look at what data collection is in general.

Data collection is the process of gathering information about public behavior or their interests through research. It is mainly used in the field of business, government welfare, for students or academic purposes, or other organizations.

  • What is the procedure of data collection?

Data collection is not as easy as it sounds. The collector needs to follow some procedures to collect accurate and Mobile Field Data Collection for their usage.

  1. Set your goal and lock target – Know clearly the purpose of your data collection. It will help you to target your audience.
  2. Choose the method you want to use for collection data – There are multiple methods; one of them is mobile data collection. Choose any one of them to avoid confusion.
  3. Draw an accurate plan to avoid any problem – Detailed planning is very important before starting work.
  4. Collect data – Follow a plan and collect data.
  5. Store and analyze it – Analyze it with the help of an expert.

These are some basic steps of collecting data. No matter what method you choose to collect your data, the procedure will be the same for everyone.

  • Benefits of mobile data collection –

Mobile data collection can give you multiple benefits.

  1. Budget-friendly – Mobile apparently consumes much less energy in comparison to PC or laptops. Thus, it becomes more budget-friendly. Also, the price of mobile phones is less than theirs.
  2. Needs less to no training – Almost everyone knows how to use a smartphone. Thus, you need to spend less time on training.
  3. Collection of huge data in less time – Every single person uses a mobile phone or does internet surfing. So, collecting data has been a lot easier and speedy.
  4. Accuracy of the data – Mobile data collection is much more accurate than any other data collecting process so consumer behavior can be studied in a much efficient way.


Mobile data collection has made this whole data collection procedure a lot easier. Now, more data can be collected with lesser time to spare. However, still, the effort is needed. Collecting data is not the end of it.

It needs to be analyzed properly after the research procedure. That is the only way to interpret it accurately. One needs to be very professional and experienced in this field to analyze mobile data collection. To know further about it, you can read more about data scientists.


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