A Guide to Make Baby Shopping Easier!

Baby Shopping

There are many ways to ensure that your kid wears the best clothes that are safe for the environment and the kid. Some Boutiques, like Jamie Kay Australia, offer a wide range of sustainable clothes to choose from.

According to a recent study, children in Australia aged between 4-17 years start to pick up their heights. It does get a little overwhelming to think about buying clothes for your toddlers who grow out in the blink of an eye.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before choosing any brand that provides excellent quality clothes for kids from the age bracket of (0-14) years.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for Your Toddler

It’s crucial to keep a few pointers in mind while you go shopping for your little one as it can result in saving a lot of your time, energy, and money.


No parent would want to make their toddler feel uncomfortable after wearing a particular piece of clothing.

Hence, it’s advisable to check for a soft fabric that is not harsh to a sensitive baby’s skin, it should be lightweight, and most importantly, it shouldn’t shrink after just two washes.

Organic Cotton is recommended widely for toddlers’ clothes, as it doesn’t leave any carbon footprints on its manufacturing and is suitable for a child’s skin.


It’s a normal human life cycle that kids will outgrow in a year or two, so taking too many clothes of the same size would result in unnecessary splurging of your hard-earned money.

This would only lead to dumping off unused clothes. Thus, check your child’s size and try to buy one size bigger than the original size of your little one to make use of it for a longer time.


Kids are the most active human beings. They would always want to run and jump and do everything that involves moving around.

Clothes that are stretchable allow easy movement. Hence, buy your baby clothes that have an elastic material.

Washable Fabric

Kids often end up spilling stuff on their clothes. Hence it is advisable not to buy clothes which leave stains after washing.

A fabric that can be washed easily, like Cotton or latex, is preferred. They don’t leave any stains and come out fresh after every wash.

Summing Up

Now you know what to keep in mind before going for your next shopping trip with your little one. We hope these tips will make your shopping day out much more fun and interesting.
You can’t control the growth of a child. They will grow at their own pace. But what you can do is give them the best things until you can. Jamie Kay Australia does precisely that. It gives you a range of options to choose your toddler’s clothes from.
Choose a brand that provides sustainable clothing made up of 100% organic cotton, which is good not only for the environment but for the kid too. And when it comes to making your life easier shopping for your baby, get your organic gold standard baby formula from a reputable online store like

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